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  1. The SL population has never reacted well to basic accounts getting more restrictions, but perks for premiums certainly seem to get more people to pay up. Bellisseria certainly seems like it worked, for example.
  2. Regarding those ratings: one big and constant peeve would be sims with rules different than the settings suggest, but yet not communicated clearly. Adult sim, but nudity not allowed? Well, you're going to have to tell your visitors that. Flying allowed, but not over rental parcels? Yeah, you'll have to tell me that one too. This, in general, extends to groups too. Adult group? Well, I'm expecting adult chat to be allowed, unless you say it isn't. No, group X, not being allowed to post links is not the expected default. And so on. I wonder how much unnecessary drama could be easily avoided if everyone just outright stated what is and isn't allowed.
  3. I have absolutely no idea how SL determines room to sit, but it doesn't follow geometry.
  4. I made a custom script to have my eyes move around naturally. The idea is a simple thing that sets a random timer and then rotates the eyes a little, setting a new random timer, while also syncing each motion for both eyes. Granted that won't work for rigged eyes, but maybe unrigged is an option?
  5. I can't wait to meet a shady poseball dealer in a dark virtual alley.
  6. Doors that open really slowly and stay physical while doing so, making sure that you can't get inside before waiting until the five-second ritual of opening has been finished. Especially fun in laggy sims.
  7. In the end it all boils down to if the buyers understand the product or not. Microsoft acquiring Mojang improved the product massively. Square Enix doing it to Eidos went rather well too. Only time will tell what our glorious over-avatars will be like (but if they actually put in the effort to put together avatars of their own, that'd be a good sign).
  8. Yeah, I mean, to be fair, the Linden leadership of the past hasn't exactly been stellar either. The whole Sansar thing, namely. And everything M did. If we look at silver linings, there is a possibility that things will improve. I never got the feeling that the really high-up ones cared about the SL community much, beyond the first, hallowed be his name.
  9. Of course, we could also be positive. If issues like covid keep popping up, a platform like SL is practically a goldmine. Maybe our benevolent overlords invest enough money to totally revamp the client code for modern performance and true VR support, and then keep investing because the moment that happens SL is going to become the past app of the future... again.
  10. Is there really demand for linden homes, though? From what it seems to me, it's mostly people who already have one trying to roll a location they like more. The notion of SL being "stronger than ever" is categorically untrue, also, but...
  11. There is absolutely no way Disney or Google would buy something with SL's reputation. Facebook... Possibly, but they tend to invest in tech booms rather than "mature platforms".
  12. If we can assume the investors to be rational actors, they won't try to clean up the sexy stuff. If that's what they wanted they could've bought any number of virtual worlds, all of which would surely be far cheaper. The SL economy is probably like 75% genitals. (the rest is clothes) Not to mention, how would you even do that? Ban all poseballs with lewd animations? Monitor all residents all the time? No, that one won't happen with this platform.
  13. It's hardly a storm in a teacup when it's literally the entirety of SL being sold off, either. Like if there's ever been a moment for drama in SL's history, it's specifically this one. But if we're lucky, all they'll do is invest enough to draw new players and then sponge the benefits (while letting the lindens actually run it). It'd take a specific kind of rich idiot to try to completely change SL without having the expertise, and particularly without recognizing why it's still a thing when all the other virtual worlds failed.
  14. Investment groups are typically parasites that contribute very little while sucking companies dry. I at least will be more careful about spending money on SL until these ones prove they aren't.
  15. I hope they have a lot of coffee given this whole timezone thing...
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