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  1. Thank you, I needed a bed for an alt and now I have it! The sales at Pitaya are especially amazing:
  2. Lovely photo, thank you, and I would love to see a similar photo in summer. I bet that balcony has a stunning view!
  3. Wouldn't that be lovely!!
  4. I kept a LM for the demo chalets and used to pop over to see them again on occasion. Today, I do not have access to that area (SSP 2037) and it is in a huge field of purple regions with a ton of green dots in SSP 2032. (I know the green dots can be fake, sneaky Lindens!) Any chance these are upcoming chalets?
  5. Yes, I bet you are right! It was reconstructed from the lighthouse that was on sale last week. I still want it, LOL.
  6. It's worth noting that the blades (which need to be separate to function) are another 9 LI. I plan to come by and grab this over the weekend; I remember lots of windmills associated with the Chalets and this might come in handy when they drop!
  7. I was excited to see Blackwood in the list as this is the last name I won at auction in December. I did not realize, when I bid in the auction, that the win came with a name change included so now my male alt finally has the name he used way back when in Game of Thrones roleplay.
  8. I would (will!) totally do that once my mesh skills allow! Looks great!
  9. I wondered if I should include photos, LOL, so here: BEFORE: and AFTER:
  10. One of my alts just landed a nice OL parcel on Jasper Beach and I fancy a Havana there so I made a little roof fix for it. I made it FP and am happy to give it to anyone who wants one. Please contact Leora Greenwood or QuillRiley Bellisserian inworld and they will send it to you. Oh, it is 2 LI.
  11. I have used this set many times in Houseboats and Stilts and found it very useful. Just be careful with your house pets; bad things can happen if you fold them while they are still wet:
  12. I have been asking myself that question! Before I ever had a Stilt, I thought of Santiago as my fave but, now, I have barely used that model and, since I seem to spend more time on decorating the outside than the inside, I am generally using Havana and Tortuga. As for the physical setting, I have always looked for OL but close to water, taken a few brief fliers on OW parcels and never had an appreciation for the OP parcels at all.
  13. OMG, thank you for the heads-up! I have just the spot that might work and, for $88, worth a try!!
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