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  1. Watching the second Austrian Grand Prix and picking through the leftovers from Canada Day, which will match the Sunday before when I will be watching the first Austrian Grand Prox and picking through the leftovers from La Fête nationale du Québec
  2. Thank you both. For proving that this forum is a .. less than enhancement. But the usual suspect
  3. Just to add to the chorus - if you want to (and can afford it) its always very welcome. But there is no obligation. With one caveat - if, oh as a totally random example (honest), at, say, Pride you don't feel like I deserve (seriously, its ok!) then please feel free to empty your pockets in to the donation boxes - two great causes will benefit. And its still going on too.
  4. To - so many with Love. (And if you don't start headbanging around 4.07 there is no hope for you)
  5. I did check to see who it might be for and after I was OK. Probably for a yooToober who is quite fun. Was not going to object as rarely log in (no point what with the usual suspects) but will now. To the one calling it a generation label (the one with a new bought name) the age range includes me and what my Mum would be now. The OP stating that range I was mildly annoyed. You? Best left unsaid
  6. In honour of the Glorious 25th Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg! Ah not SFY as the last verse spelling will confuse (also why did not bother to put it numerics)
  7. That explains it as have been checking since Hamlet at NWN covered it monday. Not worth turning uBlock off for then? And why would I need to anyway for a (redacted) video? Flushes trackers again.
  8. Can we please not derail by rehashing the viewer wars? Only been following this to see how the Belli situation differs from mainland - mostly in case the same restrictions get championed for their TBH :) Besides, wanting to confirm that the OP did get ejected from z= 51 m which would have been in the allowed range anyway.
  9. Nope. Sometimes have done fun stuff in uniform but apart from that? In a world of infinite possibilities only the clueless would worry? surely I mean, thinking for oneself still is a thing
  10. I excpect our resident Mary Whitehouse to report but Amy
  11. Err 'What's up with the picture of a real person, and not an avatar? ' If thats a real person then erm what planet? Not complaining mind
  12. Expecting 5k$ service for a 50 cent purchase. * Oh wait, thats actually a thing now. So meat space meets SL or vice versa * (not my customers - they are all stars. I just hear from others and read the entitlement forums)
  13. Very sad to hear of this. Brought back memories of sitting waiting for a Town Hall to start (2007 maybe?) and having fun running up silly commemorative Tees having discovered her templates a week or so before. Opened up a whole new aspect of SL for me. Thank you Robin and may you rest peacefully
  14. More confirmation of my long held feeling that somewhere on our poor battered Planet it is always 16:20 hours
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