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  1. @steeljane42 The reason that Premium isn't a relic of the past is because it is direct revenue to LL. No matter how much a person spends on buying stuff in SL, it is almost always from other residents, not from LL and so from that money you spend, only a small portion at best, comes to LL and indirectly at that. LL wants to increase direct revenue without it being tied to land purchasing if possible, hence Premium Perks to convince people to give them money directly.
  2. @Ceka Cianci You get Concierge support when you buy a region but unless it changed you cannot not buy mainland, nor do you get 60 group slots, etc. So it isn't Premium, you just get support. Also when I have been saying "buy a region" in this discussion, I am talking about a private island as you cannot buy a whole region on mainland without first getting Premium membership.
  3. No, you aren't required to have Premium membership to own a private region.
  4. Stupid crap like bringing back Ratings is more likely to make me downgrade to Basic from Premium. Those that want this kind of feature should just create a scripted "popularity" game HUD and give it away to like minded people who want to participate. Problem solved.
  5. All of us who went fully mesh also went through this and it is natural, after all it is a minor form of grief and so you feel loss. After a while though, this will fade and purging in this way does feel cleansing as you have noticed. Welcome to the world of mesh bodies, after a while you will barely remember how hard this was 😃
  6. I think you mean Baked On Mess 🤣
  7. Yes, I do talk about and show aspects of second life with my partner, circle of friends and sometimes my work colleagues. My partner is active in SL as well, has been since before we met and before I started my account though we didn't actually meet in SL. We spend a lot of time in SL together as it is and so are often discussing it. Mostly other people I have talked about SL to hadn't heard of it before and I have tended to describe it as a virtual 3D place that exists as an online space shared with other people. These days that takes a lot less explaining as people are more familiar with 3D worlds/games than they were when I started. I think they imagine mostly like a chat/meeting place where you can customise the way you look. Some of my newer friends who haven't heard of it before are actually quite interested in what it is, etc. I get a lot of interest about the clothing and fashion related aspects from my female friends but mostly that fades when they realize they still cannot use it on their iPhone/iPad and need a computer with a decent graphics card for it to work well. I get the impression that they would be happy to play if it meant shopping for clothing, dressing their avatar and accessories and socialising in a shared chat room all on their phone. That would be enough for them as long as it was easy and simple. They are not interested much in building stuff, role-playing or flying/sailing/driving or anything too complex for example. They don't think that spending money inworld is that unusual though because some spend a fair amount on items for Free-to-Play games on their phones. That pretty much covers the mostly not-much-interested-in-computer-stuff crowd. Some of the people I know who are more tech savvy ask, usually with a smirk I might add, "Isn't that the place with all the people who dress up as animals?". They think it is populated mostly by furries (they don't actually know this term though) who also dress that way in their RL (they often seem fascinated by this part but don't really know anything about it really). They aren't sure why they have this impression though and I have never been able to find out why that is the thing they associate it with most. Hardly anyone I have ever mentioned SL to raises or are aware of the sex aspect unless I mention it.
  8. No, when you choose Permissions you get this: You can see from here that this affects the inworld status.
  9. That's what they said about 3D movies too, twice, and that is still dead. There are too many issues for too many people, largely around inconvenience factor, sickness and equipment performance for this to be just around the corner in my opinion.
  10. The question was asked in context of going invisible before logging in, presuming that they hadn't done anything special before logging out. Using this item would not achieve that, in fact nothing can affect your avatar's appearance before you log in except for somehow not loading your inventory which leaves you as a cloud.
  11. <removed> I apologise, I didn't realize that the continent of Nautilus was in fact a larger continent and that LL named the island in the Blake Sea with the same name.
  12. Yes, that is my point really. Different places, different perspectives. Ain't the world a wonderful place?
  13. In NZ the only Valentines Day cards that are available to buy indicate a romantic relationship and that includes from Hallmark.
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