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  1. All the OC scripts are free. Peanut is not, but the original is better anyhow, if you ask me.
  2. Not to mention it's extremely, EXTREMELY easy to make a script that doesn't give itself or holding animations, but almost every merchant uses something they got for free 10 years ago...
  3. Name one. Specifically, name a furry sim that bans human avatars. That'd be an SL first for me. Humans never tend to be banned because they fit into almost all furry settings just fine, being that humans are animals too.
  4. Yeah, but that might be because people stocked up on lindens in anticipation. Too early to say much.
  5. That method has always been the standard! Well, just about. But yes, with how different the various pages look makes it a lot more complicated than just replacing every element on the backend. That and the old website is... aged. If you've ever looked at the code, it's rather terrifying. For example, there's all kinds of relics of times past commented out. For example: The HTML is old too, with several *errors*, hidden elements that aren't used, and it's all the old-school <div><div><div> mess instead of new semantic elements... so more or less, they have to make
  6. There is one expensive jazz club. And some of the... More adult-oriented human hangouts don't, either. It seems connected to membership fees to me. If there is one, furries aren't welcome. Which is fair enough, given that I'd not pay it anyway. Haven't seen any free places that do it, though.
  7. I don't hate it. I mean, there is something to be said for visuals that... represent how SL feels too. As in, "be something totally different in an alien world". It's followed by actual screenshots so I don't think it's that misleading. I mean, you know how say, Coca Cola commercials always have people who are immensely refreshed by it, even though it's really not that refreshing? That kind of thing, trying to capture the an image rather than the product.
  8. The thing is, it just feels terrible to get punished for spending money in-world. It's hard to imagine what else they could monetize though, beyond basic users. Maybe the better way would be to encourage spending. For example, I'd imagine heavily discounted homestead sims or land would bring in a lot of money, at least, from people who wouldn't get land otherwise. And the available space is both practically endless and cheap now that we're on AWS.
  9. There are frequent complaints about LL correcting linden balances due to fraudulently obtained L$ in Merchants forum. So presumably yes.
  10. On the other hand it'd be the kind of money-making venture I'd be entirely good with. They already get a lot of income from premium users, after all
  11. 7.5? Good lord. That is quite the hike. You know though, reduced linden buy fees would be a good perk for your loyal premium customers. 😛
  12. All I can really say is our experiences on that appear to be entirely different? Oh well, varying mileages and all that.
  13. If I walk down a street and see a cheeseburger ad, I say "oh, one of those would taste good". They're selling that taste, not a picture-perfect burger, and I know that. As for photos taken in SL, well, at least then I know I can make it look like that on me given the world I'm purchasing it in. That's the difference, it's more representative.
  14. I'd disagree with the cheeseburger thing since a cheeseburger is mostly about taste. If it visually matches the ad doesn't matter as long as it tastes as expected. Things in SL are purely about looks, though, so ideally I personally want pictures taken in SL and not photoshopped for things I buy. That's not to say it's necessarily false advertising if a photo is taken elsewhere or spruced up, but it makes me suspect it is, which makes me more critical.
  15. What would help is to name and shame the spam vendors. Sadly the rules prevent that. I have at least three stores and one event that will endlessly spam me about new releases, even when told not to. Reports, of course, do nothing.
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