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  1. Marketplace fee increase - sad but I do believe it's necessary, SL's fees have always been super low. New last names, yay! Can't wait to be something more exciting than Field. New premium... Well, if it gives me 2048 of land with no extra tier fee and costs less than 7 extra per month I'll do it. Otherwise not interested. Unless a monthly RP session with Soft Linden is one of the perks.
  2. It turns out that Frank's Elite will not be closing apparently. Only all the other Frank's locations. This was just in a notice.
  3. There are a few male shopping events. As expected, they all have "Man" or "Men" in their names, so they're easy to find.
  4. I certainly don't buy things that I "kind of" like just for the sake of buying something. 😧 That feels like harmful stereotyping. The difference is that there usually is another creator making exactly that thing you want that the others don't, because of how vast the market is for women.
  5. It's totally true, too. A male who's actually good-looking and good at roleplay and whatnot will probably have a long line of ladies fawning over him like he's some kind of precious unicorn. And that's because they are,, thanks to SL's gender imbalance. Granted if you don't like that kind of activities, I'd imagine the male side of SL might have less to offer. Other than the activities everyone can enjoy, like creating, or just listening to music.
  6. I don't blame the buyers. Whoever they are, when the jeans apocalypse comes, they'll be happy they hoarded all those miniskirts and shorts. They'll sit there in their palace of thongs, knot tops, and sheer camisoles, with their denim-enforced and very curvy walls. All of us outside, we'll be wearing sweaters or long skirts, or even *gasp* pants, and we'll beg to be allowed into their kingdom for even a small taste of that precious fabric against our feeble bodies. And they'll laugh.
  7. Every time I go to male clothing shops with friends I sigh longingly. There's so much cool stuff whereas the big ladies' clothiers are pushing out monthly variations of "tank top with abyssal cleavage and ultra short jeans shorts".
  8. I didn't wear any while we still had to deal with appliers, but now that we have BoM and can wear system layers I have underwear in all my outfits.
  9. Ten years ago, maybe. Nowadays you barely hear any hip hop on the radio (which is probably still the best way to define "mainstream", I think). See, it's happening to you too! You're getting old and out of sync!
  10. Yep, but they decided to close all of the venues instead, as the notice says. "Franks Entertainment Group will be closing it's doors. This includes, Franks Jazz, Franks Elite, Bogarts, Chateau d' Elite Restaurant, The Galleria. "
  11. That does play into it too, but most of the bodies - as far as I know - just use the standard SL UV skins. The complexity score just doesn't really seem to weigh all those aspects properly - a 500k polygon body is deemed about the same complexity as a 15k one, even if they use the same textures. ArcTan might fix that once it's finally out.
  12. For the record, the Slink Hourglass is approximately 16.5k polygons. It's pretty darn optimized, so this notion of there being no optimized bodies is mildly bizarre. (the complexity score isn't a good measurement - triangles, vertices and script time are)
  13. You can make a very real argument that LL shouldn't allow outright broken products (literally in this case, with all those gaps and seams!) to be sold on their platform. It might even be their moral responsibility. The problem is just that it's not a legal one, and it'd be extremely time-consuming.
  14. The classic example is always like "do you know what skin she's using? I want it!"
  15. The clubs do certainly exist, but I don't know if they're good or not. If you look through the music and DJ categories or search for "hip hop club" or the like, you get results. If they're good is up to you to determine!
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