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  1. good heaven's you come finally back to your thread after a full year and call somebody to the stand?.... that's your own job to do... keep up with SL updates. Nobody else can help you with that.
  2. with the current exchange rates for € to $ by Tillia and the 21% added tax, renting a homestead is much cheaper than owning one. However i would LOVE to own one... as long the tax laws forces EU residents ( and a few more) to pay at least 20 % more( purchase price + monthly maintenance), i'm not going to buy one. So for me the landlords offer a great service.
  3. oh oh.. wait... i didn't even get a mRNA ... what chipset did i get with AZ?
  4. they made the mistake to take the wrong chipset.. it works only on 4G.. areas with 3G and 5G now broadcast to windows maps instead of google.. Windows maps doesn't work well on iOS so they need to change to a new brand. There seem also to be difference in colors of light during night.. the 4G people get color 9010 while the other get 9016 Tracking seems to work on all 3 channels.
  5. Alwin Alcott


    why again? you have replies on your first post, hardly 2 weeks ago, i'd start with maintaing/ trying to contact those. If you want only messages here you could reply there... would be a start with 13 people already offering their interest in that topic.
  6. i'm big... does that count too?
  7. huh really? .. can't they monitor that serverside?
  8. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/287-wanted-full-private-island/
  9. answering light harrasment with griefing ends mostly bad... you might both be reported for that yourself now. Your music is the same disturbance as theirs. It's rude and disturbing to wear such devices at other places than your own land.
  10. you stand there with a wearable music device... and you complain about somebody else? lol... my friend was there and said about her device... blocked instantly.. snowflake alert i guess.
  11. they don't come here often. The way to contact them is only send a AR. Or for other things a ticket. Some other technical things are sometimes but rarely taken up from the forums.
  12. you'r not chatting to support or LL at all, but posting on a forum... how do you think we here can assist?... we'r just residents as you.
  13. so?.. as quite old SL user i can say the days that a Linden popped up instantly to help, are at least 10/12 years ago.. you'll have to wait till they get to your reply simple solution ... leave that place. I never encountered muting/blocking isn't possible. ( another option for not being orbed, go sit)
  14. mostly any... skin is more important. Shapes you mostly can edit at will. Get demo heads, and demo skins... pick your best looking one.
  15. somtimes it works, sometimes not ( because a lot aren't supported byTillia) ... and sometimes it works for long time, and suddenly not anymore. Try, and find out. Nobody can tell you here how safe Chile's banking is, at Tillia's side it all seems quite safe.
  16. i can really recommend that... FACT checking sites. ... not the words of people that sniff/blow/eat things that burr the mind published in many posts from your hand.
  17. your group has 10% bonus on donated tier, you don't your max contribution = 1024 + 8192 = 9216 so you have tier left, or other landholdings it says you donated 6015, deduct the premium 1024 = 4991 = the 8192 tier level.. you need to go on or under 5120 donation( is incl premium tier) before you can tier down hope i dont make a mistake, but think that's it.
  18. NOT saying you look bad... even good for a noob but.... if you buy what everybody buys, you will look like everybody.... dare make combinations not many do, and stand out of the crowd. (trainer looks... get some jogging pants, sneakers, tanktop... done
  19. phished most likely. A login problem can happen, but not being able to log in at the website raises red flags. Contact support ASAP
  20. perhaps any signs of creators you like on MP? ( didn't check, just selected cmt and animations. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[layout]=gallery&search[category_id]=24&search[sort]=&search[per_page]=12&search[keywords]=mocap&search[price_low]=&search[price_high]=&search[land_impact_low]=&search[land_impact_high]=&search[copy_permission]=0&search[copy_permission]=1&search[modify_permission]=0&search[modify_permission]=1&search[transfer_permission]=0&search[transfer_permission]=1&search[limited_quantities]=0&search[is_demo]=0
  21. you can also simply keep the Linden Home, and go live in the sky ...
  22. be carefull with this. Not to long ago there were a few mentions here that accounts went on hold by sharing. ( it's not allowed)
  23. Oh yes of course.. those are the real important always right sources of trustworthy information.... (/ sarc off) 99% of complaining people is rubbish there, and that's why they want that to stop.
  24. for the head.. so i think they have matching skinstones build in /delivered with the body just a note... i don't understand the negativity around Belleza (M) .. it's well supported for clothes and other stuff, and broadly used. Looking fine. Yes it doesn't get updates.. but very workable as it is. Newer things like BOM are great, but not mandatory. People, and many are, don't really need weekly new bodies after updating a inner pixel in the armpit... it's mainly snobbery to get newest of newest.
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