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Totally Official, Approved, Cat Thread

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This is so typical of the Cat Party. You all but OWN the media, and so here you are, AGAIN, misleading the good people of Second Life about the so-called "virtues" of cats. Well, we in the Dog Pa

At last - I can post a picture of Princess Emerald aka Emmy. Sexiest beast I know. 

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4 minutes ago, Raith Dagger said:

My cat Stormy ❤️



When I was young, we had a cat that looked just like that.  The neighborhood kids would come to the door and ask if "Muffin could come out to play".  She'd go out in the front yard and lay on the neighbor's dog's back (a very friendly collie), with the kids petting both animals while telling them stories.   I don't know which was cuter - the animals or the kids talking to them that way.

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