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  1. I bet one Linden $ against you! I am convinced all regions that are now to be seen in Belli ... plus some more till now in SSP ... will be filled with type 1 2 and 3 = traditionals, houseboats, campers little by little as time goes on. Regions numbered SSP3xx seen in this screenshot Only the NEW regions numbered SSP6xx south of what used to be Bellisseria will be type 4 ... 5?? ... 6??
  2. Well I should say definetely NOT more than 2 per day. These regions are just THERE ... there is land with a number where water has been till shortly. But they are not ready! Some seem halfway ready, others lack houses (just the green Lego- thingies) others lack landscaping or even terraforming. They can release no quicker than they are able to make them. And up to now none of the unnamed ones seem ready. I TPed around and didn't find out which are likely the nrext to be named.
  3. I would go for it ... if I didn't happen to HAVE one Blackwater allready! You would have been my next door neighbour! It's a lovely spot I think. But everyone has her taste!
  4. I DO hope that they do it like with the campers (and with Squishy Pickle!) ... one day lift the regions from the depth below into sight ... ... then WAIT and let us zoom around and get excited (while they do final checks) ... ... and at least 24 hours later start releasing them ..
  5. Just checked ... they have 65 !!!! Regions unnamed allready on the map! No problem for them to go on releasing an average of one per day only traditionals, houseboats and campers till aftter New Years Eve! ... well into 2020!! And no problem to add more that are allready on SSP! - without the new style! On the other hand ... if they release two per day ... only 33 more days to go ... But they have only THREE more named regions ... so today THIS is the choice : SSPE307 Lobster Bight SSPE323 Fish Tale SSPE325 Tinwhistle My bet is Lobster Bight
  6. That is exactly the reason why I am determined to have at least three premiums hunting! Don't need more than one Victorian ... if there are any ... but a GOOD one ... and maybe a better houseboat ... and .... *greedon*
  7. Goood that you reminded me!!! I was sort of naive and thought as soon as the Expo ends they will release the new type4 homes! I might have made a new premium alt right away. But now you reminded me I looked up my notes and ... Friday June 21st I had the first look of the new camoers on the SLB16 .... and then a long WAIT! ... while the normal dropwise per day releases continued!! ... but only on Monday 16th of September 08:00 SLT I watched the first regions full of campers arise from beneath the ground ... Leora_Watchduck by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr ... and was at the opening party with Patch and the moles ... and on Tuesday September 17th at 12:50 SLT my first alt caught her first camper!
  8. Just like me!! I just can't wait untill the Christmas Expo. If I like what I see (and Victorian would be my favourite) than I give up a sandhouse in Nicholasville - AND the really VERY nice camperlot in Decker with two sides to water ... ... PLUS I even might create another brandnew alt and make it premium for just one month! If not I'll take part in the coming rush quite relaxed with the one huntress-alt I use now.
  9. The house in Howling Pines I had abandoned about half an hour ago! No big fish for me today
  10. Piranhaconda Bay - that's what I thought! And I got one in Arrgh in the middle of the release!! All I can say to that is Arrgh!!!!
  11. Saw lots of BOATS! Caught one but THAT was an abandoned in Arrgh!! Abandoned it right away ... but have I missed a RELEASE?
  12. That is what I did! Found it here ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/hive/139/55/25
  13. That is just what I dreamt of and what I got .... finally ... after a LONG search and with LOTS of luck! ...... (and a little help of my friend)
  14. I tried to get the URL out of the marketplace bur at ... https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Honeycomb/71/213/31 they tell me I have no access to that destination!! Are they giving up theior store? Was that a closing sale and I missed it?
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