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  1. sirhc DeSantis

    Take your fee and shove it

    We always are Patch Now fix the + thingy (do Not send me to Jira =^¨^= )
  2. sirhc DeSantis

    Forum becoming more negative?

    So, I have a confuse. Where exactly is this 'balance of power' in this particular place*? Or possibly 'imbalance'? (search for usage) Do I get one? Or is there a demo somewhere. *as in this forum thing. Which was the point at some..point.
  3. sirhc DeSantis

    System avatar - out of style?

    Plus all you humanzz look alike to me... seriously, joined when it was 'your world your imagination' and as far as I am concerned it still is so purrleaze enjoy =^^=
  4. sirhc DeSantis

    Starting with LSL

    Wiki on speed dial really is key :)
  5. sirhc DeSantis

    Sex Offenders on SL

    Agree with LittleMe, the existance of such a database would make it trivial to gather further info to pose as said deviant. Why, I leave up to others to speculate.
  6. sirhc DeSantis

    Forum becoming more negative?

    _forum++ But var undefined. And will name language training in 0x03
  7. sirhc DeSantis

    Forum becoming more negative?

    So overall - thats a no?
  8. sirhc DeSantis

    Book published on Second Life

    Yep - sign of a civilised country. Lived in 3. Two still think that way.
  9. sirhc DeSantis

    Book published on Second Life

    I should qualify. For that money I have been more than happy to pay for an actual physical book. I have shelves full of them. Had the link provided a physical book ( that might be a bit of a hard thought for you youngsters ) then the ephemeral version would be a bonus. Looking over at my Horowitz and Hill (hardbound, cost me 25 quid in '85) and my original Proceeds on the Study of Complexity ( Santa Fe ) ... and I still get one academic imprint a year. And yep they cost. And as I have hit the thing where the at symbol does not work @ Dakota: It is not about us 'internet' types expecting things to be free, it is about some of us reacting to the cost of academics having their work published. This has been an 'issue' since I was in Uni. The Paleolithic era in my case. @Dakota Linden
  10. sirhc DeSantis

    Creative gifters & charity

    Which charities. For a start. More questions to follow. Ah yes, the vids.
  11. sirhc DeSantis

    Plum face

    Ayumi's page is one I have had bookmarked for donkeys years but still refer to it as torturing. Via edit window or script.
  12. sirhc DeSantis

    Book published on Second Life

    Makes a nice change to see a result, so thanks to the OP for letting us know, although 54 Euros is a bit steep for me I'm afraid
  13. Could not agree more. So when are you going to buy me a tracking - sorry - smartphone? To ahem protect your assets. As a C2G olde skool oh dear Leftie I rather like seeing social Darwinism at work. Separates the Women from the ...
  14. sirhc DeSantis

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    I hope this thread gets pinned, not locked. As one of those nonfashionista who has to be forced at knifepoint to shop (admit I had heard of the event and gasp Blue) it has been great to see the passion. This old secondwavelastnamer (or whatever it is) is happy to see. And - not being one who normally bothers looking, I liked the Xiola post. Looking at the rest before, I thought - there is someone who understands that standing in mid air because we can is the point. Plus, I ordered the trousers.
  15. sirhc DeSantis

    Far too serious

    Sheep skin and locally made inking. It fades. Papyrus if you can. Clay tablets.. We can leave records but why? Rosetta stone