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  1. I was 5 and 6 months so was a long time ago. I could have posted Thus Spoke but instead - this. Sort it out people.
  2. With respect ser Landar, while you make some good points, I am rather impressed with the passion involved to save this.
  3. < 40 microns oh my. Walls come crashing down etc. Well actually in sub atomic scales thats - lots. I feel a blondie coming on
  4. Actually, to get it 'working' I would. Then sack some and hire the rest to sell it - which is why I am not allowed to be in charge of anything more complex than a whelk stand these days. (and yes agree more or less with the rest that I nicked that bit from)
  5. Odd. I could have sworn there was a similar that I logged in just to reply to.
  6. Denmark actually via the beeb : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/3040891.stm But why let facts get in the way, eh? Especially as it had an interesting point to make.
  7. Update - just taking part in a twitch streamed lsl class. I am impressed. Very impressed. And I do not like voice..... In world live. twitch accompany .. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Perlanera/141/102/3602 thanks to fallen and paisley. (singularity user hence edit)
  8. Is this thing still going? Ah Well. No as I take people as they present and to be honest most voices bore me. Same as those podcast/video things. If you can't write it, its probably not worth bothering. Sooner a slow typist than a verbose - fill in the blank- Well also, been told mine makes grown men weak at the knees so save it for when streaming. Once a week as semi retired, specials on request
  9. @Love ZhaoyingOh My - The Laird Bock got me to play Taylor Swift - satan was skating to work that day =()=
  10. With respect, you would think so. Now was going to do the pillock cleese but to illustrate the concept at about 6 seconds :
  11. A bit off topic but it seems to have veered a bit anyway. In defence of Hamlet Au (not that they need any from me) I have been reading NWN since - well since a few months after he ceased to be an LL employee embedded reporter and he's never hidden that part. Not sure about linking rools but this was the farewell https://secondlife.blogs.com/ What I have always liked is that there is coverage of other stuff that is of interest to an SLer. Now @Beth Macbainis right that there is the regular 'Adult == Bad (cos not mainstream)' period but have always taken that with a grain of salt. Balance that with the record of going 'this is the next big thing' followed by .. oops they folded' threads (Blue Mars coff coff) its still the one that has been the main read of my SLness - because he still covers it after all this time and on the whole - a plus for SL. Now Drax? Very little contact and to be honest while I can happily listen to an archive of Alistair Cooke (you young ones might need to look that up) I am not wasting an hour on any SL podcast that does not come with at least a time line of points (transcript by preference). No dis to Drax but that is how I view all 'talking head/radio talk' stuff these days. I don't watch it on the telly and I do not listen on radio and no way am I going to do web versions of either.
  12. Obsessed? No, just absolutely fabulous, darling.
  13. This should be a fun one to watch....
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