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  1. AND WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! Apple Fall store is closed to prepare for sale. Thu, Nov 26 2020 9:55:44 AM PST Hello everyone, We are closing the sim to get prepared for the sale. However, we are pleased to announce some information for you: - Everything will be L$50 each (fatpacks and gift cards will not be available). - There will be two regions. - The sale will be on Marketplace too (we are working fast to get this completely updated). - We will announce the end date at another time. The sale will begin tomorrow, and not before.
  2. Dust off your lindens and get ready to TP, tomorrow through Dec 4th!
  3. True, I have walked into trees on occasion but the view was worth it.
  4. That Trad in Sallie is becoming notorious, one of my alts had it twice. I did not get the pretty Stine lot but just snagged a nice beachy Trad on a cul-de-sac in Heirlong. Keep rolling, GoH-ers!!
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Winter-Holiday-Shells-GIFT/20812761 You are too good to us!!!
  6. Sweet! I love houseboats but am taking a bit of a break to explore Traditionals which I think are underappreciated. With all the add-ons available from our fabulous creators, I have had three Trads with three completely different looks. One random question/thought: when the Stilts open up, if we are hunting houseboats, we will not have any way on the land page to distinguish between HBs in the new Stilt areas and HBs in the older areas. Or will we?
  7. Re: premium memberships, I pay annually reasoning that the $99 price is offset by L$300 per week paid to me, bringing the price over the year down to a tad over $3 US per month. That's very affordable, like one cup of Starbucks.
  8. I take this as a sign: idly reloading the land page just now, mainly out of boredom, and a Trad popped up. I said WTF and clicked and here I am back in the region where I had my very first Bellisserian home (Leera). So, I guess I am meant to camp out here until the Stilts drop.
  9. Interesting sources; you guys are so much more aware than I am!
  10. Must be a sign of progress, yes? (fingers crossed)
  11. Totally red and if you click on them they show as "invalid location". And yeah, the "Hi" is gone. 14 offline now but no exclamation points, sadly... Using Firestorm.
  12. I see 16 or so of the new regions offline, fewer than before, but no idea what it means. Random restarts perhaps?
  13. I am sending back a long houseboat lot in Mando Coast in just a sec.
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