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  1. ωøW ฬ๏ฬ 🆆🅾🆆 🅦🅞🅦 Ѡ❤Ѡ !! You HAVE blown my mind AND I need some brain RAM too (to figure this thing out)! Not only are you an encyclopædeia of 'Cool Stuff Everyone in SL Should Know' but you also seem to have some kind of Nerd-Magic powers. I can't count how many times I've wished for a way to customize the oft ill-fitting alpha cuts in the HUD and now my wishes appear to have been granted! Hmmm, now I wonder if I can't make a 'toenails only' alpha.... do you happen to know of an infinite colour tinting HUD for toenails? (Forgive me if I ask for too many wishes 🤔) Thank you @Alyona Su !! I agree, walking on tiptoes all the time is just... dangerously unstable 😉
  2. What is this alpha trickery you speak of?? 😉 🧐 My Belleza Alpha has a feet on/off choice but my entire feet below the ankle disappear. Is there some way to make custom alphas? I think you’ve blown my mind... or my RL brain needs more RAM 😁
  3. I actually found that by accident when shopping for a Jake demo with my partner at Belleza HQ! I don’t know how I missed it the last time I was there grabbing a Redelivery to check for a BoM updated body. I’m thrilled with how well it works and the nearly infinite possibilities it opens up! Now... all I need from Belleza is a ‘ToeNails None’ option added to the HUD (already has one for fingernails) so I don’t have to wear only toed shoes to hide my “press-on nails” look, as they appear on top of my system tights, lol
  4. I’m not sure if this is the correct thread to post this but this is where I came to find out when and if the products I wear had been updated. Although I didn’t find out exactly what I needed to know about my Belleza body, I did find a plethora of valuable information about what to look for 🧐 so after some redeliveries and waiting for update information and a bit of trial and error... I’m BoM ready with the free BoM converter HUD for Belleza bodies available at Belleza HQ. It was easy to try and test and also to reverse the process while I figured out what I needed to do to match my head and body skin. In my case, I got the system layer version of my body skin first (from DeeTaleZ) and with a little advice from the Creator and store owner, chose a mature-ish Head skin to match that skin tone and wear it in a tattoo layer on my BoM converted Catwa head. Although not truly an updated BoM body... I have found it much easier to keep my Complexity under 50,000 because I can wear loads of system layer clothes again (up to 62 in total I think) and they appear under any layers I may choose to apply and reduce the amount of mesh I would normally wear. The Belleza body alpha HUD still works perfectly. Gladly I had saved boxed versions of many extraordinarily high quality system layer clothes from The Sea Hole (most of which are still only L$1 on MP) and Lali’s Shiny Nylon. On a side note, I hope the forthcoming improvements to MP will include Complexity information for wearables. It is something I normally check when I try Demos but perhaps more access, availability and awareness of the complexity values will help us make SL less laggy for all to enjoy. Thanks to everyone for posting such valuable advice and information 🥰
  5. WhOOHOOoOoOOOo! I love Session and have been making do with some pitiful quality tattoo “age lines” which look a bit like old fashioned stage make-up, lol. I’m eager to see the Session wrinkles, look my age and still feel beautiful 😉
  6. Enjoyed a lovely evening there yesterday, thinking we were saying a fond farewell to an SL Institution. We're very glad it will stay open as it was quite busy (63 avatars when we were there) but not a place we have ever been to before, and probably not one we'll spend lots of time at for a L$1k group join fee. https://i.gyazo.com/2763c958340db9c27d461374211af868.mp4 I hope everyone there enjoyed the evening as much as we did ♥
  7. Sort of a 'wearable' named ([EM]) * Exploring Helper HUD * - Couple Walk And More - will enable a group of people to walk, run, or fly together. Works in No Rez and No Scripts areas... Great for keeping tours or groups together! Also allows people in the group to cam around freely. It kept up with us running, too...
  8. I thought it was "I am not a Linden" 😉
  9. The railway is still “Under Construction”. I’m sure it will have plenty of places to Rez trains once it’s complete, but for now it’s probably best to restrict rezzing so the Moles can finish it 😉 There are several free HUDs of Bellisseria Rez zones on the MP as well as at the Bellisseria Citizens Group Headquarters in Aaargh Region. These are also works in progress as the continent is still being made and not completed yet. 🤩 Enjoy exploring the beautiful brand new continent under construction and please drive carefully! 😁 NOTE: you can also spot Rez zones by using your Mini-map. Right click and Show>Property lines All parcel boundaries will have an outline and the Public Rez Zones are usually shaped differently than Resident Owned parcels and located on the road, rail or waterway you wish to travel on.
  10. I pasted this in the Having Fun in Bellisseria Topic by mistake, so I'll link it here rather than re-post!
  11. Just got this MoonWalker from Culprit Store! Bento Rigged and have a built -in AO! This is one of my favourite Stores for FUN things in SL. The Creators (eku Zhong and yure4u Sosa) are an amazing team! There's so many amazing things at very reasonable prices and usually have an item in the Fly-By Friday sale on every Friday, so it's very hard not to leave without a smile! MoonWalkers are well suited to any terrain and walk or run (disable your personal AO) 😎 Works in Fly mode with a cool anim, too!
  12. This new area looks splendid! I watched some Moles working on this amazing sandy campground! Every site is uniquely beautiful. WOW ♥ Railroad tracks skirting the lovely sandy delta. Dirt roads turn into packed sand tracks connecting a maze of sand islands and Houseboat moorings! Well done, Moles and Lindens!
  13. Ni Ni weird Hallowe'en tree! See you next year maybe, if you behave and stay put in Inventory!
  14. Mesmerized watching this lovely waterfall spilling into Lake Tatakaka
  15. Love this rocket! From The Secret Store - Space Rocket 2000 (gacha, so it's No Copy but Yes Transfer) and works in walk, run or fly mode with AO off
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