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  1. Who cares? With respect, the usual suspects will post what ever the format. That tiny minority of all users as ever.
  2. Halloween, AKA 'begging with menaces' or yet another attempt to shift straight to landfill plastic rubbish made under dubious (to say the least) production practices. UK? No, not sure its really taken off. When I was a choir kitten we used to do a shindig for All Saints, although didn't get the extra few bo we made for weddings. Ofc, now we just fire up the wickerman although thats sort of only roughly the same day. If raining, we watch the telly. As for Canada, can only speak of my time in Quebec where it was seen as odd. And in Sweden, practically non existant, as there is another eve a
  3. Dr Girard sounds like a sensible bloke to me (even with my rusty French) Especially when dealing with this sort of nul https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/bar-kirouac-patrons-ignored-self-isolation-1.5709397 Not exactly The October Crisis or the Oka Standoff redux is it?
  4. Fascinating. GPT-3 next step? Should cut a few more staff eh? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/sep/08/robot-wrote-this-article-gpt-3
  5. Dear Lab Please define 'political in nature' Love, unkie Sirhc more seriously, this is an addendum to the Existing Policy which I have no problem with but the post title is misleading to say the least
  6. I tend to agree. OK, perhaps it is that, by implication, I am now a 'fangirl'. Rather chuffed at that and finally got there after close on 6 decades. And yes I did indeed grab a pod ride not 2 nights ago
  7. 30 and a bit years ago I can't believe I was still so flapjacking young to believe it mattered. Hey kids, message from your future -> it doesn't.
  8. Companies that post pictures of employees in their 'about us' section. Now I know its because of edicts from the demon spawn that is all HR but seriously, I don't give a flying flapjack about what your minions look like as long as they are doing a good job. Also bus drivers being beaten to death because some wombles refused to wear a mask.
  9. My go to and the bloke that keeps me sane. I am so old
  10. Interesting. It is far too late at night for me to process and any way, with a certain name involved trying very hard to not slip in something like "It's astounding..."
  11. PE still kicking it. NSFW - as if needed to be said.
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