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  1. LOL, that camper might be the one I surrendered yesterday; hot sheets indeed. I just got the house I have been trying for, endless refreshing, you know... Thought I would try one last refresh before shutting my computer down for the night and bang!! A lovely lot, just looking around now and trying house types. Thank you to all of you folks on this forum; the information and support you provide to everyone is invaluable! And all of the fabulous creations so many of you come up with! Thanks again and again!!
  2. Hovering over molehills around Sandflea and neighboring sims. What does a big red outline around the sim mean as opposed to the big yellow outline? Inquiring minds want to know....
  3. Wow, that is fabulous! Now you have me thinking about abandoning my houseboat, you naughty thing!!!
  4. That is SO cute; may I ask where it is from??
  5. Your paddle steamer is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks so much for the pics!
  6. Lovely and ingenious!! I am coming to see that the biggest result of these new houses and houseboats is the explosion of creativity throughout Bellisseria!
  7. Thank you SO much for the great Bellisseria Flag Pack!!
  8. Wow, I am just lurking around on Heirlong and seem to have landed in Pride Circle and just LOOK at all the goodies set out here! Have I just been gone too long or is this new? Yummy!
  9. Wow, this is something to see! Tower room, gingerbread, spires, shutters, fancy fencing......... I am in awe, terrific work!!!
  10. That is JUST adorable!! I will plan a visit!
  11. Oooooooooooo, lovely! Please tell us which windlight setting that is or a bit about it if it is a new one you created?
  12. The second story is. If you go to the Mktplc (as I do daily, LOL) and search for "Linden houseboat" and sort by newest, it is near the top. The rooftop stairs and railing I made myself with fencing and stairs I had in inventory. Been through three iterations so far and I think I am settling with this one at 8 LI. Unfortunately the stairs are not full perm so I cannot sell or give it. One question: are we supposed to put marketplace links in these posts or not? I was uncertain so did not.
  13. Ah, thanks Moira and Sylvia; I had not thought that those items might be high in LI.
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