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  1. @Jennifer Boyle Goto preferences, down the list starting with: General-Chat- to Firestorm Across menu to BUILD 1 Look down the page for DEFAULT CREATION PERMISSIONS click there and Wulfie example page will pop up Good Luck
  2. I have no idea GP ') Record Broken
  3. Interesting word and welcome to the game Pegi Venn Circles
  4. Gosh...unexplored territory there for me. Thanks Wulfie, Im going to look at that soon.
  5. Sent this to my brother, now he has an excuse when caught doing burn outs.
  6. Oh dear, I was having a bad day! DREAMS Arousing
  7. Yes @BelindaN pursued it should have been 😬 Trivially True (this is not a pipe)
  8. ....and if the spirit of the game is unchanged and the post is more interesting because of it, I vote we dont complain. <<<<<says the girl who intentionally drops her apostrophes 😜
  9. Sirrom anagram is Rmsori As a name it must be easier to pronounce than Elon Musk's new babies name>>> X Æ A-12
  10. No wonder it took so long for LL to get it sorted before release. Thats a lot of data to change. No-one can complain about the cost if thats what they want to do.
  11. Did the re-delivery fix your problem?
  12. I dont, I might have initially but I dont 'role play' as its too hard to keep up a different persona. For me Sl is about relaxing and having fun (as me). I didnt realise you were 'alien' like. I see your name G.Passiflora and think something botanical and smelling sweet.
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