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  1. Photo thread like that would be worth reviving (or necroing, eek, bad necro-word!), or you could start a new one? It's kind of nice idea also to be able to go inside of a painting.
  2. Here's also Echo. Could almost be a snapshot from SL Has anyone ever started a thread where people would try to make snapshots similar to chosen paintings/or any type of art? Could be fun.
  3. Is that Echo behind the tree? I like those type of old paintings. That riddle reminded me of this song, it has nice lyrics and sounds nice too.
  4. I just want them smaller, i feel they're too big, it would be nice to be able to adjust the size. I usually never click full screen either. Maybe you read forum on the phone? I read on computer.
  5. There are some grants one can try to apply, found this website for an example: https://www.format.com/magazine/resources/art/best-art-grants I have no idea how long will take to apply or any own experience about these kind of things.
  6. Genuine Relationship Edit: (Belinda got first, so wanted to combine her in here.)
  7. Thanks, i will go and check those Cerridwen’s Cauldron plants.
  8. That picture reminds me of that place what it looked like, so it could be the same place where that musical garden was, but it was so long time ago, can't remember that well.
  9. Maybe the whole bike style is the reason? I found this old article: https://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/11345/remember-when-harley-davidson-sued-honda-for-being-too-harley That article sounds crazy and what i read from internet, Indian got the style first anyway. Could the v-twins name be a trademark owned by Harley? Just saw the two above me wrote already, they found some words. Marketplace has still lots of bikes named Harley etc., from many different sellers, some use their logo, some even with their own text, so this system is kind of weird. You and your friend could use this as an opportunity to make something totally unique and much cooler, since you know how to build good looking stuff.
  10. I felt my avatars face looked so dull with normal look, so i found an old expression hud i remember i had and here's the result.
  11. 4 years ago i found this place where was this room as in snapshot and those plants made a sound when something touched them, if i remember correctly. I just went to see if the place is still there, it was in Hiaka, but the land is on sale where it was. If anyone knows this still is somewhere, would be nice to go visit that garden again. It was fun and interesting.
  12. I think i would start hiring people, would be too much work to do all by myself.
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