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  1. Oh I set Firestorm up on it. I am sorry. I probably should have mentioned that. lol
  2. Ya that was lot's of help. lol I suppose I was about due and had that coming after years of messing with my friends giving those type of answers like your computer doesn't like you when they initially ask me for my help. lol So you must be Karma. Nice to meet you I am Velk. lol
  3. Anyone know how to set up media on Ubuntu 18.04? Got GStreamer 0.10 and all, but I still get a message saying this plug in is not supported every time I go to try and play a movie on the tv in world. I've tried about every fix I ran across via Google and still nothing seems to work. I am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  4. I am sorry if I missed it and don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet. If so I am sorry. I just got to ask though. How exactly did you loose accounts because you were discriminated against if you don't mind me asking? I am just asking because that don't sound even right. I should know I had to fight to get my account back because someone else's account that wasn't even mine was accessed with out their knowledge and all the account from that ip and mac got slapped hard. The persons who's account got accessed never even got their account back. Took me over 6 months of fussing back and forth to even get my stuff sorted. The point I am making some thing was done on their account. They suffered for it and I did for a while too and almost lost thousands worth I spent in this bloodly game. LL don't hand out bans for no reason last I checked. Maybe that's changed I mean it's not like they got or ever had the best customer service in the world, but I would think they would have needed proof of something violating the TOS in order for you to cop a ban like that mate.🤔 As for Gor rp I tried it many moons ago and honestly it didn't take. It most certainly didn't strike me as the most friendly place to be even more so if your part of the JGJOJOC community. I' consider myself an old school dog manly man type and even I didn't mesh well. Probably because I had a Conan The Barbarian play style and kept trying to free all the slaves and go your free!!!! Fly away little birdies!!!! Lmao!!!! 😁 I honestly didn't get the appeal. I had more fun playing World Of Warcraft. lol Edit: Never mind. Scratch that. I thought this was a recent post thread. I just saw the original post date. Didn't realize this thread was necroed. WoW. lol 🙄🤦‍♂️ Still it's pretty sad nobodies ever bothered to even ask that question over the years. Lmao!!!!😜🤣
  5. Men have it just as bad. When I was unpartnered no one Imed me. The moment I popped someone in my profile I had all these weird crazy offers fly my way. lol And I have even had women randomly show up and try to make it to the pose ball before being ejected. lol Well I will say women avatars anyway. lol I had one lady though actually go so far as to ask me if I wanted a second wife. I was like are you freaking kidding me or what? You know how hard it is to get used to and adapt in order to safely navigate ONE woman's personality alone there by being able to maneuver safely and strategically with in any given situation? Do you have any clue? Because if ya did then you'd know before you even asked me that bit of stupid that my answer would be heck no!!!! Lmao!!!! I got to be honest though I fell out of reading profiles myself. Mainly because I've never just Imed anyone randomly like that and most people I meet I generally meet in a familiar setting or threw friends anyway. So I get to know them as I speak with them. To me normal friendships or relationships period you learn things anyway as you gradually become closer. Really the only time I check profiles is if I get messaged by someone randomly and I have no clue as to who they even are. I will however glance at profiles though just to see if there is anything I should be leery of or made aware of. For the most part I prefer the more personal touch and old fashion way of forming my friendships. Truth be told I probably annoy some friends when they ask did ya see what I put in my profile? And I'll be like heck no I don't read that crap. I don't care what you put in your profile. It's your profile. We already friends so I already know what kind of a pain in the behind ya are. That profile is to serve as a warning sign so that others may know it too. lol I can't repeat on these forums what they in turn say after that, but I am sure you all can guess. Lmao!!!! So as far as not reading profiles is concerned. I guess all I can really say on this subject matter is Guilty As Charged. Lmao!!!!
  6. I didn't wanna slam dunk it to hard, but I stand corrected. lol. *Looks at you both and decides to take the safe rout and runs back in to my man cave and bolts the door tight.* No. Just no. lol 😂
  7. There is a group called Babygirl Refuge if I recall the name right that is ran by Alyssa Rose. I haven't been on SL in the last few months except to pay tier and only just recently getting back in to the swing of things myself due to rl reasons, but last I checked she holds discussions on the topic to help better educate people on it. I don't have her on friends or anything myself and have only been to a few of their sessions, but they are a decent crowd. I felt comfortable around them which for me is saying a lot. lol I'd join her group an contact her and see if she is still doing those sessions. She is a very friendly person and I am sure would be more then happy to help you out if your able to catch up with her. Hope this helps.
  8. Son you might wanna be more specific with this crowd. These ladies are rough. lol Like does it matter if said female is played by a big fat hairy dude in his Mom's basement or you want the real deal? Do you want a regular woman or does dating a transgender woman work for you? lol You already see they asking how many and for how long and stuff. lol Don't you know women travel in packs like wolves? lol They gonna eat you alive. Better be careful. lol In fact Ima quit helping them with questions now because your already in trouble by the looks of it and they may turn on me at any given moment and bite my hand off. lol It's dangerous here on these forums. Lmao!!!! 🤣
  9. Does it matter if the female sub is played by a dude? I got a couple of buddies that may be interested. lol 😁
  10. I think the point I am trying to make is missed. Which maybe the fault is mine and I am not articulating my thoughts in to type clearly enough which in actuality you basically just clarified for me whether you realize it or not. Were actually on the same page. Firstly my references I am talking about how a person is treated. As you said equality. Now what you call equity I call common sense and good manners. I mean obviously if someone who is handicap needs help then the right thing to do is help them. Now me personally I do it in such a way that it does not look like I am exactly helping the person, but rather in a way they feel as if they are making the accomplishment all on their own. I do this because things people take for granted can be very big accomplishments for someone who has to work hard in order to achieve them. I also given the background and training that I have had I have the mentality of giving someone a hand up not a hand out. Falls under the whole give someone a fish they eat for a day, but teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime life lesson. Every handicap is different both mental and physical and believe me I am fully aware of this. My sister was handicap both mentally and physically and when she was alive I pretty much shadowed her like Robot does Will Robinson in the new Lost In Space series. lol My parents were lucky if they even got a moment alone with her. lol From the moment we woke to the moment we slept I was there by her side. Doing something as simple as rolling when we played on the rug in the living room together was a big accomplishment for her. She did it. She made that accomplishment there and it was all hers. That doesn't mean my hand wasn't behind her out of view in case she had problems to be able to catch her or keep her from hitting her head though. I always caught her. So don't mistake my statements as me saying you shouldn't help a handicap person. I think people in general should always help people handicap or not. I am just saying when it comes to handicap people some times you can help and not always look like your helping, but rather making the accomplishments all their own. Playing safety net and giving someone a sense of independence is preferable to me then making someone feel dependent or incapable. As for my friend I want to elaborate that he lost his hearing gradually over a course of time. As far as him voicing goes some times he just likes to talk to us and we don't mind having to type to him. He doesn't always voice, but sometimes if he has a lot to say it is easier to get it all out in one verbal conversation. I believe he also uses a speech to text program as well if I am not mistaken. Not always, but a lot of time he gives it a try. I just want to emphasize when he chooses to voice with us it is because he wants to try. That choice is all his and not ours. We respect and honor his wishes on that. He's even introduced us to other hearing impaired people in a similar manner. I know he does a lot of work in that field and honestly he'd be able to better explain that then I ever could. He hit's me up for a chat when he's free and I make myself available if I can and we have a chin wag just like anyone else. Now I am not someone who is speaking as if I never experienced what it was like because in fact it is quiet the opposite and while not permanent I have had a taste of what it was like to be handicap and disabled as I was temporarily blind for a period due to an accident with oil getting in to my eyes. I can tell you that experience enlightened me as to what blind people go threw. First thing I noticed was all my other sense became more attuned. Hearing, smell, and even touch increased immensely. I can also tel you that while appreciated I did not want help when trying to do for myself. I was able to move around my house and even yard freely with ease with out any special arrangements or compensations made. I was specific about nothing being changed and I navigated by counting steps in my head from one location to the next. And while at the time I didn't feel like it later I realized that was even an accomplishment on my part. What I can remember from that experience most is that I didn't want to be treated any different then anyone else was. Blind me wanted to be treated exactly the same as normal me. I imagine that is true of most people. So for me personally that is what I do. Handicap or not I treat people with the same dignity and respect as a human being that I would want. And when I am helping someone I don't look like I am doing anything different for someone who is handicap then I would anyone who was not. For example if I will hold a door for a lady, gentleman, or child to walk threw it then I'd do it for someone in a wheelchair. If I'll help a little old lady across the street then I'll do it for a handicap person. If I'll reach the top shelf to hand someone an item then I'll do it for a handicap person. If I will explain to a lady who is not mechanically inclined what her car may need to be fixed in such a way I know she will fully understand it by using relation comparisons then I will spend equally just the same amount of time if not more explaining something to a mentally disabled handicap person. That is not special treatment to me. That is just good manners. And sadly that is something this younger generation is lacking in these days. Now I won't get started on that note though because these young thundercats now days piss me off. lol Make me wanna jack somebody up and open up an educational can. lol Anyway I hope I have relayed my thoughts a little better if not more clearer this time around. I some times forget that what is clear to me may not always be so clear to everyone else. If ya made it this far thanks for reading my book. lol Hope you and everyone else has a great day. P.S. Thanks for the illustration, but it really wasn't needed though. I may seem some what unorthodox to the untrained eye, but I am not a complete moron. I do have some educational background among my life experiences and most importantly common sense. My comprehension skills haven't left me yet. Old. Not obsolete. lol Nice photograph though. I am sure others will find it helpful. lol
  11. Well Ma'am at what exact point did I give the impression I was speaking for ALL people? lol Hardly the case. According to my own beliefs the last man who held that privilege was Jesus Christ and I am not where near his league. Way above my pay grade. lol That being said I stand by what I said. Tell you what though. Don't take my word for it. I am a betting man though. I can bet if you ask around at least 9 out of 10 handicap people will say they just want to be treated normally with the same dignity and respect as a human being that you and I would expect. All the other stuff you referenced that's just being human. That has nothing to do with either being or not being handicap. And last time I checked there certainly ain't nothing wrong with that. On your first comment your absolutely correct. I do agree. No one has to prove anything. There is nothing wrong with that. There is also nothing wrong with choosing not to enter in to a relationship with someone if they choose not to either. I've never required anyone to prove anything to me with out good reason and if they should choose to inform me I am not important enough for them not to then I also have the right to choose to render them just as equally as unimportant in my life. Which should be fine too. I also agree with the second thing you said as well. Just to me helping someone should be just good common decent human behavior regardless. Someone being handicap shouldn't dictate whether or not one should choose to help a person. It should be done because it is the right thing to do. As for never meeting someone in a wheelchair who'd slap you with a baseball bat for helping you well I can think of a few mean old farts who might. lol You just had better luck then I have had mate. lol
  12. Hmm. That's looking like your pretty much three for three. Here's your sign! lol 😜
  13. What gave you the impression I am not? lol She married me and it's all cookies and cream. Lmao!!!! Point of fact there is lactose free ice cream. Just like you didn't use your common sense before you decided to give me a hard time in said other thread I see your on a roll not using it here either. That's two for two so far. Your on a roll. lol
  14. Your right it's not my business and I didn't ask. I sure as heck didn't ask to be your friend let alone acquaintance either. lol I don't associate with people who don't use their common sense. Since you want to go there you really picked the wrong subject to use as an example against me Miss OMG let me accuse you of being so discriminating over there. My best friend and brother of 20 years suffers from hearing loss and actually works with the hearing impaired and even he can manage to mic up on TeamSpeak and say hi to all the fellas. So being deaf is a piss poor excuse and in fact I am anything, but discriminating. Being deaf doesn't render your ability to speak. In fact you can always wave at the camera too if ya have one. lol The worse thing you can EVER do to someone with a handicap is treat them handicap. So cry a river some where else with those accusations lady. Have a nice day.
  15. It takes a lot for trust in those type of relationships. I absolutely would date a bi-sexual woman or even a full on gay woman if she wanted to give it a go same as I would a straight woman. Maybe it's just my age, but I choose to be with a person because of the connection I have with them. Them being bi or even gay is more their issue then it is yours. The only thing you really need to do in that regards is be supportive and understanding and make sure your both fully up front and honest with each other at all times. I forget the fancy word they use to call those types of relationships, but they can work if you put the effort in to it. It basically boils down to if they are the type of person who puts the person first and then sex then it will work. If they act like some of these other morons out here where sex is this big driving force that determines their self worth and defines the identity of who they are then your better off dropping them because they are an idiot. Hope this helps and good luck.
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