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  1. There are other things that make an object switch to meshy accounting as well. Like adding a specular/normal map to one of the prims, or setting a face to alpha masking/emissive. Linking it all together makes the whole object subject to mesh accounting then. You may be able to bring the land impact down again by setting most of the prims to physics shape type convex hull, or none.
  2. What are the values for Glossiness, and Environment, under Shininess in the build floater, on the window? I would think you just need to increase those on the prim.
  3. For an object of the size of, let's say, 13 x 0.5 x 5.0 the BB radius would be 6.97 meters. So the lowest LOD won't make it into the LI calculation. You could put the Low LOD in the slot of the Lowest LOD as well, and the LI will remain the same.
  4. Yes, size matters. The larger your mesh is, the more LODs are going to be ignored by the LI calculation. The radius of the bounding box (think of a sphere encompassing the mesh) is what determines which of the lower LODs is being dropped. If said radius is larger than 5.43 meters, the lowest LOD will be ignored. If said radius is larger than 10.86 meters, the low, and lowest LOD will be ignored. If said radius is larger than 43.44 meters, othe lowest, low, and medium LOD will be ignored. The formula to get the radius is sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z) / 2 Also, it's always a good idea to keep larger meshes as lowpoly as possible, and add window frames, and any detail as a separate mesh object.
  5. Do you have Enable Texture Compression (requires restart) ckecked perhaps? In graphics prefs.
  6. Try Ctrl+9 to reset the zoom level, maybe it was just that?
  7. The LL plan is called Project ArcTan. It's new land impact accounting. But it hasn't been done yet. I haven't noticed any change in LOD switch behavior myself. I would guess it's one of your viewers setting that has changed maybe. In the past, when changing the zoom level by hitting Ctrl+0, objects switched to lower LODs quite early. But that has been changed recently. Maybe your viewer isn't up to date yet, and has the old behavior still. Or maybe you have just increase your draw distance, being able to move the camera further away?
  8. Yes. Like I said, the usual "fix" for this is to set the transparency to one percent. This will force it to alpha blending no matter what. But if you don't have the abillity, or control over the object in question to set that, I'm afraid you are out of luck.
  9. The transparency option in the bulid floater is independent of the texture. You need to be able to set that on the object in question. It must be modifyable to you, or would have a build in scripted feature to set transparency per face. To check if Automatic Alpha Masks is kicking in, you can disable that in the viewer. Under the Develop menu > Rendering. This is a local viewer setting indeed. It has no effect to other peoples viewers, which may have it enabled still.
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