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  1. Lindal, please contact Wordsmith. People are worried about you not being inworld for more than a month.
  2. I have been riding podcars for about 8 years now -- they are one of the reasons I bought land in Jeogeot, because I liked the look of it from the road. I think they are a great benefit to the Mainland; they allow people to see a lot of places they ordinarily might not be able to find. I continue to ride them several times a week, because I enjoy it. Isn't that what Second Life is supposed to be for, enjoyment? What is gained by those who dislike them so much? Who benefits from this dislike? Calling a simple and neutral design "ugly" or "creepy" says so much more about the speaker th
  3. My opinion has not changed in regard to the TOS. It is one thing to say that LL is trying to help us market our creations to its other projects (if and when that is possible), but it is quite another thing for LL to claim ownership and right to exploit our creations without our consent or knowledge. This needs to be cleared up, and it needs to be done as soon as possible, as it affects *everyone who creates anything in SL*, whether that person is creating an elaborate full-sim fantasy or putting two prims together for the first time. I want to see a clearer, plain-language TOS that explicit
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