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  1. it's called Physics, try search on that
  2. and it should be in Events.... not this section..
  3. although people here talk with eachoter, this is no chatbox, but a forum about most aspects of SL, questions, problems, fun things, bad things, all kind of experiences, but not really for friends or relationships... For relationships i think inworld is a lot better place to start.
  4. if you use Firestorm you could use the sound explorer ( menu / world/ sound explorer) it might be something you wear, or in your AO.
  5. no, the store itself is bonded to your account, only the content that is transfer you can put on your other account and use in the new store.
  6. no it's moved to answers
  7. Signature Giani, Slink, and rising star Belleza Jake forget the tmp mess, there is a lot for it but more obsolete than a 2CV
  8. works in a browser
  9. i think there is a little more than what you tell here... i really can't imagine you get banned at several places without reason, and because it's on several places..hardly to believe it's a mistake. Also keep in mind you slander Amaretto here, the places where they sell food are often not even in their hands, but they have stores at auction sims where they rent a spot, and have a good connection with their customers because all visitors at such sims are also their customers. If you break their rules, they can ban you from holding amaretto horses/products. They have their own servers for that breedable and it's possible to exclude you from it.
  10. in RL it's pretty normal fees, taxes, wages, salary, and so on.... go up a bit. Mostly to get more money in the pocket for the ones that collect those. Perhaps simple, but thats how it works. No excuse needed.
  11. mostly it's just lag/connection, in one or other way the signal of the pc doesn't reach SL
  12. this is general discussion... not "my question only and don't dare to tell something i don't like"
  13. a trade is not really likely... appliers normally are NO trans, simply ask the store owner if it gets available
  14. i thank the Firestorm every day!!! the possibility to hide those horrible lighthouses around you .. Facelights are made for making pics... for all other things you have windlightsettings. And... nobody sees you as you see yourself... you think to look great with a personal lighthouse on your cheeks, but it looks simply awfull....and you ruin the carefully made surroundings and sim designs.
  15. find that out first.. and than use the same words on yourself.. good luck!