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  1. How can I give up my LL House?

    even 1 second would do it... many people found that out, but its how the system sees your landholding. It counts the use of the max you had during the cycle.
  2. How can I give up my LL House?

    it's just 4 usd for that raise, for the time of this billing cycle, after that you will be in the free level of tier. You can see at your dashboard /account summary when the cycle ends, it can be different from the billing cycle for your premium subscription itself.
  3. How can I give up my LL House?

    you'r too late .. if you bought the 1024 ánd had the Linden home, your tier level is raised to 1024+512. you'll stuck with that level for the remaining time of this billing cycle. You had to abandon the Linde home before you bought the aditional land. How to... is explained many times here, i'm sure search will show that: stand in your house, open about land, and click abandon
  4. Lower Sales on Wednesdays?

    if something would have influence.. and that haves, it's holidays in general. Seriously doubt exams have anything to do with it. Also.. even in europe the holidays aren't all starting the same time, and during several months ( may/october) a wednesday dip wouldn't be explained by that.
  5. Is Second Life working?

    no need to be sorry, sometimes lines can be read in two .. or more, meanings, i'm often at the wrong one
  6. Is Second Life working?

    you post in general discussion... so you get all type of responses. I wasn't even off topic
  7. Is Second Life working?

    everythign running fine here, been inworld all afternoon ( europe here) and get in without problems now..
  8. Lower Sales on Wednesdays?

    the amount of dutchies hardly influencing the total count of sl players...... so a even lot smaller group, in that age reach, won't even be noticable. Not sure where you got that idea?
  9. Where the heck did YOU come from?

    nowhere ... got a pc just a few weeks before i found sl.. had dial up internet.. what a fun... ...max 4/5/6 kb Didn't even work in those days.. came back after some months... finally cable available.
  10. advertising is not allowed except in the few dedicated sections ... yours doesn't belong at any i'm affraid.
  11. Accidental Report, Requesting purge/ignore of it

    in this cases there is no Oops.... just think twice before you flag something, But dont worry to much, if LL checks your flagging and sees it's not right they will ignore it. Check,and than respond,.. ( not blaming, just a tip... it's not my strongest point either)
  12. Transaction limit increase rate

    if your account is on hold they are investigating suspicious behavior, that will not happen for just big shopping. It's wiser not to spend money on your created alt. If LL decides there is a reason to ban your other account you'r not longer allowed to be on SL at all, in none account.
  13. Today i lost my friend

    if he leaves you for how you look and what you wear, he never was a friend
  14. Hiring Hiring Hiring! hosts and djs

    don't "hun" people that aren't in your inner circle's yuck Mesh isn't a update, áll avatars are mesh, also the system bodies.
  15. if this place is as lazy as the poster with the .......... you get a host send a hello ad welcome by IM ... in about 3 weeks after you left the place ...