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  1. Unfair ban from a region

    we get also a break on premium and landcosts? just kidding of course, but for a company with the user/client base as LL holidays shouldn't be a reaon to have cuts in service or presence, also still always a mistery they simply close support and other departments for holidays.
  2. no me permite entrar a mi cuenta

    soporte se pondrá en contacto con usted tan pronto como manejen su boleto, tendrá que intentar ser paciente un poco
  3. Animations

    seeing the question i think she's not even at this stage but only has the animation itself. There are still quite some people using only the floater to dance, and never use a hud for it.
  4. Unfair ban from a region

    but strange enough very randomly, wrongly posted in several sections stays where it is since some days ( and yes it's reported) looks like Dakota is the only one on this part of the forum at the moment.
  5. Kendall30a

    you really have to follow the first help the browser gives you when signing up, and you did not. After the sign up you are lead to a download, you seem to have ignored or refused that. Without it you won't be able to log in, except to the profile/account page, but that isn't SL what you look for now. Follow the link Moira gave you, install, and use the login credentials as you signed up, when you login on that you'll come in the real SL and can start learning, explore, meet people, and all you can imagine. Good luck! give it a try
  6. RolePlay Community of Acacia Falls

    RP promotion belongs in RP section... Rental advertisement in the Land section with the rental topics. Employment in the employment forums..
  7. history topic

    i'd think my partner would hear about my life as far i think it's needed to share. What has been before him/her is history, i'd never ask about it myself either. Currently single, but with my partner i'd go forward, not digging in things that have been. I had so many partners in my total SL life, it would fill several sims ( fp ..not homesteads) .. a history would even scare myself off i think
  8. Mixxx and streaming

    ah ok, thought you would use two machines ( as many sl dj's do) for security reasons as viewer crashes... your stream would go on while you relog your avi. If you stream from one ánd play on the same, you'll totally go down in that case.
  9. retreiving lost password and changing email addresses

    contact support, links are on all main community pages
  10. isn't that a often used western europe one?..( be careful with my feelings... i'm a ip nitwit)
  11. Unfair ban from a region

    yes but also very random, but think that's a bit the soul of the forums, lot depends on who enforces it. not to question moderation, but as closeby exmample, past week i got a day ban for using a bit strong word for "messed up".. while somebody in another topic could simply yell s***w the Lindens.. without any action..
  12. Role option

    it's totally not my thing, but SL is for everybody what they make of it. And as long it's legal ... go ahead. BUT i really hate it to be pulled into this kind of RP by weirdos who think they can do it everywhere at public places. Don't need to be kicked against my legs, or hear mwummie dwaddy and other absurd talking. There are more than enough places where this RP ( or ány other) can be played and is accepted/expected, don't bother others with it.
  13. ..let's say i break no rule
  14. Earn 250 Linden for 30 Minutes of your time!

    nice... buying good reviews... some might call it fraudulous.. false.. fake
  15. Mixxx and streaming

    use headphone for the one or the other