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  1. The fact that they are 1 day old with nothing in their profile hence the term new mate. lol😁 This is good advice right here to follow OP. I wouldn't dive right in to the GF scene right off the bat. For all the reasons she said plus the fact of being new there are many aspects of SL you should learn first and foremost so your not so easily taken advantage of. True SL is not a dating service, but to me that term more so applies to RL. Sl dating is very much alive and has always been. I'd even go so far as to say probably about 80% of the people on here do the relationship thing to some e
  2. Not to sound stupid, but what's really the difference mate? lol I'm asking because isn't it all really kind of the same thing? People in relationships with more then one. I just always thought they were just fancy terms for describing the same thing basically. lol Anyway thanks in advance.😎
  3. Ask. Just ask. I'd ask mate. lol If one of my mates removed me I'd hit them up and be like biznitch why did you remove me? lol If they respond with because your ahole then I'd say fair enough. Good answer. That is the right answer. lol I can respect that. lol If they respond with one of those because we didn't hold hands enough here on SL answers then I am like ya keep me off the list. Have a nice SL. Lmao!!!!👍😉😁🤣😎
  4. I was reading over the forums and seen this. I just want to say that I would strongly disagree with this statement mate. The gay community now days is as visible as it's ever been. I would even go so far to as to say it is over represented in fact that people are trying so hard now days to be politically correct. Take TV programming for example. Representation is in almost every single show of some type. Some shows practically force feed and cramp homosexuality down your throat to the point of being sickening. Not because of there being gay characters in the show, but because the writing is so
  5. Don't ask questions if you don't want the answers mate. lol You wanted to make a thing out of it. I could care less. lol🤣 Starting point means exactly that. Starting point. lol Not library mate. lol Besides most people don't even bother going past the first book if they even bother at all. lol So no I don't bother offering up more because I already expected the response I got on it. lol Can't say I am surprised one bit. lol Your the expert though. I'll leave you to it. Cheers mate. lol😎
  6. Well mate. Since it appears your challenging my knowledge on vampires then challenge accepted. lol For the record my original statement was in fact a well known ongoing joke poking fun at Twilight vampires. That having been said moving on. To answer both your first and second questions mate I'm someone with years of research on the topic and my statements come from that. Also I want to correct your misconceptions on the statement that real vampires don't exist. That is not entirely accurate. Don't believe the Hollywood hype. There are in fact several documented cases of historical unexplained
  7. Real vampires don't ask mere mortals for their permission nor do they sparkle. lol Humans are like happy meals with legs and it's an all you can eat buffet mate. lol And the wolves most certainly and definitely don't either. Lmao!!!!😁😎
  8. I was feeling more of a Castiel vibe after having binged watched Supernatural. I am an Angel of the Lord. Just don't ask me what I learned from the pizza man because we're not supposed to talk about it. lol😜😎 For those who don't get the pizza man reference this clip will explain it all. lol😁😎
  9. Wait, what? Did we date? Lmao!!!!😜 Sorry had to be done. lol😁
  10. Well I'll say this much because I see there is the mentality of your not obligated to reveal your RL gender and all this other blah blah BS nonsense and ya sure that is true and all well and good. Up to a point. If your going to enter in to a relationship on here and mess around with people and stuff like that then use common sense and be open and honest with the person/people about who you really are otherwise you can seriously mess someone up mentally. If someone is the type of person who thinks that is an ok thing to do then make no mistake your a POS and probably got bigger issues then jus
  11. I knew someone who supposedly passed and some how still manages to rise from the dead and log in to this very day. lol 🤣 I actually found this post kind of iconic in the timing that I seen it because my one experience personally with this is in RL where a close friend of mine faked his own death going in to witness protection for a while because he was in to all the wrong crap. Came across same friends Facebook page today and sent him a message and immediately regretted it after looking over his pictures. He's still an idiot and in over 40 years of life he hasn't learned a darn thing. Goo
  12. This is true. Most of my mates that got sugar in the tank tend to frequent sims that are specifically designed to be LGTBQ friendly. While the man may be poly I personally would need to know if he was straight/bi/gay so I could say where to go that would be a more comfortable situation for him. Not every place fits and a lot for it would be geared to what you want to do. If he is straight then going to sims that are geared towards cuckolding may be an option. From the sounds of her situation that may be an option.😎
  13. I would have to say the profile hasn't been updated by the looks of it mate because ya your right it does come off as a bit contradictory having just read it over. lol That or the OP is just being selective and the profile is set up to detour the wrong type of attention when out and about. Because she is seeking an rl friendship and it clearly states in her profile don't ask no questions. lol I think a lot of people put that in general so they can choose who they wish to share that information with. Also unlike yourself and the rest of us with actual common sense we all know not everybody
  14. No worries mate. I'll log in and hit you up.
  15. I used to run in the MC circles a few years back. If you want next time I am on I can hit you up and introduce you to some people. 😎
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