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  1. Making money / Business : Right...after you spend a year and a day learning just one aspect of SL creativity to even remotely get to a level where people are actually going to be interested in your stuff and even then it’s hit and miss on whether you become successful. Socialising : Where...visit a public hub and you have trolls speaking utter weirdness on voice which isn’t particularly inviting for a new comer. Visit anywhere else and you better hope that the click you try to engage with are open enough to new comers or even approachable, otherwise your in for an unhappy time. The rest is empty sims or avatars wanting “sum fuk” Creativity : Creativity for the masses and the average user died in SL the day they introduced mesh. Once all it took to make something was to log in and Rez a few prims or right click to create some new clothing. Nowadays....too elitist, too much effort, most people don’t have the time or the energy to spend learning what is now a dauntingly huge task. To make decent mesh items and clothes, you better be ready to learn Blender, Avastar, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter and even possibly Z Brush. Realtor : Sure if you don’t mind making 1 whole linden for every sim you own so that you have at least SOME chance of getting customers amongst the bought down / grandfathered land barons. Side thought. It would be neat when creating your avatar if you could choose what aspects of SL you want to engage in and then your starting inventory was tailored to match. So for example : Designer : Start with a few decent free texture packs, some modifiable clothing, plants, fences, trees, a small house etc...stuff, whatever you think a designer would need Scripter : Plenty off example scripts and projects in your inventory waiting for you. On HUD tutorial book taking you through the basic aspects. Examples of different HUD’s, basic combat system, game, npc etc etc etc Socialite : plenty of clothing to wear out, emote HUD’s, link hud updated constantly with the latest and newest hangout spots, tutorials on blocking, muting, reporting abuse etc etc...I’m sure you all can think up more for this category 3D Modeller : links to blender, various communities, groups, linden developed tutorials, free mesh models to play with and analyse, basic but understandable info on mesh complexity, aka teaching them right off the bat that a single baseball cap should not have a 900li count idk...ideas
  2. pedantic /pɪˈdantɪk/ adjective excessively concerned with minor details or rules; overscrupulous
  3. Don’t be so judgmental my dear.
  4. I think the clue is when someone says “oh I need to buy some lindens”. If you can’t figure that out then all hope is lost
  5. Don’t worry. I say Lindens instead of “Linden Dollars” all the time as do most people I know in SL. Ignore the prim and propers on this forum, they treat everything that differs away from their norm as being akin to witchcraft and voodoo.
  6. Hmm I don’t like this new body, it makes my hips look weird, I’m going back to using the default body
  7. This. I have been preaching exactly this now for the longest time. It started when they released mesh. Before that anyone could come to SL and start developing immediately using the in world tools provided. Even sculpture developers created sculpt packs that other developers could texture and mix up to create something new and unique. These days however it’s a market filled with 798373 versions of the same item with the top tier developers monopolising content and a distinct lack of potential developers due to the sheer learning curve now required to simply create say...a top. I love mesh, but I do miss the pre mesh days when everyone would have a go at creating, not just the select few and when there was more diversity than there is now
  8. I did hear a rumour the other day that the top tier payers will get topless photos of Oz Linden delivered to their inboxes on a monthly basis. Apparently those who sign up at Christmas also get pictures of Torley Linden dressed up as a naughty elf. But then these are just rumours. Who knows if there is any truth to them.
  9. I’m not gonna sit and guide you through setting up a web server, web page, back and forth functionality between the server and SL. That’s on you to go and spend the time, like the rest of us have, to learn how to do those things. If you want a reasonably priced and decent server host though. I tend to use Xisto Hosting. I have been using them for 6 years and never had an issue
  10. Ready Player One was boring, overhyped, not as similar to SL as some people deluded themselves it was and overall was a mediocre drab movie that just wouldn’t get to the point. Discuss
  11. If they had.. -Legacy search and profiles as an option -UUID in profiles -Look at and mouse head follow options without needing to fiddle with debug and XML files -Two mouse button walk/run -Legacy chat bar and group chats with an extra option to turn off individual groups IM -Finally, didn’t wipe all debug settings with each update so you have to trawl back through and do it all again I would use LL viewer exclusively as it runs way better than any other viewer on my computer. But sadly it won’t happen so firestorm / alchemy it is
  12. What if...the price increase is one step toward a further increase to accommodate the new premium subscription. 1 year coming to you at the low low price of $119.99. Or maybe I’m just fuelling the fires of conspiracy, who knows
  13. Your idea got rejected?. You are new to suggesting ideas to LL aren’t you. You should visit the Jira sometime it’s a graveyard of broken dreams 😅
  14. Oh no. No back peddling. You stay right where you are and defend your opinion. I’m having none of this “oh but it was a joke” nonsense. #SteadyNow #DownWithThisSortOfThing
  15. And yet in the posts that came after your response you did nothing but prove that Linux in itself will never be the dominating operating system.
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