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  1. Gabriele Graves

    Do IM conversation's die for you if you TP out?

    I often have the other problem. After I have tp'd away from a place often some random person will IM me with "Hi!". My .2cents here is that if my avatar is in the same place as other avatars and we are having a conversation, I tend to stay there until the conversation is done. Mostly I would prefer this in chat but some people, usually in single person conversations, always want to privately talk in IM and not in chat no matter how much you express that you would prefer a public chat. So I treat those conversations like they are chat and I tp away when I think it is done and don't really expect it to continue. Of course, if it should it, then no problem assuming I am still happy to chat. Also, it is different for me if an IM was initiated without being in the same place as the other avatar. I don't have the same expectation then.
  2. Gabriele Graves

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    LL already started it by having the gaming rules. Now you are only allowed "skill" gaming, at least in theory, so they have recognised this.
  3. Gabriele Graves

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    People have to ability to spend far more money from their L$ balance than they could possibly carry in quarters and in very short time can gain more using credit. Physical toy machines such as that are naturally limited by those real world considerations, unless those also take credit cards now and keep a balance for you. Gachas are more like slot machines in that dynamic. In fact if you put an addict next to an SL slot machine and a gacha machine, there would be no difference in their ability to spend large amounts on either. However, I suspect I really didn't have to spell this out to you guys, you are way smarter than that.
  4. Gabriele Graves

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    How many people do you know who put hundreds of US dollars in to those things in one sitting? 🤔
  5. Gabriele Graves

    A Sansar Journal

    But do they also do that in front of customers?
  6. Gabriele Graves

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    I don't like Gacha much. I wouldn't weep if they were outlawed. However if they stayed, I would like to see a rule that says a Gacha machine must never give the same item twice to the same person. I know that would require storing what was given to each person that played, but tough that is the Gacha vendor's problem. This way at least the more you spend, the more of each set you would get and eventually you would know that you would get it all - you just would not know what order you would get them or how much you would have to pay to get the one you want. Even that seems excessively grabby to me, in fact ideally I would like a rule where they have to provide a mode where you forgo any element of chance and just select the item you want. I know, I know, that is like wishing for chocolate snow but I am in a mood to fantasize. Mmmm in fact chocolate snow sounds real good too, we should definitely have that as well 😃
  7. Gabriele Graves

    Landmarks Are Pointless

    Landmarks are definitely pointless. In some ways it would be better if they were a link to search and then you could teleport from there, more like a browser bookmark.
  8. Gabriele Graves

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    I'll raise your facepalm to this:
  9. Gabriele Graves

    Revived JIRA for increase in memory limit

    I think you mean "moot" and clearly you didn't read Qie's response from Simon Linden here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/433004-revived-jira-for-increase-in-memory-limit/?do=findComment&comment=1857315
  10. I have an Nvidia 1080 Ti graphics card and a 4K monitor. I have most settings at max (including jellydolls disabled) but my draw distance is mostly set to 256m. I have seen frame rates at some un-laggy skybox places at between 100-140, at places with a few people I can get around 60 mostly, a handful more people and it is around 30 but at a popular place such as a relatively full sim such as an event or club and I am mostly around 10-20. Of course I could change my settings when at those places and often do but it seemed pertinent to describe my experiences here.
  11. Gabriele Graves

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    For me immersion is less about what is in front of me but what is in my imagination.
  12. Gabriele Graves

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    Very immersed but then I can easily fall through the pages of a book into a story world too.
  13. Gabriele Graves

    RP.... I don't get it

    Sounds to be playing with fire to me
  14. Gabriele Graves

    Conversion starters

    I love this, what kind of responses do you get?