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  1. as it also always has been ..groups are a pain for may many years, but .. groups are used as they never were made for.
  2. when by support the chance they ask more is huge .. just simple automatic reactivation goes by one question. Mostly they ask for your id and other details.
  3. you can create new ones yourself with the lost password button at the login page. LL does not communicate here with you about tickets.
  4. 10 years ago SL was a total different world, with not even half of the development it has now. It's a bit like you start to sell wooden shoes now, while we have latex wellies already, it will only be interesting for tourists.
  5. little example just a calulation maintenance fee full regioin to pay at LL (by you!)$ 229 monthly ( depending on location add 20% VAT !) rental from a established Landlord $66.25 weekly = 287.08 monthly the maintenance fee doesn't include the upfront buying cost... set up for a fp region 349 .. so you will get no profit at all in the first 6 months ... also make a fund for the time parcels/regions aren't rented out you'll need a serious amount of regions to start with to get at your desired 500.000 weekly income... Calculate your hours work, your staff you have to pay (cant do i
  6. check disable camera contstraints in the viewer so you can zoom under everything. (in firestorm advanced menu) or try to use the areasearch .. normally it should show up there too.
  7. it's only allowed to buy L$ at the Lindex
  8. linden trees mostly respond best when clicking on the lowest part. Move your cam close and try?
  9. still little gems to catch, free lake view (derender two bushes) and a wild water river at the other side
  10. It's a lot better when your friend comes to ask these things themself... because not only the issue, but your post also raises questions. How does she add money?.. That feature was removed years ago, unless you mean something different. Without knowing what the actual message is, answering will be only guessing. Perhaps tried during maintenance? Contact support/billing if the issue stays.
  11. it is confusing but homesteads are private low impact regions with only a very limited amount off prims/Land impact ánd low amount of avatars allowed Most communities are at full impact regions at the mainland or private estates. In things concerning land it mostly has faster results when you actively look for it inworld, not the forums. It can take several hours or days before a forumpost gets replies. And often answers are easy to find using google or the search function ( not the best tool ... there are so many posts stored on these forums, nearly everything is asked hundreds of times
  12. perhaps try to find the rigth forum section for your next question. General Discussion isn't meant for all subjects to ask. (as already suggested several hours ago in your first post) Off topic and non right placed posts are possible to be reported and get moved or removed.
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