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  1. You should also check out the Gulls Wing Sailing Community http://www.gullswing.com/rentals.php (Disclosure: I rent half a homestead sim there.) They offer land, houses, boat slips, and commercial areas to rent. Oh, I forgot about events and community life: https://secondlife.com/destination/toby-s-juke-joint-blues-club for music and https://secondlife.com/destination/gulls-wing-sailing-club weekly sailing events and a bunch of themed events during the year.
  2. That was incredibly moving. Go find it? Here we go!
  3. hahahaha, at first I thought that said "Eat, Drink, Repent"!! Such a great job you did; beautiful home!
  4. Adorable and a great location! Love the solar panels too. The Houseboats are also abiding favorites of mine and very close to my heart.
  5. I am still totally in love with the Stilts! I have several alts in Stilts and I keep thinking, "Do I want to give one up to try for another theme again?" But, nope! Here is the home of my male alt on Bon Vivant; such a perfect location and sim name for a guy! This was claimed on December 26, 2020.
  6. Nice tribute/memorial to Ebbe Altberg too!
  7. hahahahahaha, my whole household is dancing!! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ
  8. I spend at least part of every day in GIMP, sometimes for SL stuff but mainly for newsletters, catalogs and a couple of websites I manage. I find the tutorials from Davies Media Design very helpful and he has a Udemy basics course that can be gotten for $19.99 US almost all the time.
  9. I was such a PSP-head back in the late 1990's, user group member, tutorials, message boards, it was a whole society then. I still tell my kids about downloading the annual updates at 5 minutes per meg over our dialup, basically start the download last thing at night, go to bed and pray for no internet interruptions overnight, LOL.
  10. I just love the puppy in his glasses reading on the porch! May I ask where he is from? I did a MP search but unsuccessfully.
  11. DJ Steph on deck; 70 at the Fairgrounds and a few folks next door on the airstrip.
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