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  1. Ban Lines at 1300 Meters?

    red ( firestorm)
  2. Ban Lines at 1300 Meters?

    i agree... as you state it this way, why do those jerks always think they can free access the land where others pay for... this fly or not fly discussion is so often done, the for's and againsts are pretty clear. This one is locked for you, use the minimap and you can see where you have access or not. Dont whine.
  3. My avatar

    read the forums more often and of course start trying here :
  4. Question

    depends what point you aim that finger to
  5. Earn Unlimited Linden(every 3 minute 20Linden )

    @Dakota Linden interesting posting here ... this job is MP fraud and scam, should be avoided as the plague
  6. Lumiya Help needed

    keep in mind that to fit on a phone/tablet Lumiya is a far stripped down viewer. Lot of features are not available or just in a very basic way. If you look for info about it you best try a user group or their own website. It can take some time before a co user comes here and sees your question.

    don't hijack other people posts for a job please, it's easier and nicer to start your own, unless it's about a job offer, ( this one isnt)
  8. Clothes are not fitting once worn a second time

    sounds to me you confuse mesh clothes and layer clothes... for mesh clothes you need alpha's to hide bodyparts.
  9. Sansar!

    if had read a bit about it you would know it's not required but recommended
  10. is vr gear required for sansar?

    did you look for answers on the Sansar forum ?... this is SL
  11. Builder for Sansar

    Sansar has it own forums
  12. Am I missing something? Where is everyone?

    Even at this time there are 30.000 users online, at most these days it's around 45.000 that's only a third difference, you won't convince me telling there is nobody to find when it's not in that time window. The world in Sl isn't really that "time" dependant. Just have to look at the right places.
  13. Male Skins? (Good ones?)

    Adam is Omega compatible, should be not to difficult to find some skins, and indeed try some Signature omega appliers, they might work. what i heared l etre is back with at least one skin now .. not sure the other previous will come back. @Cara it's not really about Slink or Signature likings, OP has a Adam body.
  14. Male Skins? (Good ones?)

    some more : Clef de Peau 7 Deadly S[k]ins Egozy l etre Avi Glam Birth Nivaro Samurai