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  1. It’s definitely not weird and if you want to send some my way then that’s not weird either. Been needing a new coat 😅
  2. I used to have a list of them. I even built an entire village thing on one once. The owners were literally never online so I kept them secret as my own personal sandboxes and homes 😅
  3. Maddy did now cheat I smell sorcery afoot so let’s burn the witch 🧙‍♀️ How to take a haiku in an unexpected dark direction 😅
  4. Search “freebie dungeon”, it’s like a time capsule into SL’s past
  5. I’m not that good at them but what the hell.. A Linden did sing sounds like a squeaky bread bin quick throw prims at him Your turn 😅
  6. Of course....thank you. I was over complicating it in my mind, now you say that im having a "duh..." moment. Thanks Rolig
  7. So, im trying to make a thing. As we all tend to do. What I want this thing to do is either teleport me to the left or the right by X meters, simple enough. What I am not sure on is this. Lets say you are within X meters of the edge of the sim and the sim edge is on your left side. If you then activate the thing I want it to detect that the edge of the sim is on your left and then jump you to the right. Same if the sim edge is on your right, jump you to the left. What is the best way to achieve this so the script detects the sim edge, your distance and which way you are facing from it and then perform the jump accordingly. I also need to figure out how to make it so it detects the side of the sim if say your at a 45deg angle to it. What I am trying to achieve is making sure the jump doesn't plonk you at the edge of the sim or fail as the coordinates are not valid. So, lets say even at a 45deg angle theres a chance you could still try to teleport off sim. Hope that made sense
  8. https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/pictofact/5/5/6/541556_v1.jpg
  9. No different. It’s still boring, there is still nothing to do, it’s a waste of time. Haemorrhaging money?, Wasting the public’s time?, Creating an even bigger learning curve than SL already has when it comes to development?, Making you question your life choices? Not in its current state and not likely in the future either. SL is just extraordinarily better in nigh all ways. Make SL 2.0 and I might jump on board the development cheer jump choo choo. Until then, project money pit it is!
  10. I did have some, but il have to see if they are still floating around somewhere. I think they are on an old gyazo, leave it with me till I finish work and il look
  11. Surely that’s the beauty of second life though. You can be anything you want to be. A few years back curiosity got the better of me and I went on an explore through the entirety (or as much as I could find) of the adult side of SL. And whether it was girls being trained as pony’s right through to latex clad pig human futa overweight hybrids with a c**k the size of a small bus, spinning spiral textures over the nipples and pulling 6 naked male slaves behind them...I saw it all. It made me appreciate just how diverse SL actually is.
  12. I thought for a second that link was named SL Shame Watch and I was immediately reminded of SL Secrets 😅
  13. Ability to split your store into sub stores / folders instead of the big ole mess with a few categories that we have now
  14. I wonder, when you take into account just how many people have joined, participated in and left SL over the years, how many linden dollars are floating around out there on peoples accounts that will never be put back into circulation. There has to be tens of millions easily. What do you think?
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