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  1. Was looking on the LSL wiki but can’t seem to find anything that does specifically what I want. Trying to make my ray cast differentiate between prim and mesh. I only want it to proceed if a prim is detected. Does anyone have a method for doing this?
  2. I get to have fun with the back story that is concocted for me and trying to convince any individuals who message me that said back story is in deed honourable and true. Imagine for one second that you purported me to be some kind of doctor or medicinist and they came to me complaining of an ailing toe condition. I would find great mirth in instructing them to bathe said toe in a bucket of olive oil and then wrap it inside of a doc leaf whilst chewing on at least a 5 level chilli 🌶 for its “restorative and regenerative properties”.
  3. I have been noticing this for months and it’s getting worse. It used to be a 2 second delay and now in all sims for me it’s around 4 seconds before a script executes
  4. I still don’t feel that these names are all that good honestly. I hope something a bit more interesting comes along soon. At the moment they mostly feel like gimmick names
  5. Maybe familiarising yourself with the lsl wiki might be a good idea so you know how to look up functions to see how they work, what they do etc. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Portal It might also be an idea to go over the basics a little so you understand how assign llGetTime to a variable and compare its saved time to its current time etc etc My recommendation would be the college of scripting in world, they have a ton of tutorial books out on the wall and Rez is enabled so you can code and learn at the same time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horsa/177/244/2165
  6. Not all girls are fashionistas or know their way around 8 inch stilettos. As for the gender proving thing. I personally like to just mess with them when it happens to me. I find that most males in SL have a very VERY fragile sense of masculinity that can shatter at the smallest thing to challenge it. I had one a while back it went something like.... Them : "So, you do voice?" Me : "When I feel like it" Them : "Go on voice then baby I wanna hear you speak" Me : "No, I don't feel like it" Them : "So you a guy?" Me : "No, I just don't want to do voice right now" Them : "If you don't do voice then you obviously a guy, *****, you got a d***?" Me : "Why, you want to stroke it?" Them : "So you a dude then?" Me : "No" Them : "But you just said you had a d***, girls don't have d***s" Me : "I do at the moment..." Them : "How can you be a girl and only have a d*** at the moment? Where did this d*** come from?" Me : "Idk, where did you say you teleported from again?" Them : "F*** you b***"
  7. No no no I have, purely by accident. Many years ago when I thought identical cup no 1 was identical cup no 2 when I was washing some dishes for my mother. It’s not good, not good at all
  8. So long as the object is no modify and if you don't want anyone injecting anything into your script you take the appropriate precautions to prevent them from placing your script into their own object. I don't see any reason why you couldn't use prim media as a place to, at least temporarily, store data to free up script memory. Even if another person could see and retrieve the data so long as they can't use it in any meaningful way it seems like it would be a pretty good place to store data outside of the main script. Maybe...
  9. Do you prefer to do your own thing?. Do you want a relationship without any of the hassle?. Then I could be the perfect girl for you. Hi, I am ItHadToComeToThis Resident and I am the ultimate in antisocial second life recluse. I spend a great deal of my time hidden away on my sim designing and developing products that usually never see the light of day. My sim is open only to me and myself and I seldom leave it unless there is some kind of neat and nifty event where I might find a fabulous new hat. In truth, you will never see me, you will never hear from me, I will never message you and you shall never message me. "What are the perks?" I hear you cry. Well, let me tell you. For one, you get to tell all your friends about your fabulous wonderful girlfriend and are free to make up any story you wish whether I a high flying lawyer in real life or a scientist currently curing world diseases. And given that no one will ever see me YET I will be ever present in your profile relationship box, they will never truly be able to call you a liar. You can claim absolutely anything, That I am a super hot model from east Asia, a Russian beauty or a proper British lady who drinks only the finest of teas and eats only the crispiest of crumpets. Don't delay, apply today, become the envy of all of your chums : https://tinyurl.com/2fcpre6
  10. I kind of agree with what this person is saying. I do think that a lot of creativity was stifled once mesh was released to the SL grid and it did create a series of monopolies that would prove very difficult to beat. I do like the idea of a very basic mesh editor built into the viewer and have wished for that for a long time. I do think LL needs to do more to encourage the average user to get into developing and creating. Back before mesh pretty much anyone you met had at least had a go at it. Now days more often than not its "no body got time for that....". https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2019/12/sl-fashion-non-mesh-eshi-otawara.html
  11. They do it for a variety of reasons. Such as, but not limited to... 1. Abusive childhood and wanting to relive it to some extent and create better memories 2. Perhaps for some reason their parents weren't around and they grew up in care / foster homes and.....see end of No.1. 3. Providing a service for those unable to have children of their own in RL. 4. Fetish Not everyone who does it has bad intentions so I wouldn't judge them too harshly unless you see something that's obviously a miss
  12. They won't make standard uploads more costly. They are sometimes daft but I don't think they are that daft. Can you imagine the revolt if that happened. LL would be inundated with complaints, forum posts, calls, support tickets, in world protests. All that will happen, if anything at all, is that higher subscriptions will yield cheaper upload costs.
  13. Its a good sign though, at least it shows that things are actually being done in the background instead of not knowing anything, only the word "soon" xDD
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