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  1. I didn't ask (only) you but anyone using the Evening Star - including @Blush Bravin off course!
  2. One thing I do not like about the evening star is that you cannot get to the upper deck without just zooming and sitting on the chairs I put there. There is a ladder on the side of the houseboat. It even has a ladder- climbing animation. But when you sit on that you climb and end up hanging like a monkey on the ladder just a bit UNDER the upper deck without any elegant way to get ONTO that deck. Or did I just miss the trick to do it?
  3. Which boat do you use? This is the Evening Star with the Addon by @Blush Bravin I also tested the Barnacle with two different addons but then went back to the Evening Star. I think the biggest (for my taste only) advantage of houseboats over houses is that you can have this kind of swimming platform - instead of squeezing in a pool in the garden without being able to terraform it into the ground.
  4. Yesterday I spent hours to make a swimming platform for my "brother"s houseboat and equipping it with lots of lovely animations. Most of those - plus the board and ladder - I took out of the kidney pool by Pixel Mode which I had bought in the sale. That is the reason I cannot sell the platform on MP or even give it away for free (no trans). But I ivite everyone who feels like a good swim, or sunbathe or YOGA to enjoy : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea of Ruby/62/31/22 You cannot only lay in the sun, sit on the edge or dive (foreward backward or salto) , swim, tread water and float but also hang in the water, work your legs or whatever you could wish to do in a RL pool, plus on the board do YOGA. Feel free to enter the house and use it as if it where your's .... especially between 2pm and midnight SLT (when I sleep RL) PS: two of the animation Prims are invisible (one next to the fern and one between ladder and board - the best one) just move your mouse till you see a little chair. --- You can also sit on the deckchairs, read a book, have a glas of wine and enjoy the evening breeze - and the sound of the waves!
  5. Oh so suddenly the shop vanished? It isn't in the MP anymore. The owner still has a profile inworld and a landmark to his shop but one cannot TP there. Does anyone know the reason?
  6. I saw this toilettea couple of times- and I like it a lot! - who makes it?
  7. She said "... if that's just showcasing the home types that are already out " The ones that are allready OUT can be seen in all variations in Bellisseria.
  8. Why should they showcase these? Anyone can walk Bellisseria now - even lots of furnished open houses.
  9. Mine is another with privacy off. Why didn't you IM him? and if he didn't answer eject him and ban him?
  10. An afterthought: .... all this said, I personally started thinking it over and came to the conclusion that for now I will switch OFF my privacy. The neighbours I don't fancy have THEIR'S on, so I do not see them anyway and if I have mine on I cannot see people walking in the street either, so for the time being, while I decorate my home and am not usually making new outfits there, why not live without privacy? I'll see where that takes me! .... so really it wasn't such a bad dea of @Ruslana Koskinen to open this thread! Sometimes it needs a little push to start thinking NEW over things we made up our mind about.
  11. But with a bottle of wine on deck in the night a houseboat has it's charme too! Houseboat by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr Night_Deck by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr
  12. Not worry they won't! Even if one has (payd for!!) three or four premium alts they can hold as many houses or boats or whatsoever. If you want a new one you have to abandon one you have. Only with alts you abandon the least attractive - and keep one or two others. It is like climbing a ladder - you let go with ONE hand to reach higher - held by the other hand and two feet.
  13. I posted the link - just one page back in my text
  14. I don't trust my eyes!! How spitefull! I greatly enjoyed visiting that open house and getting ideas!! Are you a competitor of them??
  15. Though experimenting with a houseboat I must confess that on the long run I will prefer a house! I love the view from my balcony facing the sea! Balkony by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr FacingTheSea by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr
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