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  1. Hop on hop off... hallelujah! SANTA (Sleigh was too many letters)
  2. My present is on its way..how easy it was to shop. I bought gift from stores I love, so I know twice that it will be loved.
  3. Thanks @momomoonusagi good to know. I wonder who I will get :) One thing on anonymous gifts>>>>I am weary about opening 'presents' from people I dont know or expect to hear from, so while its lovely you send people gifts Alyona, I wonder how many get through security and how many are merely sent to trash unopened.
  4. Love Actually is a favourite of mine and after reading these surprising facts about the movie, I a going to have to watch it yet again.
  5. I can manage 6 letters Tactical response out of practice - SQUAD
  6. Im joining https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/CheriColette I think the wishlist is a great idea, there are so many different bodies its good to have a guide when shopping for friends.
  7. haha...I need not have googled this word in that other game Ecdysiast Gypsy
  8. Ecdysiast Meaning (new word for me..I hope to slip into a conversation soon)
  9. I like both. Each serve the same purpose just at different times. I cant always get inworld to chat but the forum is open 24/7
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