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  1. I noticed those reviews as well, I think they might just be red bubble reviews for those item types.
  2. That would be so great, or even just reaching out to people who have great custom designs like yours.
  3. I'm a merch nut, I bought a relaxed fit shirt in navy with the old logo. Got a friend discount code for ordering. So for anyone who wants $10 off, here's a link https://www.redbubble.com/x/yrqxJl
  4. It's not specific to grandfathered sims I believe. The payment to the seller is paid in linden dollars, and the fee to LL is paid in USD. I recently purchased a regular non-grandfathered sim and that is the way it was done.
  5. The object would be modified prior to the initial attaching, no double attach needed. At any rate, as Lucia pointed out, it would throw an error in regards to the perms. That's on top of it not being a suitable replacement for the intentions of the function for all use cases.
  6. Ahh, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification Wulfie! I haven't done anything with attachment scripts yet, but I may in future, so that's real handy to know.
  7. Oh, I thought it did. That once they detach it, it's still in their inventory. I guess not then.
  8. It could, but it would require the buyer to give perms to do so, which would likely freak a lot of customers out when buying something, given the many scam objects people are being warned about in recent times. It also would only apply to the use cases where an item needs to be passed after the modification, not where it is for automating tedious tasks like with packaging items.
  9. So, to make it a little clearer, because there seems to be confusion. Here is how it is proposed to work: Creator has a 'vendor' with an object inside it. The 'vendor' has a script for rezzing the object and running llCollectObject. The object has a script to ping it's UUID to the 'vendor', as well as any modification commands. When clicked, or a purchase is made, the 'vendor' rezzes a copy of the object. The object applies it's modifications, including changing it's name to be unique to the one inside the 'vendor'. The object then pings the 'vendor' it's UUID. The vendor receiv
  10. I'm aware of that. That could be done even without this proposed function though. The reason for this function is in no way related to objects using llDie. It's to be able to modify objects towards a purpose, then collect them again. I received feedback via dm as well that it would allow to "pick stuff up before a script runs llDie() and gives more opportunities to copybot". If the object is collected, the actual object, not a copy of it, then they would have no more copies than they started with.
  11. I posted this on the ticket too: I have received feedback in regards to concerns this would only aid copybotters. Because it would allow items to be taken in before a lldie command. I'm not 100% clear on how that would help, they would still only have that copy and it would still try to activate lldie the next time it was rezzed. I did specify that the owner of the rezzed object would need to be the same as the vendor doing the 'collecting', for extra security though, it could be that both the owner and creator need to be the same as the vendor. This way, once the object leaves the c
  12. The desire is not to have the object deleted. It's to be able to modify an object that is created by you, then take it back into the 'vendor' objects inventory. For gift cards, it would allow a gift card vendor to, upon a purchase being made, rez a gift card, apply a unique code to the end of it, register that code to a vendor system database, then it would be collected again by the vendor and handed to the buyer. That card is now trackable, and upon use, that code can be marked as redeemed. Meaning any other cards, copybotted from that card would be useless. For creators to sell cus
  13. I've created a feature request for a new script function that would allow an object to rezzed, modified and collected again. This would help combat copybotting of gift cards, as well as allow custom items to be sold and help make naming and boxing products faster for creators. If this is something you feel would be helpful, or if you have any suggestions, please add a comment here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228932 Thank you in advance for any support you can offer in getting this pushed through. ❤️
  14. Hiya! So when you buy a full sim or homestead from another user via these forums, it is transferred from that user, to you, by Linden Labs. After which you will be required to pay a monthly tier for it directly to LL, the date of when it's due each month will depend on when the previous owner originally bought the sim. You are correct in that to own a homestead you first need to own a full sim. LL doesn't allow owning a homestead on it's own. As for which is more worth it, that comes entirely down to your use of the land. I would recommend renting a homestead or a full sim first
  15. Hiya Jenna, I messaged you in world 2 days ago (IM & NC) and here yesterday. I am interested in purchasing your homestead to move alongside my existing sim, if it is still available. Please do contact me via message here, or in world as Cielo Capalini when you get online next. If it is no longer available, please do comment this as sold here so other people know as well. Thanks so much! <3 Cielo.
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