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  1. Hmm. That's looking like your pretty much three for three. Here's your sign! lol 😜
  2. What gave you the impression I am not? lol She married me and it's all cookies and cream. Lmao!!!! Point of fact there is lactose free ice cream. Just like you didn't use your common sense before you decided to give me a hard time in said other thread I see your on a roll not using it here either. That's two for two so far. Your on a roll. lol
  3. Your right it's not my business and I didn't ask. I sure as heck didn't ask to be your friend let alone acquaintance either. lol I don't associate with people who don't use their common sense. Since you want to go there you really picked the wrong subject to use as an example against me Miss OMG let me accuse you of being so discriminating over there. My best friend and brother of 20 years suffers from hearing loss and actually works with the hearing impaired and even he can manage to mic up on TeamSpeak and say hi to all the fellas. So being deaf is a piss poor excuse and in fact I am anything, but discriminating. Being deaf doesn't render your ability to speak. In fact you can always wave at the camera too if ya have one. lol The worse thing you can EVER do to someone with a handicap is treat them handicap. So cry a river some where else with those accusations lady. Have a nice day.
  4. It takes a lot for trust in those type of relationships. I absolutely would date a bi-sexual woman or even a full on gay woman if she wanted to give it a go same as I would a straight woman. Maybe it's just my age, but I choose to be with a person because of the connection I have with them. Them being bi or even gay is more their issue then it is yours. The only thing you really need to do in that regards is be supportive and understanding and make sure your both fully up front and honest with each other at all times. I forget the fancy word they use to call those types of relationships, but they can work if you put the effort in to it. It basically boils down to if they are the type of person who puts the person first and then sex then it will work. If they act like some of these other morons out here where sex is this big driving force that determines their self worth and defines the identity of who they are then your better off dropping them because they are an idiot. Hope this helps and good luck.
  5. Well if I was single being honest I couldn't do it. If I want companionship with a man then I'll hang out with my brothers. If I want companionship with a woman then that is exactly what I expect. I am pretty black and white. There is no grey middle ground for me. So a dude that thinks he is a woman or wants to pretend to be ain't gonna cut it for me. Only exception to that rule might be if it's an rp in character situation then I wouldn't want to know because I wouldn't care, but if I was actually going to entertain the notion of dating the person while voice is not exactly a requirement to hang out I'd have to have heard them on voice with me at least once or they wouldn't even make it out the friend zone. lol I don't think one voice conversation is a lot to ask of anyone especially if your talking serious long term relationship material with emotions involved on here. Based off my own personal experience and foul things I've seen people pull on here to friends and even non-friends I feel like if a person can't do at least that then nine out of ten times they have got something to hide generally and they really are not at all that serious about a relationship with me. Therefore I can't be bothered to be serious about them either and they can pretty much hit the bricks if they think they are leaving that friend zone area any time soon. Lmao!!!!
  6. Honestly it depends on how serious your relationship in SL is with the person Tandy as well as the type of relationship you have. I'll try to be short, sweet, blunt, and straight to the point. Because I've seen all types of relationships on here I'll just break it down like this for you. If it's more of a rp relationship where your mainly typing to each other then I don't see an issue with a certain amount of privacy. In other words if your playing it like a game then treat it like a game. If your relationship is hitting the SL/RL line people play on that some act like it's taboo to talk about or turn their nose up at it like their poo don't stink then you need to examine the exact nature of what you want out of it. In other words if your doing the naughty on voice and otherwise then ya you might want to know some stuff. You need to set those boundaries first and fore most of what your on SL for and what you will and will not do. Draw that line in the sand first. If your like me and mainly come on for a few laugh and to chill with friends then I wouldn't sweat it. It all boils down to what type of relationship in SL is right for you basically. Work that part out first and everything else just falls in to place. For example I been with my SL wife/partner for some years and I was very up front about what my limits were from day one, especially the stuff I don't want to do on here and the fact that I am also a gamer so while voice wasn't a requirement for me it certainly helps. I made sure if something came up that she had my out of game contact info. and even my Steam info. which I am very selective on who I give that out to because I don't mix my SL with my other gaming activities for a lot of good reasons, but mainly I don't want the drama. Now with my SL wife it worked out for me because we actually play a lot of the same games. So I lucked out basically. lol I wouldn't rush anything personally. I mean we certainly didn't. lol We hung out as friends first and even when we did start dating on here we didn't partner/marry on here until about 2 years later. lol The reality is though you can't spend the amount of years with someone on here that I have and the topic of RL not have come up. Anyone who says different I'd find a hard time believing they were being honest about it. That's a whole other story though. Point being if you know what your boundaries are then you know how far to take things and exactly how much information you really do need to know. If it's agreed up front SL only then you have to accept it for what it is worth or end that relationship and avoid the heartache all together. Tough call, but it's a call you got to make none the less. Hope this helps some and good luck. P.S. Ok before anyone says anything. I know that wasn't as short as I thought it'd be so my bad. Anyway have an awesome day everyone. lol
  7. Deny all you want ladies and that's perfectly fine with me, but I have yet to see that fail. lol Tell you what though. A year or so from now or when ever if some smooth talking fella actually uses that line on any of you and it actually works then you can drop an ice cream on me as a THANK YOU. lol I won't rub it in or even say I told you so. In fact ya don't even gotta say nothing. When I see it in my inventory I'll know what it means. Lmao!!!!
  8. Ima tell you the best way to get a girlfriend. This is a sure fire way that is full proof and thoroughly tested by myself. It has worked every single solitary time in my life be it SL or RL. Ice cream. Don't laugh girls like ice cream. I kid you not. Just say hey I couldn't help, but notice that a beautiful work of art such as yourself is missing one of the key ingredients of reaching pure perfection. Please my lady if you will allow me the honors. Then you go get her an ice cream and you an ice cream and then the best part of this plan is that even on the off chance you didn't get the girlfriend well you at least got the ice cream so it wasn't a total loss. lol Gotta be a glass half full kinda guy in order for this method to work mate. lol Be warned this method does come with a disclaimer though. The last time I did this I got SL married a few years ago. So it may just work a little to well mate and you end up with a wife. Lmao!!!!
  9. Oh I gotta hook you up girlfriend. lol It can also be spelled Woosa or Woosah, but check this clip out and then you'll know what it means. lol Also just an update for whatever reason the 32 bit viewer keeps setting off Avast now and the dullahan_host.exe has multiple processes of itself that stays running in the background even after I shut the viewer down. Now when I scan the Firestorm folder it scans clean, but when I run the viewer I get this message I'll post a photo of every time. https://gyazo.com/3037af1ba92e4bd68b253e2458970ee2 The weird thing is it doesn't do that when I first installed it. It only started that today when I decided to run it finally after my break and time off from dealing with it. I am assuming Avast deleted my files the first time and just didn't tell me. Another weird thing is my 64 bit viewer seems to have no problems what so ever. lol Go figure. lol
  10. Sorry for the delayed reply everyone. I had to seriously take a step back from SL and my Firestorm issues. I needed some woosaa and chillax time I got so irritated messing with this. lol So in the Halloween spirit and in light of the new Halloween 2018 movie that just came out I had logged in to Steam and played some Dead By Daylight as Micheal Myers to release the rage!!!! lol I learned one thing as a survivor main is that I make a very crappy killer in that game so I don't feel at all to bad about that. lol Ok so moving on. lol I didn't make a back up or anything and restore them like that. I sorta wish I had back the folders up to another drive before making the changes, but I do think I manage to work out what happened. I was using Firestorm 32 bit OS version for Open Sim. When I reinstalled because I generally keep a copy of the install for each version of FS I installed the FS 32 bit version for SL only. I did so in haste because I was irritated and that's really on me. Initially this was just to be a simple reinstall and replacement of missing files. So what happened was when I installed the SL only version I believed it changed my save logs location on me and for some reason it saved it to the 64 bit location. At this point I went in to settings and changed it back and it automatically backed up any duplicate logs in that folder giving me doubles of almost every log file. The good news is this did not happen to any store/design alts so the damage is limited to only my main avatar. The bad news I mostly only ever log my main from a normal viewer because once I set the alt up I text viewer it from there if I need them for anything. lol So in short I don't think it's anything I did persay other then being stupid and rushing the process and installing the SL version of the 32 bit rather then the 32 bit OS version because that is ultimately when and were my problems with it began to start. I pretty much at this stage have two choices. I can either leave it as it and say stuff it since I already set it back to the correct path. Then it's pretty much a question of if I can be bothered to individually fix all the log files back to the correct ones. I can tell you now I won't. lol That's just way to many files to deal with. lol Or I can go with option two and back up all logs to another drive and nuke everything and do one fresh clean install and start everything entirely over from scratch. Now to address the specific questions I was asked so I didn't miss anything here. No I did not. In fact since I started using 32 bit I seldom have ran my 64 bit version other then to test performance differences between the two viewers. I don't think so and the reason I say that is because until I had this issue I never had to manually go in and set the folder. They saved to their correct locations up until recently when I had to fix it back. I think like Nalates mentioned with viewer being unpredictable the SL 32 bit version in comparison to the OSG version had in fact an unexpected and unpredicted response during the install process and instead of it setting itself to the log folders for the 32 bit version like it should have it defaulted to the folder and path for the 64 bit version of the viewer instead. So in short the moral of the story is I need to pay more attention and stop rushing when I am installing this stuff. lol If you all have any other takes on this I would love to hear about them. Thank you all for the help with this. I appreciate it alot. Hope you all had a fun Halloween as well too.
  11. Thanks, but I don't think ya'll get what I am asking. Let me try this again. Does FS bug out alot on where it saves this stuff? The crap installs where it wants to from what I see like it has a mind of it's own. lol I just reinstalled 32 bit as I said and it sent the logs for my main account to the 64 bit folder. Explain that one. lol My wife had hers at one point saving in two different locations without her even knowing it. Only reason I noticed a mix up on mine is because I pop links to myself sometimes between avatars when shopping on market. And to add fun *chimes in the music of sarcasm* in to the mix I just had a serious wtf moment and irritated because when I reset it rather then just switching the save location and resuming from there it backed up the entire folder so now I got my 32 bit duplicated with my 64 bit and doubles of every log and back ups. I am like seriously? lol Now I have to sort all this crap out. Like when did this become such a pain in the behind? lol
  12. So Firestorm saves chat logs to different locations for each user. For example I am on Windows 7 and I been using the 32 bit version of the viewer and recently I had to reinstall it because for some weird reason my slplugin and some files vanished which I haven't worked out how and my logs with my wife on here is in my chat logs for my 64 bit viewer version of Firestorm, but I had a log with a friend not show up when I was working on my store alt and it created in my 32 bit chat log folder. I want to say if I recall correctly my wife had a similar issue from her main account only. My question is what causes this and can this easily be fixed in my settings by redoing the save location or is there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance.
  13. Well when I made that statement I was referring to people in close relationship situations. Is it true for everyone? Probably not, however in most situations on SL where I have personally seen people go threw that situation it is 9 times out of 10 you have a case of the person not being what they claimed and at this point what started out as something small where no ones feelings were involved grew in to something more serious where heavy emotions were involved. So once the truth comes out and it eventually always does you have a situation where alot of heart ache was created and mental and emotional damage has been done to a person that is not very healthy at all. So I just personally think and just feel like it is very irresponsible as a human being to create those type of situations and in the same breath claim to care about someone or even people in general. If a person truly cares then they will care enough not to create those kind of situations that will ultimately result in that type of damage in the first place.
  14. @Alyona Su I was actually thinking about you today which is why I came back to the forums and it's funny because you basically beat me to what I came here to do. lol I wanted to apologize for the other day because after having thought about it I felt the way my type came across in relaying the message I was trying to send had more aggressive under tones in it then I would have liked which often happen when I am blunt in my type and also I felt I may have misread yours as well as being more personally directed at me which put me in a defensive stance, but after having reflected on it I thought it was more a case of what happen to me alot of times and simply just being misunderstood. Which after having read your post I am really glad I did think about it and decide to come back. So having said all that I do want to publicly apologize to you and say I am very very sincerely sorry I misunderstood your type and for my aggressive undertones in my blunt type behavior for lack of a better term. I actually think we are saying alot of the same thing because I do agree with alot what you said. I think this is merely a case of driving to the same destination, but taking different paths to it. Over all I think we are on the same page more or less. @LexxiXhan I do want to apologize to you as well. I know I came at you sorta hard because I felt some of what you said is seriously wrong. However that is no excuse for my behavior. I will just say that I only hope you rethink your position on some of that because of how severely damaging that type of deception can be to a person. I feel if people respect themselves and each other honesty is always the way to go when you care about people. That having been said I do realize I opened a Pandora's box of sorts using that scenario as an analogy. Had I not done that then that conversation would not have taken place. So for that and my behavior in regards to it I want to apologize to you as well. I am very very sincerely sorry for that. To everyone over all I just want to say this in regards to the actual topic and see if I can express myself more clearly. If I don't then I do apologize for my short comings on that. I don't feel anyone should have to do anything they don't want to do. I want to be clear about that first. I, myself stay off mic most the time on SL unless someone I am close to asks me to turn it on so they can voice. That being said as we know alot of people evolve in to relationships on SL some even go on to become RL relationships for a lucky few. I always felt success in any relationship be it personal or with my friends was based of honesty and trust. I don't want people to think I am saying they have a right to demand you to be on voice. I am saying it is a privilege and one of which if your in a relationship that is close friends, intimate, or more importantly emotional then to me I feel like they should have already earned your respect and the privilege. That being said it is still YOUR choice to decide when, if ever you want to share that privilege with them. What is more important is that your simply just honest with them and yourself. For me if I had been asked to mic check from a person I care about. I probably would have been offended at first like anyone naturally would be, but also I'd have thought to myself if I truly respect and care about this person and value them then holding a conversation on voice is not alot to ask in order to simply just put their mind at ease. That's just me. I don't see a problem in doing that. At the end of the day it's your SL and as long as your not hurting anyone or yourself I say play it as you see fit and have as much fun as you possibly can and make the most of it and be the best you can possibly be. I hope I did a better job of relaying my thoughts in to type this time. Be good to each other. Love you all. I wish you all nothing, but the best. Have a blessed day. I am out for now.
  15. Why do you think I am paranoid when I have stated atleast twice I don't care. lol You made one tiny flaw in your statement though on the *earn* your 'lovers' respect part. The way I rock and roll you don't make that status until much later anyway and definitely after we have voiced. I don't worry about it. I don't care. As I said I do NOT loose no sleep. As in like NONE at all over it. lol I wasn't even discussing me when I made my statements. I was pointing out the other side of the coin on how it is. At the end of the day I don't care what people do as long as they leave me out of it. lol Now I am done with this convo., because anyone who thinks that is ok to do is far way entirely to far off the reservation and has issues. Have a blessed day everybody.
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