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  1. As it appears to have been added by the uploader then @Polenth Yueis probably right. Its not actually blocked. Personally, I would remove the 'movie is not meant for kids'. In fact, a simple rewording takes all the scary away. Although yes, a C++ warning would be appropriate (well it has given me nightmares for decades).
  2. At Oz @ / as on FF again broken - thanks. Nice to see a response
  3. Don't expect coherent response here. Thinking and checking things - how does that work?
  4. We´re cheaper - who would want to live in the US =^^= As for 'received English' I give you Sean Bean. A true YorkShireMan Sheffield born and source of many memes.
  5. Well I can only count from very late 06 so thats erm 13 * 5 plus a couple of leap years so - 69 ish? I am enjoying the FN push (yes anyone who follows Euro Politics will get the ref) as it is all over the place. The next big thingie revisited. Sorry, I don't do family friendly.
  6. But they are not 'new residents' - they are reading this before signing up? I understand your point though.
  7. Your point is taken. But you are - logged in to answer. As you have been, with respect, rather more often than I am But if the resources are not here to monitor then what would you suggest?
  8. Yes. Like 2007 all over again except we have a lorry load of custom multi item low LI (<1) and low script (haha just the one) custom jobs all available as they were fun to make (I think I may even have the original Major Vendor ones where one prim == one button. That was the bomb back then and rightly so) - unless the LSL gets nerfed. Oh won't that be fun Now tax user to user in world currency transfer and see how they run
  9. At least close this waste of resources forum to 'outside' readers i.e. those not actually logged in. It is already done for certain sections - so do it for all. Not a solution but at least stops it being visible to any web crawler/spider out there. And does not hurt all the usual denizens. Would have added to 'peeves'/feedback but - what is the point
  10. Well trying th 'idiot thing' seems to have buggered my viewer and was a waste of time erm.. sod off
  11. Says vent on the tin so ok Any Tory voter giving my NHS the clap (in STD form as may have to explain) - rude words Anyone conflating VE Day to this C19 - very rude word redacted in the (F)UK - rude words To anyone flying a Union Rag - I hope it rains Checks - yes is a rant thread. Sorry if not US related
  12. No real interest in the subject matter but if it is a way to sync - that in itself is damned neat. If it becomes available to all then - after all these years nothing that residents manage to achieve with the given tools surprises me - and I mean that in a 100% positive way. Amazed still.
  13. Reporting multiple posts for doxxing that were still there 6 hours later. Well, I was peeved. And nope as this is a place open to the net in general I am not giving it a break for 'time zone issues'
  14. As someone else said, language was invented to let us kvetch ((CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) British Museum) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complaint_tablet_to_Ea-nasir Maybe should be in the free heads section
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