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  1. I am really hoping that the next batch has some less gimmicky names. I get what the lab is doing but I would rather call myself something a little better than “Flying Hijinks” 😂
  2. Here’s a story There once was a man from Kentucket Who stubbed his big toe and screamed fu...... Ya know. Never mind, this story is probably not an acceptable addition to the SL forum. As you were.
  3. Surely we are overdue another unpopular set of new last names?. Has been months since the last update hasn’t it?.
  4. Ah understood. No actual knowledge or argument just hating for hates sake. Gotcha 😉
  5. Idk why you are trying to make fun, Apple just tied a neat bow around intel and touchdown kicked them over a rainbow. I think it’s neat that I’m going to be able to use any app across multiple devices as well as the benefits of the power and performance boosts. I have been an exclusive Mac user for a number of years now and you honestly couldn’t pay me to go back to using windows or android. Respect to the operating systems but Apple, whilst pricey, has their sh*t together as regards integration and cross compatibility in ways other operating systems are still dreaming of.
  6. I just finished watching the November event and damnnnn am I excited. They have literally just d****d all over intels pudding. The best part is that given all apps in the Mac OS eco system will now run on any Mac device and if LL get their act in order...the SL viewer should run no issue on an iPad or iPhone once it has been migrated over to the new architecture. XCode even had tools built in to help make this process as painless as possible. Then again it’s LL we are talking about so expect that in around “soon” years. But for real though check out the specs on their first processor
  7. I live on a small island just over yonder in the middle of the ocean so im not British either but im close!
  8. I dont think you have a choice xD, the simple fact is someone can just go and buy from the lab now at a much lower cost than what you are asking for. Il give you $120 for it and you pay the transfer fee and il pay my own tier
  9. Well the land store is back open sorta so you might have an issue now with the bidding option because you can just purchase a sim from LL without the need for transfer fees
  10. How do US Elections work exactly. So far my (probably wrong) understanding is... You all go out to the polling stations / post your ballot paper with your choice of candidate. Although this doesn’t seem to decide who is president but is more of a popularity contest. Then the electoral colleges make their votes and it’s on these votes that they decide who is the next president?. If so, is there any point in even bothering to vote under this system if your vote has no impact on who actually becomes president?. Or do I have this wrong?
  11. There was such a hype about this being a feature and if they had released it, it would have been probably one of the best features ever released on SL. And yet, it just...didn’t happen. Does anyone know the reason?.
  12. Pfft graphical version. ETA 2040. If SL had an officially supported graphical viewer that could even upload images and models you might create on your tablet, create and place objects, way to setup HUD’s to work with touch, with a half decent intuitive touch screen control setup, voice etc....could...be a game changer for how SL is accessed. But, LL take about four decades and a furlong to get anything done, if at all (global experience keys anyone?). So, don’t put your hopes on it happening 😅
  13. C and Y At birth I welcomed you into the world. When you took your first steps I waited with baited breath. When you hit mid life I sat patiently over your shoulder. As you near the end I sit silently waiting in the corner. Who am I?.
  14. Here is a challenge for you. I was thinking earlier about riddles and whether there were any riddles that sounded seriously creepy but had totally innocent answers. Sadly, I was unable to find any and then thought....let’s bring this to the good folks of the SL forum and see what they can come up with. What do you all think?. Anyone got the verbal and linguistic skills to create such a riddle?. Further idea, if you come up with one. Don’t post the answer, let people reply to you to try and guess what the answer is. I am not sure I am very good at coming up with riddles but I wil
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