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  1. not sure it will be what you like, but i think 7 deadly s[k]ins has "old" skins and appliers (for the body) for people who use their system heads
  2. you age rises every day, don't have to log in. In the (legacy) profile it shows rezzdate, age in full years and months, and as last in days.
  3. not with encroachment, thats nothing more than crossing the border. Where the root is doesnt matter in that case. Normally every owner can return encroaching items, the returned objects however should give the owner a message for being returned.
  4. what viewer are you using? LL is on version 6.3.1, Firestorm 6.2.4
  5. this is something i don't really understand... why need giant hands to hold a mouse?
  6. in the political correct society we live in, this kind of terms can't be used in public, and for sure not to strangers ... And in some cultures this might even be insulting, or close to it . Personally i'm not very pleased when people adress to me as dude or mate either... but it's pretty common in some parts of the world. Of course in my most wellknown humble way i'll sideways will mention it to them
  7. here you can find templates https://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLTutSet.html a google search will also lead to several pages with templates and tutorials
  8. Please don't jump of your chair when the word "report" gets mentioned on the forums, it's not to get your account punished as it is inworld, reporting at the forums mostly only means that the post goes to a more appropriate forum section. Only when violating the guidelines and TOS the post gets removed. And only after some serious warnings when breaching the TOS and guidelines actions will be taken on your forum account, and when réally bad breaches it can also have consequences for the inworl presence. Also reporting a post, doesn't mean the moderation team agrees, and can keep the post where it is and ignore the reporter.
  9. if you want to rent mainland, you can find some landlords advertising in the mainland rentals, like Beethros Karos, as far i seen he offers very reasonable prices, but he's not the only one, Prokofy Neva also offers mainland rentals... and more people are in that market. For Estate land you'll have to look at the Private Estate posts, there are a lot more landlords in that market. Concerning your budget and "lot of prims" and "size" ... those mostly go together... the higher the budget, the more you'll get in prims and size. One more thing to have a look at: if you want the land for yourself only, be aware quite some cheap mainland rentals are stacked, you'll have neighbours above and under you.
  10. depends a bit on the system the seller used, some will recognize you as receiver, but also many, will only have registration of the buyer. In the last case you need the original buyer to get a redelivery. You could try right click/ touch( in the pie menu) the vendor and see if redelivery is a option. If both fail, you can try contacting the seller, but as you have no buying info about the product, the seller has to believe you on your word, or has to dig deep in his own history with the info you have about the original buyer.
  11. it's not really about being clever .. more a loophole in the moderation and risk the removal, that hardly happens... see the employment section where 90% of the posts is the semi adult industry advertising under the flag of looking for employees, it's just advertising their thing, nobody gets hired.
  12. quite short answer : you can not you can however put the link of your blog in your signature here so it shows in your posts. Any other promotion has the risk to be reported and removed.
  13. for that you need to create a support ticket, the place of the forum doesn't influence that. Sometimes a Linden comes to the forums, but it's not the way how to communicate about financial and/or personal issues.
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