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  1. Currently there are 22 different Linden Homes in 4 different styles (I think the number changes according to availability). To change the textures, you need to touch the panel near the door, inside the house and choose from a good selection of choices using the link to a webpage for this purpose. I've lived in these homes off and on since I first joined SL as a Premium Member in 2015, walked and flew around those neighbourhoods, enjoyed the roads, rivers, parks and community centers, met some neighbours and found these homes quite comfortable and still had the full amount of 512 m2 prims (175 currently) to furnish, rez, build, listen to whatever Stream of music I chose, choose my own level of security and privacy and also abandon and choose a different LL Home at any time, if I so desired. I wish these nice LL communities were integrated into the Mainland continents as a nice introduction to living in SL as they have been a very nice starter home and a good example of living as part of the community. Question for Ebbe: Will LL Homes ever be part of, or directly connected to the Mainland Continents?