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  1. nowhere i claim a orb won't do the job, but you can get reported if you use the covenant settings from belliseria before ejecting, a limit of at least ten seconds is enough to hop on adult furniture, or be confronted with it. As i said, my home isn't in a skybox, at groundlevel it's simply most safe to use all the tools that are provided to keep access limited. Isn't putting things sharp just a point in a discussion? , if it is polarizing, it's how you read it.
  2. not sure we read it the same way could it be OP means French Elite .. 17/18th century french Court of the Bourbons? (not that i can help pointing at places!...grins)
  3. you can accuse me for a lot here lol..but not for sexul hints or other things against women
  4. 7 pages... and surprising like RL .. nearly all women who think to know what's good for "us "
  5. excpt stereotyping guys... this quoted line is as false as it can be .. you don't keep shopping, you keep HOPPING and after two weeks of dragging your guy around SL you end in the FIRST store you started and buy the worst wig that's seen during those whole two weeks!
  6. i think it should be the other way round .. not charge for placing a event but every time there's a fake event charge the owner in a progressive rate .. first 100, second 500 third 1000 and 4th a suspension ( as forum punishment works) , that doesn't hurt the good guys and the others will skip it very soon. And only owners are able to put in a event, to prevent they hire advertisers as they do on the forums. With current amount of advertised events a controller for this job would earn back his weekly payment in a hour.
  7. possibly the last using the official way by the accountpage you'l have to clickquite a few times to get there https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131005-live-chat
  8. in that case check your L$ transctions, there should be stipend payments. Also worth to check if the USD transactions show the premium payment, that also can have failed. (both as info to take into the live chat)
  9. "few" weeks back is a broad understanding .. for good answers most people here need more precise details. One thing in general: stipends are paid once a week on tuesdays. ( that can be early or late) Check if the house is really yours, you can see that at the "about land" nót at the house itself. As you are premium, contact live chat for direct support on the issues with your house.
  10. the billing date is at your accountpage Account Account Summary
  11. not only push back, using GLP/LGPL open source and selling it is a big NO NO, also distributing code (as is in the viewers) could lead to serious legal issues .. it''s not without reason there's a few pages of contributing people in the viewers. For commercial use you'll need a agreement with all.
  12. oh can i??.... before somebody else does it SL is dying!!!!! ( but not now yet) for me the name change and super premium aren't that important, for the first we already have, sort of, the display name ( and we see in practice that is used in absurd ways) and as said in the thread already, IF more land is in the super premium, i'd pay the higher tier level now too) New super features have to be real special super features before i'd step into it.
  13. copy the info in the Help menu of the viewer "about" and paste it here, that gives some more info to look at causes.
  14. this linden policy is pretty clear about ads .. the article gives enough reasons to AR any ugly/abusive way of advertising. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_on_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers
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