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  1. also takes no time, and sometimes even hilarious to look up blogs from certain forummers that blaim others for doing bad things...
  2. also some houseboats 1 or 2 degrees off if i remember well
  3. i think you better ask in the normal scripting part of the forum if you have questions about writing and getting stuck , and if you need somebody else to write it for you in the wanted or employment section.
  4. nobody here can help you, you need to be at support.
  5. yes they do but you have to bring the proof nót LL.
  6. if it's only the skybox itself, you have to check if it is transferable, otherwise you will not be able to sell it, and if it's only the skybox, you can not advertise or sell it here, but you'll have to do that on MP or inworld. If you have land with it, that you really own, ánd the skybox is transferable you can sell it both, and in this case you cán do that in the dedicated section here on the forums.
  7. at your account dashboard
  8. you don't have to mention anything here, but your acting is simply raising red flags. And you can't really convince me you can't remember the town where you were born, your pet, street you grown up, or any othe single option of the other security answers.
  9. just going to wonder what your age is, if you answer the security question with a REAL answer it can't be hard to remember. Together with your previous issues you can't provide accurate identy proof it sounds to me you signed/sign up with fake information.
  10. at the upper pic, the couche and two chairs, one blank and one with throw are the Famous Sofa set from N4RS ( mainly adult stuff in many variances !) created by Alecat Breda the long furry seat and table are not in that set, no idea by who those are.
  11. it however will still not solve the problem that OP doesn't want/is able to provide the requested information about identity.
  12. true, but.. you also have to pay for the premium .. the total profit is a lot less
  13. if you have that 50L stipend, it will be gone when going premium and dare to go back to basic.
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