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  1. Adding to Tari Landars previious, fave additional reasons are : 1) The job is such a boring grind that nobody wants it. ( Possible ) 2) The gum and string holding the servers together has been stretched so much that people are terrified of one more kludge sending the whole shebang across the event horizon and summonning the Great Old Ones. Or Skynet. ( Possible ) 3) Someone involved in the original dogs breakfast of the decision is frantically blocking it. ( Unlikey ) 4) Aliens ( covers most things ) With the exception of 4 (hey I had suspicions but never could get proof) I have dealt with the lot
  2. I have a sad - nobody posted 'detachable'? Oh we have fallen =^^=
  3. For Hugo who reminded me at Lalas last thursday why I still do the streaming stuffs.
  4. @Penny Pattonthanks for the TL:DR version - I stopped reading the op after the first word as I only know it in its derogatory sense (and really don't care if it has others - one is enough). Visual indicator is a great idea so hope that gets some traction. (Agree on the auto ban of 'short' avs - thats so olde skool silly We settled for a nominal 2m av scale way back and make stuff mod - else it would never fit me.)
  5. Normally a politics junkie but right now even blender is looking better than either choice
  6. Woke up angry. Will probably get worse. But between there is this.
  7. @Daniel VoyagerEver walked in to a job where the basic data setup was put together by people long departed from a company that has been heavily glitched by another bunch who have also left but still has to function 24 hours by 7 by 365 (plus one at leap year)? I don't know if anti fun is a concept Done it twice so for once - cutting the Lab a bit of slack. Not a lot I admit. Enough to know that this is 'non trivial'. Swear words available on request.
  8. Hmm - so it is bakes on what mesh? I might be slow (well that is obvious) but seem to have lost the thread about this whole thing. And loathe as I am, have to echo @NiranV Dean
  9. It was forty years ago today - OK 39 but my memory is shot. Flesh and blood are who we are, our cover is blown.
  10. Yes, That is why there is that big x in the top corner. Takes less than a quarter of a second. How hard would that be eh?
  11. Just wanted to preserve this as a statement of..nvm, best to leave it as is I believe Qie and I are from different 'cultures' (used very loosely) than the one your bubble is in so with very little respect I would suggest you might be a little in error.
  12. Ah well me and my big mouth - just wanted to sort it out in advance and beat the rush. Be careful what you wish for =^^= Thursday should be hilarious.
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