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  1. @Patch Linden embraces retirement resort living at The Queen's Head Public House... making grey hair the hot new Sexy! Feeling the pain of North & Bebe's grass being trampled by all the 'whippersnappers' dancing and carrying on till all hours and trying not to fret that we may miss the Early Bird Special Seniors' Discount at the Sunny Acres Buffet!
  2. RAVE SQUIRREL!! DJ Sophia spins cool Jazz tunes at the ̶̶S̶̶q̶̶u̶̶i̶̶s̶̶h̶̶y̶̶ Squirrelly Pickle!!
  3. WOW!! Well, we'll party there too when we find it!! \☻/
  4. Dangles a coffee on a stick in front of you... You can DO it!! GO Coffea GO!!! That pic AND those shutters are wonderful! I love your style and the faded flamingo... if it goes missing from your yard and one just like it appears around my place... blame the Squirrel!
  5. Pool Party! Sunday's Pickle Party went to the pool at Hartnell! Partied ALL through the night!
  6. DJ Doc Spins some awesome tunes at Queens Head Pub!! WHOOoOoo hOooOooOo! Living it up on Bellisseria! I LOVE this place!!
  7. DJ Claw's Mobile Party Boat!! Mole Watching Party was AWESOME!! ❍ 𝒫ȺℝTӋ !! ȺŁŁ NƗǤĦŦ ŁØNǤ ! ❍ Coast Guard on hand too!
  8. Fishing Rod whispers: BJoyful Resident landed a floating acorn.. only a squirrel would want it you put it to the side for the squirrel to find later. Being junk they keep it to one side. Good luck @SquirrelyTE This looks like a keeper! How big must the tree be where this acorn came from? o.0 (Imagines Squirrels the size of T.Rex)
  9. @DonnaCasta's AMAZING arrival at @Fushichou Mfume's Bass Beach Party on Saturday June 8, 2019 WOW
  10. Please send aspirin to Squirrelly before morning... [14:36] Bellisseria Squirrel (squirrelyte) looks around and sees an assortment of flying rainbow acorns lining the skies darting in and out of all the houseboats as she grabs for them with her paws
  11. Yikes!!! I hope Squirrely doesn't steal Doc's new sportscar and try driving!
  12. I'm glad the weather on Bellisseria isn't damp and rainy!! 😂
  13. They are are built by Moles and the Moles will show as Owner of the boat and/or house because they are connected to a root prim which is on LL land, so they won’t count against the LI allowance of each Parcel. To see if the parcel is vacant or owned you need to right click on the actual land. it sure would be handy to have a Mole for a neighbour though 😊 ...that is, if they are ever home! They appear to be working night and day for now! Quartz Mole didn’t even have time to put on both shoes before working on the new houses yesterday! 😂
  14. In what way do you think it could have been handled better? What is unfair? You have said over and over you "think" it could have been handled better (which implies you have thought of a better way to have handled it) but I suspect you "wish" you had simply taken an interest in reading about the New Premium Housing sooner. Do you imagine that you would have bothered to complete a survey about what you wanted in a new Linden Home even though you didn't bother to read the announcement the new LL Homes were coming, or that they were available to be seen in Preview at the Homes expo or read that they were available? There has been nearly a year of building and progress which you have already missed or dismissed. The news of new Premium housing has been there in many forms for nearly a year and you didn't read it and didn't participate in the process until now. You are more than welcome to come and see all that's happened and all that is going on at this moment, meet your new neighbours and speculate along with the rest of us what will happen next. But I feel you are making a mistake in accusing others of making mistakes without having any valid reason for doing so. Your turn will come to get a new home, exactly the same as it will for everyone who wants to have a new LL home and in the meantime you are welcome to come and meet your future neighbours and actually see what is coming. Abnor Mole is working on the next batch of new homes right now, for the next lucky batch of Premium Members Please come and cheer him on or learn why it's being done this way before you jump to the conclusion that anyone has made a mistake
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