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  1. Come enjoy some fun games of BINGO each Wednesday immediately following the Artists Village Q&A hour. The first BINGO will be held on January 27, 2021 In the beautiful Artists Village in Campbell Coast while listening to the fabulous DJ FAR LIVE from London! Shop for Art among 40 galleries AND possibly win a Can of Beans... hard to beat this sort of fun !! Noon to 2 PM PST/SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erazor/109/90/2001
  2. Ready to settle down in a quiet rural community setting? This charming chapel may be the quickest and most convenient roadside stopover a couple could ever find! You can propose outside in the fresh sea breeze and tie the knot inside the chapel using the Wed-O-Matic! Stop by this charming chapel in Laserlight Region.
  3. Working on a roadside wed-o-matic chapel on our land, I was so pleased to catch a gif of a pod-rider passing by. This was the second pod-rider I saw passing in the space of 40 minutes when I was working roadside. Although I'm sure there were empty pods in between, I'm glad to know they are being used as often as I suspected and providing a leisurely tour for anyone to hop on and enjoy the ride ♥
  4. @Alwin Alcott This Knowledge Base Article explains it better than I do !
  5. If a Group owns land you wish to live on and it accepts tier donation, you can donate tier unattached to Land by opening Group Profile and choose Land and L$ tab, in the box named Your Contribution just enter the amount you wish to donate and you’ll be entitled to live on that land. When you want to move on, just withdraw your tier by putting a 0 in the Your Contribution box and Save in bottom right and your tier will be free to use elsewhere once again.
  6. In order to move on to other land, you can sell that land (as long as you have the Ability in Group) same as a regular land sale. Group owners always have that ability. The Group will receive the payment and it is distributed evenly among the members of the Group who have the Ability to Pay and Receive Group Dividends and Liabilities. (Usually the Group Owner). Payment is distributed within 24 hours. If you wish to keep the land and just withdraw it from the Group, you (if you have that Group Ability) can sell the land to yourself for L$1 and it will no longer belong to the Group. Then you
  7. I’ll make sure to post in Events or in this thread when the next tour is (probably before end of January) and will be a Kilts Tour and culminate in a mixer party in the Campbell Ballroom. DJ Oscar will lead the tour and DJ set. Please bring your Scottish to English translator as he’s the real deal, a Scotsman!
  8. It’s a pretty good value. 1. Create your own group for your land. 2. Join that Group, Alts also! 3. Premium Alts donate their free 1024 tier to your Group by joining that group, then open the Profile of that Group and on the Land & L$ tab... look for a box which says Your Contribution. Fill in “1024” there (or whatever amount of tier your Alt has to donate) 4. Pick out the land you wish to purchase and make sure you choose Buy for Group (bottom right corner on About Land). This is important to use when taking advantage of the 10% Group land tier bonus as it will allow you
  9. There’s some great motels along the Circuit La Corse and also some reasonably priced Roadside land if anyone feels inspired to set the bar even higher 🌼 I found a great guide for Road Trippers here http://www.secondhighways.com
  10. There are more than 600 Regions of navigable water reachable from Campbell Coast public Rez Zone at the Emyniad / Couse Region border.. want to try and help me make a list of them all? I have a feeling there will soon be many more. Search for Connect the Continents 🗺 also... Tradewinds Yacht Club has Friday Cruises, often with a party afterwards. I think they all start away from, then end up at TYC. I love the Cruises rather than races (I’m a lazy sailor) 😉 and the Cruise Routes can be done at any time for guaranteed and well-tested routes of smooth sailing ⛵️
  11. I think this is a wonderful idea! I’d love to watch Videos that show the real SL, the ordinary people doing extraordinary things, just because they are enabled to do them in this platform 🥰🤩
  12. Hmmm maybe you will help me make a Kilts-only version of this tour? And we can end up with a big mixer party at the end? IM me inworld if you’d like to do this 🤩
  13. I’m very excited to go on your next one next month! I will help in any way I can Yukiko! You are a gem and your talents are a wonderful part of SL . People like you make me love SL even more! 🤩
  14. I only took 1 pic the whole tour! I think that means you kept us very well entertained, Yukiko!
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