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  1. Texturing a mesh after upload

    Yup! Textures can be applied the exact same way as with regular prims. You only have to assign materials as well, if you want the mesh have more than one texturable face.
  2. Texturing a mesh after upload

    No! Most of us do upload textures separate from the mesh anyway. All your mesh needs is a proper UV layout, and the desired material assignment. However, if you are going to alter the UVs, or the material assignment in any way, of course you will have to reupload the mesh to reflect these changes in-world. Textures itself are independent of the mesh though.
  3. Why don't SL clubs play music like this???

    That's cool indeed. And he even took his sunglasses off.
  4. There are only that many pixels in a texture at a certain size. If you downsize a texture you are going to lose a huge amount of color information of your original texture. That's why it's often recommened to bake Ambient Occlusion maps at twice of the desired size, to blur jagged edges when downsized. Smallish, detailed patterns will usually be destroyed when downsized, though Making the most of the UV mapping is key to get a reasonable resolution in 512's or 1k textures. If the objects are too big, seamless tiling textures are best suited. Do you have an example texture (or part of)?
  5. I know Blender, but....

    The usual workflow for game ready props is: Model highpoly > Retopologize to get a lowpoly > Bake the highpoly into a normal map onto the lowpoly. So you are half way there actually.
  6. Why don't SL clubs play music like this???

    I do like the shuffle dances, and Rita Hayworth is such a Legend! Since this thread is kinda derailed, and necro'd anyway, I just add another dance video, which I happened to come across. Because just recently, I was watching an old british TV show called 'The Onedin Line' (from the 70's), where the title music is from the Spartacus ballet by Aram Khachaturian. I had to look it up because I think it's a wonderful piece of music. The video did impress me quite a bit, because it is just pure beautifulness.
  7. how to make right physics

    I can have stray vertices in Max, no problem. They can be used to enlarge the bounding in SL as well. They only need to be at the beginning of the vertex list in the collada file to make that work.
  8. how to make right physics

    Is your house made of multiple mesh objects, exported as a single DAE file? But your physics mesh is only a single object? If that's the case you need to include the same number of physics objects, as there are visual objects. And you will have to follow a specific naming convention, which can be found there:
  9. llHTTPRequest changes

    You have to fix the separator list as well indeed.
  10. llHTTPRequest changes

    You also want to avoid the word "Script" in the header. Some servers seem to skip requests with such lettering. [HTTP_USER_AGENT, "LSL (Mozilla Compatible)"] Should do the trick.
  11. No FLIP Texture

    Set Horizontal scale to negative 1.0 (-1.0).
  12. How do people make low prim count mesh stuff?

    The mesh in your picture will work when set to convex hull if each of the boxes is a separate object (a linkset). So each box will just have it's own single convex hull, hence it works correctly. If it is a single mesh, a single convex hull will encompass the entire mesh, when set to convex hull. That's the default physics shape the importer assigns to any mesh uploaded, even if you don't specify a custom physics mesh at all. When set to Prim, it's using the custom physics mesh, either as a triangle based mesh (not analized), or the specified mesh decomposed into a set of convex hulls (analized). For the LI calc, and the dimensions, it's the radius of the bounding box of the mesh. The formula to calculate the radius is this: r = Sqrt(X*X + Y*Y + Z*Z) / 2 And the radius that determines which LOD is dropped out of the land impact calculation is this: Lowest dropped at r > 5.43 m Low dropped at r > 10.86 m Medium dropped at r > 43,44 m So if the BB radius is more than 10.86 m, only the Medium LOD will have an effect in reducing the download weight of the mesh. You can load "Use Lod above" (the medium LOD in this case) in the Low and Lowest slot as well, without increasing the land impact.
  13. Help please -uploading 3D models

    Yeah, especially section 2.3 of the Second Life TOS rules out pretty much any content which isn't created by yourself.