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  1. stop using easy passwords, don't let your machine unwatched, never use auto login, don't click on unknown links, delete suspicious emails without looking or unhide hidden content. Decline gifts from strangers, don't click on links in IM.....and a few more
  2. According to several Linden posts, the cloud did not bring lower costs .. so that reason for cheaper land isn't valid anymore ( in spite of what was said before we were uplifted.. in that time is sounded as a cost reduction to go to the cloud)
  3. still... the answer stays ... if the owner can't provide safety they have the choice to leave... or keep getting tortured by the griefer. If you'r not affected by the matter, and looks like, no owner, your post isn't going to help, even if you want, you have no abilities.
  4. you should have left it also ... pretyy useless to start updating FORUM posts that are 6 yrs old.... it's no game manual here, but a question and answer section with a history
  5. if you'r no owner, or officer on that region .. perhaps move to some other place where you feel safer.
  6. it looks to me you have two accounts logged in ( two viewers open) perhaps the other one have voice active?
  7. i have these somewhere in my inventory, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Seagull-Gull-FATPACK/8984338 but there are so many on MP as you found out already... nearly impossible to find without having some more info
  8. if you have set all maturity ratings ... or not possible to change one or more, contact support, the links to the help section are on every main page of the forums.
  9. Past years these things were discussed and talked about several times, and how to prevent it, on the forums .. (it's not always useless bickering )
  10. even when trying to pass a home to somebody, it's still the LL system granting it to them. Everybody who is looking for a home at that moment can have the luck to catch it.
  11. It's the people with these responses that made me stop posting my abandons, and leave it to the wild who claims it. You, and the others swirling as vultures for homes on regions have nó prevaling right to get the available homes, but simply sit at your accountpage like anybody else waiting, and claim what is comming. Oh and btw .. i don't play GOH with multiple accounts... and still catch nice places. It only needs patience and lot of tries, as it álways did, even with 5 or more alts.
  12. karma to get a good location you need patience and lots of luck.
  13. You started the confusion by refusing to take my responses as they were intended : dutch rules, no tiny world things. And now again a confusine line... you block me because you'r not tuning in from the Netherlands... weird.
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