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  1. Alwin Alcott

    Help with outfits for my avatar

    noooo...me is alive
  2. Alwin Alcott

    process credit issue

    yes terrible, but in her own post she has several supporting answers already, crossposting won't help either of you. [yes i know...wrong account...🙀]
  3. Alwin Alcott

    Remitly as payment/credit method

    simply not reflecting reality, when something is better for you, doesn't mean it's better for all of the world. If you would post where you are, it would bring perhaps some more clearness.
  4. Alwin Alcott

    virtual reality headset

    .... posting in the employment forum to hire people to put good reviews on your feed and MP sales gets attention sooner or later... didn't need to track where the action came from i think.
  5. Alwin Alcott

    512 to 1024

    if right there's a link (url) in the description of the abandoned land. ( mostly a shortened url) There is explained how to contact support for these matters. If they do... is up to support. My experience is only about whole parcels. But think they'r mostly not unwillingly.
  6. if you need a few more sockpuppets... my drawer is full of single socks...
  7. Alwin Alcott

    Combing two parcels

    no need to drag it around, just that way the parcels are connected by that box, if i'm not wrong
  8. Alwin Alcott

    Changing the group land is deeded to

    doesn't that only work when they are having at least one side shared?
  9. Alwin Alcott

    Changing the group land is deeded to

    pull back the landdonation out of the group, sell the parcel to yourself (if right you have the tier level to your own account now by doing step one) , after that deed to the new group+ make contribution to group you never have a guarantee the objects will stay on the parcel!!.. these are tricky operations You always have to be in limit of your parcel, and be sure the owner really owns the objects. in that order or you'll end up with double tierpayment for a month.
  10. Alwin Alcott

    Land Tier Premium Accounts

    no they perhaps didn't, it's totally possible they sold it cheap to prevent another month of additional tier.. in that case they would be really in the bath as you say it. Thats the same reason why it's often a better choice for some to abandon instead of keeping it another week/month for sale against a higher tier level.
  11. it still doesn't belong here, but in events, like all the other messages about it.
  12. and why is this in destinations?
  13. Alwin Alcott

    Security orb in Linden Homes area

    if on that huge map only so few orbs are around... what is the problem with them? can get around it by miles.
  14. Alwin Alcott

    Looking for a bisexual man for a Sl relationship

    for some reason i don't get the "bisexual" part .. it's not in your post
  15. Alwin Alcott

    Security orb in Linden Homes area

    the only reason i see why it would not be allowed at Linden Homes it's because you'r not allowed to have skyboxes or platforms at all .. but at the other side.. it's still your home, your land.. can't really come up with a valid reason to grant access to others if you don't want that.