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  1. Rigged mesh LoD bug

    So what are those objects infront of the head, which I guess will also have to be rigged to the skeleton to make that work? Do they have any eligibility on that head, other than pushing out the BB?
  2. Rigged mesh LoD bug

    Sounds like a clever trick to prevent rigged mesh from switching LODs.
  3. Alright, seems like I have to go through my friendlist, asking everyone "Mesh body, or not? If yes, let's have SLex?"
  4. An Admin/Moderator would have to delete the thread. Leave it up though, it doesn't do any harm either. Could be still helpfull for others.
  5. What are you listening right know.

    M83's - Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun. The ultimate track for slow motion footage. These are 2 of my favorite vids of that track which I watch every now and then.
  6. Yeah, I only friend people who are owning at least 1 fullprim region. Not that I own one myself, but anyhow...
  7. What are you listening right know.

    So much fun to watch Ellie Goulding performing Anything Could Happen live on stage.
  8. What are you listening right know.

    There is some INCREDIBLE guitar play from 3:50 onwards by Angus Young. That's quite a crowd at River Plate stadium, too. lol
  9. An Idea - LOD info in Marketplace Photos

    Well I missed that you kept it as convex hull. In that case I would say it could well be because of the nondeterministic behavior of the Importer, making something different each time you load that model.
  10. An Idea - LOD info in Marketplace Photos

    Well yeah, that has always been the case. If you have narrow, or small triangles, triangle based physics can be pretty high quickly.
  11. An Idea - LOD info in Marketplace Photos

    Well, actually those numbers alone doesn't mean much. LODs can look terrible even with quite a few polygons on them. As well as they can look very good with very low poly counts, i.E. Imposters. Also, I don't use third party viewers, so that screenshot won't work for me anyway. I could indeed list the numbers of tris in each LOD, of every model in a linkset. But that would be kinda overwhelming, and as above, the numbers alone doesn't mean much. What I try to do for a couple of years already, is to include a picture on the MP listings, that shows the LOD models themself. Like so:
  12. Rigged mesh LoD bug

    Not without a lion picture.
  13. Rigged mesh LoD bug

    What happens if you dail down the LOD factor to 0.5 or something like that? I'm always on the official viewer.
  14. Rigged mesh LoD bug

    I never heard of that, that the low, and lowest LOD never show on rigged attachments. They show for me, just at much larger distances than they actually would as a non rigged item. AFAIK, rigged attachments use the bounding box size of the Avatar, instead of the items BB. Which can be quite handy if you have multiple pieces rigged, they all switch LODs at the same distances, instead of each on it's own. But maybe you are referring to something else? What is more concerning to me, is that a tiny rigged mesh, will only show a display weight of that small size, and not at the size it will have when it is actually attached.