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  1. Ok I was not aware that place even existed before the 30th. because it never pulled up in search back then. I was under the impression you meant you seen her the other day when you went so that was why I asked because she hasn't been on. You didn't really elaborate when. It's all good though. Thank you.
  2. Utopia. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gienah/171/72/23
  3. And where exactly did you see me say someones thoughts where invalid? Other then in your mind that is. Personal, biased, twisted? You must be talking about yourself Jack. Anyone who has kids would read what I wrote and whether they agree or not they would have at the very least have understood why I do not promote Second Life to my kids. It really isn't rocket science Jack. 🙄
  4. Ok please allow me to rephrase then. I believe that 99.9% of the population learns about it week one. I'll concede that in life there are acceptations to the rules so in those rare cases of which you obviously fit in to we'll say that represents the other 1% percent of the population. I mean the active forum members barely take up part of that 1% of the player base population of active users so we can't really tally a poll on it and expect fair and accurate results. So based off your own observations would you not say that is a more accurate an fair assessment of the situation? Oh I want to apologize for my aggressive undertones in my typing if that is what you got out of it. That's nothing intentional towards you. I didn't think I had so I am sorry if I did. I really just don't appreciate feeling like I am being attacked because of my point of view and feelings on that the matter. That is not something you did so please don't feel like any of that is being reflected in your direction. You have been a complete and total sweet heart and I thank you for that. So I am very truly sorry if I made you feel that way and that is what you got out of it. My response was more in jest with you because I just thought it was so cute when you used the term basic training. Which is why I said what I said. lol
  5. If they had a free time limit in order to demo the viewer for like maybe a week with an option to purchase a full product key license on it so people could test it on a time trail in order to see if it works better then any of the free ones out there with all the same options and features such as Firestorm for example as well as all the viewer skins in order to tailor it to which ever viewer version you like to use then at best I may consider it. If it's a pay me lindens every month type of situation with crap all for options in order to use my viewer then no. Just no. lol 😎
  6. Awesome photos. Thank you so much for sharing.
  7. Well it's true in terms of implying they are part of the same establishment which we all know that is what they are doing. In terms of exact copyright of the name as to which your referring to no, but even in RL there have been cases where people have been to slide by that on technicality which is why more often then not people end up in court over that type of stuff. I just didn't feel like breaking it down. lol Still that being said I personally find it disrespectful. That's just my opinion though. To me the respectful way to have went about it would have been to have a sit down with William and offer the man his cut. Then when I do business on here I do it the right way and not the wrong way. It's all about respect. Ah well I would have thought then by our earlier conversation you would have known then that I was referring to the actual Frank's Elite club then. lol It wasn't until I actually did a double take on the surl you posted that I even knew or realized you were talking about another place. The main reason I mentioned anything to you is because I didn't want you to be confused about the situation or be caught off guard if all of a sudden something came up about it. Nanceee has not been on SL since the 30th. of November and I know this place was not showing up in search then because I checked to see if the other places were still listed at the time. You sure it was her you saw? 😎
  8. I actually need to follow this up. I just noticed the New Franks slurl and didn't realize at first it didn't match up. When you said new Franks I assumed you meant new management. This establishment is actually using a brand created by someone else and it was actually the express wishes of Nanceee Dante (nanceee.sinatra) when she left SL that William (william.zeta) take over ownership of the establishment. This is in fact the Real New Franks. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Franks Place 7/132/48/26 That establishment you went to while it may look very nice is in fact a fraud riding on the reputation and coat tails of an establishment they neither helped build or earned the respect for it's reputation. While realistically no one can say or do anything about it I will say it still is very much in poor taste and probably will be frowned up on. They are obviously not respecting Nancees final wishes by giving the new owner and one of the original founders of Franks the same respect and curtsy she has received all of these years and if I had to wager a guess it was started and being ran by some disgruntled members of the original group who were not exactly crazy about the new changes. In either case your more then welcome to go where you want, but that's the reason why your getting in free because it is a completely new and different establishment all together. At least you now know though so if it comes up in a conversation your now informed.
  9. Well it's been probably a week since I last went, but there have been notices being sent out letting us know when events or functions are group only and what ones are not. So I am going by that. Since I am in the group already and have been for years I probably wouldn't notice or know when they actually turn that on or off anymore unless I tried with an old revived alt or something. lol Last I looked they still charge a join fee of 1k to join the group so if it's open to the public on a permanent base then it makes no sense why'd they'd charge for that then. I mean if your getting in for free and getting full on access then I certainly wouldn't want to pay 1k to join the group unless you just really want those notices. lol
  10. That was exactly what I was thinking mate. lol Buying a viewer? That'll be the day. Lmao!!!!😂🤣
  11. You never learned about sex in SL when you first started? You never not once hopped on a pose ball because a friend asked you to or see what it did or to help with animation design or anything? Nothing at all what so ever? In 15 years your telling me you didn't learn about it? No disrespect, but I think your full of it and don't need to ask anyone in order to know what you just said is bullcrap because otherwise we'd not be having this conversation. Sorry sister calling BS on that one. lol
  12. Thank you. I find it interesting people can't seem to grasp that entire concept and want to whine and make a thing about it. lol I knew a Mother/Daughter duo on here once and they overshared and actually did stuff together to the point of it being creepy. I mean when even your friends that are in to some really weird stuff on here are having a wtf moment that's when you got to ask yourself what's really going on here? Lmao!!!! 😁 That sounds about like me. Day one I was on a RP sim looking at combat stuff to see what that was like and all about on here. That's when I found out I wasn't going to be playing for the combat experience any time soon. lol On day two or three I got dragged to a sim with a friends strip bar and seen boobs for the first time. I froze and was like wait, what? lol They got boobs in this game? lol And I also learned not to just hop on that pose ball when a friend tells you to because now my mates have some nice little set of black mail pictures of when I first started they like to every now and again hold over my head and share with the family. Lmao!!!!😂
  13. What you described is a lot more reasonable though. And if mine where here and had seen me playing I wouldn't hide it either. I don't do much on here anyway to even have a reason to hide it in the first place. My kids are also in their mid. to late 20's and both of them and how my Mother absolutely loves this inherited from me a trait of perhaps being a little too blunt and forth coming when it comes to the sharing and caring. lol I did it for shock value to my parents to see how they'd respond and I'd wager that's the same exact reason my kids are now doing it to me. So as they say paybacks a *itch. Lmao!!!! 🤣
  14. I am gonna ask you the exact same thing mate. What in the nine hells are you on? lol I am also going to call BS if your trying to tell me you did not learn about sex or hop on that pose ball for the very first time all of in week one because everybody has. That's why it's the running joke of SL just hop on that pose ball. lol I am not going to argue with all that stupid you just said. Your entire response just mapped out your entire mentality for me and we really wouldn't even be able to discuss this decently until you pulled your head out right a long with that big stick you got stuck up there. I won't call you mate anymore though. I'll call you Jack from here on out. Give ya 3 guesses on what the last name I gave you is. lol So you have a good one Jack. Good talk boo-bear. Lmao!!!!😜
  15. Right and like I said if they find it on their own that is one thing. I am saying for me personally I am not going to promote or encourage it. Now if for example they found it on their own and asked me about it then I would absolutely be honest and up front with them about it. I would even warn them what to watch out for even. What I am saying is when it comes to the adult sex aspects on here I do not need to know what freaky little crap my kids get up to in their adults lives. lol I don't wanna be knowing that crap. lol If they ask me a general question I'd answer. My kids almost NEVER just ask me a general question though. I always end up having to pop an aspirin after the conversation is over. Lmao!!!! That would probably be the attitude of mine too being honest. lol They'd probably stick to that or playing something like WoW on PC or something. lol
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