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  1. Tuesday is traditionally region re-start day all across the grid so take deep breaths as needed on Tuesdays and wait till later. 🤗
  2. Go, Cat! Ya gotta love a woman who keeps her man in check. But, "before we went back home, we were trying to get picked up together. No luck today on that." No surprise there; I would be terrified too!! 🙀 🙀
  3. YES, highly recommended! Ask me how I know............. 😁
  4. So THAT is the gift Boopie! Brilliant!!
  5. Hahahahaa, Tern Style, LOLOLOLOL...................
  6. Thank you for mentioning that; I noticed it yesterday as well but thought it was just me...... and Tiggie, cuz when I float, poor Tiggie has to run continuously!
  7. If I could, I would! The Man did that all on his own, plus the vacuuming......... and, yeah, the ankles are not his most alluring bits..........
  8. I am so boring, just dance and listen to blues once my day winds down...........
  9. ROFL, that is an instant Fam Share!!
  10. With some non-adjustable seats, I can make an acceptable adjustment with using hover height. Have you tried that?
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