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Having Fun in Bellisseria

Soull Starlight

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The best thing about The Windlass is that the front steps extend onto the walkway -- in other words, Linden Land.  This means I can sit on someone's front steps despite any nasty security orbs lol  Luckily I've yet to have anyone yell at me to get off their stairs.  My friends say that's because I'm not making enough of an effort. 😁


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It's a typical morning at home in Bellisseria after getting the girls some breakfast and running a quick errand, Wednesday is having fun in her bouncer while Feli has started her school lessons. Our kittycats Andy and Joy are just being their normal kittycat selves napping and staring down anything in their path. We hope everyone has a pleasant Thursday ahead!

Daffy Photo_006.png


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Exploring the lakes on Bellisseria and found the remains of An Ancient One. This is an important Second Life scientific finding! Buried deep down in the digital layers of the main server and fossilized by ages of recycled pixels, The Ancient One appears in perfect condition.

URL: Gridlock


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Today I sailed across Dead Sails sea from Ezudna to Pyri and visited the funfair there. It has been many years since I first went to Pyri funfair but since we are coming into Halloween season I thought I would revisit it. So glad I did, I love it as much as I did then. 


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