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  1. Thank you Scylla, it is very nice of you to say so. Yes, this is exactly what I was talking about. I have come to believe that things that are truly our rights are not granted, they are inalienable even if they can be suppressed at times. Things such as access, permissions and abilities (when speaking about a technical platform specifically) can be granted and revoked. I find my self torn on the issue of teleport home myself. I freely admit to having used it in the past but don't anymore. My current security system, which I scripted myself, doesn't use it. It doesn't use ejec
  2. You are definitely aware of their presence though via the mini map and the radar.
  3. I agree with this 100% This is why I would love it if LL were able to create a universal redelivery system that allowed redelivery of any copy items you have ever bought inworld or MP. Sadly, the fact that MP merchants are able to opt-out of MP redelivery is such a shame and seems to indicate that it wouldn't be a universal system at all. I believe it should be mandatory for copy items.
  4. I honestly cannot remember the region my first Belli home was on but it was a traditional home in some inland area. I didn't keep it an incredibly long time but moved up to another place after a short while. I have moved through a couple of house boats, a trailer and a couple of victorians before finally deciding that whilst it is lovely and I do love flying and sailing there, it just didn't suit me to keep a home there.
  5. If the inworld store doesn't offer redelivery but the MP items have it turned on then I will choose MP over inworld. I generally favour inworld shopping though but often use MP for browsing before going. In addition I often find that there are discounts or sales events inworld that do not get applied to MP.
  6. I can certainly understand this sentiment and I have definitely been there. However, looking at it objectively, there is nothing stopping a person deliberately hovering outside her skybox but not on her land. There would be nothing she could do about that. It isn't any different from the avatar ending up there by being banned/ejected instead of being tp'd home. As much as I sympathise with the desire to have them gone, I am not sure this in itself is a reason to justify tp'ing someone home. Even with tp'ing home, they could just come back and hover just outside her parcel. I have had peo
  7. This is a lovely compassionate take on using the feature to try to benefit someone. I do think though that if I were prone to being in this situation and cared about it, I would probably eventually turn on the idle time logout feature rather than rely on others to send me home.
  8. Thank you for your honesty and not trying to dress up personal choice as anything else. I did expect someone to come along, beat their chest and loudly exclaim that these tools are their god given right to use and they will damn well use them. You aren't wrong either. You certainly can use these tools as you see fit regardless of how others feel about it. However, should LL decide to change that ability then what was once thought of as a right, becomes very apparently a granted ability only. The impact to you presumably would be, that you then choose the next most suitable tools to
  9. This isn't a bad alternative. The only downside I can see are that there may not be a rez zone on the region and in that case it would involve tp'ing someone again. For those who dislike being force teleported anywhere, this would still be an issue.
  10. This is an interesting one. This itself has been the cause of much consternation of new people who don't understand or know that it has been enabled or what it means. I think the main reason that it teleports you home is so that there is a very visible impact to "dying". Obviously the software has a limited range of things it can use to achieve that. However, I do wonder if a similar level of impact could be achieved by using a less intrusive method to remove you from the land, shaking the screen and using a region restart type dialog to tell you that you have "died" and been move
  11. I was having a conversation with someone about the ability for land owners to force teleport an avatar home as part of their security system. This is obviously different to an avatar interacting with an object that asks permission to teleport someone - that is a different thing, is not forced and was not part of that discussion. It is a very polarizing feature (surprise, surprise). Obviously those who TP people home from their land feel happy with the feature others, such as vehicle users, see it as a scourge and would rather be bounced by ban lines or ejected to an adjacent accessible p
  12. I wrote something close to this for the security system which I use on my Mainland parcels. It doesn't ban all people, so it is slightly different there, but with a one line change to a notecard it could. Apart from scratching an itch, mine really allows me to have a distributed parcel ban system with the potential for more than 300 names which uses ban lines to avoid needing to use TP Home or Eject. It did occur to me at the time when LL removed the general ban line feature for Bellisseria that this was a workaround but presumably this is a case of where the spirit of the policy is more im
  13. If you like someone's content, couldn't you just send them some L$ with an forum DM explaining what it was for? Seems to me that these tokens are a type of micro-payment and we already have a micro-payment system, so problem solved?
  14. The bit I emphasized doesn't really make sense to me. If the panel was defaulted to off when the build was rezzed, the scripts wouldn't be doing anything. It wouldn't even need to be listening for anything and it would only have to awaken when touched and enabled by the user. So I cannot see how it should have to cause any lag at all or does this hark back to the problem of any sleeping script taking up simulator time? If the number of parcels x number of panels would cause a lag problem, that is concerning.
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