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  1. The perfect house is what drives me too and the Pickle island is my favourite. Next row has been named and looks kind of ripe The names do not yet show on the map but when you TP in ... SSPE189 = Parlouf SSPE190 = Deer Pass SSPE191 = Badger Beach SSPE192 = Chum
  2. For me it was not a boring afternoon but an absolutely thrilling and hectic evening. Went to bed at 1:45 am after having caught and abandoned lots of homes . I played two computers and five alts (including Leora herself) and made notes so I can tell what I found ... that will show a bit the chronological release.: Placid - Carden - Updock - Wilderness Point - Residentia (house) - Wilderness Point - Wheeler - Placid - Wolfingtonn - Huahuah (houseboat) - Rayburn - Decker - Floaton (houseboat) - Stllhouse - At the moment I own three campers and am determined to get rid of two of them today ... only difficult to decide which one to keep. All the camper regions seem to be filled with green dots. If they released region by region they did so smoothly for I have been offered campers fou many hours... I autorefreshed and put "Traditional" as seachword -- NONE but lots of campers so I guess everyone that wanted one now has one
  3. I am done for today - past midnight my time - and quite a successfull evening. There are still campers so I guess they'll last quite some time (I personally believe there are more of them then will be needed on the long run), several boats came my way but very little houses. I put "Traditional" in my autorefresh searchstring but no alarm ... wrong word? Good night and congratulations for all the happy new campers ... or camper- owners? ...
  4. Well it came as a shock! - No 24 hours warning as with the Squishy Pickle! But it worked out for me as I had hoped - Have a nice Trailerplot that I am going to keep for a few weeks. AND I managed to get a better houseboat in Uahuah (what a name!) and abandoned my old one. Caught one House but as I have reached a stage very near perfection in Axim already I turned that back into the pool right away.
  5. First when you said page was broken I tried ... it was Belliseria and no choice of a type . when you tried to take it error. About a minute later I tried again - no more Belliseria just Meadowbroke.
  6. Have they released ALL the campers - without Patch updating the thread? And they are ALL gone allready? I cannot believe that. Or is it just one region as a sort of test or something?
  7. I guess it is this way to make it difficult for autorefreshers ... if you search for "Bellisseria"
  8. It seems to be some kind of missunderstanding. I simply do not LIKE to learn new software. It doesn't fascinate me but simply annoys me ... at least at this present time and state of mind. Some decades ago I taught myself programming in Basic ... then abot ten years later I taught myself making websites just by typing them into txt files ... all without taking couses just learning by doing, by copying stuff, dissassembling it, changing and reassembling, took hours and hours and hours but just fascinated me. Was a kind od addiction. But just at the moment I feel kind of tired ... no motivation ... just as simple as that. Maybe some day that will be different again.
  9. In the Moles thread @sceneris posted a great video of the whole process ... you shouldn't miss that!
  10. The last time he really did. THIS was posted on May 14th 9:13 pm (you see the time when you click the date) The next one May 15th 6:52 PM (I guess these are MY times on MY computer so you can substract 9 hours for SLT) So the actual waring had been 22 hours ahead of the release. That is fair. So let's hope same procedure this time.
  11. Though it is very unpopular here to say anything against the process I cannot help but agreeing in this one point. When I buy theater tickets online and choose a certain place I would be VERY frustrated if at the point I am paying for them finally it says "sorry but they are no longer available" because someone else has been quicker. Same with hotel rooms. Because of the high demand they might just give you 5 or 10 seconds to decide whether you accept but at least a few seconds. By the way ... the NAMING can be done beforehand! (as reading the terms of course) .
  12. And @sceneris YOU did a darned good job too!! Awsome video!! I love it! I was hovering over Porthole and watched but too busy zooming in here and there and everywhere to have such a great view of the whole scene. Now I even realize that the yellow thingies I first saw around some trailers vanished during the process. Wonder what THAT might have been. In Open Sim I saw many regions arising (load OAR) but they never changed during it.
  13. Usually men do not care a lot how they look - at least in SL. His last one was very handsome too but an old system ava ... freeby or such (as he told us himself) ... so amidst all this hard work for the trailers he should have found time for THIS? *wonders* Often especially since meshtimes when it takes hours and hours of shopping, trying on demos and combining the best body with the best head and skin and eyes and hair and clothes ... when a man's avatar has a total makeover there is usually a woman busy in the background Well if so this woman did a darned good job!
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