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  1. Alpha games on Steam work the same as with any software in Alpha stages. Means they are a very early version of a software product that may not contain all of the features that are contained in the final version. What you described as standard software license purchases sounds more like a version of the chash-grab subscription model you just said it was not. It certainly doesn't sound like any license to any software I have ever purchased. In the case of TMP as stated in their own description that I read when visiting their store the Legacy is an updated version of the original TMP mesh body. Upgrade pricing as you call it is a shady tactic to say the least used by companies with bad business practices. Which is probably why I personally never have had any software agreement even remotely close to what you just described because I tend to stay clear of those. You absolutely should get that upgrade for free because a purchase is made on the software and should not at all be limited to and restricted by version number. I have never not even once ever had to pay for an upgraded version of any software I have ever personally bought and paid for. I ain't about to ever start either. lol When it comes to products on SL that same rule applies from RL too. I certainly wouldn't repurchase a product I already paid for in order to receive an update. lol Just not ever gonna happen. lol You made a good point on all of the above. We certainly have had different opinions on which SL viewers work best for us so there is a lot to be said for personal preference. lol
  2. So let me ask you this. Food for thought. Using that logic and sticking with it. By that logic if that were applied to an RL situation such as Alpha games on Steam which many have been retweaked and redone to become something entirely new they by rights should be allowed to charge their entire customer base again for the same game purchased? Because when you take that logic and apply it to SL and TMP in this case your basically saying the exact same thing. Is that your entire argument? Wait a minute slow down girlfriend. In fact let's come to a screeching halt. lol I am just saying and all I am saying is I absolutely would not class Maitreya as a low quality mesh body. I don't want you to feel like I am debating what your saying. I don't really have an issue with anything else you've said in that regards. I've just seen some really nicely done Maitreya bodies that I would consider to be high quality avatars. If it was low quality then it wouldn't be in the top five most used mesh bodies list for ladies to use. That's all I am really saying.
  3. In my book even if it's an alt it's still cheating. I have had no problems cutting someone loose for making that mistake with me in the past. lol More often then not most people don't want to be honest and upfront about what they really want to do. If they were there would be less problems and certainly no cases of jealousy and drama. It's the lying and sneaking around that creates all that in the first place. Now me, I exercise the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid.) method of relationships in SL when it comes to that. First if your going to lie then at the very least have dragons in the story. lol Second accept the bye. No need to explain. Just pack your crap and go. lol I personally been rocking a monogamous relationship on SL and we got no jealousy and we got no drama. We simply just do not create it. We both do as we please and being married on SL certainly does not hinder that in any type of way, shape, or form. So I'd say it depends on what the person wants to do in their SL as to whether or not monogamy would be a good fit for them or not. Regardless of the type of relationship anyone has I always think honesty is the best policy where emotions are concerned. At the end of the day regardless of the type of SL someone has there is no real reason for anyone to get unnecessarily hurt. We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves anyway.
  4. Ecco perchΓ© non hanno bisogno dei nostri soldi. lol
  5. Not gonna lie I read that first question and asked myself did she seriously just ask me that? Really? lol Let me break it down to you like this. If I create a product and you paid me for it. If I update and make upgrades to that product that would be pretty messed up for me to expect you to pay me twice for it. I been noticing that end of life trend that's started on SL with content creators recently with their products. Free for vendors lifetime? Absolutely if your still operating a business and you push a product out and thousands of other people created mass loads of content circled around your product why would you not? It makes no type of sense not to. It's just not smart business at all not to. Maybe it makes sense to you, but to me I personally think it's stupid because vendors loose business more often then not for having that attitude. Speaking for me personally I have cut loose every single vendor including TMP that has either cut support or played that end of life card. I kick them to the curb. I find a candy store that offers better candy. So I don't loose any sleep myself over it. Most people I have personally talked to have pretty much the same attitude I do about it. Perfect example. I stopped going to Fallen Gods. The creator discontinued a skin because it was not up to his current level the rest of his products were on. It was a well sought after skin and people still asked for it. Made no sense to shelve it. Even refused offers made to purchase it even though it was not updated. To me I find if your that ***** and unwilling to exercise what we call guaranteeing customer satisfaction then I'll find someone who will. Point blank. End of story. It's nice. It's neat. Wrap it up in a little box. So for every content creator who does not stand by their product and/or expects you to pay for an upgrade to an already existing product you already paid them money for can NOT seriously think they will retain any of their original customer base. That is just shady business practices and I don't support that. Nobody with any type of intelligence or common sense would. Then again this is SL, so um, yaaaa. Nuff said. Lmao!!!!🀣 The only thing that photo proves is that someone needs to edit their shape. Lmao!!!!πŸ˜‚
  6. They don't have a new player or introductory section of the forums anymore mate. Think they did away with that years ago. It would actually help people new find their way to answers a lot easier if there was. A lot of people don't know what forum is the appropriate forum for some of the questions they wants to ask sometimes. My advice would be as far as basic general questions are concerned just post in the general section and go from there. They'll be all right even if it ain't the right forum. lol Hope this helps and good luck.
  7. Not sure what Maitreya body you looked at, but I would absolutely NOT put low quality and Maitreya in the same sentence. It is by far not a low quality mesh body. I'm just saying. Lmao!!!!😎
  8. I actually find it interesting and a complete joke they don't offer a free upgrade for the legacy body since it's suppose to be the upgraded version of the original. I have the original TMP mesh body myself and went to their store recently to grab some clothes and when I looked at the upgrade I noticed they wanted to charge for it. lol They pulled every item for the original body as there is no clothing store up anymore or wasn't at the time I went and want to charge for an update. I mean really? Seriously who does that and actually thinks they'll retain customers? Lmao!!!!
  9. I don't care what ya call me. Just don't call me late for dinner. lol 😜
  10. I probably would if the same thing was said to me. Only difference is I may have followed it up with a have a nice day or a you have fun with that comment and walked away. lol I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't say anything in one place that I wouldn't in another. If I say it on the forums then I'll say it in SL. If I say it to you on the internet then I'll say it directly to you in RL as well too. To me it's the same concept as don't say anything about someone you wouldn't have the guts to say directly to their face. So I am pretty straight forward like that.
  11. I am confused actually how you came to that conclusion mate. Maybe it's my fault. The story I shared I just shared for a laugh because it was a funny situation I had with mine. Beth's experiences she mentioned reminded me of it I didn't really mean for that to be associated with anything in particular. As far as the topic itself I tried to elaborate a bit more clearly in one of my last replies where I personally was coming from on it. My kids are grown now so if they ever came to SL my attitude is so be it. It'll be because it's something they took an interest in and looked up on their own. Not because I recommended it to them. That's just me though. Am I over protective? Ya. Probably. It is what it is though. lol On the last part of what you said I don't think anyone is freaking out about it per say. People just feel the way they feel. Obviously everybody didn't agree in this thread and that's ok too. I do want to point out though. Ya ever since they merged grids the age limit was changed to 16, but I remember back in the day when there was a lot of people that got banned prior to that left, right, and center and entire sims shut down over kids under 18 being on them. That's just for them being on the sim. Period. And anyone on the sim copping a ban to boot. So really if someone did freak out I honestly can't blame them. People spend way entirely to much money on this platform just to have it shut down and flushed down the toilet because of something out of their control. So to be frankly honest I wouldn't blame anybody if they did. Especially if they were around when all that happened and went down. Maybe they mellowed out now days because you don't hear about it hardly anymore, but back in the day LL would shoot first and then ask questions later. If they even bother to do that much at all. Which usually they don't. So ya gotta wonder if any of them people ever got their accounts and stuff back. I seriously doubt it, but at the end of the day it's better to be safe then sorry.
  12. Thank you so much for helping me prove my point. So awesome of you to do. Lmao!!!! 😎
  13. Your very welcome. Why wouldn't she have one? lol She didn't need it for me if that's what your asking. lol I stays out the dog house. Lmao!!!!😜😁 To answer you though I just have known her to be more understanding and forgiving with people for things that anyone else would have told them to go kick rocks for. So I have to give her props because she always tries to look for the best in side in people. Where as me I am more likely depending on the person going to look at them and go all right what's your angle now? lol 😎
  14. Well I went there in the middle of the day too just to see it for myself when I first heard about it. They had a crowd of about 16 people and the stream was more hip hop then anything else at the time. lol It definitely wasn't screaming Sinatra. lol Franks Elite had about 32 people and climbing as I tped in. So I doubt this new club is hurting their business any.😎
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