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What are you watching today?

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36 minutes ago, Beth Macbain said:

Real live human beings are about to be shot into outer space in a rocket. 


(in 9 years) The clouds that is over the SC are awful....making the way for rich mofos to go into space!

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I am so sad, I was watching Dark Matter, the SyFy Show on netflix and not having been updated on events, I got to the end of the episodes on netflix and it left me hanging as the alien invasion begins, now I do a google search to see when season 4 was released or if I need another service and I found out it was canceled and now I am at this point so frustrated and longing for more SyFy space adventure.. and netflix keeps throwing Star Trek up in my screen and I am just not interested in that... Black matter was exciting, funny and had a lovable android in it and I feel cheated! 

 I watched COde 8 and thought it sucked.   Although I did watch the wrong missy and found it charming if not vulgar..  



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I put this here because i had this on my favourites for the dance and i'm also watching it now. Though i would be watching the new seasons of Seeker series if i could so here's a trailer of it also. 9_9



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"new seasons of"
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