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  1. Groups like this probably didn't help the clown cause any. lol Since the movie It was brought up it only felt right to drop this video down for all of you. Enjoy mates. lol😎
  2. Oh I was just joking around when I said that anyway. I hope you didn't take that seriously. Sorry if that came out wrong. I mean technically it had more to do with how networks and stuff like that were set up back then.😎 Will it double my bandwidth if I take it? lol If not then thanks, but I am good mate. lol 😁
  3. This. This right here. lol Never have I had to look up the meaning of a word until today. Never would I have ever imagined there was a fancy word for throwing someone out a window. lol You Sir. totally rock. I have a new found respect for you. Not only did you make me actually have to look a word up for the very first time on these forums, but I do believe you just helped me find my newest favorite word. Thank you. Lmao!!!!😁😎
  4. Oh I totally agree with you on that. I think they even tell people on the web site it's meant just for fun and not to be taken literally, but I've seen some people act as if it's set in stone. lol 😄
  5. When I RP'ed on my original avatar at SunnydaleSL I played as Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I was annoyed when people tried to RP sex with me and I'd have to stop them dead in their tracks. I also was annoyed being IM'ed for sex if I was off sim too. lol When I RP'ed on a Star Trek sim on my main avatar now I was annoyed because we had a clear no sex rule on sim and people with rank felt they could ignore that rule. I get annoyed with certain whiny behind kissing clicks that form in some of these RP's that expect special treatment while everyone else has no problem following the rule
  6. Well @Orwarpretty much covered a lot of it. On limits if your looking for RP only or whatever the case may be and you have restrictions such as no voice and/or no cam and you find yourself getting hit up on that front then I would include those on your limits as well. You don't have to, but if your wanting to keep SL as segregated as far from RL as possible then I would make sure those lines are clearly drawn if nothing else at the beginning when you get to know someone. Make sure your clear on what you want in the long term basically. That way they know exactly what type of long term relation
  7. This here is exactly right. If we were still in the days of Windows 98 then I'd say IP tracing was very much possible because it was back then if you had the technical know how to do it which not many people did. In today's age it's a lot more complicated then that. At best even if they get your IP all they can truly find out is what city your localized to if that even comes up correctly. Sometimes it will lead to neighboring areas surrounding your location. lol It's why I don't even bother with a VPN. 😎 Shame on you for still not using Windows 98 so he can find where ya are. Lmao!!!!😜
  8. Well I see a lot of different views on this and I am just going to share my personal experience and it may or it may not help. Hopefully it does in some small way. My SL wife and I dated for a while on here and I never asked to move in and neither did she. We simply were just content with logging on here and spending time together. To be honest I think the thought never really actually occurred to us. That being said we were both free to show up at any given time. Out of respect we always messaged first though, but realistically we could just pop in when ever we wanted to. We actually di
  9. Sadly I think a lot of the people who used to run these groups have left SL a very long time ago. I had an old friend of mine return a while back who remembered me from one of the more popular discussion groups back in the day I that used to go to that had closed down and she was wondering if I knew of any similar groups and honestly I hadn't seen any in years on here that were active anyway. I always found it interesting hearing different peoples points of views in those groups. 😎
  10. Ya it was a misunderstanding. Thanks mate. I thought it was all one head or package basically. lol She got me sorted out thankfully. Which I really appreciated. Thanks again @RowanMinx. I grabbed up the demo for the hud and face. I don't really need the skin though. I gotta play with the head some. It looks way better in the photo then it does on my head. lol For some reason every single head I've tried makes my head or face smaller. lol I tried the free one earlier and it didn't really cut it. Not even close. I'm still messing around with the demos to see if I can get a close enough match to
  11. Looks like they pulled it up for now. All I seen was clothes and some other stuff. I didn't see any mesh heads out. I don't know if they had an event or what, but looks like they are either closing or renovating. 😕
  12. Well that was a fairly close likeness. I'd definitely be curious to look at it. I'll probably check back in a few days and see if TMD has their store organized. It's locked down atm with people for some reason standing outside of it and just camming around inside. lol
  13. It's close, but a tad off too. I went looking for it both in world and on market and can't seem to find it. I went to TMD and their sim is all types of jacked up right now anyway and Lelutka doesn't have it up either. So I can't even demo it at the moment to be able to really tell how close it would have got. That was a really good pick though in such a close time period. I'm impressed. lol Thanks mate.
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