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  1. I suppose that makes sense, but hasn't this been in the works for months? Surely they could at least do more than 700(?) new homes in that time. I mean, maybe they can't. I don't know, I just wanted to express my unwanted opinion to the entire internet.
  2. They certainly have the server space and power necessary, it's not a technical limitation, and that's for absolute certain. It's a business one that doesn't make much sense. Sure artificial scarcity is a thing but it's driving demand down in this case, as we see from several people in the topic.
  3. So how exactly do you get a new linden home? Did they somehow run out? I thought about going premium for one, but all it's offering me are the old ones, which means... well, I'm not going premium. Good business decisions, LL. I feel like my money isn't wanted. And to make it clear here, I'm not complaining about now getting one, I'm just utterly confused as to why LL apparently only wanted a certain number of new premium subscribers, rather than as many as they could handle. Even if I get one in the future it's months of possible revenue that they just outright declined. I don't get it!
  4. It doesn't affect how I form bonds, but it does unquestionably affect it for others. Not as much in terms of prettiness, but fitting into their fantasy. Some furries/humans will not acknowledge you if you're not the same as them because I suppose you're intruding on their fantasy of everyone being like themselves. Even if it's a non themed club. While (subjectively) good looking and/or unique avatars do make me more likely to initially talk to you, they have no bearing on if we'll get along.
  5. The neck join will always be there unless you use custom windlight settings, even if the textures are a perfect match. You can make it almost unnoticeable but everyone with a mesh head/neck has it if the lighting is unfortunate.
  6. You never load anywhere without at least the skybox and terrain present. At least I never have, over 12 years in SL.
  7. Well, it might be a timeout. SL waits to load things while you teleport and only actually releases you from the loading screen when there's something to show. If specific hardware occasionally fails to load the new skies (or such) the client might keep waiting until it reaches the maximum time and disconnects you. Speculation mainly, I don't know how the client is coded, but theoretically possible.
  8. Ever since the EEP rollout started, teleports crash for me about 1/5 times (very rough approximation) Eep indeed. I would predict that it's a problem with some hardware. Presumably AMD since SL doesn't really like their stuff. Is anyone with Nvidia affected?
  9. "I love your avatar except X" "Have you ever thought about different Y" etc etc, i.e. surprise fashion advice (always from other women). I'm my barbie doll to dress up, not yours! And I'm not confident enough in my looks to not get self-conscious when I get those remarks.
  10. I'm not referring to any store in particular or with any suggested objectivity, but often a (huge) store might have 1-3 pieces that I personally like (color- or otherwise), and the rest just don't work with what I'm going for. Others I'm very much a regular at. As for retexturing, most clothes have fairly simple UV maps. You'd apply a grid texture to it to see where everything ends up, and then go from that. Particularly for individual faces (sleeves or hems, for example; details where you'd usually have colors) this is very doable. Granted I don't usually do anything too complicated, nor if the whole product is a single face.
  11. Well, buying multiple items from a creator (or several, if I want to wear a top from someone and a skirt from another...) just to hope that they'll eventually be willing to recolor one of them for you isn't really realistic. What would I do with the other unusable pieces? At that point I'll just go to one of many creators who sell mod items and do it myself. And if tinting doesn't work (it usually does; most textures can handle a slight tint, and very white ones more so) and I really, really like the mesh itself, I can always retexture it myself, which saves the creator some work. For the record, one color I always look for is teal, and the various other shades between blue and green. They're rarely available off the shelf
  12. It's a heavy burden, but I carry it with great humility, as long as everyone constantly praises me for my eternal rightness about things.
  13. Pff, if there's any argument that's invalid it'd have to be this one. Let me modify something and it'll leave a better impression than the original. Creators are not inherently better at making appealing designs than modders. The most obvious evidence of that is the mass of primary color outfits at events. You can do so much more with the whole rainbow at your disposal. Also, none of the hair I buy is rigged. Not only do I have short hair, but rigged hair will not and cannot fit on my head. So it must be resized. It's not even a matter of opinion: I literally *cannot* wear no mod hair. Thankfully, many creators (CATWA for one!) allow it.
  14. Basically if I had to tell anything to no mod creators is at least have a full RGB palette of color options with a HUD. Just primary colors is not enough.
  15. I don't, personally. Or rather, it depends on the item. If it's clothes in particular, the creator better have exactly the color scheme(s) I like, or just leave it modifiable. Otherwise I'm not buying. It's fully within their rights to decline my money. Not that I understand why but not everyone's going to understand each other.
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