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  1. The First Land program was an absolute blast Complete with the 2d avatar of a certain cartoon dog hanging around trying to buy it all up - think they went as high as offering 5k for a 512. The only caveat that would have to be different is that it stipulated that it did have to be your first (well, only) land to qualify. Kept that plot for ages. Aside from that, could be a fun thing to do and fits in with the current SSP craze. (Not my bag but people seem to be into it so why ever not).
  2. And you could not just eject/ban because... no wait I got this... hold on... it wasn't your place?
  3. Ah. Another " All your stuff is awful and everything you do is rubbish " post but with an OS twist. Makes me wonder why I bother making stuff any more - then again the number of active users versus the usual suspects in this corner reminds me
  4. Because some of us still read profiles @HarrisonMcKenzie
  5. @Resi PfefferSafer to use Morris Dance as an example. After all, we go armed - with bells on.
  6. I gave up on this after being told it is my civic duty to have a tracker phone ( hi Qie if you can read this on what planet you live on) but IFF it is opt in - whatever. Opt out - dubious. Obligatory? Nope and another premium lost, ah well sobeit. Better basic security? Nuke Log in with saved password ( across viewers ) - I mean. What moron does that.
  7. To reply to the OP (oh so many pixels ago) - yeah why not. Been a long time since I went oooh lotsa dots == fun! But bots in general do have one thing in their favour (and yeah what pronoun to use) - they are at least logged in.
  8. 'Sweet sixteen' was a long time ago for me and not sure on its PC-ness but by hell or high water . yes Also will ask me dad about the 50s....
  9. Earliest? Wandering away from Hanja and being in a panic as I thought I would never find it again. Then wondering if I would ever see all that was possible. That one still applies.
  10. The first time I saw an article about how to play Fornite with your kids I knew it was not for me. I mean yuck - kids shudders... So they can have all the second rate talentless Deadmau5 wannabes they like. That said, on the 80s (they will live forever) and numbers - LiveAid in 85 is thought to have been seen one way or another by a billion plus (fudges a bit because there were tie ins all over the place). Hows that for new technology eh?
  11. Not even a Yank but for Arlo I do Thanksgiving. Well for his Dad really
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