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  1. Thank you so much for noting the Windlight used in the photo!
  2. Thank you, Fay and Nurturing! Yes, I have seen that one Log that can be rotated but it has not been a fave of mine.
  3. Not sure where to ask this, so here goes: I have had one Vic and two Log Homes in the past few weeks of playing GoH. The Logs frustrated me a bit as they seemed to only back onto the water (when I found one on water) but my current Vic has a nice front view of water. Are the Vics more likely to face water or is it just that they face the roads, as above, more than the Logs? Hope my question is making sense!
  4. It is adorable and beautifully placed! Love the wallpaper in the kitchen too!
  5. I may just be late to the party but I just now discovered Fayded's Bellisseria line of low LI furniture, both inworld and in the marketplace. These pieces in my alt's Shelley bathroom are a grand total of 4 LI. How great is that? Faye Blackheart has wonderful furniture for most rooms of our homes.
  6. Thanks! Would you believe I never knew you could buy windlights??
  7. Oh, sweet! I love that windlight too; may I ask what it is?
  8. Lovely, thank you! I added that store as a fave and I see they have other interesting textures for ! L. I love Unsplash too and use it for various websites.
  9. Wow to everything but especially the wallpaper/paneling in the bedroom. That is just stunning and unique; did you make that yourself?
  10. I saw two or three last night. Had beginner's luck, pumped up an old alt and snagged this lovely spot on Goosemere on my second try.
  11. What a great idea!!!! I am SOOOOO going to steal that! You are brilliant!
  12. Wow, that is so beautiful! I wanna visit and it makes me want to abandon my log home and go back to a Trad.
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