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  1. Where have all the pale skin Vampires gone?

    Some of us were here before the spampire concept, some of us still remain and maybe, just perhaps we will outlive the spampires as well. Softly, softly we go into the night, With silent tread and deadly bite. Fearing nothing, we hold sway, Until the coming of the day. To play and fight in pale moonlight, Without a care is a sheer delight. Wandering far though not by car, Returning home by shining star. Laying down far under ground, Expecting never to be found. Laying down with sleepy head, On cold stone just like the dead. -- Gabriele
  2. Just Ignore and let this one die

    I have done the same thing a number of times, the longest was for a few years. I think it is healthy to take breaks just because you can get jaded from it after a while. Mostly I come and go a fair bit and sometimes for weeks at a time. In fact I am like that inworld and on the forums, a bit of a drifter at times. I see this as reasonably normal though, real life should come first after all and sometimes it demands all of my spare time. I still very much enjoy my inworld experiences and have been enjoying the new forums as well.
  3. Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    It doesn't matter to me what people are out there, as far as I am concerned they can be anything they want in here. That is the freaking point. I live by the mantra: "What happens in SL, stay...." well you know the rest.
  4. Friends list

    They may have set their AFK/Busy message to look like the message you get when they are offline too.
  5. Is non-mesh doomed to extinction?

    I totally agree, I mean it can possibly only take minutes to create the classic versions and pop them in the box. If it were me, I would be as inclusive as possible where it didn't place a great burden to do so.
  6. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    I have to say, I am loving seeing all the peeps pictures *hugs thread*
  7. Just Ignore and let this one die

    After about 6 years of living in the shadow of the massive quakes that hit us here in NZ, I can honestly say that I am over china. The main takeaway I learned was always use what you love as often as you can because tomorrow it can all be gone in an instant. Of course, when I say gone, I mean still there...on the floor, everywhere in billions of tiny pieces. *sighs*
  8. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Hi Zena, Welcome back! A big wave to Aeble too! and...A welcome to Zennessa too, I saw those eyes peeking in 👀
  9. I have no clue how shoes work annymore

    That is very good colour matching and I think it probably it comes down to each individual's tolerance for these things. When I had to use colour matching for my popular brand original skin with the Slink feet at the beginning, even though I used the recommend setting for colour matching, I was not happy with the visible join so it can be very variable.
  10. Is non-mesh doomed to extinction?

    Many skin makers have already dropped providing new skins for classic avatars. At best they have their old classic skins in a back room. This is based shopping around on when I went to a mesh body and then again to a mesh head. The skins I took demos for or eventually bought only came with mesh appliers.
  11. Is non-mesh doomed to extinction?

    I can see I am going to have to confiscate that camera
  12. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Outrageous, I have always admired your style
  13. Just Ignore and let this one die

    I have two hairs that I feel "define" my avatar and I wear most often but I am a very quirky person too and on a whim will change because I love the style or because I just want a change in look for a short time. Here is a case in point when I was posing at a club with my friend Soph, the hair is just something I wore because I loved it. I am the one singing in case it isn't obvious:
  14. Is non-mesh doomed to extinction?

    Even now I sometimes buy mesh clothing that wasn't designed specifically for my mesh body. This usually means using the 5-sizes versions. As I am sure you already know, most stuff designed for particular mesh bodies are based on fitmesh and even though it is designed specifically for that body, it can not fit very well and/or rely too heavily on alphas to hide the parts of the body that poke through. In these circumstances changing your shape to fit the clothing (i.e. shrinking the bum, etc.) will not work as the clothing will changing with the slider too (though at a slight different ratio so sometimes small glitches can be solved this way). In the cases where this will not work, you really want non-fitmesh so that the clothing will stay put while you shrink a bit to fit. Changing your shape to fit clothing may sound really bad but in reality, especially the bum example, the skirt will still look the same shape even if the the bum is reduced and so you will appear to have to same sized bum as the skirt but your bum will be hidden underneath without alpha. I have to say, I hate alpha'ing out my body more than slightly changing shape to fit and will always seek to minimise the alpha I apply. Obviously I will not make a wholesale shape change but there are many tweaks that can be made here and there that you generally don't notice. Needless to say that to go to these lengths, the outfit must be special and otherwise unavailable in a more easy to use form. I have even been known to wear boots made for other mesh bodies because there are a bigger fit and go over the bottoms of trousers/pants better.
  15. I have no clue how shoes work annymore

    These look really good and I am sure they are a great product but one thing needs to be taken into account when buying feet from other vendors is that whilst their skin colour matching system may be very good, they will never match like skin appliers do. This means that there will be a visible line between the body and the feet where they match. This is because colour matching uses a single solid colour to match instead of a texture. Your skin is usually not one solid colour. Even though these are Slink compatible, that only means that the shape will fit into the same shoes but it does not mean that they can use the Slink skin appliers. In fact that it is highly doubtful that Slink would allow another feet vendor to use the Slink appliers. Unless you buy feet from one of the main supported vendors, you be unlikely to get specific appliers for those feet from any skin makers. As a mesh product vendor you have to be pretty popular and prominent to get support from skin vendors. However, the one caveat to that is Omega appliers, if the feet support Omega appliers (sometimes by buying an add-on) then you can sometimes buy skins that come with Omega appliers to use with them. Omega mainly make appliers, they don't make mesh body parts (AFAIK) and so their purpose is to work with the mesh body parts of other vendors. Omega appliers can be used wherever a mesh product advertises they have Omega compatibility.