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  1. Oh no vapourwave going mainstream Back to the doom 20016 full soundtrack, all 3 hours plus on ytoob. Fabulous and anything but jazz *shudders*
  2. Two obvious answers to the bolded part a) increase the number of staff monitoring b) decrease the workload First is probably not an option and the second would mean basically removing the bits that cause the most work. No idea how many are involved with the mod process anyway nor which sections generate the most hassle. One thing, I was curious so did a quick tally and over 16 hours-ish this has generated responses form just under 30 individuals (inc me and Jagix). During the same period, accounts logged in varied between approx 27 and 45k. So what is the Lab's take on the cost/benefit side?
  3. The 'General' part of the forum should be viewable only to logged in accounts, like the 'Games' section (not sure if that was cyb reasons). The vanity bits, answers, creation etc show the platform off, in a normally pretty good way. Recent sniper fests in General do not. (I was around for the Great Big Lobby to keep General days so won´t advocate for its total demise ) Anyone equating the non existing 'SL Kommunity' to 'the tiny minority of us users who frequent the forum' should be thrown out of the brownies.
  4. So bored waiting for the metaverse so I am going to save up and do this instead (as I get to rp Bob Hoskins although will probably finish meoff) https://www.designboom.com/technology/super-nintendo-theme-park-japan-mario-kart-01-14-2020/?utm_source=designboom+daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=super+nintendo+world+in+japan+will+be+a+'life-size%2C+living+video+game'
  5. Please no, don't want those parasites in here with us. Wish the individuals no ill will as such, and the treatment at the hands of the UK Press was - several nasty words - appalling but they and their spawn will be firmly clamped to the public teat for ever. The sooner that whole 'institution' is put up against the wall dissolved the better.
  6. You make some fun points but frankly I no longer trust humanity to sit the right way round on the toilet. Personallly i did the 'try for 3 weeks' thing way back and while it was ok I decided to wait until a bit more stability had filtered through. Then the reversion back to Win7 promptly bricked my box. Of course I had the temerity to be running a dual boot linux/win and had been swapping in disks as I refurbed. You know - just using the box as the tool it is meant to be I may switch eventually but not in any rush to do so. Will need to find some new swear words first. BTW, expecting the Lab to keep info pertinent and up to date? You must be new around here =^^=
  7. Text. Do voice when streaming but that is about it plus it is one way Truth be told, I spent my first 6 months in SL without realising there was any sound at all. Wondered why I was going to so many concerts until it clicked. And not a fan of my own voice anway, nasty nasal accent twang to it. I also don't bother with any talking head type video unless there is a simultext (this applies to RL too, although I do listen to radio news. Go figure) I to would be very happy to have functioning v to t and vice versa services. One reason I don't like going to the inworld meetings - used to be that there was a published transcript.
  8. Disagree somewhat on the global reach (may just be the people I have met), on the fence over the wider appeal part (as again, may just be my experience) and yeah - bit more work on inworld building tools would be nice (although what SL and the like has is still a lot more intuitive to me than some of the recent attempts). I mean, I still do sketch inworld but as never was in to the sandbox scene I have no idea who else still does.
  9. Used to be a hidden feature you had to enebale in advanced (12 years ago or so? Torley did a vid). As someone posted at the time it falls under HDLU (High-Drama, Low-Usefulness) Technology™ . Easy enough to switch off in TPVs so never bothered about it. edit to change : vid not bid
  10. No, more like the remnants of the EDL by its profile. Overall, I prefer sovBots frankly. That in mind, remind me to kick remind my group boss to launch that 'enough of general forum' Jira. The one about SuperUnleadedRocketFuelPremium perks
  11. RIP Mr Innes (Oh if this piece of software takes any of his work I will.. ah the joys of refresh)
  12. As also one who is ´here in Europe´ I ,with respect, would suggest that is bovine waste product.
  13. Not heard of the place either but to be fair the old school build wouldn´t have put me off (and hey OS deserves better - the bits still running mentioning no names) but the antics of its champion here sort of bring ´not with a barge pole´ to mind. So, no great loss at all.
  14. Nice to know I am not the only loonie out there. AKA what did I just watch and why does it feel so familiar
  15. Ho Ho Ho Cower brief Mortals .. also get orff my lawn
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