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  1. Tony Orlando sends his thanks to whomever uses his name. (Legal notice: Dawn is not included)
  2. I have to second that question. I've found that my purchase history a great source to find an object I have purchased, buy can't quite remember the name or the seller. It's also a great reference to how I have changed over the years; a time capsule if you will.
  3. Did not know that. I'll take a peek. Thanks Lindal. Edit: Not due until May. For some reason, I thought it closer.
  4. In an answer, no. I did monthly auto pay at one time and it was a bear to stop. Only company that gives me a heads up is CenturyLink (Ironically the monthly auto pay company). Now they just email me a love note "you owe us $XX, where is it?". I'll have the funds on my Mastercard debit, no problem. Thank you all for the input.
  5. Will the Lab send me an email reminding that my renewal is due, before taking it from my bank account? Have to make sure I can cover it or it doesn't come as a surprise.
  6. So I think I get it. I don't understand strings (I don't code), so let's use IP addresses as an example. The lab releases a list of 25 names to choose from, assigning certain IP addresses to each predetermined name. "Jones" is a certain IP, "Smith" is a certain IP, "Doe" is a certain IP, etc.. As people sign up for a new name and choose "Smith", that IP is recognized as is "Jones" and "Doe" and the other 22 IPs being offered. A few weeks later, the Lab decides to take "Jones" off the list and add "Johnson" to the new list (new added IP) but discontinues offering "Jones". Those who ha
  7. Season 4 of "The Crown", IMHO, the strongest season so far. Gillian Anderson as PM Margaret Thatcher and french actress Emma Corrin as Lady Diana Spencer crush their roles. It should be criminal if neither one is not nominated for an award. .
  8. I paid the $40.00 for the name change. Rowley was really the only one that grabbed my attention. Frankly, I wish the Lab would allow one to change their last name to what the user wishes, provided it's not obscene or otherwise offensive. Why stick to a list? I may be mistaken, but all one is dong is taking a series of letters (Smith) assigned to the UUID of the avi and changing the letters (Jones) to another series, to the same UUID avi. Am I wrong?
  9. Ordered a demo. Thank Karen.
  10. That's just what the hairdresser ordered. Sent for a demo and if all is good, I'll get what's needed.
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    My bad, Alwin. Question moved.
  12. I'm hoping no one considers this post as advertising. That is the last thing I want it viewed as. I am searching for a hair shop that specializes in wet hair looks. Something along the likes of Truth, but with a wet look option. Dry look not needed. I'm hoping to do a photo session, but need that wet look. Any suggestions?
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    Posted in wrong section.
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