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  1. I'm so very sorry about that. I didn't mean to ghost out like that. Something came up unexpectedly and I wasn't able to respond until now. I see you got it sorted out now though so I am glad about that.👍😎
  2. It doesn't give you the option under Manage and Linden X Order History? I've never canceled an order before so I am just taking a guess at this mate.😎
  3. I usually get compliments with a side order of shock when I do after they find out I am using a Niramyth body. Half the time people can't seem to tell if I am using a mesh head or system head because I blended it so well together and I have my body toned down for the most part so I am not looking like a He-Man action figure. lol😎
  4. Women of Valhalla rock.👍😎
  5. I'm sure she does. Just simply saying you can't monitor how active a community is by land numbers and statistics alone.😎
  6. Well all I can really say mate is that I hope those numbers are actually correct and that they are signs of a comeback. We still got a long way before we hit the numbers we had back in the day. That personal perception is common among the masses. The sim searches alone are proof of that. The other thing to keep in mind is a lot of those sims are not a reflection on SL's actual active community because most of those are inactive. Especially on Mainland. I keep a small amount of land in world. I know for a fact I am not active like I used to be. I come on for social aspects or to maybe watch a movie and to help friends when I can and then I am out.👍 The point being just because I pay the land bill doesn't exactly make me an active member of SL anymore. In fact I dropped a lot of land on here that I used to own down to a small parcel until the day I decide to become more active on here because it made no sense to maintain land that was hardly ever being used. So to me all those numbers really reflect is how many people still bother to even pay their land bills on here. lol😎
  7. I'd say SL has definitely gotten a lot smaller. There are way less sims now then there used to be back in the day. People just don't want to pay those prices anymore. Take Bloodlines for example. People were spending insane amounts of money on clan sims. I am talking around three thousand dollars a month. I mean I thought it was crazy even back then. Especially to a guy from Star Wars Galaxies who ran an entire Fleet/Guild/Clan of 500 members up where we had to lay more then one hall for and we had our own entire player built city. I about fell out my chair laughing the first time I looked at sim prices because that was just to crazy to me. lol🤦‍♂️ The prices haven't really changed much either, but the economy has. People just don't want to pay stupid amounts of money to own land on here anymore. I know I don't and why should I? I mean I can build everything I build on here either in a sandbox or on OS Grid or in games like Garry's Mod where it doesn't cost me nothing at all. So really what motivation do people have in purchasing sims other then to have more prims or try their hand at a business or something? The average person will look at those prices and laugh just like I did and think they are out of their ever loving minds. lol🤦‍♂️ As for activities on SL I believe the reason we see less of it is because for one the population is smaller and for two why deal with lag on SL when you can fire up a game on Steam and do the same thing and get better performance on top of visuals? A lot of stuff I used to do on SL I find myself doing them in other games now. Like racing for example. I used to race all the time on SL and now I find myself more likely to fire up a Need For Speed game instead. Why? Performance on SL is steadily worse over the years.🤦‍♂️ Boxing? Nope. Same goes for that. I was a professional boxer on here. Now days people show up trying to box wearing all kinds of mesh and bento. Step in a ring with me I'll more then likely just laugh in your face and tell you out right that you can't be serious. lol School you on how to get whipped and then advise you to loose all that mesh and bento crap the very next time you step in to the ring. lol It's one of the reasons I don't even so much as bother to even spar on here anymore. To many pretty boxers and no challenge at all. lol🤣 So ya most people have and are basically moving on to other platforms for a lot of things they want to do and most people I know only come on here for either business, social aspects, and/or role play. I won't even go in to my opinions on the other services and stuff. All I will say is they need to step up their A game and they'd need to sweeten that pot and come way entirely down on those sim prices in order to bring a lot of people back. If not then all I can say is enjoy it while it lasts mates. Enjoy it while it lasts.😎
  8. I know, right? lol You should. I been thinking about it since you mentioned it. lol I got mine packed up in a box I thought about breaking back open just to revisit it for the nostalgia of it. lol I absolutely love piloting games. The last one I played was a space one called Elite Dangerous on Steam. A friend of mine peaked my curiosity in that one only because he told me they used actual scientific data to create some of the maps in it. I figured that was about as close to space exploration as I was going to get. lol It's definitely a nice break from the survival games I am always playing.👍😎 Since you played Aces High I'll mention this game. You may or may not have played this before. It's an mmo call WW2 Online. I found this one to be very challenging and a thinking game because just like in rl you can be taken down with a single bullet. It's definitely not the average run and gun type of game. The graphic's are a bit dated since it's from 2001, but I had a lot of fun playing this. It reminded me of some of the battles we had on SL on the WW2 rp sims and it still has an active community.👍 In regards to what we talked about with the swastika's I know for a fact they are not in this game. I did recall something after our talk that may be worth mentioning. From what I remember after having thought about it some more the developers at the time said it had something to do with an international law in Germany if I am not mistaken. Whether that is still in effect I don't know and how that all plays in to the decision on whether or not some games have it and some don't I don't really know. Honestly I didn't put much thought in to it at the time they explained it back then because I always played allied forces anyway and really in a game like this if you're shooting at me then I'm not trying to inspect your uniform. lol🤣 But ya I just thought that might be another relevant factor. It's possible someone caught wind of it in SL which was why such a stink was made over it and a lot of that content that had been on here for years got removed. Which sucks if your going for historical accuracy, but it is what it is. Anyway these are the links in case you want to check them out mate.😎 WW2 Online. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251950/WWII_Online/ And. https://www.wwiionline.com/ Elite Dangerous. https://store.steampowered.com/app/359320/Elite_Dangerous/ Edit: Thought I'd add this video for inspiration in case you decide to play either of the WW2 games. lol👍😉😁😎 Edit Again: Just an FYI. I looked up that law and apparently that ban had been lifted. So definitely a SJW thing these days.😎
  9. Just be yourself. Sounds like a THEM issue to me. If one of my girls show up and I am talking nerd with a mate then I try to include them some how in the conversation. You can always do like one of my daughters does and how I love her for this and just blurt out some random crap right in the middle of the conversation. lol👍😜😁😎
  10. Same here mate. I love to go out dancing. Can't do it in RL these days. The wife and I do it all the time. We wind down and talk about our day while listening some good tunes. Nothing wrong with that at all.👍😎
  11. It's always been an issue. Especially with clothes. Other items depending on the item your buying usually it's the scripts that are restrictive. On occasion you'll find a creator that is a jerk about the permissions. Back when I rp'ed on a Star Trek sim I bought a Klingon Bird of Prey that was very nicely done. You couldn't mod or decorate the ship though which made it a complete waste of money for me. I asked the creator since they sold a full perm version of the shell if they could send me a modifiable copy of the ship I purchased so could customize it. They refused. The ship now resides in my crap folder of other useless junk a long side my Millennium Falcon and Supernatural "67 Chevy Impala I had the same exact issue with. Needless to say I don't buy ships and vehicles on SL anymore. lol If I can't customize it then I don't buy it anymore. Problem solved.👍😎
  12. Ya I am very well aware of and know all about Aces High and the creator has an actual legitimate reasons for not adding it. That's why I didn't comment on it. As for COD I was speaking on the over all development process of that game. Yes they were added because it was in the final release. Game development goes in various stages. All that article tells you about is why they made the changes they made up on the actual release of the game. Stop nitpicking mate. lol😎 Edit: Just for clarification for those who haven't actually heard of the game. It's Aces High 3 that is still active and online. Here is the Steam page and official web site for anyone interested.😎 https://store.steampowered.com/app/651090/Aces_High_III/ And. https://www.hitechcreations.com/index.php
  13. I'm not at all surprised mate. I know they had a few Gacha only stores out there. I never really went to any of them myself unless someone took me there. I normally just buy what I want to out right. Thanks for pointing that out though. I probably missed that bit. That thread was starting to make my eyes bleed. lol🤣😎
  14. Well I respect your opinion in this. It's been some years so I can't recall what exactly what was on his uniform. Let's just say it was. Personally I feel like it was over kill. I feel like all they had to do was ask dude to remove it and I am sure he would have. To me it defeats the purpose of what an anti-griefer group is actually there for. This guy was not bothering anybody. He certainly didn't do anything ban worthy. So to me it is stupid because just because you offended me doesn't entitle you to a permanent game ban.👍 The WW2 sim has been there for ages and I am sure they are with in the guidelines of the TOS. It's only over the course of the last few years has the swastika thing really become an issue where people cried about it and content for that RP was removed off of market and game designers and such were forced to remove them. It's all politics. History is history. People try to change and rewrite it in video games and more often then not it becomes a parody. I forget which one, but one of the Call of Duty games is a perfect example of this where you have the swastika removed, but you have black Nazi's added in. In what world does that even make sense? lol🤣 The issue I have is people are offended by every little thing when the majority of the time they, themselves didn't even live threw anything to even have a true and valid complaint about to begin with. It's like me complaining about slavery when I've never been a slave. That's the type of mentality that is just funny to me. lol🤣 So to me when someone acts all offended because it's politically correct or they just have nothing better to do then to cry about what other people are doing when they have no real life experience to even back it up then I'm sorry, I just find that ignorant as all out heck. To me those people need a hobby mate. lol😎
  15. I see what's happening here. We're getting or wires crossed. When I say PG I am referring to places set up in these family communities specifically for families and kids on SL. Which I actually have been to most if not all of. Not always by choice. lol I'm not talking about simply child avatar friendly places. On those it's the responsibility of the parents and the person playing the child to check out. Those aren't always labeled. I agree there. 👍 I also can't say I've met anyone playing as a kid on SL in their right mind who would even go to such beaches because like you they'd also find that extremely creepy as would I. Now while it may not be clearly labeled in the TOS I can say most will not go to such a place because their accounts can and even some have been banned for such activities and this was just at normal beaches. I'm talking things like just sitting in a standard cuddle pose on a beach lounger. This is why most people who play kid avatars will not sit on any furniture in a public place if it even remotely has any adult poses in them.🤔 Kid avatars on SL have a huge target on their backs more often then not sadly and will only go to PG rated family sims and only around people they actually know. And honestly anything past that really isn't PG in my book. It's more like PG-13 at best and even that is reaching. lol So what your classing as PG and what I am classing as PG doesn't seem to be the same thing. So really we're both correct depending on how you choose to look at it. When I think PG I think more a long the lines of a Disney film. You're not going to see nudity and all that other mess mate. lol👍😎
  16. I am sure word of mouth travels and they will see notices in groups and stuff. All banning Gachas did was take money out of LL's pockets. A lot of creators will just take their businesses to other grids and sell them there if they don't already have something established there already. Same people cheering the Gacha demise don't realize they are slicing their own throats in the long run as well too. Less money circulating in the big money machine means less money and lack of services all around. Just one more step to the inevitable. It's only a matter of time.😎
  17. Reread my posts and you'll know I am not debating everything you said, but rather then amending, correcting, and elaborating on points you already made more clearly. In terms of the examples I gave as in schools and such where kid avatars go yes they are ALWAYS labeled. They are clearly labeled as such because when it comes to kid avatars and adult content LL does not play. I've known entire sims and the people on them that have been banned in the past for lack of strict moderation to this rule.🤔 You say they can't expect to have a PG sim just because of the rating on the region. That is also incorrect. If the sim owner makes the rules clearly available then they absolutely can. It's your responsibility as a guest on the sim you're visiting to ensure you know what the rules are of the sim you're visiting. I only even bothered to comment on this so people don't find themselves on the wrong side of the ban hammer. What part of what I said is a problem for you? Because I'll be happy to clear it up.😎 You obviously didn't study. lol🤣
  18. I actually want to correct something on this so new people aren't confused. While technically correct in terms of game ratings it is also incorrect as PG is more often then not the term used to describe General regions on SL, but more to the point PG sims are clearly labeled as such in either the title and/or description. It is done this way so there is no room for misinterpretation. Just because there is not a little setting with the name on it doesn't mean they don't exist. So yes they very well can expect the rules of their sim to be respected and yes they can very well expect it to remain PG. Anyone who thinks otherwise finds themselves on the ban list. It's common sense 101 really. Dress appropriately for the sims your going to.👍😎
  19. Well the statement I made was more about seeing people getting their head bit off for even just as so much as paying a compliment. So the conversations I see are usually in local chat obviously. I mean if it was a rude comment or something then ya by all means chew that behind away. By no means am I saying dress code excuses bad behavior. And honestly say for example you're in a club and get a rude comment and if you're in a room full of dudes like me then most likely we'll step in anyway and tell whoever to back off the lady ain't trying to hear that noise. At that point it's more of a THEM problem then a YOU problem because I know Momma more then likely raised them right. I'm thinking more about those chip on the shoulder types that dress to excess and then act like a complete ass in the middle of the club. Makes you wonder why they even bothered to dress up and come out in the first place. lol Oh well. If anything it gives me a good laugh. I mind my own businesses anyway when I go out so not really an issue for me. The times I've paid out compliments it's been to the entire room as not to leave anyone out. I say things like everyone is looking good tonight and it's great seeing everyone. Stuff like that. That habit comes from dealing with crowds from my boxing days on here when I showed up to parties and special functions because I would address the entire room. Plus I just think of it as good manners.👍😎
  20. Well after reading your profile I can see why you'd say that. lol All I can say is wow. lol You need to lighten up. It's not that serious. It's really not. lol The fact you even think that's a sexual advance speaks volumes to me. lol🤦‍♂️ To answer your question. I have actually complimented someone on their outfit before in passing and they smiled and said thank you. Nothing in our conversation screamed drop those panties in the middle of the coffee shop. I mean WTF. lol Is that where your mind seriously goes? lol You literally just described something that happens all the time with people on both sides. Did you seriously just say that to me? lol Creepy is that type of mentality. lol🤦‍♂️ As for reasons. Why does anyone need a reason to show some kindness and civility or even introduce themselves? I mean if you need a reason for an introduction then it's probably because you went to a club in the first place. Ya know a place where a lot of people do go to actually meet. If ya don't want that then again do not go. It's not rocket science. It's really not mate. lol🤦‍♂️ I truly feel for you or anybody wound up that tightly or anyone who ever even attempts to show some genuine interest. If I'd had your attitude then I wouldn't have made some of the awesome friends I made on here. I mean you can do what you want to, but you may miss out on a really great friend biting peoples heads off mate. lol I'd personally find it humorous though only because I imagine your conversations going a lot like this. lol😁😎
  21. I'm not entirely sure how all that works. What I have seen though is companies more up in arms over items being sold in world and/or on market. I generally see it more with Star Wars then any other genre. I seriously doubt all of these sims got actual permission to run. Trying to police copyrights on SL the same as you would in RL has always been an ignorant concept to me. It's like trying to police the modding community. lol Some creators get messed with while others go unchecked. More often then not a lot of great creations are lost over time due to this. I feel like if they are that worried about it then they should create their own official content on the grid for people to purchase.👍😉 In terms of sims I've only ever seen one sim get messed with which was a boxing sim and they were forced to do a name change. I don't think you have to worry about getting in trouble. I think if an issue comes up then you will be contacted and asked to make the appropriate changes. That's at least how it used to work back in the day. I would come up with a name for your sim that they can't gripe about and put in the description what your sim is actually about. You should be good to go doing it that way.👍😉 For example if I want to run a Star Wars sim or create content then I'd call it Fart Wars just so Disney could get a good whiff of that muffler. lol👍😁 Disclaimer: I'm probably not the best person to get advice from on this. lol Good luck mate. I wish you all the best of success.👍😎
  22. I see how your looking at it now mate. Thanks for clarifying that. Ya long gone are those days. lol A lot of businesses are going solely online now days. Especially during the pandemic. I'm glad you guys talked though and are good to go. Stay safe and stay blessed mate.👍😎
  23. I don't think I ever really answered this question. My experiences are none. Never met what I would genuinely class as a racist person on SL in all my years here. Having said that what I have seen on here is that generally when it comes to racism from what I have personally witnessed on here is people generally tend to cry wolf a lot and make issues where there are none. I always distance myself from that type of closed minded ignorance as it serves no purpose.👍😎 I've had one altercation on here and it was in one my anti-griefer groups. I probably told this story before, but one of the members of the group was trying to get everyone to report a guy from a WW2 RP sim because of the uniform he wore when he TP'ed to a plane shop of all places to purchase a plane for use on that sim if I recall right. Clearly stated in his profile he is an RP character mind you. Long story short I told dude to piss off. lol I can't stand people who cry about stupid things. lol🤦‍♂️😎
  24. I'm saying if the recipient can't take a compliment then they shouldn't put themselves in a situation to receive them. That's common sense 101 mate. If someone says to a person you look sexy in that out fit then they should just say thank you and keep it moving. Common courtesy and manners. It's certainly not a reason to bite someone's head off.😎 Kids avatars being played by adults is irreverent to what I said. You don't TP in to say like a school on a rp sim for kid avatars with your bits hanging all out. Except to get banned. That's sort of a no brainer. lol Those are the type of situations I am referring to. Really that applies to any PG sim. Some people just lack that common sense. lol🙄 On the last part I am referring to compliments. Not sexual advances. Say you are at a club and someone says to you that you look really nice in that outfit. It's very sexy. That's a compliment. That's not them trying to get in to your pants. That is them paying you a compliment. There is a big difference.😎
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