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  1. Thanks @Bree Giffen
  2. April 25th in Australia and New Zealand we commemorate all those "who served and died in all wars.
  3. Yes Pamela, I do agree with the courtesy call too.
  4. I didnt try it in picks, but in the Homepage.
  5. You needed to widen your knowledge of the internet then
  6. I wish the recent upgrade by LL would have aloud us to be invisible online if we wanted it.
  7. But the OP claims not to have left a 'bad review' but an honest one. A review that was good about the product and also pointing out something that maybe wasnt obvious to a buyer (about the ongoing cost). Thats what I want in marketplace reviews. I recently read a damming review for a sheer top and decided to buy it anyway and test it for myself (there was no demo) and then I wrote my own review counteracting the previous one. I had nice reply from the seller after posting it.
  8. I use Firestorm too.
  9. Ok it still will not work/save in the 'homepage'
  10. I will test it Tali. It didnt use to work in our SL feed profiles, but maybe it will now.
  11. I look forward to seeing you do that Tali @Tamara Artis Thats a wonderful shot, love how you got her skin glistening in the candle light.
  12. Interesting study and made me think I need to explore windlights more
  13. sorry >>>duplicate entry (unable to cancel)
  14. Go to your profile by clicking on your name in top right corner, once there you can see summery/latest posts. To see back further just click on... 'see my activity'