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  1. That was the next on the OLD list. So they seem to finish that off before they start with the new one @Nika Talaj gave us. That would mean tomorrow Friday SSPE357 Leomund (last one on the old list) and on Monday they start with SSPE316 Quercus Alba from the new list.
  2. No male amongst them. I seem to remember your profile picture here in the forum was male till about two weeks ago. Do I remember that wrong?
  3. Well winning the lottery wold be not likely @Elena Core since I never play it. My only gamble is the "game of homes" ... And if you devide it by 12 I bet many people spend more than 60 $ a month for .... whatsoever sensless crap
  4. So for you this planned "Come as your alt!"- party will also be a "Newby stile challenge" - Do you remember? That used to be fun. Create an alt and dress her/him up nicely without spending mor than 100 L$ or so. On that occasion my youngest was born! (youngest premium - several years old - the basic I created about two weeks ago) Don't be a miser! Treat this poor hardworking alts to a few freebies!
  5. Sorry to have snatched it away from you but life goes up and down. Surely you get one on the neighbour region once it is named and then you have Victorian- neighbours on the other side (and I will NOT parttake in that race). "Sure it was you" - my alt looks very different from me but maybe you have seen her a few times on my "will abandon a house in xxx in yyy minute" photos. She was my last househopper alt! - Now I have only a brandnew basic alt left to at least LOOK into the landpage. My new dilemma is that I love ALL my homes and simply CANNOT decide which to let go! Should LL be able to lure me into spending 700 US$ in April to keep all of them premium? Clever Patch!!
  6. Would be technically impossible to "bring them all" - or can you open more that two viewer-windows? I sometimes logg in two alts together - they give each other things or some such - but three or more? Maybe it's possible with more than one computer - never tried.
  7. Great!!! We are neighbours I just found out ... at least your alt and my alt are! Ooops no I mistook your house for another one. You are three houses further down the street - changed it to an Addams didn't you?
  8. South Haven released! And I got EXACTLY the house I wanted! Was quite an adventure! I had camped there just in the garden of the house I wanted - like I did last time when I did not notice the "bing" and messed it up. This time I was in another room so either I did not hear them holler or it was just a "bing" again. Anyway when I came back grey screen "you have been logged out"! I started to refresh like mad ... got a Trad .. but in XXX (I forgot the name nothing interesting). I rushed inworld and abandoned it at once. Then started manually refreshing again ... a TRAD ... I took it ! and it turned out to be the exact house from where they had thrown me out! seems like a miracle!
  9. Just saw THREE on the page : camper, traditional and houseboat! Thought that might be a realease, tried to catch the trad .... but gone with the wind! Only campers again!
  10. Just caught a traditional in https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River Run/184/228/0 Will check it out and abandon it in 6 minutes at 9:45 am SLT Looks rather nice on the map - inside Pickle island next to water. PS Definetely a nice one! Will let go NOW ... in maintainance ...9:48 ...GONE 9:49 May he enjoy it! ... If I did not have Axim and Blackwater Shoals this would have been a keeper!
  11. It's a whole lovely island! I landed a traditional in Conger Reef there as a Christmas present. Definetely a keeper! Seems a lot of people active in this thread are assembling on this island ... or it's not quite so nice clone in the south with the black mountain.
  12. /me checks the next item on her list Next should be SSPE342 Franklin Hollow
  13. THAT is the right tool for me!! Just tried it! Worked to a marvel!
  14. The bad thing about it that you MAY make sure you ge ONE of the parcels of a special region by camping there and watching for restarts but you just have to roll the dice as to WHICH of the parcels you get. So was it with me in Silent Shore. I badly wanted one special house (maybe the neighbouring) but none of the others would have done. So I camped there for days ... and finally messed it up and got none. I had a bet with myself running: If I had gotten that special plot I would have given up the one in Blackwater Shoals I had wanted so badly, So it is just aswell! Can keep Blackwater for the time being.
  15. Well I did not look very long view. I thought you meant next to it.
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