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  1. no, premium or not is not connected to those limits
  2. missing the guys a bit so here's my list Kalback shai Legal Insanity Horr Native Urban Blankline Cold Ash Straydog l 'etre Clef de Peau 7 deadly s[k]ins Versov Noche Jomo Signature Catwa
  3. abuse

    the only thing you can do is report and report again if he makes alts. also: totally ignore that other person, mute/derender/ban, do NOT respond, in no way, keep silent You have no influence on the result of a AR, LL will investigate and decide. You will not get the outcome of the case. ( perhaps also nicer you don't use "dudes"... it's kinda offending for some cultures)
  4. more wondering why this is in Forum Feedback ... this is a technical issue or but only the owner ( or group if it's deeded/set) can tp up to a certain level if i'm not wrong.. also depending where the landingpoint is set Also above a certain level, 4096 m things get really wonky and can behave otherwise than intented.
  5. erm.. this sounds like you think every gay guy jumps on every guy they see?
  6. Signature Gianni has bodygloss ... don't know about others, but there might be more
  7. age is indeed quite important but also for another reason... if it's still under guarantee from the manufacturor it might loose it when you open it yourself. Thats why some machines have a kind of sealing over one or a few screws at the bttm. If that's damaged they sometimes reject all claims.
  8. totally true .. you can mention it, or a banner, but according to the guidelines it has to be modest. But reading this question and see MP and inworld shopS .. i read it more to advertise in special sections on the forums.. that's the reason of my "no"
  9. stop wondering... it's no
  10. forums are a very bad thing for direct communication, we have IM and chat inworld for that. Inworld you also see directly if someone is online, being online on forums doesn't mean online inworld, and you can't get a tp from here to the inworld location. Also... if you had read the thread, it's from august 2016 ..
  12. you can try the search on the item name, after a relog if that's not helping might need to rebuild your inventory cache by clear it and let load again. Or.. have a look at the inworld store to see if there's a redelivery terminal. If no inworld store and your item is still not there, you can look at the seller's profile how to contact them, send a proof of purchase with it . If the item is transfer, spare yourself the trouble. It will be gone and most won't replace it.
  13. yes 13, but that's as far i know only for closed projects where the kids only can log on thát sim/estate that's shielded from the rest of sl. To serve 13-15 year old users, you must limit them to your Second Life estate. To do this, you must: Use the Registration API. Have a private region (island) in Second Life. Bring teens onto this island through your own website. You can form groups that include teens and IM and exchange objects with teens who come in through your Reg API. However, in this case, these accounts will NOT be able to leave your island and visit other spaces, search within Second Life or purchase from the Marketplace. In this "closed island" model, you can form groups, IM, and exchange objects with them; but all these activities are limited to your island.
  14. All know i like to comment... but in this case also have to tell it was solved very quickly! big thanks Tommy and his team. so to the title of this thread : yes they do
  15. no you can't be partnered and not partnered the same time. What you can do is make a special pick in your profile, and dissolve the partnership to remove the name.