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  1. Far fewer actively mean people in the Internet sense (death threats, briefing, doxxing) and far more in the RL sense (low grade bullying, cliqueish behaviour, sudden *phobic outbursts) People in SL tend to behave more like real life than elsewhere on the net, which is both good and bad.
  2. I'm not sure *what* LL themselves could do. SL can't really be effectively summarised with Linden activities. Perhaps, I'd imagine, they could collaborate with in world groups and businesses to send users to areas that will appeal to them. Creators could pitch in with limited freebies. So you'd have, for example, an option at the start to get a good newcomer version of a furry avatar or a human one (that can actually wear clothes, unlike the starters...) depending on your interests, get teleported to a newcomer friendly area that's in line with your interests - even if they involve adult activities, which LL needs to stop being shy about - and that kind of stuff. A welcome package and some guidance? Beyond that, I really don't know. No tutorial can really go through all of SL's systems.
  3. LL has broken old content before (the physics upgrade is one such example, and various script limitations), it's not something they do lightly, but they do it if the benefits are too great to ignore.
  4. I mean, some of them are good! But I absolutely don't see anyone paying 40 for names like "Yeetly"... It might work in a system like the old one where it's free, since it is kinda funny. But not $40 funny. McAvatarface would've been that funny though.
  5. In my experience most use Facebook or blogs, and if they use blogs they usually host the images on Imgur. Flickr is in its death throes and I'd expect it to outright shut down soon.
  6. I do think it's important to distinguish between fleeting lewd fantasies and actual beliefs... sometimes I might enjoy feeling like, well, an object, or less valuable than others. Isn't that what they do in Gor? What I mean to say is there's really no harm in living in out submissive fantasies, yes? I'm sure we can agree on that part. What I just don't understand is what makes doing that in Gor makes it that much more detestable than other locations. Except the books being horribly poorly written. But that's true of a lot of popular RP settings... :P edit: I really have no stake in the argument, it's not like those sims allow furries anyway. I just don't understand why roleplaying hard BDSM stuff in this particular setting would be so much worse than others.
  7. [Insert bitter comment about these winners all being worse than my suggestions here.]
  8. What else could it be about? Objectively speaking the female system body really isn't that bad (the male one is, though, with the murder shoulderblades and the amazing folding torso), but it's possible to make the female one look pretty decent...). It's even better than the most common mesh body in some some respects, such as the shoulders! The only way a theme would justify it is if the sim's meant for body types that the system body just can't manage, which is entirely fine if that's what it is.
  9. Honestly, there are plenty of mesh bodies that look worse than the system avatar*. So what sims like this really communicate is the owner wanting some eyecandy, and it'd all be far more honest if they just admitted that. It's no form of discrimination, it's more of an entitlement issue. "if you visit, you need to be dressed in a way that titillates me, because I own the place". That's what it's about, not mesh in particular. *well, the female one... It's hard to do worse than the male system body.
  10. I'd just make an alt and use one of the starter avatars. They're all mesh. Or perhaps the Ruth 2.0, which is free.
  11. I generally aim for dark clothing with some kind of (eccentric/flamboyant) flair, as well as sharp but not unpleasant contrasts. Generally with more coverage than bare skin, though not exclusively so... mainly because you stand out a lot more being modestly/formally dressed in our scantily clad virtual world. Favorite stores would be... For moddable clothing: Neve, CLBlue, Krankhaus, Mutresse, AsteroidBox, Razor For non-moddable clothing that's still customizable enough: L&B, Blueberry
  12. Having the wireframe outline "highlight" a little dimmer instead of eye-searing bright to the degree I can't see what I'm selecting if it's too densely detailed.
  13. This isn't helped by the fact that Lindens themselves use- or at least used - "sim" in the sense of "one of those 256x256 chunks of Second Life"
  14. It I ever do this, I can tell you exactly why: because you IM'd me despite me being right there in front of you, possibly already chatting in public. Generally from what I've seen, a lot of people have a preferred approach. Either local or IM. And those of us who do might generally budget out attention towards that. There only a limited amount of attention one can pay, after all.
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