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  1. Genre, I have no idea but probably have David Lynch involved. With a fair bit of Eraserhead/Dune cross production as I always liked a good comedy.
  2. OK a genuine peeve - land ads that make no mention of the maturity rating. Can't be donkeyed to mention it? Then I can't be donkeyed to even click on it even if you manage to provide an SLURL. How hard is either?
  3. Why would anybody regurgitate an ad campaign by the California Milk Floggers that was rightly pulled in 2011 for being - rubbish? Rubbish used as keeping it civil. Let alone a 'male avatar'. (Not a bad run down on calcium/Vit D effectiveness re PMS symptoms here : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6422848/ although warning - science involved).
  4. Best thread ever. OK I see this as a prayer. And as so straight my friends use me to put up drywall ( and as a plug for Second Pride et al )
  5. By any one but you. Ermm wait I wandered in to academia by accident. Many sorry much vroom i was trained as a Scientist.
  6. Fascinating. ser Rhiadra (as an academic) has a new paper just from this. Wish I had thought of that. Votes for forum general to be available for premium only (hides in trench)
  7. Fascinating. Took that squib free thing and got INTP-a (*) Funny that a place I rather like for being so non binary is happy to define itself in to 0x10 (or 0x0f if properly indexed) chunks. (*) actually I fudged it to fit in, I really got 3 oranges and a banana.
  8. For once, I think Rosedale hit it square on. Something about load. Right now the OQ still 'retails´at 549 Euros ( hey if I have to I want the big one! And it better come with the oh dear throttled USB link ). A months rent plus. For that price, something else has already caught my eye and that comes with a dev kit. ( I usually view kick starter stuff with cynical bemusement but went oooh I could use that for once ). Yes, zBuk has bottomless cash to throw at the punters and no doubt will but face it - Horizons should have been the killer app but a) I watched the ad - yuck and b) Beta is still next year so they already piqued and then missed the xmas market. Yes it will probably work (even sans legs and with screechy voice ads) but nope. Oh and yes that rising tide lifting all boats thing. Ever seen a tsunami roll in?
  9. Unfair to single out Sansar for this really but when it comes to AR/VR there is something out there that is on a par with when I asked my Mum for lego technic over 40 years ago and got it in terms of 'I so wish I had this' - Tilt5. (Nope not really a t-top gamer but as I said on NWN I would even run win10 for a crack at the SDK for this. Also any vid involving me playing would not qualify under MP G rated hihi)
  10. Peeves Include : all those male, white, cis, skinny, 56, Euro - english mongrel and proud, BSc, so called DJ, Pride, open, surprisingly surprised, willing to mute. Harrumph. Fires my peeve even under my World. Also I wake up with it so thats a plus peeve. Am I doing this right yet?
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