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Second Life merch


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  • 2 months later...

They should have gone with SL Barbie franchise...

  • The basic model comes with a system body but you can buy better bodies.
  • There is a visible neck seam.
  • The head and body are just slightly different colours.
  • Lots of clothes available but only for the better bodies.
  • All of the gowns are made of a rigid material.
  • You can take off her hair and shove her it  up her bum.
  • ...

It would be a winner!

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3 minutes ago, Cindy Evanier said:

What do you mean... its SOON TM 

i had that "soon" deliver on Etsy this summer .. item send by seller juni 23th, delivered sept 21th ... 😡perhaps i can use it for next birthday present... USA postal services aren't really like the europeans...

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They used to have an eye-hand necklace that was like you were in a secret cult or something, fun times. I have it somewhere.

There was a company associated with an SL resident who would print out your avatar -- this was ages ago at the dawn of 3D printing. But they went out of business.

So looking over the merch, I realize it's quite a step to put the cult logo on things and step out in RL. I can assure you that if I go to the library with that bag (assuming it will open up more than just reserve pick-ups) someone will be sure to eye it and ask if I am in QAnon or something.

Meanwhile, I do plan to buy the mask cover as a collector's item, along with my Biden/Harris mask cover (well I view them as covers over the real K95 masks I would have to actually wear).

The thing I'm puzzled by are all those "bear collector" items. Why wouldn't they then have the bears themselves? Imagine if you could get little Linden bears in RL!

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The store info says it was created in June of this year:


Based on that, it looks like LL has bought a "review history", because some of the items have tons of reviews, with many dating back to last year or before, and almost all of them are 5 stars.

This item has 150 reviews, dating back to Jan 2020:  https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Guendoline-s-Linden-Bear-by-Second-Life/57748775.WFLAH.XYZ

This one has 72 reviews, going back to April 2015:  https://www.redbubble.com/i/mug/Wendi-Linden-s-Bear-by-Second-Life/57750516.V33QC


At first I figured maybe they had an older store and the older reviews are from that - and they simply brought those same items into the new store (could be, for the Bear items). However, I then check this t-shirt with the new hand & logo, and it has 150 reviews with all (or almost all) 5 stars, dating back to Sept 2018:  

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 471 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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