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  1. The way I see “alts” is this... It really isn’t any of your business and if that’s what triggering you in life then maybe you should put the keyboard down and go outside for a bit. People have alts, their alts have alts, they use their alts for all kinds of things. Leave them to it, your only creating more stress for yourself by worrying otherwise
  2. Okay, I know this belongs in the Building and Texturing forum but honestly, that forum doesn't seem to be all that active so asking here. So, does anyone know how to stop transparent textures on a HUD from blending into one another on first attach. If I right click the HUD it will correct itself immediately but until I do that it looks as it does in the attached picture. I have seen other HUD's with alphas setup in a similar manner that do not do this and display correctly each time they are attached. Does anyone know of a fix for this? The red part of the texture is actually the back most layer and the wood buttons are in the middle and the text is actually the front layer
  3. But, compare SL now to a decade ago. Back then weird and wonderful creations were rife through the world. Anyone could come in and start building immediately and those who got good could twist and torture prims to create some spectacular builds and FX in a matter of days/weeks. Nowadays?, you can’t do that anymore. Gone are the days of rezzing a few prims and trying your hand at building and come have the days of learning multiple different extra software, some of which takes at least a year to become fairly proficient in, purely for the purposes of making mesh houses, clothes, textures, scenery. The fact is that 90% of the average users in SL can’t be bothered with that as it’s far too daunting and indeed confusing and is a huge undertaking for little reward. So we are left with a cookie cutter world, all using the same prefabs and decor created by the same 5 people with the very occasional sim arising from it that does actually look half decent.
  4. We could take a leaf out of history and implement a class system... Serfs (Basic, poor people and bloggers) Peasants (Still broke but has some status, can own mainland, $300L a week stipend, sandbox access starts here) Aristocrats (Shopping, access, lovers of shiny things, stipend $1000L a week) Knights of the realm (Scripters and Builders, stipend $1500 a week) Monarchs (All of the above perks, $2000L a week stipend, can own homesteads without needing a full region) Fair warning to all, I will be purchasing Monarch level premium and will be looking down on you and “pulling rank” quite often
  5. I think keep it simple and descriptive Basic Premium Shopper Premium Developer Premium+ (all of the above) idk
  6. I’d play it. Why not. Seems interesting, fun, quirky. Could be an interesting way to build a VR experience that doesn’t involve the near degree level course you have to undertake to make things for SL and Sansar these days. Unsure of how far you could take it without seeing the finished product but from what I see it looks pretty nifty. You could probably use horizons create a better version of Sansars chuck the donut game in a 10th of the time.
  7. Il sum up the blog network. A total yawn update.. next topic please
  8. Personally I love voice chat. I use text and voice equally as do my friends. Sometimes if I am working on something then having voice enabled is easier than having to keep track of a text convo / type a reply.
  9. I think uh...adding in that missing L and N hmm ROLLING LOON. Gives a whole new spin on things 😅
  10. Rename myself to “ItHadToComeToThis Poppadpolous” if it’s available. The longer the better.
  11. Look...virtual secrets is a legitimate news source to get the LATEST goss from out in the field. Jeeze I thought everyone knew that *rolls eyes*
  12. It’s a barren wasteland where drama rules the roost, hardly anyone makes original content anymore, needing a year and aeon to learn how to create anything these days, clothing your avatar might take a week providing you buy the correct product for the correct body and hope the creator has got the sizing right, also, only us paranoid shut ins remain and the most popular website visited that relates to SL is “Virtual Secrets”. Did I miss anything? Welcome back to Second Life!
  13. Macs are fine for SL. I still use my mid 2012 MacBook Pro to access SL without too much issue. It mainly boils down to what you prefer. The Mac or Windows experience. As a Mac and windows user I would recommend for the average person they invest in a windows based computer with 16gb RAM, i7 processor and any nvidia graphics card 980 and above at the minute. Don’t invest in Apple until next year when they finally remove the butterfly keyboard from all of their devices and refresh their current line. Also, ignore derp posts from Apple haters. It’s your choice of what you buy and Apple do make decent machines with a decent operating system, I would just wait until next year once the butterfly keyboard has been removed entirely as it’s...not great...
  14. Mentally handicapped is a good alternative 😅.
  15. TL;DDR version : I got kicked off some land for being a child avatar. I am upset now
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