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Having Fun in Bellisseria

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Let's share some photos of all the fun and happiness shared in our beautiful community!  I'll start- I love my horses and always delight in taking Majesty out to jump and frolic in the open lands.

Decided to do something a bit different and go for a ride along the ridge between Traditionals and Trailers. Was quite interesting to see some of the lovely decorating the moles have done along there,

My entire family loves sailing. I don't go sailing without my better half though so Edi (my daughter) and I enjoy taking out my swan paddle boat exploring the ocean and water ways. Edited to add: Plea

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38 minutes ago, Rabid Cheetah said:

Eu amo isso, só para tentar descobrir o que são "bichinhos" rs

bichos: amimais em geral 

bicho-papão : bicho mau, animal fantástico 

bichinhos: bichos fofos🤣

animals: animals in general
bogeyman: bad animal, fantastic animal
animals: cute animals


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10 hours ago, Leora Greenwood said:

Where?  Where??

I'll have to ask my friend who provided me with the picture.  But it's somewhere in the vicinity of Carnival/Siren's Cove.  And by "within the vicinity" I mean somewhere within or perhaps up to 500 meters beyond those regions' borders.  Cuz that's where he was roaming around on his horse last night.

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11 hours ago, Leora Greenwood said:

Where?  Where??

It's right by the Bridge of Worth, bounded by the road to the bridge, and the Baleen Byway water channel.

Giving you a direct slurl would deprive you of the joy of exploration and discovery.  😄

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1 hour ago, Christhiana said:

Painting for the winter holidays... 🙂



I forgot about those exteriors.  I'm not much of a holiday or seasonal decorator, but I did like those and used one all throughout winter last year.  I'll have to remember to dig them out soon.  

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30 minutes ago, Christhiana said:

I have updated them to include the victorians and houseboats as well, so don't forget to get a fresh copy! These are a gift btw for all my lovely neighbours ♥

These are sooooo amazing... I applied one to both my Traditional and my Houseboat and I LOVE them...

THANK YOU!!!  ❤️


Traditional Xmas Shell_001_001.jpg

Houseboat Xmas Shell_001.png

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There was no other 'sit available': that moment when you are using a very old computer, waiting for your new one to be repaired... and your avi gets stucks for hours, waiting for the whole SL to download... (I was at the store, so it is a new-never-used toilet!!)


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