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  1. Yes, mesh bodies. I can't think of a lot of bodies that aren't mesh these days, but I suppose I should've specified!
  2. That's what the brand names start with. I'd rather not give the full names here since some people do like them and might feel targeted, which isn't my intent.
  3. Here's my most unpopular SL opinion I think: Out of the popular bodies, you really shouldn't wear the B and L brands at clubs and events. All the other ones are fine, really. Those two are the equivalent of driving a monster truck in morning traffic. Sure it's great if you're the only one doing it. If everyone did it nobody would get to work. What I'm saying is they're grossly unoptimized and laggy, as much as I love the shapes they're only really usable for private photography and encounters.
  4. I don't know if I'm just feeling more grumpy than usual but creators rigging non-tail bento items to the tail bones. Lots of people in SL have tails! Nekos, furries, demons, even a lot of humans have some kind of tail items. So rigging your wiggle nipples, hair and unmentionables to the tail bones makes things break. Rig to the hind legs, almost nobody uses those.
  5. Slink physique or hourglass, the latter more often. Mostly because they're beautiful enough while not excessively laggy. I do own the Freya and Maitreya but until they get updated to remove onion layers they sit in my closet like some kind of ghoulish trophies.
  6. I'm not sure why they wouldn't just have separate animations playing while you walk to make it move regardless of walking animation. If it did that, I'd buy it. As it is, no.
  7. Those things that shove you off the landing point in some stores. I mean, I get it. Some people just stand there forever. But I don't like being shoved the moment I rez in. ...sometimes I turn on movelock, stand there for a few seconds while it attempts to push me, and then move on my own. >:|
  8. Having to rearrange my skin layers for my makeup to show.
  9. It's not like voice verification for gender means anything. Regardless of who you are, you can train your voice to sound pretty much exactly like the opposite gender with some daily practice. It's just such a weird thing to demand, and the thing is, sure, for a lot of people, real life gender might be important, but that's going to be on the table anyway before you actually start a serious relationship. Meanwhile demanding someone to get on voice, especially before you get to that point and particularly the shy introvert type common in SL, is just invasive and doesn't prove anything.
  10. So in other words, the only possible course of action is buying the thing and loving it, otherwise the consumer is at fault one way or another?
  11. Who knows what the specifics are. The rules are all over the place. For one, they say that the contest ended on January 6th. And that the winners' usernames were available in 2019. I chose to only submit three, presuming that more entries would be disqualified. But we'll see, you never know with out dear lindens.
  12. The challenge was to see if I could make a human avatar while keeping the same aesthetic I have on my usual furry one. That, and to prove somebody whose name I don't remember wrong about furries using furry avatars because they can't afford/style human ones. Now I just need to find somewhere to actually use this avatar so all that effort wasn't wasted.
  13. It is an excellent RP hook, but the thing is, the RP just isn't there. I spent weeks trying to find a single group who'd actually roleplay it and couldn't (at least nobody with the demon system); everyone just wanted numbers. So I got numbers for a little bit and then got bored and quit. That said it's not a pyramid scheme. There's no structure like that to it, you don't get anything significant from people you convert, and the creator just gets the usual price of the game.
  14. "Being teleported, sorry, a friend needs help with something they're building".
  15. As I wait for a layerless and optimized update for this body, I can't help but notice that the demo has been relisted on the marketplace (with no reviews, now) and the body itself has been removed, presumably in order to reset the reviews on that too. Very shady, to say the least.
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