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  1. as said by others... go away and find something else. To be honest i see hardly any breach of TOS in your first post, perhaps only the verbally attack ..( but depends what you mean with it ,and whát they said) The "Linden" i take for now, on your account as confusion with owners. Second life has it own inworld laws, the TOS and guidelines ( quite some pages if you read them all) Hurted feelings are rarely worth a AR.
  2. nonsens.. the first step is simple : check if the donation is done to the group. If so it's solved. Why bother the busy support with most likley a non issue before it's checked.
  3. this isn't right. As soon you sell land the tier is free, and can buy the same amount of land again without raising. It will only ask for a personal action, by taking back the tier, when using a group. If you forget that, you can indeed get a higher tier level when buying on personal use. ( donated tier counts as in use)
  4. Alwin Alcott


    because MP has many ways to avoid the filters. set the price range at 1or 2 L$ will erase nearly all demo's.
  5. the requirements and "how to" are mentioned in the OP post...
  6. you have to be here.. not the "normal" support. https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy
  7. so you didn't learn that appearance doesnt matter... and people are who they are, no matter their looks. Go out and date a guy that has a way of connecting you like. All other things don't matter.
  8. what mostly helps to get a convo starting, is having some info for that. If you tell more about your likings here, in your post, ánd not to forget your inworld profile, people have something to start about
  9. did you check if the object still is for sale? ..it can show up in your orderhistory but being removed from MP.
  10. look at your order history, and compare it to your USD charges
  11. as far it matters, the names she posts are more for RP and this was posted in the educational and non profit section. That was my response on it. You can keep your acid and vinegar in your cans.
  12. no it's not in the right category, this "mesh"is about creating mesh, not how bodies work.( or not)
  13. play what? ..( would be giving people some idea about what you like to talk about and do .. )
  14. no answer on your question, but a advice ... don't post your questions in several different sections of the forums... seen one in wanted, now in mesh and think you started even somewhere else. Keep your posts in one topic, in "Your Avatar" .. people will guide step by step, without being allover the forums, and you have your answers together in one topic.
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