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  1. I wonder how many people dont go to clubs because they dont have spare money for tips!
  2. Lacy aproned nudists entertain shenanigans ....VERVE (I hope the new word is not too difficult, I was trying to think of one we havent used yet)
  3. Great Story that @Garnet Psaltery Railway Hotel
  4. I binged watched that too over the weekend. Dont you love netflex when you can get episodes back to back and not have to wait a day or a week before seeing the next one! Great series 10/10 (you may never know, the impact your actions might have on someones life)
  5. Maybe the last page didnt turn over for you
  6. Good try, Susan but out of sequence. caring on from Lindals Dog surfs on wave
  7. Anthem Honor I know what you saying but its not a good excuse....you just need to check yourself before hitting the enter key. Besides, its funny when some get it wrong exercise'ng your brain.
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