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What are you watching today?

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Been paying attention to some Tesla news today.

Essentially how we're on the beginning of an exponential curve that is likely suddenly overtake legacy tech just as happened with smartphones. How now is actually the time to look to invest in growing tech, not pull back, and how Tesla's battery tech is vastly ahead of competitors, and is likely to vastly extend that lead this year.


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I had to dig a few pages in to find this thread because I wanted to share a movie that I think many will enjoy, if they haven't seen it yet..

It's a martial arts movie based around the Ipman movies..

It's beautifully done and more on the lines of the style of Memoirs of a Geisha. which is also another movie I love and worth seeing..

I figured that people have been running low on things to watch.. This is one of those,grab a blanket and get everything you need in arms reach for the next few hours, and relax and be taken away by the beauty of  the scenes  and story, as well as the beautiful dances of martial arts..

It's more than a movie, it truly is an experience..

I hope you enjoy, The Grandmaster

Ceka ❤️


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On 5/5/2020 at 11:16 PM, Evah Baxton said:


That is my favorite movie of all time..

I used to watch that, like my niece used to watch shrek..

that is the movie that had me falling in love with Horses..The first time I seen that movie,I was hooked for life..

I remember one of my first horses,which was a thoroughbred.. Worst horse to have on a mountain for sure.. They are so High strung and ready to run at all times..It was nothing but a constant fight to ride up there..

Her name was Sixteen, because she was 16 hands..

The first time I took her to the top of the mountains , she spooked and ran down the back side where we started to hit a lot of really flaky flagstone..

it was steep as it gets, and my back was  laying pretty much back to back with her..I was laying back as far as I could to where I was actually standing in my stirrups.


I thought that was gonna be it for me..She didn't have a footing and I was hanging  on for dear life..

Then we hit the curve and were able to stop towards the bottom..

I was catching my breath and so was Sixteen..

She pretty much was calm after that run..

The people riding with us were saying how that was something right out of snowy river..

That thought never entered my mind on the way down,but that's about what I compare it to ..

He did it on purpose..I never would ..hehehehe


I only ride Tennessee walkers now..Them thoroughbreds are just too high strung for me where i ride..hehehe

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