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  1. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    Just checked - I am still listed so memories Sweet so yes active in my book.... well me anyway. Now I carry a StreetSweeper StakeGun (tm)
  2. Objects of the dead

    Yes I have a few. Only one solely mine. Very early I made friends with a dying man, around early 2007. Bear his name was. Last weeks before he was taken and via SL is all I have. I keep him on my 'friends list' til this day. Does that count? As an object? As apart from a few fragments of conversation that is all there was and is between us. There are others. But they are shared.
  3. How many of you use Advanced Lighting / Materials settings?

    Pretty much always (mostly as I forgot to turn it back off after building once and was surprised). Sometimes with shadows but actually prefer a certain wl setting (depth of field I like but it is a bit too unreal after decades of old school photography). Then its only if I have to be around more than 4 or so others and usually a quick derender is faster (attachments especially). Even wombling around the mainland (draw distance usually at 96m) . Generally pull 20+ fps which is fine for my needs. Not bad for this old windows seven 32 bit box with a huge 2 gigs - about the only change since 2009 has been a vid card (first gt 610 then gt 620 - replaced an earlier dustbin find, I am way down the food chain when it comes to new stuff). As someone noted above, sooner derender/jelly doll avs then lose the effects on builds.
  4. Up and Down Voting

    "I wouldn't do nothing else" and was the reason I splashed out on netscape high speed (!) for my first home net before SL. Also, cats...

    Scriptures for vehicles ? Well 'Blessed are the meek for they take not from the library but verily do strive to create their own'
  6. Up and Down Voting

    Good to hear Tommy:) From the supplier site..
  7. Default avatars don't look too appealing?

    HaraGuy 2006. Keep it around for All Hallows....
  8. They've made us reactionaries!

    Feedback? OK. Another reason to lurk in the important bits - however personally defined. 'Invision Community' well - would like to comment sometimes but - urgh 'community'. Who cares, after 10.5 years insert smiley thingy.
  9. The most useless Second Life item ever

    I bought it before the original was pulled and its the best MP purchase ever
  10. The most useless Second Life item ever

    Everything is 'usefull' as an example of 'never never ever make this/do this/perms wahh' or 'what were they thinking. My first 2006 cube fits that as its non copy even to me (now thats a bug going back), Most 'pointless' now hihi
  11. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-24

    Fabulous advice but midnight plus is a bit tricky with my time zone so I tend to read the transcripts. And joy to behold no update since mid june. Ah well. But can check the agenda.. erm well from 2 weeks ago Good stuff.
  12. Terms of Service approval before log-in

    Funny that this apllies to MP and dashboard but not here. Have to love services integration aka left hand not knowing it is a hand.
  13. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    With respect Medhue stop bringing in reality to this mate
  14. Life Forward Anchor 1

    Its all a bit 'carrot' so far, waiting for the 'stick' anchor, the one that gets tied to your foot to see if you can float when thrown in the deep end. Thats how these things tend to go isn't it?
  15. Life Forward Anchor 1

    Possible to choose? Well chose to belive in Anoia and never looked back.