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  1. Well an extremely handsome man with a long black beard in need of a female touch ... ... for a buch of women that is the same as for a knight "a damsel in distress" *giggles*
  2. If you need a womans touch I would volunteer! ... I mean I could help you to decorate if you want
  3. And I didnt even SEE it - or rather HEAR it. Started refreshing about 30 Minutes ago - just in case! ... seen nothing so far.
  4. I cannot google this so a stupid question by a non native English speaker: What the heck does this K inside a grey cloud mean?
  5. Where is it? Is it an abandoned one? Couldn't have been another region or could it?
  6. That is my impression too I do not want to take part in the ongoing argument but I often wonder how very low the tolerance level of some people is and why they do not choose to IGNORE things that are said and that they do not like (unless they are directed to them or critiziing them of course! I wouldn't ignore that either). But if people complain just let them complain - Don't feed the trolls!
  7. Was that an abandoned one? Or is Greenbow another region released today (means Friday)? Patch had said in Chat there wouldn't be anymore.
  8. Not really logical : however they are distributed - for every house that goes out there is SOMEONE who could yell "I've got one!!" If he does so in this forum - in this thread - that is another question.
  9. Yes I was confused ... allready corrected my post ... thought that he was talking about another Region in Bellisseria that was released right NOW *foolme* ... seems like a touch of Alzheimer!
  10. ohhh NOW I understand! I am so used to SL instead of RL that I thought Atlanta Georgia was another region in Bellisseria *lol* And NOW I understand why some regions are released at sa time that seems VERY early in SLT ... Patch is 3 hours ahead!
  11. Then we'll have to wait till Monday! On the other hand: free to watch TV, take a shower, go to bed early... a day off so to speak! *lol* ... and you can mow your lawn!
  12. Not bad! quite understandable ... as long as you don't tell them so! It was complained that "non- havers" mobbed and attacked the "havers" in the groups
  13. Well that tells you he is awake and started his day ... so a region MAY come soon.
  14. It was weird here too - I was on the hometrainer - my netbook next to me on a table calmly refreshing at 80 seconds - when I finished and looked at the netbook there it was: picture of a Belli-house - but no sound! I quickly clicked - and missed as allways! then I refreshed and got blocked!
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