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  1. Dwellings: size and camming..

    I build my own. Sorted.
  2. Is this a thing or no?

    People allowing you to rez your stuff on their land to use? Why not. Pay you once and thats it? Sure, not going there. You do know about no transfer perms by now (and someone else can get into group deeded as I gave up a long time back). Easier to have land and rent your - 5k house.
  3. Why do people hide who they are?

    OK I admit. Been a woman for 54 years - my forum pic is proof. I don't do voice because 40 years of driving tractor trailers leave me a little hoarse.
  4. Why do people hide who they are?

    Shared insecurity? Beats me.
  5. Best Vehicle?

    @arton Rotaru and having had the chance to play with your stuff, good they are too. I write my own too as I can't stand the usual keyboard controls but like all things, the script set mentioned has brand recognition so can see why its used. (And in its defence if needed, I have played with the set mentioned and while it is a bit over egged for my needs there is nothing intrinsically wrong and its a great gift to the grid. On the subject of adding whole xpose etc anims - seriously, how many can you use on the back of a NorVin? OK its roughly 5 but thats another story).
  6. Sansar

    This is interesting as I thought this might be a use. Of course, after there are all the extras needed (you mention anims, I would add developed script engine and possibly actual on the fly inworld edits to tweak vehicles or visitor rezzing ability in some form, ie - renters, in other words interaction) a size of 4 by 4 km means you could fit in something a little like Heterocera at approx 6 by 6 km. If squished a little. Or a bit of Sansara around approx 9 by 14 km as is. Roughly 6 or 8 stitched together? That sort of scene would be fun. (numbers from thanks to Anaimfinity)
  7. Is anyone else playing GTFO! ?

    If can get one of our haulers registered I might just give this a go. Looks fun and an excuse to go for a clank around the mainland.
  8. furniture HELP!!!

  9. Whither AOs?

    In hoom mode I have one stand and one squat, triggered when I want. Otherwise I erm use whatever I am erm doing - dance as a polite example. After some years of seeing people checking the bottom of a shoe for erm stuff I am almost tempted to file a Jira request to block others AO animations ..
  10. Hug/Dunk a Linden and Other LL Events

    16.00 here and yep civilised but also means power stays on until at least 08:00 on Monday ) oops)
  11. Behaviour of vendors after a negative review of their product.

    @Callum Meriman fair comment. There again also nice as I want it so ta.
  12. Finding SL residents around my age

    Have a bit of a sad as all the Dragons I have met are thousands of years old.Won't someone think of our OtherKin.
  13. HOW many polygons in a dress?

    To add to ChinRey as always excellent - one. Anymore is overkill
  14. I am looking to recruit for the maslo's flag

    Not a rats bits on the role play but can i pitch for catering?
  15. Derender ban tape?

    Why is it being rendered (if you are outside)?. Yeah I see a bit of over at parcel edges but that looks . odd. Staged even.