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  1. arton Rotaru

    ACS/KCP physics question

    I never used the ACS/KCP scripts, but I did a quick google search and found this. http://kcp.wikidot.com/wiki:linkset Perhaps this helps?
  2. arton Rotaru

    Blender: texture jaggedness *blocky* , baking.

    I would recommend a standalone baker like xNormal, or Handplane Baker. Choosing the Unity tangent space for best results (still not perfectly synced with SL, but as close as you can get). Both of these apps are free. I don't know if you can get xNormal version 3.19.2 somewhere still (3.19.3c is the latest as of now), because the available UnityTSpace plugin is for v3.19.2. It may work in 3.19.3c as well though, but I haven't tested that. The easier choice would be Handplane Baker these days probably. Those are Windows only apps though.
  3. arton Rotaru

    What are you listening right know.

    So good!
  4. arton Rotaru

    How low can LI go?

    Yeah right, if we talk land impact each object has a server weight of 0.5. However, the land impact is determined by the highest of 3 parameters. Download Weight, Physics Weight, Server weight. (More Info link in the build floater) The download weight alone can be lower than 0.1 actually. It all depends on the weights your actual model has. If it's download weight is right at the edge to a land impact of 2 (that would be 1.499999 rounded down to 1 LI), and you add a download weight of 0.1, it will be rounded up to 2 LI. Or your initial model is made out of 2 links already, and you add a 3rd link, the server weight will increase from 1.0 to 1.5, Hence a land impact of 2. There is also the fact that each script is adding 0.25 to the server weight. Which can push it over the edge as well.
  5. arton Rotaru

    What are you listening right know.

    Nice song, cool video, and Aurora is sporting some interesting haircut.
  6. arton Rotaru

    Non-jumpy driving mesh

    1) Make sure your road models are larger than 0.5 meters in any dimension. Including the Z axis. 2) Use a triangle based custom physics mesh with open edges during import. (Do not hit the Analyze button.) 3) Set Pyhsics shape type to Prim. 4) Let us know if this worked for you.
  7. arton Rotaru

    Can a slight flexi type of movement be built into a mesh using weighting?

    Either that, or these cat ears were animated to make it look like they were flexi while shaking it's head. Unfortunately, there is nothing like prim flexi possible with mesh.
  8. arton Rotaru

    Texturing Resources?

    In the first issue of the Vertex magazin is a brief breakdown of texturing a jeans. https://gumroad.com/l/GAAOs And this is a basic jeans tutorial from a SL creator. https://indidesigns.wordpress.com/photoshop-basicstutorials/jeans-texture-seams-tutorial/ Those might give some hints, or ideas of how to proceed.