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  1. Indeed Zoya... they are setting the bar high and I see already that we’re going to reap big rewards in more and more high quality low land impact items! WoOoOoOoo HOoOoOo!!
  2. I love that pic! I think I like cycling around the most because it’s slow enough I have time to look around and pause to admire all the beautiful creations the residents are adding. All I’ve seen has been so impressive and worth all the time, attention and effort it took to provide this new continent!
  3. I found a little hedge maze! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Downing Falls/118/89/37 Clever, clever Moles!!
  4. Went for a bike ride in this lovely neighbourhood ♥
  5. I love that bathroom conversion! How clever you are!! Now I want one!
  6. I probably should have written more clearly A separate no fly no vehicular traffic Premium continent OR an LL House & plot in a skybox over the Protected water above 2000 m OR, etc.
  7. I think I suggested that? In my opinion LL has provided what many people have asked for in the new continent and perhaps it is just that this request has been answered first because it's unique. I don't believe LL will ignore the needs of its many happy existing residents and maybe their needs for updated houses with ban lines will happen soon, too
  8. These are only suggestions for allowing everyone to have what they would like to have (see below)
  9. Perhaps a no-fly, no-vehicular traffic continent, or a space for Premium Homes & lots already in private skyboxes above 2000 m would solve that issue? Maybe those spots could be over 2000 m over top of the Protected water? Perhaps provide a folder of LMs for the Premium Mainland community areas and rez zones, sandboxes if those skybox residents want to also participate in more social activities and maintain very strict privacy in their homes?
  10. I believe such a plan is in place and it certainly seems that LL has been listening to the needs and wants of its residents as this first batch got snapped up in a few hours. I lived in the older LL homes since a few weeks after joining as a Premium Member and figuring out how to get one. I don’t think the old ones were junk but they are packed together quite closely in some areas. My least favourite thing about the old Premium continents was that they weren’t physically connected to each other nor to the other Mainland continents and although they had nice bits of paths and plenty of interesting things to explore the paths just ended and the roads and navigable water ended in VOID, unfinished. They did set a good example of ordinary starter homes with enough options to introduce the possibilities of building whatever you can imagine. I looked for a next step home in a next step neighbourhood of connected similar Regions for ages but there was none I could find so I kept my LL house and rented additional places instead, until my partner introduced me to sailing. Indeed we shopped for ages to find an affordable nice sized plot in a fairly stable seaside mainland Region but we did find a lovely one. You are spot on in that there are many incredibly talented builders in SL ...but with as many different styles! I cannot imagine the enormity of the task of trying to coordinate those volunteer builders into renovating a 300+ Region community. Certainly it is far more efficient to use those resourceful and incredibly talented Moles who have already worked together on many projects for the enjoyment of all. The new continent has proved they know what the users want and how to do a fine job of providing same! So let’s keep telling them what we like and don’t like, need and don’t need, want and don’t want, in the most supportive ways we can and then let them go to it and they will do their best to provide ways for each of us to find our niche and enjoy our Second Life.
  11. 1. Rez zones!! 2. Some sort of mild bumper along the VOIDs or even a string of swimming pool floats which will only appear as you get too close, as a visual aid that we’re straying from navigable water would be nice in my opinion. Something not as visually intrusive as those nasty ban lines! As beautiful as the wide open seas appear, that view is very inviting and mesmerizing especially for inexperienced drivers and sailors, in my opinion. 3. Open stage spaces or Premium Member Open stage spaces. 4. Public transit or Premium Member transit I’m very pleased how beautiful and thoughtfully designed this new continent is and looking forward to being part of the new Security system which will hopefully set a fine example of compromise for the good of the community. Maybe there’s a way to make the door locks operate like invisible ban lines, but only allow them to operate within a certain box sized zone like the size of your house?
  12. That is very true Sandy! It takes a lot of time and effort to find seaside with navigable water at a reasonable price. Then also disappointing if navigable water isn't Protected and you end up trapped in those unusable or barely usable places. The LL Houseboats will give every owner a nice spot to have guaranteed protected access to navigable water for as long as they want There are a few boat rez spots on the older Premium Continents but not much navigable water was connected to them... maybe LL will consider sprucing them up a bit as the new ones have been snapped up so fast!
  13. Perhaps some kind Houseboaters will put out temporary use boat-rezzers, if that's allowed or possible?
  14. The LL Houseboats aren't driveable, but you do get a good sized area to rez a drivable boat on your plot. There are some great (and easy to operate) free sailboats inworld which are great to try out and see if you enjoy sailing. I'm quite a terrible driver on roads and tracks in SL, but I happily found I can sail a lot better than I drive! Many marinas and yacht clubs also have 'click and rez' temporary water vehicles which are also a great way to try out boating for free. Fair warning though... once you've tried it and like it, it's really hard NOT to do it! My Inventory organization suffered until the TP and SIM crossing crashes have pushed me back into the Wardrobe! ;D
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