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  1. What if I bid in an auction and realize I have made a mistake? Please bid carefully. We are typically not able to cancel a bid in an active auction. If you have made an error in bidding, please submit a ticket through the Support Portal at Second Life Support. Please include the name of the auction and explain the assistance needed. We will address the issue as soon as possible, which may be after the auction ends. If you win an auction and are unable or unwilling to pay for land bought in auction, you may be charged a restocking fee of US$100 (L$8000 for L$ auctions). Please note that more than two defaulted auctions may result in a loss of bidding status. What happens if the winner doesn't pay for the parcel? If you fail billing on the auction your account will go into delinquency, just as if you failed a membership or land tier billing. If you fail billing for 7 days the account will go on hold. After 30 days your account will be cancelled and your land reclaimed. You should contact support if this occurs. Who do I contact if I have a problem? You should file a ticket through the Support Portal at Second Life Support
  2. why tp to a location and IM? people can IM from their own home.... ( need traffic?) and rewarded in giftcards for land? .. ( need renters?) and... think about the average age of people on sl... perhaps use a larger font for your posts tip: use the rental sections, advertising goes a lot easier there
  3. you would get a bigger chance to find people doing this in the friends and/or lifestyles forums... this is about land ... ... there's a feature called "search" if you do that in the viewer you can find thousends of groups.
  4. not possible as far i know ... and don't let some items that claim to hide your items fool you ( for sale inworld and MP): one click and those are derendered, and you'r clickable again..
  5. yes and you'r two years too late...
  6. this isnt the place to ask, go to the "employment" or "wanted" section in the forums.
  7. the recent is not seperate folder, it's all the same... you most likely hit the filters, have to reset those to the standard settings and all will be fine. in Firestorm: click on the filter/custom button in the recent tab, select all items and under that only "since logoff" should be checked)
  8. keep in mind you get nothing anymore, also not from friends
  9. if you want a answer on this you need to contact LL, residents have no access to your financial information.
  10. /me runs and grabs him ..
  11. not sure why you doubt to get answer on the other post.... but the answer is the same... you can not
  12. not, you can only edit it for a limited time (24 h)
  13. Too late ... can only take the soul once...
  14. There is no illegal bite... you 100 % certain agreed to it, bloodlines doesn't work without you click "accept" on the pop up that the HUD sends. But well... go sit in the dark for a few minutes, you might calm down. If you'r this sensitive about your pixels i hope you won't ever see the red creatures with horns and hoofs in sl...