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  1. 1) people that use SL as a sex game 2) people that use it as an outlet to express themselves and connect with others (through music, art, photography, building etc)
  2. I'll go ahead and pitch a Wild West theme with Saloons, or 1930s with Speakeasies--and some hooch!
  3. Always been weary of that since I'm also a musician. I need to make sure my ears are kind of taken care of. On the upside, I think it's that hypersensitivity that is an asset in this case, and having perfect pitch.
  4. I'm on the Autism spectrum; it comes with the territory.
  5. Ground at the linden home, Sky at my second home. Each serve a different purpose.
  6. It kind of makes me sad that some of the people I end up approaching and think have particularly interesting profiles/avatars often have seen me around but avoided me because of this. They often have it in their head that they're not as "hot" or that I'd probably ignore them. The same with folks on Flickr afraid to ask if I'd be interested to collaborate. Nah, I respond when I can--I can usually talk to and get along with everyone--I like working with anyone, help and learn all of the same. TLDR: No.
  7. I TP back to my home or work platform before I log off, but that's about it. Otherwise I due to the places I might park my butt, I know for sure I will get bombarded before the loading screen has finished.
  8. I've always been a tinker/maker in RL. Just like getting my hands on things, designing things. One of the best tools I've bought in recent years has been a 3D printer.
  9. I have a 8192 parcel with multiple platforms, one is a shared house for friends and alike, the other is a sandbox/backdrop area. Most of my friends or people I meet are either creators or bloggers that are stuck on their own platforms a lot of the time, and I created the space for us to work as well as relax. They're placed at heights so chat doesn't spill, and lag is minimal. It's adult, child avis not permitted. Otherwise accepting of others, and the one rule is to be kind. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palm Bay/103/72/3714
  10. The cloud made clouds go cloudier. Which puts a dark cloud over everything. The reasons are clouded in mystery.
  11. Myself, my love, and a small portion of those I consider to be more than friends--but family.
  12. The only kind of notification that I got, was through Flickr. It was added to the "Featured Images 2020" gallery for the Second Life Official Flickr group. Then I took at look at Second Life's Facebook page, and I was gobsmacked. I never thought it would happen, ever...but I'm happy it was a photo with the love of my life. I created the pose using AnyPose, he masterfully put together the backdrop. Myself as Poison Ivy, he as Harley Quinn. It was this photo, for "Kiss Day", on the 24th:
  13. From left to right: Myself, Nik, and my love (Dia). Nik's been like a brother to both of us, as well as being an inspiration in many ways. After a little heartbreak, it was time to do something special for him. My love set up the scene, and I created the pose for him to do as he pleases--he owns a pose store. He said that it all looked majestic, while we were taking snaps. We gave this the title "A Majestic Friendship".
  14. After a night of shopping, there was only one thing left to do between the three of us.
  15. The film is a guilty pleasure, the theme is badass:
  16. Oh, goodness. You're asking someone who spent most of their childhood watching films, and introvert--a homebody. So I'm a film/tv/game score addict.
  17. Diavkha, and myself. From strangers to something deeper, in a short amount of time. The thought of not having him in my life scares me.
  18. SL and RL have always blended together somewhat for me, and it's for that reason that my personality in SL is exactly the same as it is in RL. Looks wise, I'm Agender/non-binary in RL--so in SL I can be either feminine or androgynous depending on my mood. I try to wear glasses as often as I can, or so long as hair plays nice with them--don't stray too much from my hair colour in RL--and other aspects are pretty close to my "femme" RL self.
  19. I did a bit of shopping at The Black Fair. The backdrop, tats, eyeshadows, and nose chains. Also a long tee, but I'll wear that another time. Black Dragon.
  20. Within Temptation is love, Within Temptation is life.
  21. Red Is The New Black. A reference to the title of a song by the band, Funeral For A Friend.
  22. Trying something different, again. It always feels weird not wearing black, and/or red.
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