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  1. Not part of mine either. Never was Amazon corp - point? Choose. Now or .. possibly too late
  2. How hard would it be to indicate 'you are not banned but in a Q to wait' would it be. As yes I am seeing the diff.... And also testing diff parts
  3. Been there done that. The what we used to call 'the Lab' have had it from me since 2006. Second wave well we all remember. btw I am not Tupac either.. in joke probably. And so US centric it was. So sure - make us 'paperless' easy to track. By being unpersons (if I have to explain then hello its 2021). Old in the tooth but not that old. @animatsDo appreciate the issues you bring up. Keep it up
  4. Before more worthy usual suspects tick in so a DJ Peeve but I am not one Well is open? OK:) This is for 'dj' stuff. Any ad for work that uses Goggle forms that needs a login - V2FF instant nuke as are all c and p variations Ask for a stream URL? no. Available as required. get out and listen (see below) Where you work? good - why not come listen
  5. Sorry, I did not mean to cut off the first bit:) Us olds can't handle new tech after all. More seriously, I could replace (and have) most of core* inv with what I have learned because of SL in any number of othe r places. And I have. But.. I have been making stuff (mostly badly) for 14 years. And none of the other places have been worth the bother. A look sure but not interesting enough. *thats the script side. I mostly gave up as even though I can get by in LUA, js and all the other toy languages no platform offered the ease that LSL does simply because it existed when I arrived in a 'world' it could interact with and make dance. I honestly came here to sculpt and got distracted. Looking at Sansar from here as its pertinent but others too. ( Anyone who can make stuff for here can flog over at the U market et albut - dull ) @Mr AmoreI read Koster too and nice to see them in the 'news' again but they have not actually produced anything tangible in the space (aside from commenting) since 2006. 2013 if leaving the FBorg counts. What kills me is the idea that there is a need for an all encompassing 'metaverse' in the first place. I already have a digital self with sub and (ahem) meta selfs that cover all I need. I have in place a very tried and tested method of linking them where needed - its the 'me' behind and slightly above (if current seat of mind are correct which I doubt) this keyboard. The M* term existed before SL, Second Life was touted (wrongly) as another wave and now there are new calls for it. All reborn VC buzz with little objective I find attractive. None of which match my Gibsonian flavoured view but - good I tend to like my walled gardens linked just as I choose. They are adjuncts, not the whole
  6. On a side point as a vehicular mainlander I like the chaotic fun (point to Solar) In general - Because. Specifically if I wanted belli I would have moved there. Options are all. Plus.. hmm they would lose money as why would our little group bother to be premium
  7. Skip the Frost bit to get to the quiet young gentlemen. And yes I called Heaven and demanded to speak to the manager about this. RIP Mister Watts
  8. What does this gig pay? eta 'Have you ever played Second Life ?' so doubles my fee
  9. Life is politics just as Disco is life. Simple solution. Either nuke the whole 'general' section or make it only available to those logged in. I like Nuke.
  10. Which services would those be then? You already hinted you are in some sort of private sector hive that is all security all the time - so tell me. Which 'services' that you and your corporate provide will they be? As always, response to this is - 'opt in yeah whatever. obligatory well now - show me how its going to be done. all of it. including all actors. all of them with traceable paths =^^='
  11. You are all right but Kennylex (who I met years ago and they are a dear) has a point. Why not? And an aeroplane that almost works. (Confession - I worked up from learning why kart was bad)
  12. I have a solution to replace but only 10 out of the next hundred replies will get a 1 in ten chance of getting the full system. Am I playing this right yet? (4 3 2 1 approach)
  13. All of the above. Plus - boring. Like someone suggested a Lab approved script for (some daft idea) that could be written by a user.. it did say it knew nothing about scripting to be fair. My initial was - lump sum, cut per deploy or cut per 'pull' equiv. ? They expect us to script stuff for free ('it don't cost u nuffink also found one on blah blah') which is why I stopped doing custom apart from close and interesting. And any Gack word what ever its called now work around is not interesting
  14. Agree on the segmented company bit 100% But if its going to be like RPO then already bored with it. Run, Jump, Pew, Pew, Product Placement - Yawn. Surprised I stayed awake long enough to watch the whole thing.
  15. Oh boy yeah. Not like the mechanics were that difficult and an easy job but even I am not that mercenary
  16. Krystsina Tsimanouskaya Any one old enough to remember the (best not said) Sovs could see this coming
  17. Typical socialamist cancel something mutter grumble (runs away also check sig thingy) More seriously it is a reference. A very small one due to the small number who give a toss about these forums but a reference still. Perhaps not very useful but still part of SL heritage.
  18. 'We' are not blowing a months food budget on a useless toy as 'we' don't live in Mums cellar for many years. 40 bucks? yeah for a useless toy at xmas that two can share. Or 10x over a year to keep 3 boxes at a reasonably cracking pace Plus Steam is the biggest bloatware I have ever met and I used to do mainframes
  19. First thing you ever posted that I agree with. Optional, not a prob Else the gentle holy power of Digital Darwinism can never teach those that need it most.
  20. To the OP. Thanks be that the still contained the warning. After decades on the interwebz the sight of the creepy bloke in the red cardigan has long meant there are places I do not wish to go. *shudders*
  21. Ah. wondered when unhinged topic would arise. So weapon of source - singularity * MP and keeping up - SL Tools - Bloatsphere as beq rocks best tools *weapon of christopher
  22. Fascinating weekend unhinged thread. Double bonus - I learned the origin of a name I used to pre-emptively mute way back when I used to explore other grids. So thats an old curiosty settled. On the original point - if someone can effectively pull off dj and host and do both well (more than I can do) then they deserve a nod. Bit of a moot point for me though. When going out I carry x amount from the bursar for tipping so it gets split one way or another anyway. Proportions may vary but its still a limit.
  23. Your faith in Euclidean space within your local experience is - touching and good enough. It covers local spaces. Your attempt to apply to an object we have never been outside nor ever seen (ie our ahem own galaxy) is - delusional. There again I believe in Father Christmas
  24. The Day The Music Died =^^^= (actually, is better than even my Iggy impersonation) Fabulous
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