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  1. Question Regarding Child Avatar

    Yes but Talli, your rl kids cant see through walls.
  2. Today I learned ...

    Me too Cindy
  3. updates for Outfits

    Some places do offer updates and will announce this in group messages and if you still in that group they often will send update too. Another way is to go to store and look and if you find an item has been updated then go hit the re-delivery terminal. Its nice to get new clothes for your new avi anyway. Join some groups and get group gifts. Blueberry and Maitreya Lara is good place to start and Empire for shoes (you can still wear your slink shoes if you have the feet).
  4. How to not link pay pal account to SL?

    I dont know why I didnt think of this because I have done it (with-in paypal) before
  5. How to not link pay pal account to SL?

    Have you tried this Derekmate? In the past it wasnt exceptable but maybe its changed now!
  6. How to not link pay pal account to SL?

    This is good advice Jewell. Once I wrote to LL with concerns about my account link remaining open, cause if my Avi/account was infiltrated, that person would be able to add any funds they wanted from my RL money. I asked that we should have a separate secure link to verify withdrawals and not just our SL log in password. LL didnt answer.
  7. Did SL just go down again?

    I was just in (no trouble) and got logged out then couldnt get the Firestorm page show up completely, to re- log on for 10 mins, now working fine. Maybe they were still working to fix the problem.
  8. How do you speak with SL live chat?

    Thanks Jewell....I have never used 'live chat' support and didnt know where to go to get it.
  9. Music Player in a premium Linden Home?

    Great. THANKYOU. Will get it soon. (I see it has instructions too) Brilliant.
  10. Music Player in a premium Linden Home?

    Was it the one in Marketplace for $99 Benson? And if yes, how did you add the music or streaming music to it?
  11. Cats cause bdsm

    Im with @mikka Luik re this adult section. Never been here before.... it seems more like a 'Wanted' ad section than a discussion page.
  12. This topic is now closed to further replies.

    I concur (but thankful it stayed open for me to add comment). Democracy rules. Thanks @Tommy Linden.
  13. This topic is now closed to further replies.

    No Avi's were hurt in the taking of this picture.
  14. A Change in the New Forum I'd Missed

    When its said that cats have control over you I had no idea it meant like this!
  15. What happened in History on this date

    I too posted about ANZAC both in RL and as related to SL commemoration.