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  1. Why is it that when we make a texture within photoshop it looks nice and crisp. And yet, when we import it into second life and apply it to a prim it doesn't carry the same resolution over?. I have created a HUD design that fills up a 512x1024 sized texture but there is a slight noticeable degradation in quality when positioned on my HUD than what I have in photoshop. Is there a way to improve PNG quality when displayed in world or does this have to do with SL's rendering engine?. The left side is in world and the right side is in photoshop. See what I mean, there is a slight degradation.
  2. Super. No issue with this. Gacha are a pain in the a**. Prevent developers from ripping people off.
  3. Not too sure on how to do this one. So asking you fine people. I have a floating text bar. I want to fade from say red to green depending on whether a percentage is 0 or 100. So at 0% it would be fully red. 100% would be fully green. Now, there is the basic way of doing it I think which is an <R,G,B> vector that increases / decreases red or green depending on the percentage. That way is easy enough. But what if you don't want full red <1,0,0> or full green <0,1,0>. What if you wanted to fade between two different shades of green and red and the two vectors were like <0.987, 0.0144, 0.0013> etc and the other vector has a different variation of blue. Is there a way to do this so that one colour fades into another?
  4. What a sad day. Sleep well Ebbe, thank you for everything.
  5. *Years Remember the great promises of....was it SL15B?. The long list of things that for the most part just never happened.
  6. Weird...maybe a glitch or something turned on early that shouldn't be.
  7. When did the allowed land holdings for premium increase?. I have been out of the loop for a couple of months as I have had some RL stuff to deal with.....but we are allowed more now?
  8. I understand the sentiment but I can't help but feel that most of the new last names are nothing more than gimmicks. I get that gimmicks sell, but it would be nice to have some more semi normal last names. The gimmick angle is getting old.
  9. So here are some questions. 1. Moving to the cloud was supposed to lower the costs associated with hosting the regions and increase the level of hardware available for each sim. Sims were supposed to shut down and spin up and allocate resources depending on how many people were in the sim or whether the sim was empty, thus making them more cost effective. So, what is it that specifically requires a hike in the charges for buying linden dollars. Is this really a case of increased costs or is this the new investment group looking for ways to make extra money?. 2. In terms of premium plus, will there be a reduced transaction charge for those who purchase premium plus?. I really feel that there should be benefits to premium plus involving fees and land ownership. 3. I think a lot of us were hoping that a move to the cloud would eventually lower the cost of owning a region. Guessing this is a no go now?. 4. As much as this might annoy some people. Have you considered other avenues such as increasing the upload fee to 15 lindens to help offset some of the cost instead?.
  10. You say that like it’s a Mac related issue that you have 2 fps. How old is your Mac?. I have both a 16” MBP and a 15” mid 2012 retina MPB and the mid 2012 one still plays SL mostly fine and the 16” puts SL to bed and tucks it in 😆. The laptop you linked will be fine and will last you a good amount of time. Ignore the overkill comments. It’s worth the extra graphics incase you ever went to play other games / graphical lastibility and 16gb of ram is kinda the standard now. If you can afford it then get it. Or, post your currents macs stats and il see if I can help you get it working more smoothly.
  11. I would still love to see a whole new viewer coded efficiently from the ground up. Doubt it will ever happen now though.
  12. Oh come on. Orwar OwO could be interpreted as a vampire with wide eyes
  13. I can see the face, but I always read it as Ooohwoo xD
  14. He should remember those words when he analyses the near college degree you need these days to start creating decent things in SL 😅
  15. Absolutely agree with you. Second Life isn’t just a fun virtual world for people to log in and start creating. For some, it’s an escape from reality. An opportunity to live life in a way they might not have otherwise. A severely disabled person with no friends in RL can walk and find comfort in their large social group in SL. Transgender people can live their authentic gender free from persecution. People with mental health problems can find an escape from the monotony of their RL issues. You can be a rich b***c with a mansion with very little money or vagrant with a million dollars. Start a business with practically nothing but the upload fee and so so much more. I think demanding that people not hide who they are and reveal themselves to the world shows a certain level of naivety and arrogance by the OP who seems to be hell bent on dictating to others how they should or should not live their lives be it SL or RL and seems to have a real case lately of “loving to hear themselves speak syndrome” and “desperation to stay relevant syndrome”.
  16. Funnily enough. Sex isn’t something that has ever bothered me. I never crave it. Never desire it. I have been intimate with partners at times sure but....not something I particularly care about. I have been single for around 10 years now and haven’t had sec in about as long and quite honestly never even think about it. Maybe I am asexual.
  17. After several of his posts I am now convinced he lives inside a bubble and rarely ventures out to actually see what is going on in second life or how it operates.
  18. Pretty sure you stated this wasn’t a thing here and yet stated it is there.
  19. But yet, it is an investment. You have stated several times it is an investment you just haven't used the specific term "Its an investment". You have clearly stated that Person A buys a mine using lindens and then sets out that mine on their land and proceeds to use the mine to collect silver. That silver can be used to purchase products in various sims and the mines can be sold to other players. The fact the silver value gets less and the mining gets harder naturally means that people will need more mines in order to realise a higher yield of silver. Thus driving up the price of mines for those selling should they become popular and the end result is that the first wave of people pay a small amount for the mine and yield a large amount of silver. Then, sell the mine on to yet another "investor" who has to repeat the process only with twice as many mines to yield the same silver returns and is twice as out of pocket as the previous player. Aka....Ponzi....Scheme. The only person who can realise a definite product is you...the creator....wave 1 will likely realise a profit....wave 10 has no hope what so ever. Their best hope is that the market is not that popular and maybe they can break even.. You can dress it up as much as you want, write as many salad-graphs as you want....but you can't change one fact. It smells like a scam. Then take any linden value out of the equation. Sell the mines for Linden and everything beneath operates solely on silver. Otherwise...it...is...an...investment. This is standard MMO stuff and in terms of programming is not all that difficult. It is not something that needs the labs approval. My only thought on this is that, if you really NEED LLs approval, then there must be something more going on than just a simple role-play game enhancing system that isn't an investment...as you state..... I have written my own currency systems for my own huds before, allowed that currency to purchase items, power upgrades, trade between players, exchanging linden for currency and not once have I needed any approval from the lab for doing so. Why do you keep throwing around these comments regarding approval from the lab, unless....there is something you are doing that you worry is considered questionable to the TOS.... *and set the price those mines are bought at once the initial supply runs out. _ __ ___ ____ _____ I believe that's called an investment.
  20. You say a lot of things. Produce a lot of word salad. It’s not that difficult to understand what you are saying. Or your idea. It sounds like...a Ponzi Scheme. If it looks like a Ponzi, sounds like a Ponzi, walks like a Ponzi then...
  21. Sounds like a Ponzi scheme. The only people getting rich are those at the top. Any miner that sells their mine for silver will never realise any profit from the sale so that’s never going to happen. The mining will become harder over time so any future investors will struggle to realise a profit as that profit seems to be determined by two things. Popularity and the price you feel like setting the silver at that day. There is no way for the players to exchange silver for linden unless they themselves buy a mine, from a miner and start mining themselves. However, as stated above, this will be at a higher difficulty of both mining and profit realisation. Then the vicious circle repeats itself until someone is left holding the bag. Aka a Ponzi scheme. Creator : 100% profit. Pure linden Wave 1 miners : 90% profit and lots of silver Wave 2 miners : 80% profit and a fair amount of silver Wave 3 miners : 70% profit and an amount of silver etc etc etc From everything you said the only ones profiting are those further up the tree. Ponzi, Ponzi, Ponzi, Ponzi. Keep me updated I want to be in the initial wave. I see a way to make money here and only you to take the fall 😅😅
  22. Rant: I am bored about Covid and bored of seeing Covid everywhere and would like a place to just get away from Covid which has not only infected millions of people on Earth but every single media stream anywhere ever. Share: Can we just keep Covid out of the forums. It’s already in your face day in day out all day on tv, social media etc etc
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