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  1. For the love of....its 50L/10L....get off your soap box already
  2. A blog snob isn’t somebody who writes specifically highbrow articles. It’s a person inflated on their own sense of self importance and critique because they own a blog. Plus, I was just jibing at you. I really don’t care if you have a blog or not 😜
  3. So your a blog snob. Understood. Either way, you grossly misunderstood the articles point and intention. Ah well
  4. You sure did a great job of totally misunderstanding the article, I wasn’t a negative criticism of Second Life. It was a pretty interesting, in depth, balanced, critical look at the history of SL with the conclusion that in the end, it turned out to be a fairly successful platform that came into its own. You really should go back and read it again, I haven’t read an article on SL as balanced and objective as this in years. As for the oldbie creators and DJ’s you mentioned, the article was referencing and talking to them to gain perspective from the residents themselves as to why they either left or no longer engage in the way that they do and what their opinions are on why SL never managed to live up to the hype and became something else entirely. There is no point in asking a newer resident these questions as they simply wouldn’t know the answer unlike those of us who were around and engaged with SL at that time.
  5. Geophysics rock! (see...see what I did there...huh....okay il shut up now)
  6. I think it’s more 50% of one, 50% of the other. When I look back now, after more than a decade of experience, at what the promises actually were compared to the limitations of SL and what was actually on offer..I do kinda see the point the writer is making. SL was hyped to literally be the future of Communication, social interaction, corporate communication and digital development.
  7. Look, another article on SL has surfaced https://egmnow.com/the-second-life-that-wasnt/
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