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  1. Season 4 of "The Crown", IMHO, the strongest season so far. Gillian Anderson as PM Margaret Thatcher and french actress Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer crush their roles. It should be criminal if neither one is not nominated for an award. .
  2. I paid the $40.00 for the name change. Rowley was really the only one that grabbed my attention. Frankly, I wish the Lab would allow one to change their last name to what the user wishes, provided it's not obscene or otherwise offensive. Why stick to a list? I may be mistaken, but all one is dong is taking a series of letters (Smith) assigned to the UUID of the avi and changing the letters (Jones) to another series, to the same UUID avi. Am I wrong?
  3. Ordered a demo. Thank Karen.
  4. That's just what the hairdresser ordered. Sent for a demo and if all is good, I'll get what's needed.
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    My bad, Alwin. Question moved.
  6. I'm hoping no one considers this post as advertising. That is the last thing I want it viewed as. I am searching for a hair shop that specializes in wet hair looks. Something along the likes of Truth, but with a wet look option. Dry look not needed. I'm hoping to do a photo session, but need that wet look. Any suggestions?
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    Posted in wrong section.
  8. I hope I'm reading this right. I suggest you lay down a cube, edit to a flat area large enough to work with (like a large piece of plywood) and try rezzing your object on that. I've had problems too and found that to be a good short cut. When the object is rezzed, simply move it to where you want it.
  9. I'm late for this party, don't hold that against me. I'm up to season three. This show is like O.O
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