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  1. The hate on child avatars?

    @PickleflufferButternut Ah no, I might not be exactly kiddy av' friendly' (to put it mildly) but its still Our World Our Imagination (to mangle a little) and they have every right to express themselves as they feel. Not my cup of tea but then not everyone likes having a 2m5 snow lep spotted dread wearing like me around. Different strokes, naff all to do with your opinion on anyones need for 'therapy'. Just stay orf mai lawnnnnnn =^^=
  2. The hate on child avatars?

    Very easy. I want to have fun. All you kiddie avs in places of fun are out to provoke ARs ERGO banned Same as clickbait.
  3. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    UEA had some similar back when I was a Kitten in the 80's. Surprised to see how parochial it all seems now. Or how parochial the approach now? So thirty years plus on it made no difference ,,,plus ça change eh probably the wrong place here anyway.
  4. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    There are many things I might have problems with the OP however the issue raised is valid. I am tired of dog whistle stuff. As I am tired of who shouts loudest in our shouty world. OP pointed me to a case where as a former Quebec resident it was interesting and despite misgivings I added. With real name. And BJ I have lived most if not all my life in 'the West' (and worked so many places - try looking at a globe) so as your NME - do feel free. note to mods NME was/is very bad music rag
  5. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    hmmm signed because debate needed. not a fan of online petitions in general but seems apt here.
  6. Net neutrality

    As users/residents of SL who do not reside in the - place across the water should we care? Checked my local ISPs (all national) and I have 4 I can choose. Two of which recently wired us up for no charge. So... should we care?
  7. Race Play

    ' Edited 1 hour ago by BilliJo Aldrin too many asterics again ' The word I believe is Asterisk, plural has an S. I always remember as it was always my, ahem, A*** to risk. Brought to you by the department of pointless yet correct Interjections. Carry on now...
  8. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    ...still going and fun to watch although needs more calls to the 'community'. As is said ' He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..' and I can do you points, flats and packets of gravel wholesale, Squire.
  9. Looking for a clear desciption.

    Little off topic, but anyone know where the blond guy got his hair? Need something silly for my human form before the next time I go - sunbathing.
  10. Process Credit Fees Raised. Again.

    Usual suspects and didn't see it... Yep this is the big grid if you have not tried alternatives then tough. Confession never cashed out here but have elsewhere, All earned here goes back in. Have earned elsewhere through stuff learned here. and via OS but don't bother. Sums it up. Your choice. But that blog post was not signed so who ya gonna call (I screenshot for fun and save pages. Call me old fashioned and I read too) PS run own OS instance that is HG for fun - and still come here. And was also in that CP hihi where everyone got erm best not to use that word. If what you make is not portable then tough. I like it here.
  11. Took a few minutes to track down some of those articles referred to and with the usual 'take anything on the web with a grain of salt' : 1) I didn't know you even could farm in that game. If it is where its happening then technical resources are a lot lower - I reckon even the scrapped box I grabbed from the last bin day would run it and I was going to demolish it to make xmas ornaments its that old. 2) SL can be a bit hostile but compared to the rest of the web (in this case that perennial place of nastiness 'message board' beginning with R that has a little alien as its mascot. Used to have presence here too) its a beacon of tolerance. So yes, go ahead and make that vid - your work is always fun and anyone forced to grind games for basic survival (if they have the means) might even find a sympathetic reception. 'Might' being the operative term as ever.
  12. Vampire bite with no warning or knowledge.

    Just checked - I am still listed so memories Sweet so yes active in my book.... well me anyway. Now I carry a StreetSweeper StakeGun (tm)
  13. Objects of the dead

    Yes I have a few. Only one solely mine. Very early I made friends with a dying man, around early 2007. Bear his name was. Last weeks before he was taken and via SL is all I have. I keep him on my 'friends list' til this day. Does that count? As an object? As apart from a few fragments of conversation that is all there was and is between us. There are others. But they are shared.
  14. How many of you use Advanced Lighting / Materials settings?

    Pretty much always (mostly as I forgot to turn it back off after building once and was surprised). Sometimes with shadows but actually prefer a certain wl setting (depth of field I like but it is a bit too unreal after decades of old school photography). Then its only if I have to be around more than 4 or so others and usually a quick derender is faster (attachments especially). Even wombling around the mainland (draw distance usually at 96m) . Generally pull 20+ fps which is fine for my needs. Not bad for this old windows seven 32 bit box with a huge 2 gigs - about the only change since 2009 has been a vid card (first gt 610 then gt 620 - replaced an earlier dustbin find, I am way down the food chain when it comes to new stuff). As someone noted above, sooner derender/jelly doll avs then lose the effects on builds.