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  1. Wings Span (Airplane with world's longest wingspan takes flight, beating Spruce Goose record)
  2. I had similar feelings Maddi and was labeled 'disrupted' in my biology class when I refused to dissect a rat.... I ended up taking him home and he had a long life as my pet. Very clean an intelligent rats are. They dont deserve their bad reputation.
  3. He (Vincent Price) was a very busy man, his biography makes for an interesting read. Vincent Quote
  4. Welcome back and have fun while finding out all the great things you can do.
  5. Im going to try that Erwin (it looks a bit like turkish delight). Grizzly Tales
  6. Time Breaker (linking words back to where they went off track)
  7. I play that video from time to time and still marvel at the story .
  8. Twin Bridge (The Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge, USA)
  9. We could do with a few more 'smileys' here on forum pages ....
  10. (dont get confused: this is not the word to follow but a comment on Rolig's video)
  11. .....but it takes time to load inventory. Precious time you could be out in-world having fun.
  12. Working with filter date now..... (thanks for that idea).I've found a lot of 'old clothes' that I may still wear so meantime I am boxing them rather than deleting them, later I may decide to delete the full boxes. Its hard to let go atm. It has made a difference. Since a few years ago, when I buy something, I always delete everything not my size and LM, pictures, demo, notes (I dont need), and empty trash before I leave. When saving in Appearance (Firestorm) I use to include everything needed to 'wear' but each item adds to the count so now, I have everyday HUDS saved at top of list and leave them out of each individual entry. For Shoes, Jewelry, Hair items, I group in Appearance and then edit out everything else (including body) so they can be 'added to existing outfit'). This has saved me heaps in the overall count. Just removing the Maitraya Hud from each saved outfit has reduced the count by 2000.
  13. sells bathwater Yes..... The Instagram model, Belle Delphine caused a rush of controversy online by selling her used bath water.
  14. Texas Longhorn (everything is BIG in Texas) Texas Longhorn M Arrow Cha-Ching (at 129.5 inches, the longest current total horn length) on Richard Filip's ranch.
  15. Flirting without a license lol. Yes very well, thankyou. Flaunt Wealth
  16. .....and sometimes its my internet speed. Pictures dont always load. I come back to it later and see them.
  17. I dont RP either unless by merely being in SL it means I am?
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