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  1. Am I crazy?

    With the usual 'not seeing all sides' that's roughly 4k US - that's a chunk that hurts. You may not be looking for sympathy but oww
  2. Looking for full perm items to use in Sinespace.

    SS don't have a: own forum b: anyone there Which is it?
  3. LL to adopt Transferwise payments?

    Why not accept the mechanisms available and work with. EU (for now sigh) and never had a problem even if I have E-residency
  4. My most wanted feature yet to come! Terrain!

    '.. we are taking it very slowly and carefully ' Well as that's from Oz I have a happy.
  5. Banned from the Offical Second Life Flickr feed

    Upon my OATH i am self banned Verizonally - nice thing about the GDPR is being reminded of who owns what.
  6. Parcel permission flags - effects

    ... or just check first before assuming. Ask. You know.. that olde social interaction thing.
  7. What's Your Story?

    ... Jackanory.
  8. Connect the Continents

    Fascinating. I run a ban line detector (well parcel actually as it predates the viewer thing) on the roads as I like the tarmac. I look forward to the coming arms race on ahem 'orbs'. And so nice to see an old school positive set channel too.
  9. Why should I pay for a demo?

    Failing to see the tpyo there - unless it is about donkeys, so its two sides of the atlantic seperated by a common language
  10. Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    Gets out parchment and quill to snailmail zed to make sure he remembers to put 'invented SL' on his CV.
  11. bool agent_is_godlike = gAgent.isGodlikeWithoutAdminMenuFakeryUnlessItsMe();
  12. Must admit that creating something that melts phones has its appeal CoffeeDujour. I would view that as worth a Nobel.. To those asking for a 'phone app SL' - Why is there no equivalent to SL already available? You number in your billions (probably) so why has no one made anything similar? Mayfly attention span? If you just want to 'chat' then there are options. Use them.
  13. My most wanted feature yet to come! Terrain!

    @Callum Meriman Interesting idea although how to implement - specific servers running parallel old/new style with estates running on one type? As the law of unintended consequences lurks (not an exact match but the mass rush to convert prim builds to complex hull clangs a bell. That was fun.) @Oz Linden Changing streaming to rendering sounds like a plan. Always liked how SL calls things in its own unique way but that one makes sense. Also looking forward to this as long as the new rules are laid out - I know I know
  14. Ways you retain visitors to your land?