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  1. 21 pages of posts about a subject where no official announcements were made about ... amazing (and not really a reason to make official announcements... users have nothing to do with investors)
  2. everybody simply goes to a random hub when the restarts are rolling. If you end on one you don't like, tp to a place from your liking?
  3. you can try a normal install first, if that not works a clean install, but you will loose the logs.. but you can back up. How to : https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_clean_install don't worry about inventory, thats on LL servers not your machine.
  4. throw this in a translator and you have your answer to english and back gives "lustvolle Bilder"... that doesn't sound very right ... even it's not the original meaning, in translation it gets a bit nasty sound.
  5. thats a billing issue not likely also the inventory
  6. they can stay, but all not transferable items will only be in use of the new owner, but not owned, he can move them, if you allow, but never take up. If the new owner deeds his region to a group, and you'r not in it, all items that aren't tranferable during the sale will get returned.
  7. have a look here https://secondlife.fandom.com/wiki/Camera
  8. Alwin Alcott


    oh good lord... not again.... holidays started...
  9. same with amaretto (horses, dogs, chickens ...not sure there is more:) also with meeroos, just not for gifts, but ranking. to keep in mind, most breedables are not exactly free, you have to buy food and some additional items to breed or speed things up.
  10. forgot already you posted just half hour before too?
  11. thats a significant difference ... i just put the exchange rate here to compare it to me (dutch) yearly rate .. (VAT doesn't apply to yearly subscription)
  12. closest to this... create a folder "new inventory" and fill it with submaps to sort your new ánd slowly your old stuff ...
  13. use the LL viewer to detach ( it doesn't support rlv) to remove people... often you can click it and get a menu, or read the manual
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