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  1. I don't have any Catwa heads and therefore don't have any Catwa skins either. I chose a Lelutka head and would do so again. I do think that Catwa is exceptionally fortunate in having @Skell Dagger as a CSR.
  2. No, that is what you think, not what I think. I do know what I meant by my posts though and what you wrote showed me that you didn't "get it" or do you get to tell me what I meant now?
  3. You have no idea about my point, just suggesting that rename proves how much you missed it.
  4. I am well aware that many use it this way still. That is not the point. By "presented" I mean the language and terminology used in the user interface which I talked about in a previous post in this topic. I disagree, some people are more literal and tend to take things more literally and at face value, others not so much and decide for themselves how they will perceive things. Should have been taken as a harmless speculative comment about a fleeting thought and yet it was enough to elicit a response of an assumed air of authority based on seemingly nothing more than taking what was in the UI literally and at face value to mean that the original intention that it was supposed to be taken literally and at face value. Surprise, this is not a convincing argument. So I questioned that because it was relevant to me to know if it was any real authority behind that response. So then I get the a lesson about how it all works, not about how why it should be perceived literally, just about how it works. How it works doesn't matter to me because a) the point of my post wasn't about how it worked and b) everything posted I already know as should most who have been around SL for a good length of time. I'll state it again, my speculative statement was because at that point I was mildly interested in the original intention behind the terminology and presentation choices which can shape perception and usage for some - a vastly different thing to how it works. Thanks, I already know these things too. It would be amazing if, after all this time in SL, I didn't. The responses to the post that started this nosedive show how both of you missed my point by miles. That's OK, sometimes we cannot communicate what is in our heads clearly enough or it is not received the way we imagined and the topic goes awry. So maybe we just let it drop hmmm? because I don't think we are going to pull up in time.
  5. No not really because it was still exactly like this in 2007 as well. As I said previously, all that shows is how they presented it, which could show an intention of wanting SL to seem like a friendly place and not that the list should literally taken as just for friends and nothing but friends, whatever that means in an SL context, as was claimed. That is why I asked for more to back up claims about intention. Really only LL staff from around that time could definitely say whether it was meant to be literal or whether it was an attempt to present in a friendly way. I think I have been around these trees enough now and if it still not understood what I am trying to say then it is probably best call it done and move on because my starting opinion wasn't really that big a deal.
  6. I am already well aware of how the list and calling cards work in detail and it's history back to at least when I started in 2007. Describing to me in detail how those mechanisms work says nothing really about the intentions behind it. That way is only accepting what is presented at its face value. User interfaces are mostly about approximations, concepts and abstractions. Mostly this is trying to express functionality in ways that are simple, easy-to-use, implementable, understandable and gives the feature the desired look and feel. It is rarely about being literal. It feels like you misunderstood something fundamental about my point of view.
  7. I agree, I prefer the motion prediction behaviour as well. The newer behaviour ends up feeling like stop-start-stop-start all the time. I appreciate the thought and time going into trying to make it seem better but for me it really doesn't.
  8. I didn't. Premium subs and the L$ that you get back to offset their cost have been thrashed out so many times before. So I just wanted to stick with concrete upfront and ongoing costs to get my meaning across in a simpler manner. Those L$ amounts are not the same for everyone nor are they actually savings for everyone. Some just people spend them. Everything I did mention stay the same for all concerned.
  9. That's why I said "most often" There almost always are exceptions, except when there isn't of course
  10. Please provide details of how you know this was definitely the intention and how you know it wasn't just to give a warm fuzzy feel to SL because pointing out to calling cards doesn't clinch it for me. I would love to know more. If the Friends List was meant to be taken literally then why cannot it not include all your friends from other services and RL? After all friendships know no boundaries. Clearly, the obvious answer is because you cannot do that with friends who don't have accounts. So it isn't really a "friends" list at all, at best it is "SL friends" and so we find immediately they aren't like "RL friends", they are different. Why? because in essence this list boils down to the fact that it is really just "a quick list of avatars I can also grant extra permissions to over my location, status and stuff" and nothing more. Doesn't sounds like it exclusively relates to friends to me. You see how this falls down with being too literal? This is why it seemed more like they wanted SL to seem to be a friendly place where "everyone meets new friends in ten seconds or less" but in reality probably never gave it a huge amount of thought. In essence a naivety, a pleasant fantasy but not really reality. Please don't misunderstand me, people do have friends in SL, real friends and real relationships. They happen because of people though and isn't enhanced much if at all by the friends list. People know who their real friends are without needing a list and people who want to grant those permissions, do so for a wide range of purposes. A quick list is handy for IMs, etc. but is also handy for all kinds of people you somehow need to contact. None of this infers or makes people in those lists friends by definition. On the subject of calling cards, they are not represented anything like a contact list or phone book and rolodex rolled around as a carousel. They are represented as something you carry and store individually not collectively such as a items in a list or book and they don't have an carousel-like behaviour. So if being like those things were what calling cards was really about then it failed really hard and instead captured the archaic form of calling cards as a loose collection of cards you gave and received when you visited or had visitors. It represents a way that nobody collected and carried around the contact details of their RL friends even when SL was new. Archaic. I meant my suggestion of Contacts as a replacement, not in addition to. I think that adding both would be a mistake and I have changed my mind about calling it "Contacts". My opinion after further thought is that it should just be called "Quick List". If we were to go down the route of multiple lists then I would want to create as many lists as I want and give them my own titles. That might be good for managing SL businesses but I expect most people don't need them.
  11. I think it is probably a case of policing it would be very time intensive and futile. It is trivial to script and really it is what you do with the information that is more the problem not so much that you know at all.
  12. Any area in SL where there is mainland that is highly sought after in preference to other land is going to be more expensive not just double-prim mainland. If you look along the Blake Sea coast, protected sail-able water parcels are much higher priced than those without sea access. Water access is actually a big thing in SL (as you may know and as will likely continue to be) and if you look where Bellisseria connects to Jeogeot, there are protected 1024sqm water parcels with ordinary prim allowances that are nearly as much as some double-prim parcels in Nautilus City. I have observed that desirable parcels like these do sell, some quickly despite the eye-watering price, some take longer despite being more reasonable by comparison. It is the desirability of the parcel that determines this more than anything and that can include several aspects of the parcel for each person. So it isn't just double-prim parcels. Prices have definitely dipped in some areas I have an interest in, probably due to the Bellisseria effect and especially if you don't want to hang around for a while. Double-prim parcels attract the land-flippers and this can make the prices seem a lot higher than ordinary people may manage to sell at but that is the case all over mainland, not just the double-prim areas. Double-prim does sell though, I know because I sold two double-prim parcels myself in July that were lower than land-flipper prices but way higher than single-prim land. Double-prim land is also interesting as can change the dynamic for owning the prim allowance of a parcel 2048 on for a one off payment. Look at this equivalence comparison costs for a year: 1 x 1024sqm double-prim mainland: 1 x Premium sub + Parcel purchase cost. In the second year you pay only the premium sub. 2 x 1024sqm regular mainland: 1 x Premium sub + USD 84 extra tier + Parcel purchase cost or 2 x Premium subs + Parcel purchase cost (group ownership) AND to be truly equivalent you need to find those 2 x 1024sqm in the same sim to share the allowance between the plots. In the second year you pay either two premium subs or a premium sub plus USD 84 all over again. This is perhaps the not so obvious reason why they can be attractive. Some people do not like recurring costs and seek to minimise them even if that means there are eye-watering one-off costs upfront. Different folks, different strokes. Double-prim parcels most often come with 2 sides of protected land - in fact I cannot think of any parcels that don't have that. Double-prim parcels have a consistent theme for at least the protected areas, the themes textures and often buildings are available freely, and as part of the theme there can be quests or hidden treasures, etc. Some double-prim areas have an active community too. All of this increases their desirability to the right people.
  13. Yes though if a person does this, they probably are not going to stop at knowing you are online, they are likely going to bother you when you don't want to be bothered. I don't know about you but if it became obvious (and it is) they were doing this on an ongoing basis then I would class it as a type of harassment (what friend does that?). I would then be blocking them and hope they move on to fresh grounds because it is clear they don't really want to be friends after all. Hopefully more reasonable people will just accept your preferences at that time and if they cannot, they can "defriend" and move on.
  14. What is a friendship? It is a relationship between two or more people and with all relationships it can often mean different things to each person. Everyone has different expectations of a friendship but seldom do those get communicated directly, they are implied and discovered along the way which is often why expectations are badly matched and friends can fall out. I struggle with the viewpoint that because LL decided to call it the "Friends" list, that it must literally be a list of friends or that if you get added it must literally mean that you are now a friend. It seems ridiculous to me. I cannot help but feel that LL called it "Friends List" to be warm, fuzzy and friendly, giving SL an approachable vibe but not necessarily to be taken so literally. Maybe the drama would be less, the list more modern and relevant if it was renamed to "Contact List" just like with phones. It might help break this implicit expectation which seems to be so prevalent and troublesome.
  15. Why should there be an expectation that because a person has added someone to their friend list that it entitles them to be notified every time they login and logout? Being online does not imply being available.
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