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  1. The kitchen in Patchs photo looks medieval to me! (sort of - except the water tubs)
  2. I got myself the Lelutka Trees but they are heavy! Between 16 and 25 LI
  3. There are several region south of the American Cancer Society Region named Christmas this and Christmal that ... only one in the far south is named Christmas Expo ... THAT might be where the reveal takes place mighn't it?
  4. Straight from the horses moth .... or rather the mouses ... ...[05:26] Selina Brandenburg: Any news about the Stilts? ... [05:27] Patch Linden: No, have you heard anything? .... [05:27] Selina Brandenburg: No or I would not ask .... [05:27] Selina Brandenburg: So another day of WAITING .... [05:28] Patch Linden: Oh, I haven't heard either.... [05:28] Patch Linden: My best guess is it's going to be more than a days wait though ... [05:30] Patch Linden: The release will be so big, that I do not thing people will have an issue with getting a home like la
  5. Well now the Stilts are coming nearer they throw their pearls on the market again to get ready. I decided NOT to pick up any more stuff even if it lasts some more days. I have three VERY good Traditionals and a VERY good Victorian - all on the seashore and VERY unlikely to be topped - so Vic and Trad are done with. Loghomes and Campers are not for me so only a very good Houseboat (better than the one I have in Sandflea) could make me spend my tries. And when the stilts come there will be Houseboats too ... better than most of the old ones.
  6. In chat the new theme was mentioned ... [07:35] Patch Linden: Is not 'murican [07:35] мαddiє (maddie.zane): in terms of the homes...are we waiting for news on stilt homes and an additional new theme? [07:35] Patch Linden: Nor the continent but we knew that allready didn't we?
  7. So we may see the NEXT theme before we get the Stilts!
  8. Well it doesen't look good for today Patch just said in Belli Chat... [2020-11-30 06:52:30] Patch Linden: Yes, this week will be pretty aggressive with restarts, not related to anything we're doing with Linden Homes, but may also prevent us from doing anything with them also.
  9. I put an alt on watchpost and go about my business in RL. Every full hour I look what she sees or doen't yet see. As long as we cannot even zoom into the stilt regions or fly over them we will certainly not find them available at the landpage. Also she has the Belli- Chat open which I scan every full hour for the word "Patch" or "release" ... I must keep to that full hour for otherwise I tend to checking every five minutes or so PS: just now she got hollered at "... run for aborean ..." or so. Faraday has restarted so she fled home in terror.
  10. How long till we will see it? When is this XMas Expo starting?
  11. I have been foolish and bought one month of Premium for two of my basis- alts on the 15th because I was SO convinced they would release the stilts then! I have to blame myself for that. Noone (no Linden at least) had promised they would be. When they really ARE released maybe I have only some days left! - next time I will be more cautious and wait till the first new homes really show up on the LP before I invest in more Premium months.:(
  12. When Apple Fall had the last Sale with 50 each item I bought MASSES! Now I checked carefully and found that I have everything - only two more items I found and bought in the MP . Good feature there: newest first! As soon as I found things I HAD I could stop looking!
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