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  1. Might be helpful to post a slurl to the shoe display.
  2. I guess the texture will have lossy compression only when it has been uploaded, and not as a local texture. So it could be just compression artifacts.
  3. If you look at the screenshot of the upload window, you will notice, that the triangle numbers set for the LoD models don't match the actual tirangles in said LoDs. It's common for the LoD Generator to fail to decimate the mesh adequately when the mesh is "double sided". Leaving a tiny gap between the in and outside usually prevents this behavior.
  4. Maybe the Arctan project will help with that in the looooong run. When all of a sudden, even the none LoD objects count more. Big thumbs up for the fridge creator, though. 👍
  5. Yes, this is it. SL viewer source
  6. Crap LoDs are crap LoDs, doesn't matter who provides the tool to make them. It never came to my mind blaming LL for implementing GLOD, when people just deliberately zeroing out LoDs to reduce Land Impact. If at all, it's LLs land impact calculation that is to blame.
  7. It has been implemented because the SL mesh format requires to have LOD models. It's often a good idea to bring in models early in development, to see what works, and what has to be changed. It's also a quick indicator what the land impact will likely be, by playing with the LOD dials in the importer. Then you know for what to aim for, for handmade LODs. Creating 3 more LOD models, with their materials requirements before you can bring a model in-world, would be quite inconvenient for creators. For that matter GLOD was quite a good choice, because it's extremely fast (and free of course). It was never meant to be used for finished models. It's also easy enough to create crap LODs in Blender, Max or Maya. I'm pretty sure, if the SL importer wouldn't have the LOD generator built in, the usual suspects would just create what we call "zeroed out" LODs within their editor of choice to abuse land impact.
  8. The answer is to this question is: Yes! There will be color bleeding due to Mip Mapping, when smaller versions of the textures are displayed.
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