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  1. The things you find Erwin 😛 Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins)
  2. I like it, a catchy tune and maybe its about SL ') Antichrist Conspiracy
  3. Cover Girl (CoverGirl Announces Its First Male CoverGirl Spokesmodel)
  4. A Certain Smile Cocaine Wine Produced in the 1860s and sold as a 'Health Restorer' and contained around 7.2mg of cocaine per ounce. Comparatively, a line of cocaine is about 25mg!
  5. Interesting and strange title for a Beatles Song when Im use to them being about peace. Gun's n Roses
  6. There are a lot of 'unspoken rules' we learn along the way... here are a few from me. Move your avatar away from the landing point asap. (Some sims do this automatically now). Respect other Avatars, nobody likes to be pushed or walked over (literally). Pick up your empty boxes before you leave. Dont enter peoples homes uninvited even if they have no security orb and especially dont use their pose balls and then refuse to leave when the 'owner' arrives!
  7. I would have followed with something about a kiss leading to divorce (Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth in the news this week) but the time has gone... so Thought Train
  8. And sometime, they slip up and answer lol.
  9. There are heaps of ways to 'discover' if someone is online, hidden or not but I am with the group here that asks why should it matter. Its a choice the other player makes. What I dont like is why some people feel they have to lie about when they are or are not online as @RaeLeeH said, and as to autoresponse, using that can effect deliveries so I seldom use it. I delay answers to PM's if Im busy and I usually check before leaving SL and send an answer (if I havent crashed and lost the message). People understand you are not always available, well they should, if they are adults.
  10. I did it and the AO is working (I use FS to work AO) but the lighting is different so I went back. It was worth looking but I can except slow loading.
  11. Im surprised 'someone' didn't take the furniture and bedding away and sell it! A sorry site. Days End
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