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What are you listening to?

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The rain!! It probably sounds like an exaggeration but where I live in outback Australia we have been in the midst of a drought for over 7 years. Some dams are almost empty. Farmers have had to sell off or kill their livestock because they can't afford to feed them. There's a town not that far from us that is only months away from having no water at all, so it has to be shipped in from other towns. There has been various charity events and fundraisers to help support those worst effected. Here where I live it has rained once since Christmas. There are huge deep cracks in the ground from being so dry I can stick my hand down them. We haven't had a lawn or grass since last year. Dust storms are common. So hearing the rain is a wonderful sound! I just hope those who drastically need it (our farmers) are getting it! ❤️🙌☂️

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Some of my favorite modern soul voices from our relaxing playlist at the house..

I remember listening to these when I was younger and just getting lost in them. They are really good.. Especially Anthony Hamilton.




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