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  1. I get ya. I hate shoes and avoid wearing them as much as possible. When I do have to wear them I go for the ones that are most like moccasins first. Heels are for work and going out. I can stand on the ground (grass and dirt) for hours without any real problems. I can't say the same for concrete or other hard manmade surfaces. After 5 minutes my back and knees are screaming.
  2. Clippers as in nail clippers or scissors? Toe nail clippers would be better than regular nail clippers since they are longer. Can you not push the toe of the slipper in (towards the heel) some to bring it closer to the opening? It won't work for hard soled (rubber) slippers but if you're like me you prefer soft soles. Most of mine I can turn inside out and also toss them in the washer and dryer.
  3. The magic wore off for me more than 10 years ago yet I'm still around because SL does not mimic Real Life as closely as you want it to. People have been screaming that SL is declining for over 15 years. The sky still hasn't fallen. SL has been online for almost 20 years now. Active Worlds, the predecessor of SL, has been online for 25 years. Both SL and AW have changed hands in the past decade. You aren't the first one to try to make SL exactly like RL and you won't be the last. Problem is, none of you will actually succeed because most people do not want SL to be just like RL.
  4. Please, stop trying to turn Second Life into Real Life. No one really wants that to happen. If we wanted Real Life we wouldn't bother with Second Life!
  5. Side note: The item in question does not have to tick off ALL of the "requirements" to determine if the item is illegal or not, just most of them.
  6. Not too horribly, all things considered. How are things with you?
  7. Dude. It's in my post. I don't do popularity contests of any kind. Let that sink in for a moment.
  8. Did you even read what I wrote? I'm not some 20 something kid just getting started in life.
  9. It doesn't really matter to me if others want to participate in the popularity contests of life. I choose not to. I'd like, while my matter still exists, for my energy to have a more positive effect on humanity's future. Or, at least, a less negative one. Edit. I take that back, it does matter to me, but, I can't force people to not participate. They have to make that choice for themselves.
  10. Technically, in the US, it can be considered gambling. Gumball machines didn't always deliver the gumball. Regardless of the reason for the failure, you were still taking a chance you wouldn't get any thing by putting your money into the machine and turning the crank. Money isn't the only thing people gamble with.
  11. What idiot used Comic Sans on a CV? What idiot would use Comic Sans on a resume? Or don't they teach what sort of fonts are appropriate for business and what aren't any more? Sorry, not sorry, about the off topic but damn. I like Comic Sans but you don't use it for business like that! OMG! I've become my parents!
  12. Mothers knew there was more to it than wearing clean underwear in case you ended up in hospital. One never knows when one might end up in a hotel transom without enough gold to ransom your way into a handsome [cab]. 🤔 Wait. What? 🥴 😆
  13. ok Everybody raise your glasses! It's time to toast the hostess with the mostess, our very own Scylla! 🍷 Here's to the bull that roams these woods and does our heifers so much good If it weren't for him and his long rod We'd have no beef steak by god! Cheers!🥂
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