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  1. I'll look for you in game, but won't be playing until after the holiday.
  2. A place with stained glass windows, a ranger station, and renewable energy sources
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schoolhouse/181/62/68 So that means that THIS is...Schoolhouse Rock! Lolly, lolly lolly, get your cabins here! Lolly, lolly lolly, get your cabins here! 😄
  4. An inner shell so that you can paint things your own textures, not just pick one solid color. This shell should include a floor, so that you can teleport by clicking, as usual. The floor should extend to any outdoor stairs or porches as well, so that you can teleport.
  5. I've kept in touch with him. He told me amazingly few people laughed. Most acted like he wasn't even there. Then then was someone who instantly friended him, and another who booted and banned him from their place after about five seconds of him swerving off the road a bit and being on their parcel. I'll let him know he made one more person happy.
  6. That bike handles very well. Or maybe you are a good driver. I'd be crashing through people's windows lol
  7. I'm curious if a second house affects your prim count, and if so, by how much.
  8. Or enjoy the unique house you have. "It's not a bug, it's a feature" -- What we used to say way back in the days of The Sims Online
  9. A friend is releasing a home soon; I asked him to hold off until I could post about it. You're welcome lol It's in West Bellie - New Bigby Region, just 100 meters or so from the coast, and a few hundred more cto the Coastal Waters Air Strip and Boat Rez. There's an automobile rez zone at the other end of New Bigby. Not a good location if you like a lot of social action and a sense of community, but for those that like a closed door/get off my lawn lol/stay inside style of gameplay, or just want a quiet place to get away to, this is superb. It all depends on what you like. Oh, this is the place where one of the neighbors not only has a security orb, but a few people on the ban list -- including Governor Linden lol. There's also a little park/tree plaza nearby, and the house is at the end of a cul-de-sac/turn around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New Bigby/4/99/25 Expected Release Time (SLT/PST) 5:00 AM RELEASED
  10. Why only mountains? You've got a great opportunity here to create a multi-regional 30 meter high waterfall. Call 'em Notnagginya Falls lol
  11. In real life, many inland lakes have no run off to the ocean, nor are they all at sea level. And I like how that's reflected in Belliserria.
  12. Maybe it's just for April Fool's Day, but you might have some competition:
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