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  1. Get UUID of Avatar selected from Dialog Menu

    You may also want to trim down the avatar names to no more than 24 bytes on the menu buttons, or llDialog will throw an error.
  2. Can flexi prims have specular maps and qualities?

    I just did some tests with flexi prims and alpha diffuse maps. It seems there is a bug which is reducing the effect of specular maps quite drastically when the diffuse maps alpha mode is set to masking. This doesn't apply to flexis only. It happens on non-flexi prims, and meshes as well. I then searched the Jira and found a report about it from October 2016.
  3. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-21

    Well yes, there is an issue for quite some time with beta grid logins. If you can remember a previous password of yours, you can try to login with that. The thing is, passwords aren't carried over to the Aditi account. So once you changed the password of your SL account, this new password will not work on the beta grid. You can still login with the old password though. And once you have that accomplished, your new password will work the next time you log in on the beta grid as well. If that doesn't work, the recommended action is to contact support, and they will fix it for you. The reason this particular meeting is on the beta grid is, well, it's the "Server Beta User Group" meeting. To test new server versions before they appear on the main grid. So it has to happen on the beta grid, or it won't make any sense at all. The Lindens hosting this meeting would be happy if more people would attend this meeting actually. It's a rather small group currently, because it's mostly internal fixes which are added to the server code. Basically what you call cliques is roughly a dozen of regular residents like you and me, who still went there to keep the meeting alive. And I appreciate that the Lindens hosting the meeting keep it going as well. Sometimes there are maybe only 5 of us attending it, and it would be understandable if the Lindens would just shut it down for good, because of the small number of attendees.
  4. Mesh triangles in LOD

    Check out this thread, it might be your issue as well.
  5. wondering if this is possible or not

    something like this perhaps? string status = "walk" if (status == "walk") { currentanimation = "name_of_ridewalk_anim"; } or, list lAnims = ["walk", "name_of_ridewalk_anim", "run", "name_of_riderun_animation"]; currentanimation = llList2String(lAnims, llListFindList(lAnims, [status]) +1);
  6. Official SL viewer crashes in crowded sims

    The 64 bit viewer version is not yet the current release viewer. It's kinda crashy still.
  7. Physics mesh not working

    You will have to set the Physics shape type: Prim under the features tab of the build floater. By default each mesh is set to Physics shape type: Convex hull.
  8. wondering if this is possible or not

    To make it read "ridewalk" it would have to be "ride"+status. And of course there will have to be an animation with the name "ridewalk" in the objects inventory then.
  9. wondering if this is possible or not

    I see. you can combine strings indeed. string sWalk = "walk"; string sNewString = "ride"+sWalk; llOwnerSay(sNewString); will return "ridewalk". Although, I still dunno how beneficial that would be in the context of playing animations.
  10. wondering if this is possible or not

    llStartAnimation only takes a name of a single animation which will be in the objects inventory. I dunno what do you mean by "made out of 2 values" in that context? If you want to play another animation, you will have to do an additional llStartAnimation call.
  11. wondering if this is possible or not

    if you put "animation" in quotation marks, you set the word "animation" as the value for the currentanimation variable, and not the value of string animation.
  12. Animated Objects in Sansar

    Just tried it, only translation, and rotation worked. It also is continuously looping the animation....
  13. Dont understand timers

    With mesh it's up to you how your mesh is orientated indeed. If it imports with an undesired axis alignment, you haven't paid enough attention while creating it.
  14. Alpha Glitch layering issue (Mesh Head) Please help

    Actually I did some testing with the vertex ordering, (it is the same prim as well indeed, or the vertex reordering wouldn't work in the first place). I created a simple test texture for the example model I showed in the picture, and it work very well. There were zero sorting issues. However, I then applied a random alpha texture to it, and bam, alpha sorting glitch as bad as always. So from what I can tell, there is no reliable way to eliminate alpha blend sorting issues. No matter of the vertex order, be it one prim, or what ever. It appears to me that it depends more on the textures applied than anything else. You can get lucky, and it works well with the textures applied, or it doesn't. I don't no why one texture worked, and the other did not? Maybe it has something to do with the colors itself, IDK? That the skin layer has no alpha is a given indeed.
  15. Stair Physics and height clearance