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  1. They might have to increase the bowling lanes when we all turn up
  2. survey

    Thanks @Chase01, I make sure if she doesnt read your comment here that I pass it on to her. I posted here cause she ask we pass the survey around and I dont have a big circle of friends so thought it be my way getting the word out
  3. survey

    I hope you said that on the survey too, Penny. I dont have a mesh head. I tried a demo once but couldnt work it out and gave up. Really I was half-hearted about changing anyway.
  4. Yes @ChinRey...I was going to suggest that for @Ceka Cianci friend. All she needed to do is created an alt and partner it/him/her.
  5. me too...I will come
  6. Club SOUL Vibrations I found it
  7. It was good before when we could send private messages in the SL feeds (from off world).
  8. survey

    Yes @*****cat Catnap, and thankyou for highlighting those points. Its the reason Daria likes to do her surveys, to find out what is popular and whats out there. She can only work with the information we give her back. PS...I refer to my cats in rl as '*****cats' so I find it ridiculous, in an adult forum, that word is not aloud to be seen in context because its linked informally, to some 'other' meaning.
  9. survey

    Yes @BilliJo Aldrin I found that too. Thank for doing the survey.
  10. survey

    opse....your name is inked out! Thats crazy
  11. survey

    @*****cat Catnap..there is a place at the bottom of the survey to add comments, like those.
  12. survey

    Mesh Body & Head Survey 2017 From Daria, MBA blog: Hi As you all know, I like to run Surveys every 6 months or so on this blog to find out what Mesh Bodies and what Mesh Heads you guys are using. The reason I do this is two fold really – firstly I’m interested to know what’s trending, and secondly I know designers find the information useful when deciding which bodies to include sizes for in their items, what heads to make skins for etc etc. So with that in mind, welcome to the first Survey for 2017! The survey shouldn’t take longer than a minute or so to do, and it’s designed to find out some key information: What bodies most people are wearing What bodies most people prefer; and What mesh heads most people are wearing Obviously the survey can’t encapsulate all the possible responses, so I’ve left the option for you to select ‘other’ and provide me with details if there’s not an option in the list that describes you or the body/head you wear. Please share the survey around, the more people who complete it, the better our data will be. One difference you may notice is that I’ve asked for your SL name in this version of the survey. This is purely for data verification purposes and won’t be published, so don’t worry! Do the survey here
  13. I know where you live
  14. Except you'd never get one for a dollar!
  15. I was at the The Garage Fair last night picked up great dress for L$1. I was amazed at the quality and range of colours.