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  1. own stories

    Yes i know, i wasn't that serious with that. But as a thought...
  2. What are you doing today!? :D

    Did a SL search with bladerunner city words, the old place is no more, so wanted to see what the search brings and this place (Shin Akiba City) was there in results. What a nice dark rainy city spot. There's a metro station, but i don't have a patience now to wait a metro if it arrives. Before that dark city i went here, i think i found the hamburger-vampires nest.
  3. own stories

    Would you want to see all the partners your maybe next partner has had before you, or just curious to see everyones ex-partners? Could you make some kind of character analysis of a person by comparing the x-partners and how/who they are... There could be residents who would do all that comparing and analysis for some fee. New jobs.
  4. I have an Eve slim mesh body, had it already maybe 3 or 4 years, it's nice, but i rather use the old system or classic avi or how it's called. I'm a bit tired of searching and shopping clothes and skins etc. for the mesh body and i kind of dislike the fact that i can't wear what ever i want on mesh body. I needed to take a break form the mesh heads also. Too much fuss with them now for me. Maybe later at some point will dig in deeper with mesh stuffs.
  5. {RP} & WGAC July Photo Contest

    Went there also, my first photo contest in SL, took some time to upload the snapshot so it wasn't a normal size texture. I also realized after, that i forgot to change to smaller wings... now they go through my avis shoulders and can be seen on front. It's a nice place to visit.
  6. Show me your funny Second Life pictures.

    Don't know if this is that funny, but... Went to SLB15 gift grab 2 days ago and during teleportation from there to my home i got stuck and kicked out of SL, looked like this. Pretty hands.
  7. Just a little rant about marketplace slurls

    I've been hoping they would update the Inworld Store slurl, or add if it's missing. I often go visit the store and check if it has an inworld store and use that link there.
  8. Since this is SL and you can do here almost what ever you imagine, why don't you go bold and start your own type of "vampires", for an example you could be a hambire and feed only on hamburgers, imagine that. If you were a primpire, you could feed on prim cubes and unless you get your weekly doze of prim cubes, you would turn in to a 2D image for ever. Or be a vampire who feeds only on other vampires, you could feed on your partner and he/she on you, you would do fine without any other "food".
  9. I am on my best behaviour also. I always go naked everywhere and once landed, start shouting my perversions to all and run around with adult parts in my hands and do all that kind of fun things. It's so fun, isn't SL made for just that? Actually i'm wondering why OP is so surprised and got her first ban only after 12 years, getting banned is normal and daily thing in SL, many times a day.
  10. Sandy got it first. This was interesting thread, need to remember to find rules always and read them first. It's so boring to read them...if on some notecard with waalls of teext.
  11. Types of people on the forum

    I don't see OP bragging. Some people really do understand words very differently, so we/you need to believe what the writer says he/she meant or didn't mean.
  12. Something new in SL.

    It would be great, but you're maybe right. That game is so stupid though. It could work so that the hunters in vampire hunt game would see the destroyed vampires dead as destroyed for them only and those vampires couldn't use their bite huds or fangs or anything on them.
  13. Something new in SL.

    No, would it be one? Are the fangs a griefing tool, i thought they're allowed since residents use them and didn't read anyone mention they're a griefing tool?
  14. Something new in SL.

    If you still read this thread, here is a link to something: Some kind of a vampire killing thing? Or to prevent them doing what they do, or a way to fetch your soul back to yourself if they succeed to snatch it? A game in SL where would be only vampire hunters, no vampires, so the hunters would hunt only and get rid of vampires who use progeny or bloodlines or what ever.
  15. Progeny Vampire System

    This is soo good idea. There should be some kind of system to silently find and stake a vampire, since they can silently bite. Want to be Van Helsing in SL style. Thank you for reviving this thread, i never heard about this before i saw this thread revived from dead. If someone knows where to get the ring, would be nice, or does someone here know any good detectors, i found on marketplace there are some? Does it prevent the fangs working if the fang owner is blocked? Edit: Actually i might have read this thread some years ago, but totally forgot if read.