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  1. Thank you for the list. Mad magazine I read, but as you did, I mentioned just off the top of my head too. Of course, what I tossed out is/was not absolute. Correction: I meant to say Babylon Bee as opposed to just the Bee. My bad.
  2. Before The Onion** was National Lampoon, a national magazine and radio show. Members of the original SNL cast were heavily involved in its production. Catching up now is The Bee (parody stuff} and lately Not the Bee, a site that take facts that by all means should be parody but isn't. **Some news outlets would take The Onion as gospel and report as fact without vetting the source.
  3. Playing music in your home with friends is far different than playing music is a commercial place such as a bar. At home, it's entertainment. At a bar, it draws in customers who spend money. Two different situations. Some bars would not hire live bands for that reason, instead going with jukeboxes. The monthly fee for the jukebox covered what ever fees that were to be paid by the jukebox owner. I understand some bars were visited by BMI or ASCAP reps checking if the bar had paid to perform the music. Could be a rumor, but something to think about. TRIVIA: When 'WKRP in Cincinnati' ran on
  4. Buying CD's is still the same. You own a physical COPY and not the actual contents of the compact disk. I know people who would buy a vinyl album and transfer it to cassette for playing in the house or car while keeping the vinyl as pristine as possible. You are doing nothing different except for formats. That's acceptable. Finite is correct "It's not attitude though. It's a fact. Read the fine print when you buy a CD. By broadcasting the music you are redistributing it.". The ***** of the bunch is always the small print.
  5. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest you contact BMI and ASCAP what the charge would be on a website. LIMB: How many listeners do you have/expect? Is the material to be used in a movie or television program? If so, how is it used? Will it be performed live? How many listeners do you have/expect? Is this material being used in a commercial or non-commercial presentation? How many listeners do you have/expect? The last question is key. Shows the 'market' size and potential cost of license. A 50kw Clear channel (NOT the company) radio shop in Californi
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