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  1. Interesting. 45 weeks with extra and the last 25 with extra extra full masked Been great - none of that nasty pointless hugging etc interacting with vaguely known aquaintances. Virtual for the win. And this whole 'social animal' nonsense hihi.
  2. OK Orwar got in first. In addition : Basic Darwinian. I may be past breeding but very grateful that the bunch of 13 yo's who called me a (best redacted) for masking up are as well. Big Momma Nature will win
  3. Wrinklie eh? V2FF as we say back on the Island. Sorry to be late but that - annoyed.
  4. Was not aware that hysterical paranoid wossnames was another C19 symptom. Well, you live and learn and no way am I going in to the other thread. Leave that to the cousins over the water.
  5. Reminds me that '84 was the year that Mr Michael there went from being a bit annoying as Wham! in my eyes to a rather decent bloke.
  6. OK, I'll bite. From my personal book of - well, 'prayer' would be the closest word. To all who need and all who listen, albeit in their own way.
  7. Very minor peeve, more a peevette but since 'tis the season. Employment thing. 'Wanted! - ooh looks like fun and have some spare time. 'Application (some tinyurl)' - oh a googly form well ok. No biggie. 'You must be signed in..' - nope. NopeNope (insert octopus scuttling away gif here). And all this despite the warning signs about being one happy drama free family =^^=
  8. Love mate, they keep moving the goalposts. Two older than you and me a boomer? You know hooms - they just have this bizarre need to stick everyone in to little boxes =^^=
  9. With respect - for a few brief hours I do not care. Only one promise was made by my Sisters and Brothers across the pond and it was kept. Te salutant
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