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  1. As the title says, is it possible to post youtube videos in different sizes? The embed code link don't work or i don't know how to add it correctly. If this is not possible now, can it ever be?
  2. Granted, you've never seen, but in stead you hear them all the time. I wish i could time travel.
  3. Thank you for explaining, now i understand a bit more. But are you sure? About the window. I would've jumped through it also, even without cat or squirrel. (Human homes are prisons.)
  4. poor dogs. if they've only lived outside then how could they like to be inside the house, it's like a prison? I mean, no wonder one jumped through the window.
  5. where poor squashed dolphins with (the picture looks like it, i know you see it too)
  6. Granted. You don't have anything to wash anymore. I wish the day would have more than 24 hours. (sorry, if the grammar is wrong)
  7. After Led Zeppelin i remembered the Bad Company
  8. For clothing i try to keep more like fantasy style than rl style, but sometimes i slip in to rl style a bit. I mean irl i can wear enough of rl clothes, but fantasy stuff not really. So SL kind of fills my need for that. For furniture i like vintage old style, maybe a bit of baroque, fantasy and i love art nouveau and jugend style. And and, and... it depends on my mood. I like scifi also, so not all vintage, at least yet. I don't want my SL home to look like a regular modern rl home and i don't want to have a kitchen in my SL home. I can take food from my inventory or if i rez my one prim fridge. p.s. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. Edit: Not saying my SL home is always like i want it to be. To the OP, thank you reminding about Led Zeppelin and the topic is nice also.
  9. Was going through my old favourite music links and there were some songs i found on radio riel steampunk or what it was. This i found after listening some other song and don't remember seeing this one video before:
  10. Remember to wish! Thanks, i learned a new thing https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-tmi-2483634
  11. Granted, instead of butt-dialing a crematory, you butt-dialed a devil and he gave you a much worse conversation. I wish people would ask and talk more with everyone and not just assume stuffs and listen to false rumors.
  12. Granted, you'll find it on the street, under a dog poop. I wish Second Life will have a give away of free annual premium memberships.
  13. + a bit older one, one of my old favourites, gotta love these guys
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