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  1. Me too. Since there are even a couple of 2048x2048 around from the early days. Increased was the size from 512 to 1024 for avatar bakes with BoM.
  2. I just couldn't resist to reply in the same tone as I read pretty much in any of your being helpful replies. Total lack of humor. Which your conjectural inability of reading the smileys in my posts demonstrate.
  3. I'm making custom LODs since the Mesh Beta in 2010. Would be cool if you could tell me something new actually.
  4. I was dramatizing a little bit. I don't actually cry. 😄 It's more in the context of simplifying too much. Before I simplify too much, I shift drag a copy and continue reducing the geometry on that. I'm also not obsessed with 1 LI objects. It's only when it is at the edge of 1.5 - 1.6. I try to push those below 1.5.
  5. I make the High, the Medium, the Low, and the Lowest. Plus an ultra Lowest. Indeed, I first load the model with the regular Lowest in the importer. Land Impact will make me cry, though. So I load the ultra Lowest, and see what difference it makes regarding land impact. The good thing is, once in-world, there is hardly any noticeable visual difference between the 2 versions, when zooming out.
  6. This one made me chuckle. 🤭 I usually end up making a fifth LOD model. So I have them side by side in the viewport. Because I always have a hard time taking away all the hard work I have put into the model in the first place. 🤪 Land impact will force me to use the super low version anyway, but I can't help it, my initial lowest LOD is almost never simplified too much. 😁
  7. Linden Lab does store these UUIDs. The gridsurvey API seems to work. Here is an example script. https://gist.github.com/antonyfairport/1026770 Note the comment about the typo at the bottom of the page. Or just use the second script on that page.
  8. http://www.gridsurvey.com/api.php has a region map API as well.
  9. Doing something like this won't be perfect in SL. What I do is omitting the inside glass where the liquid is. By adding an edgeloop on the inside, detach, select the detached part, flip normals, cap the top.
  10. When uploading multi object files make sure you provide the same number of objects (each named properly) in each LOD + PHYS file. I just gave it a try with Blender 2.9. It worked as expected.
  11. I have posted it on page 3 already. Perhaps you missed that? The rendering of specular maps is broken in the current FS viewer, as it is in the current LL release viewer. Specularity is blown out in these viewers. A fixed version is the LMR5 RC viewer. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/
  12. Specularity is broken in most recent EEP enabled viewers. A fixed version is the LMR5 viewer from LL. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/viewer/
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