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  1. Please bear in mind that when I am engaging in discussions like this about EEP and Experiences, I feel it is really a discussion about where the line between land owners rights and viewer operator rights should be. Some of these features asked for do not exist and so there is no existing right just a potential for one to be created and abused. I am here to put the case that there should be limits on what can automatically applied or overridden for the viewer/avatar. This is to make my voice heard for the record so that hopefully these can be considered along with the cases that are often being made have features automatically applied without consent. Obviously Wulfie was not doing that here and that is my only misconception. Let me make an example to try to show you where I am coming from better: Whilst any land owner can "inform" all visitors that they must go naked on their sim or leave and that is their right. If they petitioned LL to create a feature to automatically do this when you teleport to their land, hopefully we could agree that those petitioners are asshats and that there is no way that LL should add such a feature to do this automatically. Even though some land owners (such as naked beaches) may have a good reason to *ask*, it should not be something to be applied to an avatar but should always be that the avatar has to take steps to comply or leave. If you don't agree with the above statement then we have no common ground for further discussion on this topic.
  2. No, not at all. You appear to have the wrong impression. If I am not wanted at a place due to my choices I will gladly leave. However if I am allow to stay, it does not give the land owners absolute rights to my viewer. I have covered this in another thread on the flying topic. There is a line where the rights of the land owner meet the rights of the viewer operator. The land owner may decide to eject/ban but at that point, that is all the power they should have over my viewer preferences.
  3. Are you pressing [CTRL] + [ENTER] ? Or maybe your keyboard [CTRL] is stuck? Try a different keyboard?
  4. I think the misinterpretation happened because you mentioned "within a parcel of an Experience" which to me indicated a parcel that has an Experience present and not necessarily "people in the experience" which would indicate people have accepted the Experience. Again, I apologise.
  5. Then I apologise, I must have read it incorrectly and misinterpreted what you said.
  6. Great, that is the idea, no forcing anything. However, that is not what is being asked for in this derail. Wulfie is asking for the very opposite, to be able to force EEP without permissions.
  7. That is still not even remotely a good enough reason in my opinion to give greater powers over the viewer preferences. They are called preferences for a reason. There should be limits to the "on my land" argument when it comes to what I view or are you also going to advocate that I can no longer derender objects or avatars I do not want to see whilst I am on your land? This is a long road to travel and much we can do in the viewer today would have to be disabled "on your land". Besides, this would circumvent the Experience permissions as you have said. Why would LL make Experiences need permissions that can then be overridden? That doesn't give a good message in my opinion.
  8. There is nothing wrong with offering this and that sounds really nice but not so useful if I want to take pictures under the moonlight which might equally be as awesome at your place. Some regions today *suggest* what settings that will look the best but they do not and cannot force it. This is ideal and does not cause a grid-pocalypse in any way. That is what real choice looks like, to not have to accept the settings but still be allow to stay and visit the area with whatever I want to use even though it may not fit with your idea of what is "best". What is the harm in that I miss your sunrise if that is my choice? You would never even know and I may have visited a thousand times already and seen it. My points above above still stand, even with a force feature, I would still be able to disrupt what you want to force on me should I choose and you would still never know. So what is the point of going to ridiculous lengths to force it? It is best to suggest, nothing more in my opinion. Edit: I realise you said that people can visit without accepting the Experience and I applaud you for that. Even if someone accepted the experience, what would it really matter?. You get a complaint, you say "You turned the sunrise off" end of issue. The points I made above are really about being forced with EEP and Experiences in general and not "your" region. You can take to "You" and "Your" to be generally anyone's place.
  9. I am aware of this and don't care about games as they will not affect me. Can you guarantee that this feature will only be used by game makers for their games though? I doubt it. The moment it is available, every control freak on the grid will use it regardless of the type of place they have for no good reason other than "because I can".
  10. DO NOT WANT. Nobody should be able to override my viewer settings. You cannot guarantee it would be seen anyway even if you get a "force" feature, we can always de-render the sky or turn off ALM or even be there on a text viewer. I swear to all that is unholy I will learn how to make my own viewer and take it out if forcing is attempted.
  11. I have a spare, I have just sent you it. Enjoy!
  12. I just love how some people talk as if something is definitively objective and absolute instead of highly subjective and relative to personal tastes. 🙄
  13. I still have the Aimee Weber doll that she gave me:
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