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  1. but you DO it, and even try to find excuses for it... ugly and just very bad attitude. Your post gets a lot clearer now.
  2. Searching for this skin

    first place to ask is the creator/seller where you got that image
  3. Looking for a developed shop region

    look in the rentals .. or marketplace, or the wanted sections.. not in general discussion
  4. Looking for Vendors

    no it isn't for that..... this is more for rentals
  5. Looking for a Business partner (preferably a scripter)

    2016 ....
  6. not really a hotkey, but firestorm (can have) has quick preferences you can attach to the taskbar... it would be just one click to change your drawdistance or other features you can add to it.
  7. Prims for Premium Homes

    Oh yes they can... but you forget main point... Linden homes are starter homes to try out how it is to have a place of your own... As soon you grow out of the Linden Home you can move to mainland (or private estates.)
  8. Person donates money, and request ban.

    you can declare what you want, but donating 11k of L$ is not talking about money for buying some candy ... and you can only stand in for your own income, never ever for others in sl
  9. freezing and crashing sim

    thats only needed when its a mainland sim.. if it's a private estate, only need to message a owner or estate manager
  10. Person donates money, and request ban.

    if you don't trust the source of the money, make a AR for that person. LL will look at it and take the money if it's gotten on a fraudulent way, or pay it to governor Linden, and tell that in your AR .. but if you don't, be sure not to use it till there's action taken by LL. About banning the person... do as you like, as landowner you can ban or allow anyone you want to your land.
  11. Avatar Height Restrictions on Adult Sims.

    never believe those... LL doesn't communicate that way.
  12. Prims for Premium Homes

    no not possible you can however buy mainland, and use your free tierlevel for 512 sqm to that... but to really increase your prims you'll have to buy more than the 512 sqm, because you won't get your house free from LI as you have it on the Linden Homes.
  13. Getting inventory Back from a place you are banned from

    if i'm not wrong, your friend can give you pemission to edit/move his/her items, if you can get close you can return the items to him/her
  14. Male body and head skins

    try your search inworld and here on the forums? There have been quite some subjects about male stuff recently, shouldn't be to difficult to find some could also have a look here