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Totally Official, Approved, Cat Thread

Seicher Rae

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This is the content I am here for!

Below's moment of Zen is Luna Moonshadow a/k/a Googie. She is our (Ghosty and I) 1-1/2 year old Black Smoke Maine Coon. She is a HANDFUL and still full of kitten energy. She is very naughty but well mannered.

Second kitty our chonky long hair domestic Tortie. She is the epitome of a Good Girl Cat in every way possible.

Last is a rare sighting of both sharing a bed. They are friends but not cuddle friends. 

luna 102720.jpg

cocoabean for portrait 3.jpg

bean and luna in bed.jpg

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6 hours ago, Ceka Cianci said:

Is that a Siamese?

We had two when I was younger.. They were actual twins.. This is before i ever even heard the term Siamese twins, which I don't even know where that term came from.. But later I thought, wow we had Siamese twin cats, but not like the term that people used..

They were just born together however twin cats are born..one was a girl and one was a boy..I don't remember if it was my father or my uncle that named them, but their names were Bonnie and Clyde..

They never did anything without the other..They always slept together always were in the same place as the other.. If one was in a fight with one of the other cats or getting picked on, the other was right in there with them..


I think Siamese are the most prettiest cats..Those blue eyes just do it to me I think..


She's part Siamese.  Another adopted from a family member who couldn't keep her.  I have one more somewhere a round here.  She's close to 15 years old and mostly sleeps on mom's bed but I'll try to sneak a pics.

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36 minutes ago, Phrynne said:

Lindal, please contact Wordsmith.  People are worried about you not being inworld for more than a month.

FYI - If you hover over a person's picture icon there will be a "message" option -- or you could click her picture and go to her forum profile page where there is a message option.

Just, for future reference, in case you want to send a message privately.

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