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  1. RowanMinx

    Landmark issues

    Have you checked these in that about land? Options tab? Landing Point - Set a landing point where people will arrive if visiting your land. Click Set to place the landing point where you're standing. This is where people will be directed to if they teleport to your land, including from Search. For example, if you're building a space station, you can set the landing point high in the sky so people don't get lost on the ground looking for it. Teleport Routing - Use this dropdown to select one of the following options: Blocked - Prevents Residents from teleporting to
  2. I'm sure there's probably a Republican conspiracy in there somewhere. 😯 🎃
  3. RowanMinx

    No delivery

    On the dashboard, log in and check Account...Ls transaction history.
  4. They changed their original post since it was in the wrong section...
  5. And no.idea where the 1L old one is but you said you still have it?
  6. The old tmp had several neck.sizes on the HUD or it may have been body fat. No inworld so I don't recall. As I said, I wore it for a long time without a mesh head since heads came long after mesh bodies. So choose whichever is closest to your body fat.. Its not neck.size if I remember correctly. Choose the skin tone c!osest to your default head color then apply the corresponding neck fader tattoo in the tmp folder. The skin tones and neck tattoos are numbered to match each other ETA. So say your body fat is set at 15, then choose the 15 neck size on the tmp HUD.
  7. There was a folder or object inside the original body folder that you unpacked that had the tattoo neck faders.
  8. The original tmp body had a good one. I used that body and a default head for a long time. I think the old one is still 1L.
  9. One of the first things I did buy was an outfit. Some leather monstrosity from I don't know where. What was interesting thinking back on it now was that it included a shape and skin. I'm sure they were some freebie things but I actually wore the shape (modified along the way) for ages. The skin? Not so much but then I wasn't even sure how to see the front of my avatar for the longest time. I can't even imagine what I looked like. Probably a good thing I didn't know/
  10. And some quotes about Fallout 76 for what it's worth. The Guardian called the game "a pointless walk in the post-apocalypse" featuring "half-baked conflict and witless quests to unearth the dead".[63] According to Forbes, Fallout 76 was a "huge, rare, total miss" by Bethesda.[70][self-published source] Eurogamer described the game as a "bizarre, boring, broken mess", adding that, shortly after its launch, it should be considered as a "failed experiment".[71] Business Insider described Fallout 76 as "a jumble of disparate video game elements set loose in an online world, held together by a
  11. If it's a sim surround, you should be able to see it perfectly fine at 1024 draw distance. I've used them and since you can only extent YOUR item out to a certain distance, there is not reason to have to see any further. What happens is, poorly made items don't rez well at a distance. It wouldn't matter how far you could see if the item is low quality.
  12. Any furniture rated PG would have non sexual animations. Most creators make both PG and Adult versions. You could try turning off Adult in Marketplace and searching animations. If you set it to General only, you won't get any sex. Just a thought.
  13. Exactly and as most new people aren't going to be attached to their specific look as a lot of people become over time, if they can get something they at least feel a bit comfortable with, that should be fine. They have white and black, male and female (some of each can certainly be thought of as non-binary IMO), short and tall. That's more than enough to START.
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