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  1. Last three releases have all taken place short after 3 PM SLT (my midnight) ... so maybe Fells Arboretum 6 hours from now?
  2. Did I miss anything or is really Thatch Lea last Tuesday at 3PM SLT the last region released? They seem to economize the space they have left.
  3. My Le Prince ... the one @Marianne Little had before me ... I abandoned 1,5 hours ago ... which is "earlier in the day" but not much earlier. Have had that for two or three days.
  4. All in vain! Since exactly 10:00 AM SLT I have been refreshing like mad ... saw a lot of loghimes, a Trad, even a houseboat but no Vic. After 13 Minute I decided to check inworld. The Vic had been taken .... 15 SECONDS past 10:00 !!!
  5. Sorry for that! The VIc in Knightely caught my eye and I thought it was in 20 minutes so I abandoned mine in 10 to be ready ... Then I caught the thing in Darnleigh two times in a row ... before I realized I was one hour tooo early. But if it was a Traditional you were after ... which one? I didn't see there was one announced.
  6. Do you mean me? I abandoned a Trad in Le Prince - the one @Garnet Psaltery announced was a Vic! But there is another Vic running around just now. Just caught it in Darnleigh and immediately abandoned again. I thought it was the one in Knightely ... but now I realize I was WRONG it is 9:00 AM SLT ... and one hour to go till Knightely!
  7. I will be releasing this Traditional in 15 Minutes at 8:50 AM SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Le Prince/28/50/29
  8. If I found the right addon it doesn't look half as good on the MP than on @victoriabeso s picture! She must be a talented photografer.
  9. Really great addon - I never sawe a house like that. Is it Wichester based? And a great colour too - looks like a mitish white - is it a shell or just the light effect?
  10. I caught it!! Will keep it for a while! Might abandon it tomorrow though or day after ....
  11. Its on the LP - and a Loghome aswell .... Now the Houseboat is gone but a Loghome and a Vic are available.
  12. As I announced yesterday I will abandon my houseboat in Sebek - at 8:00 AM SLT https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sebek/230/66/28
  13. Peculiar experience but I think I proved a theory: It was suggested that they only put an abandoned home into the LP when they have TWO of a kind available. Seems to be true (maybe not allways but if they get STUCK for some reason the second one pushes them out). I wanted that houseboat abandoned by @Nika Talaj and they kept it in Maintainace for nearly two and a half hours! My alt waited under water checking every other minute ... clicking at the LP ... nothing! I saw a Trad a Loghome a Vic pass by no houseboat ... then suddenly a houseboat... I clicked , got it ... and landed here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sebek/230/66/28 at the same moment a man appeared next to me under water !!! HE got the one I had been waiting for! That was it for today ... tomorrow I guess I will abandon Sebek HB but not right now!
  14. Just now a Vic and a Log on the LP The Houseboat is STILL in Maintainance!! Nearly 30 Minutes now! .... and in a jiffy ... all gone with the wind!
  15. I caught a Victorian! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peu Corner/64/84/0 Will abandon it at 9:00 AM SLT
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