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  1. Real classy but then you have form. Clearly you are more interested in arguing than understanding that my advice was to the OP and anyone else reading that "Keep your inventory neatly organised in folders and subfolders" is no guarantee that "you will never need LL to fix your inventory for you.". On topic, relevant and even raised by another poster. Do try to keep up.
  2. No I said it because the quoted statement isn't true, that's why and I gave an example of why it isn't true. The statement isn't true regardless of what topic it appears in. END OF STORY.
  3. It doesn't matter what problem I was having, it still invalidates what you actually said here:
  4. Yes I do, on mainland only. For two reasons. 1) More available LI allowance that can be aggregated 2) Different types of locations for a change of scenery or to escape to during rolling restarts, etc.
  5. I do have a superb custom-built desktop but also never crash. The worst I get is that sometimes I will get logged out during a tp but that is a different thing and not very frequent. The takeaway here is that your mileage may vary in these things and it isn't easy to find out what factors are increasing the frequency of crashes for an individual case. It may not even be the PC, it may be a slow and unreliable network exposing timing bugs for example.
  6. Sadly not true. My alt has always had an extremely organised inventory and yet LL had to fix the inventory to recover what was in there. Now the account has two "Calling Cards" folders that apparently cannot be fixed despite several goes by LL. Inventory problems can occur for a number of reasons including when LL have problems with the servers and you are online and rezzing or manipulating your inventory during that time or when you crash.
  7. For me it comes down to whether an ordinary Experience user should have to expect things popping up on their screen. I guess that boat has sailed with Experience-based automatic temporary HUD attachments which can completely cover your viewer display once you have accepted it. Not that I like that state of affairs but at least a user can decline the whole thing and block the Experience if they don't like it. The most benign choice seems to be having a single user re-positionable window that can be displayed/closed and which can be refreshed by scripts with new content but can only rende
  8. Years of having to deal with notecard/texture/LM spam is why we have the option not to auto-popup these types of content. This is especially so when auto-accept is turned on so that you never lose purchases (yes this still happens unless auto-accept is on). Auto-accept cannot distinguish between things you want and the things you don't want being sent to you. If they are auto-accepted for you when you are offline, when you are online and receive any notecards/textures/LMs they would be displayed and so Is often turned off for sanity reasons. So I don't think relying on this is a good sol
  9. llLoadURL() uses a dialog window because it has these two attributes: 1) There can only be one on screen at a time - so no spamming and 2) You can vet the URL before deciding to open it. No automatic loading of a URL into a browser is a good thing when the URL has the potential to load abusive/offensive or otherwise undesired content.
  10. I would like to see a published list on the LL Wiki of all the organisations/individuals who have been granted use of auto-allowing experiences. If some accounts are given extra-ordinary privileges over us ordinary accounts it is only fair to know who they all are and where we would need to avoid. I would also like LL to publish on the wiki the list of LL owned regions that are Experience enabled with which ones are auto-allowing enabled or are planned to be for the same reasons.
  11. What a nightmare. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to know how this is going to be used. Floater adverts everywhere on-screen at the very least. Just hope LL takes responsibility for the legality of what those URLs are loading 🤨
  12. It's all opinion and interpretation. Yours, mine and everyone else's. Only opinions that really matter, of course, are LL's and RL courts. My post is to point out the absurdity of the whole thing and the huge can of worms around this and the stated policy.
  13. Then I would expect the same reasoning for NFTs. The artwork is a creation incorporating other people's items for the purposes of making money. That sentence holds hold true for pictures taken and both sold as NFTs and used as SL product adverts. So both are used in commercial ventures. If the expectation that one requires permission from all item creators, it holds true for the other one also. Whether someone complains about the use is immaterial as it could also be argued that creators of items used in NFTs may also not care and see it as free advertising.
  14. Evolution heads from v2.5 onwards only support Omega for the eyes.
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