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  1. Dead computer, Sata drive, login lnfo?

    this kindalik , not saying it is... you used a wrong type of categorie..could that tbe possible? It's not really my experience LL doesnt cooperate at this kind of questions. Try reopening, or a new one when the categoy wasn't right.
  2. Someone asking for my password??

    so what's the answer to your doubts? even if it is/was/isn't allowed.... i don't get where your doubts to do so come from.
  3. Refund for false advertisement?

    this kind of response is in nothing different than a Godwin.
  4. Dead computer, Sata drive, login lnfo?

    if you signed up with the right info LL has a real arsenal of questions to verify if you are the rightfull owner, did you try support or only the provided tools at the login recovery?
  5. but just change the txt of a message like this would for me still be of a super low priority
  6. pay box amount

    not sure what viewer, but firestorm has a little box next/under those for typing a amount
  7. SL Constant disconnects in 2-5 minutes after logged in

    that would not cause the crash instantly, but if this is what you measure during the normal stay in sl it can have higher peeks that do cause the crashing.
  8. SL Constant disconnects in 2-5 minutes after logged in

    the answer is most likely already in your post , your connection is causing it, packet loss always gives problems. If you'r not wired, try that, or contact your isp, , because you already tried the restarting of your modem/router. perhaps at this blog are some things you can use:
  9. Disabled/Amputee avatar

    there are some groups inworld for the people who like that, i'm pretty sure they can help you find the things you look for
  10. Exchange linden for bitcoin

    don't post your things on several places please, now you have answers on the same at two different threads. Also not seen as very nice to hijack somebody elses questions.
  11. yep and again in a wrong section...
  12. and again a wrong section.. this is for FULL sims and FULL transfer..
  13. erm yes.. did read that without letting that land in my mind. Think the post of Qie in that case has a valid point... rezzing items, be very carefull with that. The encroaching won't likely disturb any traffic in the sky
  14. unable to pay for lindens with 30$ US dollars credit?

    you are 3 weeks old... and had a payment method. Simply add it back. Without a active payment method you can't do anything on the exchange. There is no construction that prevents you to buy more than your USD balance has, it has to be backed up or will fail. LL won't wait till you find out you have not enough money, if you go in debt your account will get locked and on hold till you paid.