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  1. Oh. Figured it might just be a sales pitch to Premium Members with no land yet, as the other person said and you've verified. Or a rental listed in the for sale section. Would be cool if Linden had land that you buy it and you're done -- no extra monthly fees. I suppose if you pay linden the tier fees in advance for say ten years, then I'd buy the land lol It's a nice parcel, though.
  2. IM me if you want. We'll see if we click. if we do, great! If not, no big deal. I share your love of exploring and like meeting new people. As to voice, I can't stand it. I've heard everything from people chewing potato chips, to toilets flushing and babies crying in the background. Dude, I don't swim in your toilet, so don't piss in my ear! lolz
  3. Some of the parcels along the Great Wall of Second Life have an Asian theme to them if you like exploring the mainland.
  4. Cool, will have to check these out, try to think of unique spots I've seen.
  5. So many memories...but they're all gone. I think you guys win for still being around.
  6. Wait a sec, you can report neighbors if they've got so much crap all over the place that the sim can't render the nice quiet chateau you built before the region went to hell? I did not know that. Where is that function?
  7. I'm curious as to how this is your responsibility. I haven't gone over TOS with a fine-tooth comb, but it wouldn't make sense to hold land owners liable for TOS violations by visitors. Sure, if the land owner has adult stuff on G land, or things on adult land that are still TOS violations, then the land owner could get in trouble with the Lindens. But what if, as in your case, it's a regular old G sim, the parcel is G, everyone runs the place as G, and it's just a few idiots that keep stopping by to grief and violate TOS? The real-world analogy I'd make is that let's say a strip club is in a jurisdiction that states if they serve beer then the strippers have to leave their panties on and wear pasties on their nipples. Some of the strippers want better tips, and go full nude. That would be something the cops could bust them on and shut the club down. Same stripper gets drunk with her friends, walks into a Walmart, hears a song she's good at dancing to, and strips full nude before the cops show up. Is Walmart in trouble? So no, it's not Walmart's responsibility to make sure little Billy didn't see any boobies. That's for the cops to deal with if Walmart gives them a call. Same deal, you've done your part by filing the AR. The responsibility now lies with Linden. Yeah, it would be cool if you could just pick up the phone and get a live Customer Service Rep on the line, 24/7. Some companies do indeed have that level of support. I agree -- this should be the norm for all companies. That said, it's not a realistic thing to hope for, due to the costs involved. Linden Labs is one such company that would see a substantial hit to their bottom line were they to have such service. You'll just have to wait, and in the mean time hope that new visitors will mute and/or AR the griefers. Maybe build a wall between the landing point and where the griefers are, and put a sign on it advising folks not to talk to the griefers, appologizing for the temporary situation, and informing folks that Linden has been notified of the disturbance. Once Linden has removed the idiots, remove your wall. No, it's not the perfect 24/7 solution, but it handles the situation as best you can under the circumstances. Lot's of luck to you.
  8. Be careful that selling land back to yourself doesn't push you into the next tier -- you're no longer going to have the 10% m2 discount, and you might wind up having your tier fees jump up for the month.
  9. Worse is click on a group, and the Abandon Group button is right next to the button for getting info about the group. Why they are next to each other like that eludes me. Thank goodness for confirmation screens.
  10. WHAT?!?!? Oh. Oh, ho ho ho, ha ha NO. Pork sausage!
  11. Yep, I'm vegan. I only torture humans. *grin*
  12. And this week's award for Winner of the Internet goes to...
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