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  1. Boat building question

    Only concave shapes, which need to be accurately walkable while the vehicle is physical. Personally I would analyze all elements, though. The only reason why not, would be when the tri-based physics give much lower physics weight, and I have trouble to keep it <=32. But you can always set certain, unimportant pieces to Physics Type None via script, right before you enable the physical status.
  2. Boat building question

    If you don't hit the analyze button, the physics mesh will be a so called Triangle-based physics mesh. Tri-based physics will secretly switch to convex hull physics by the physics engine, when the object is set physical. Now when standing up, the server seems to be quite slow in setting it back to prim physics. Hence, if that sroom is one physics shape, the Avatar will be pushed out. To avoid the secret physics type change, the physics mesh needs to be decomposed (Analyze) in the uploader.
  3. Boat building question

    I have 2 questions. Will the boat be set physical when sitting on it? How did you upload the physics shapes? Tri-based, or decomposed (Analyzed)?
  4. Rhino

    I just fired up Blender. It looks like it's called Rotate Edge CW, Rotate Edge CCW. Which is in the Edge menu (Ctrl+E). Or Mesh (at the Bottom left) > Edges ... Though, it reqires to have an edge selected to flip it. I haven't found an option to do it like in 3ds Max on a quads mesh.
  5. Rhino

    It's that peak or valley thing on non planar polygons. This is all the same model, just with different edge orientations at the corners.
  6. Rhino

    Yeah right, actually I think I have never uploaded a single mesh which with with that many tris as well. But if you want to, or need to have that many tris, it's doable even in Blender now, without splitting the tris in multiple materials to workaround the limit, which is a perfomance concern as well.
  7. Rhino

    Well, doing proper triangulation, especially at troublesome areas, is part of the usual workflow anyway. Max has a handy feature where you can flip triangles easily even when the mesh is all quads still. The triangulation on export will keep these edge orientations as well. However, since pretty much anything I have uploaded since materials has a High to Lowpoly baked normal map, everything is pre-triangulated anyway. Because it's essential to have matching triangulation on the in-game model, and the bake to model.
  8. Rhino

    On the discussion page of Limits, it's also mentioned that the 21k limit only applies to Collada files with <polylists>. Which is what Blender used for Collada exports up until to version 2.78. It hasn't been an issue for exports from Autodesks Maya, or 3ds Max since they already exported geometry as <triangles> when the Triangulate option is ticked in the export dialog. Gaia Clary has modified Blenders Collada exporter in version 2.79 and above, which now also exports geometry in <triangles>, if the Triangulate option is ticked in the export settings, or the mesh contains only triangles anyway.
  9. What are you listening right know.

    Long track, 34 years old, a timeless masterpiece.
  10. Physics Hiccup

    Hard to tell what the actual issue is from your description. The pictures doesn't tell me much either. I only wonder why there are 14 hulls listed? If this is just a straight hallway, there should be no more than 4 hulls. You might have to clean up your Physics mesh some more. As always, I would recommend to use the official Second Life viewer to upload mesh. To rule out any viewer specific behaviours.
  11. No we still don't have double sided planes in SL. Keeping a tiny gap is the most safe way to keep the auto LOD generator working correctly.
  12. Did you perhaps used the Blender preset in 3ds Max OBJ export dialog? This will check the optimize Vertex box in the exporter. If so try to uncheck Vertex under the Optimise section to keep the doubles. 3ds Max is pretty much capable to export SL compatible meshes. I use it all the time actually.
  13. What are you listening right know.

    Yeah! One of my favorite tracks in the late 80's. Well now that I listen to it right now, 30 years later, I still love it. It has to played loud though.