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  1. The behaviour in this forum is no where near as bad as in the vBulletin incarnation of the forum in my opinion. I skipped the Lithium based forums completely and didn't participate so I don't know how they were. I think as much as I dislike the idea of possibly being banned inworld for forum behaviour, the threat of it does perhaps make a positive difference overall. People are less likely to risk their accounts if they have heavily invested themselves in them. So it possibly reigns some of the bad forum behaviours or forces them to use an sock puppet alt. You don't get the same level of seriousness as the worst of the private messages I refer to though. For example, I cannot remember any serious personal RL threats being made against anyone in ordinary forum posts. I might have missed some examples possibly but I would be willing to bet it is rare or just doesn't happen. Ordinary forum posts are also not a place where you are going to find serious catfishing or other intense manipulation attempts that end in vile abuse either, at least not that I have seen. The tactic of the vilest people has always been to try to isolate people to abuse them. This is probably the biggest reason it is hidden away in private messages almost exclusively. Luckily these kind are not the everyday occurrences and the other more common stuff is much more minor and easier to handle by comparison but you don't need many serious encounters to make you wary of all private messages. I am glad you had a great vampire experience. Bloodlines folks made a huge nuisance of themselves of course but for me it is the game and the behaviours it encourages that I dislike, not the players either individually or as a whole. I don't get all the prejudice for any of the SL subcultures either. Haters love to hate those who are not like them though, why would a virtual world be any different? The people remain the same they just have some different types of targets to aim at.
  2. @Ajay McDowwll I forgot to mention, you haven't permanently broken your mesh head. Even if the copy you have stops working, you can get another from the box it came in (and you should probably keep that just in case). No worries if you already deleted that, Lelutka has redelivery so you can get another copy of your purchase.
  3. Not here in NZ, only 6% of our power is coal and non-renewables in general are less than 10% (source: Electricity sector in New Zealand). Obviously I am very proud of this fact
  4. It is quite likely that there is a set already drawn on the skin and you have either the head eyebrows turned on in the head HUD or are wearing one or more eyebrow system layers (if using BoM). You have to wear/apply a skin without eyebrows to use additional worn/applied eyebrows. If you want to use the skin eyebrows you have to make you turn off tthe eyebrows on the head HUD or take off any system layers (if using BoM).
  5. You wouldn't believe half of the things I have had said to me by such people. I can scarcely believe it myself at times. In my time in SL I've been subject to almost every type of e-nasty abuse conceivable. Though I am quite robust generally, sometimes it is hard to just shrug it off. I don't have a victim type personality and never needed sympathy for any of it. It is just the price of being online sadly because I don't believe you can change the worst of humanity. It certainly does colour the way you look at private online communication with people you don't know though. Often what is going through my mind is "oh no, is this another one?" and I do feel an aversion to participating in private online conversations because of that. That is why I feel more confident and comfortable in shared spaces such as chat, group IMs and forum posts. I have often wondered if my chosen SL character role (i.e. vampire) encourages it, I think it probably does to some degree but I am not going to change how I want to be because of it.
  6. Hopefully you already know but the Lelutka heads are responsive to changes in the Linden hairbase so this means you can do a certain amount of eyebrow arch and above-the-eye spacing changes. If you didn't know then this might help get those eyebrows right.
  7. On a further note, I would like to recognise Scylla's efforts at trying to diffuse bad feelings and escalation generally but in especially in this topic. It is a thankless task at best, one I am not very good at personally and sometimes it seems that trying to help people understand where other people are coming from just ends up with all that bad feeling coming your way. So Scylla, I appreciate your efforts at attempting it.
  8. One thing about the forums that never fails to have me shaking my head with incredulity is that it only takes someone to say "I don't like ...", "I don't usually" or "I prefer ..." and without fail in a few posts down comments start to appear about people "freaking out about ..." or "have huge problems with ...". The characterisation of what people write and mean escalates faster than a speeding bullet here. I don't think that helps keeping discussion civil at all.
  9. I am not seeing any problems like this with Ubuntu Mate 18 LTS. I am using the latest proprietary drivers and the latest 64-bit Firestorm. I am getting great frame rates and everything is very stable. My graphics card is a different model Nvidia though in the same series. I know this doesn't help except to highlight that not everyone is having these issues with Ubuntu and SL.
  10. I would like to clarify what I said in my first post in this topic but first I want to apologise to anyone upset by it. I had the most common and prominent experiences that I encounter with random IMs in mind when I posted because I am most affected by those. It was not meant to be an all encompassing description of how I treat everyone and I realise it sounded way worse than I intended or really is. I also apologise for my statement where I said "The people who seem to hate chat the most are...". Again, I had a specific subset of people in mind, those who want to ask intimately detailed questions or say abusive things that they know will not show them in a good light to others in chat. I do get a lot of those, my only assumption was that all women in SL experience this, not just me. Those people say their piece and there is no doubt of their intentions - I never have to make assumptions. I realise coming back to my post how it reads to people who naturally shy away from chat for legitimate reasons. I never meant to imply they were like the others. My statements were never about anyone I know do either, I only had in mind those kind of stranger IMs. I offer no defence, my post was thoughtless, careless and insensitive. Please accept my genuine apologies. I do get some (not many) IMs from people I have never interacted with before and are out of the blue who are reasonable and I do respond in kind. I do even occasionally answer the IMs that just have "Hi" in them. However I often wait before responding to those hoping that they say why they initiated contact. I don't feel any obligation just to say "Hi" back and I will not apologise for that but even then do sometimes on occasion depending on my mood. I was raised to get to the point when contacting people you don't know, they might be busy even if you just say "Hi, are you available to chat with me for a short while?" I do this with strangers on the phone and at my door too, they initiated the call or rang my bell and so I wait for them to say who they are and why they called. I don't see this as unusual or rude.
  11. Isn't it a discussion? Are we not allowed to debate the rights and wrongs of LL's approach? I don't see anyone saying that they expect LL to change their mind.
  12. You didn't read the section called "Electronic Contracts and Signatures" where it listed: Clicking the "I Agree" button. I'm not plonking anyone but you made a very bold statement and this contradicts that. It will benefit you to know this. You don't need an actual signature, you clicked "I Agree". That is a contract. That is enough for the jurisdiction where LL operates.
  13. I'll just leave this here: https://www.upcounsel.com/are-online-contracts-legally-binding
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