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  1. Some Progeny Vampir Attacking in clubs

    that you RP inworld is great and you should do that, but if you come on the forums it's often appreciated to keep that drama out of your questions. Vampire is only play, it's not real, your avatar is unharmed, and your real live isn't infected by anything either. If you can't work in vampire clubs, there are several thousends non vampire clubs.
  2. Some Progeny Vampir Attacking in clubs

    this is talked about quite some times on the forums... it can be annoying but doesn't change anything at your avatar, take a deep breath, it's not real, move on.
  3. Swingers community is looking

    adverteren zoals de main post hier is niet toegestaan, lees de guidelines.
  4. Password not being remembered for SL Dashboard

    it might be at your side, try clearing your browser cache and cookies .. When you select "remember" button nothing happens on LL servers but in your browser. It;s even not advised to use it when there's possible use of your machine by others.
  5. Which Forum

    Region Rentals: Homestead For promoting rentals within your Homestead or full Homestead rentals. Region for Rent: Full Private Island For promoting your rentals within a full region or full regions rentals. Formerly Parcels for Rent: Estate
  6. What to do in 2017.?

    one thing you can do on the forums is use a better readable font, lot of people will have trouble reading this without putting their browsers at 150% for your other questions i would say.... log in, jump around and find what you like .. use search, and not last... use google, you'll find blogs by the dozens, also male Join l'homme magazine in SL, they post a lot and lots inworld promotions:
  7. Pedo Hunter

    this line is as typical as the "no drama' statements in many profiles... who use it are the worst.... also here... you keep responding with the same over and over... you simply can't stand others disagree.
  8. Pedo Hunter

    NOBODY defends age p- lay here. You and the OP try to make it look that way, because some don't agree to your points. And you, nor OP are the appointed police officer to start crusifying any people that perhaps, possibly, might suggest there's childs stuff at their homes. You'll find your account locked in no time when you start doing it and report a few to many. LL is taking abusive use of the AR not lightly.
  9. Erro ao cobrar sua forma de pagamento.

    A conta foi verificada? .. verifique se em seu site Skril, também para instruções
  10. Pedo Hunter

    ... there is NO debate about reporting *****, but a debate about a self proclamed double moraled pedo police.
  11. Pedo Hunter

    if you start your post with skyboxes that have some kiddy stuff... and now already see guys parading with little girls...yes your frustrations are deep ( and for the record, im not your mate)
  12. Pedo Hunter

    your life would be so much nicer if you calmed down and not putting your nosy nose in other peoples skyboxes.. what you think you see doesn't have to be what you think it is. Might be as wel adult avatars using the kids toys.. i personally dislike people advertising stripclubs in the profile picks... my business? no... but still don't like it. And no, i'm not questioning the TOS or guidelines, just your attitude to be a defender of very selective morals.
  13. ask the people who use it?, it's not provided by LL or SL itself.
  14. How do I stop my invisible avatar casting shadows?

    no and thats a good thing... a totally invisible avatar would be the best tool there is for griefers and others with nasty plans. Perhaps a bit unconvenient for you.. but a good thing.
  15. Problem accessing home

    when the sim is there the only one that can answer your question is the owner/landlord. You could try with a alt and see what happens.