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  1. different approach ... buy a year premium as long you have the funds! You'll support LL, you can have a decent nice home for a year, and get weekly stipend!
  2. and how would you like that at your business? .. You can disagree to this kind of work, but calling out for actions that clearly are against TOS ar AR'able.
  3. ... me loves it with pineapple, ham and cheese!
  4. Giving up at logs .. it's not my thing, too close to eachother, and for me too dark, missing the "spring" feeling of campers and other themes.
  5. would help a lot if you post your skills..
  6. we'r no friends but just missing her post here for a while... @Alyona Su ... where's you ?
  7. OP .. take the hint from Cindy and clean your room yourself!
  8. if you have nothing to say, perhaps stay away from the keyboard, and go sit in a dark corner of your room for a while.
  9. well you didn't get L$ during many failed transactions, and you don't answer what i asked.
  10. .. just asking becaus the time of ordeing and cancelling is quite some time apart.. sounds more like failed payments. Are you sure it is a real credit card, and no debit or prepaid?
  11. i think a bad review, with low ranking should be possible, as long it's constructive and not a expression of the underbelly. If a product is bad, it is that. Sellers have to check it before putting it on MP, and update it when it's not what they tell their customers what it is. If reviews are about non relevant buyer issues, or functions that aren't mentioned in the description.. remove should be a option.
  12. a few of the islands are closed for entrance after leaving it for the big bad world of SL
  13. in general i'd say .. everyone has a alt, even the ones in denial. The harder they try to hide the sooner you'll find them .. same locations, same style, same avatar shop, same head shop, same clothes, same dances, log off when you come, and fast relog on the bf avi... and so on
  14. by lack of a house on the parcel ( seems to be quite some around) thought about a new theme mixing in or this one
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