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  1. Im with @mikka Luik re this adult section. Never been here before.... it seems more like a 'Wanted' ad section than a discussion page.
  2. I concur (but thankful it stayed open for me to add comment). Democracy rules. Thanks @Tommy Linden.
  3. No Avi's were hurt in the taking of this picture.
  4. When its said that cats have control over you I had no idea it meant like this!
  5. I too posted about ANZAC both in RL and as related to SL commemoration.
  6. I was thinking the same thing @AmandaKeen. Hopefully the decision will be revisited.
  7. Im sure it was encouraged by other posters
  8. I dont think its that clear. (I didnt check the new guideline either though). I read, 'Second Life discussions welcome here!' and the topic is 'General', meaning most things, It doesnt stipulate SL subjects only.
  9. I have been posting here for a few years and thats always been the case Dillon, not only could we post off SL things in the GD area but it was encouraged. Questions about SL were sent to other places on the board and SL specific subjects had there own threads!
  10. YES...I missed that post Dillon.
  11. That will satisfy me
  12. Ok Pam...but for me, the general discussions place is one I log into during the day, when I wanted something light to read. Apart from flickr, thats my only online social forum.
  13. Ive just come from the 'Cats cause bdsm' thread after reading this! "Hey all as fascinating as this topic is, I have the unfortunate job of being the buzz kill here and reminding you all that while we love the level of participation in discussions we are seeing from everyone that we really need to try and keep the topics to something involving Second Life. These are after all Second Life forums. That being said, I am going to close down this thread, feel free to boo me, I understand, but I still like you all!" HERE Whats up with that? I thought the 'general discussion' thread was one place we could talk about anything, not necessarily, only SL based topics. (bdsm is a very SL subject anyway and I have a Firestorm cat who is very sweet in a demanding way, not that I got to say that). Sometimes its a relief to chat with friends about 'other' things. I say BOO @Tommy Linden
  14. Great idea. I have my AO there already so adding a dance will be easy. And so convenient.
  15. Im afraid it is submission, if you work for a cat, you are hooked.