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  1. I have also had some issues finding "adult clubs" that aren't purely stripper-focused. For human avatars, that is. It's more or less the norm for furries. For humans I've found Teqi's (dead silent except for horny IMs), Chamber Society (no free entry events, and I'm not going to spend that massive entry fee blindly, if at all) and even more exclusive places like that Maui beach that was mentioned that require interviews. Interviews, for erotic roleplay! I don't know why those kinds of places are so rare or expensive on the human side of SL.
  2. Once animesh has had a animatpition keyed in, it keeps doing that until a script tells otherwise. It's actually rather light. The render cost, yeah, possibly. It shouldn't have to be high, but in this age of million-polygon bodies, maybe that's wishful thinking.
  3. Depends. Theoretically I prefer rigged if it's actually rigged well and works on my head. A lot of the ones I've found don't work even on big name human heads like lelutka. Instead they float a little above it. At that point I'd prefer flexi for long hairstyles. In practice, I tend to mostly use unrigged, since that'll always fit, one way or another. I'm just wondering where all the animesh hair is... That'd combine a lot of the positives of both approaches.
  4. It might just be the snow but this looks like a (ski) lodge to me with the low decorative fence and the style... I'd not enter personally but it doesn't automatically register as a private home, at least without knowing what the rest of the sim is like. Different cultures all have different mental images of what a private home looks like, I think. That and this is SL where it has to be made more obvious.
  5. Not to be a contrarian, but if you have over 500 people who waltz into your SL home, I'm thinking it's not clearly designated as private. Over some 14 years of owning a virtual home I've had maybe a handful of surprise visitors. There is always the option of just restricting access if it's that important and you find no other way of making it obvious.
  6. Generally when a skin (and especially a face) looks unusually realistic, it's been photoshopped. Lots of creators do that. I believe it's called "morphing" in SL. Hard to say without seeing the specific ads though.
  7. Least favorite holiday song? Do They Know It's Christmas. Every time I hear the song I notice something more that annoys me. And like Santa Claus, I keep a list. The song is about Ethiopia, which is more christian than the UK. They definitely know it's Christmas. In addition there's Sting singing "Where the only water flowing / Is the bitter sting of tears" which is grossly self-referential and indulgent, and there's the saint of pretension, Bono, doing the "Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you" bit. And on top of all that, the latter star could probably feed all of Ethio
  8. About 5000 or so, more in store credit. ...but that might be because I already have bought pretty much all the clothes I want on SL. 😱
  9. Very rarely are clothes perfectly rigged for the originals either. I have a folder full of alpha layers for blueberry clothes...
  10. Slink and Maitreya both got rid of onion/applier layers. Other manufacturers didn't. Slink went one step further by removing the "chunk alpha" feature that bodies typically use, making theirs use less computer resources to render. Maitreya did not. The downside of that is of course that you have to make alpha layers for some outfits, which can get annoying. Though Slink does provide a massive box of them for free. edit: Oh, and Maitreya did leave the applier layers as separate attachments. Slink still provides the body that has them as a permanent option, but considers that feature o
  11. OTOH It's not like Maitreya gives out their addons (like the smaller chest) because you own the previous one. It's bought separately. At least neither forced you to buy a whole new full-priced product to get a new minor addition like a certain other company. (I would also argue that Slink had the only good approach to BoM but I suppose that's about preferences...)
  12. No doubt about it. With how frequent clothing events in particular are, the creators don't seem to have time for creativity. Interrupt me if you've not seen these at a recent event near you: jeans shorts, microskirts, waist-high jeans, bodysuit (sometimes with gaps!), crop top with long sleeves, very generic heels with an open top... and so on.
  13. Oh the old ones were quite often obviously pandering. Hax, Dalek, Warf... there's a lot of them. Or just nonsensical like Drinkwater. Or silly like Potato or Dinosaur.
  14. Teleports still largely work. They work more often than they fail, at least. My personal pet theory that's entirely unsubstantiated is that the times they fail is if you teleport between cloud and earth, which should be solved once we're all sky high.
  15. I've been waiting for a list refresh too, the selection so far has been... poor.
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