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  1. (Or replace the pictures with the Rorschach ink blots for a while) 🥴
  2. I would try to exercise common sense and trust my gut instincts in this regard. In my opinion... if you feel concerned that you may offend others by something in your home to the extent that it interferes with your enjoyment of that thing... remove it and replace it with something else you enjoy. Personally I don’t feel qualified to judge the intentions of others personal taste(s) in their own private space for the same reason that I don’t feel others are qualified to judge the intentions of my personal taste in my private space. If I was approached by a neighbour and asked to remove something I would have to decide if their personal opinion of something in my private space adversely affected my enjoyment of that thing and probably ignore their request with a polite reminder to review LL’s ToS. (Hopefully that will keep their time occupied doing research until they lose interest or decide to file a Support ticket or an Abuse Report)
  3. @Ziggy Starsmith I hope the Kibby Wibbly dispenser is out of range of the chipmunks or I may have to borrow @JessycaJayne's hamster wheel so the chipmunks can stay fit!
  4. No worries for Rex now. The Kibbly Wibbly dispenser has been refilled 😻
  5. Quickly runs to the campground and counts chipmunks!! 😉 😂 Whew! (adds cat treats to the shopping list) 😻
  6. Wow!! That's great to hear! I love the Red Bluff Region and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Now I'll want to come hang out in your yard! Your style has been a great inspiration for us as we both love it, Ziggy 🤩 We'll keep an eye open for your new place so we can see it in person.
  7. I love it Ziggy! The site is ideal for the brick patio and fireplace, too!
  8. Premium membership includes 1024 square metres and to get a camper you only need to use half of that. If your current Mainland is bigger than 512 you will need to increase your tier ahead of time to get one... but they are a fun challenge to decorate. You can increase your tier for only the months you wish to keep it and you’re billed each month on the same day (e.g. I increased my tier on the 27th of May, 2018, so each month I’m billed on the 27th). I hope you get one Ziggy because I’d love to see you take on the 175 LI challenge. I’m still in awe of your Ultimate ManCave Houseboat! 🤩
  9. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LISP-Mesh-Portland-Wood-Burning-Stove-and-Kettle-Set/7339914. This is it @Arquet ! It really caught my eye too! Only 3 LI for the stove, too!
  10. I really like the shade of yellow on the chair! One of those colours that just feels so good! I clicked a windlight setting named Bryn Oh's BOX MetaLES somehow and got mesmerized by what happened to the sky. It really is like liquid metal! Some things I made and some things Doc made and some stuff which caught my eye for any number of reasons that got jumbled together and ended up here in our ideal campsite in the campground! I just love those shadows from the liquid metal sky! I got mesmerized watching them and forgot what I was intending to take a gif of! Early evening turning into dusk with a splendid sunset! and we're as ready as I intend to be for a fun Hallowe'en month! I hope some will find the bowl of Treats on the picnic table! Thank you to everyone whose ideas and great finds have inspired us! Only 18 LI left but another 22 LI will be freed after Hallowe'en, just in time for the winter! 😊
  11. I love these campers and trailers! The campground setting looks and feels so genuine and thoughtfully created I can nearly smell the campfires! The sites are splendid and feel very large as they blend so well into the natural surroundings the parcels feel even larger than they actually are. I've enjoyed seeing the brilliant decorating ideas everyone is sharing here and inworld as well. It truly does feel like going on a camping holiday and meeting so many lovely people out exploring ♥ I've soaked up as much goodness as my creative sponge can hold and have been puttering since Tuesday, September 17 (when I snagged this beautiful site first try) to get it to feel right. There's still a few small things I need to find and a few changes to be made, to make it feel just right but for now it's almost there. Fireflies and crickets in the early evening... simply blissful ❤️ The (almost) October sky makes every view from every angle feel 'picture worthy' and makes me wish I was a better photographer Lazily spinning the cassette carousel waiting for Doc to get Home from work so we could go for a walk, I noticed what lovely blurred shadows were on the wall... and how I really need to put some pics in the empty frames on the fridge!
  12. In my research I found you know it's glamping when... https://gearjunkie.com/glamping-vs-camping and also if you notice a reality TV crew scouting locations and just their make-up trailer requires 300 LI 😉
  13. I didn’t claim these bots were harmless as I have never seen these bots! I have seen other harmless bots appear and been advised by others to ban and AR them for simply doing their jobs! Not all bots are bad. 😉 I’m very glad in this case that this issue is being addressed and investigated as this was obviously causing a disturbance and distress and therefore are obviously not the harmless variety. 🥺
  14. Maybe a large deck? A multi-level deck and some xerascape grasses or succulents in gravel beds might blend in well with the bedrock?
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