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  1. Sounds exciting! Are you looking for someone with actual real-world CSR experience, and hence offering a competitive wage in relation to real-world CSR positions, or is this a job with a wage that is more in line with similar Second Life jobs?
  2. So personal ethics aside ( I think we've exhausted the I wouldn't do that/I do that a lot debate), is squating a TOS violation? Or if someone has their land set to Object Build-Everyone, Object Return-Zero, and totally open Access, you can build to your heart's content?
  3. So agree with you Lynn. I've been in SL for 13 years now. The tech has evolved; The user-base has DE-evolved. It's no longer about finding new folks to explore a new video game with. I'll wait while the "IT'S NOT A GAME" people shriek at me, not realizing they're proving my point. Now it's about being a pixel-snob ("ew, your avi is so 2010. I only hang out with mesh-heads"), setting up a walled-in skybox (even though the view on the ground is stunning when the sun sets), putting security orbs all over the place to keep anyone but Kikki_QT_Pie and BigDaddyDom from coming on their precious little pixel-land (and of course set it to tp folks home after three seconds), and staying in their own little cliques. I'd say we're at the third wave at this point. The first Golden Age of SL, when folks were much friendlier, ended, but at least you could go to newbie places and make friends by being nice to the new players. Now we're in a third era, where even the new players won't talk to anyone. The fact that there are less and less folks means the next wave will be the final one, and the game will sunset like so many before it (Active Worlds, There, The Sims Online). By then, folks will have already migrated to Sansar. In the mean time, feel free to contact me in world. I'm bored, too, but want to enjoy SL while it's still here.
  4. While we don't have profiles pinned to our clothes when we first meet people, we also don't begin conversations with strangers by whispering in their ears. I even state that in my profile, and that I prefer local chat that involves the entire group present before someone pulls me away for a side conversation. To those that persist, I just keep saying "read my profile". In extreme cases, I send them a pre-written notecard that goes into more detail about why I feel this way, as well as how their refusal to read my profile and honor my wishes proves they are precisely exhibiting the type of rude behavior I intend to avoid in this game, hence they've lost the opportunity at whatever they wanted from me (usually free sex, on their terms). The notecard is even titled "Canned Response FAQ", because if they can't be bothered with reading my profile, why should I be bothered with holding up my end of a conversation? Not that "hey", "hey bb", or "a/s/l" are actual conversations. It's often entertaining when they realize they've contacted a strong, confident and dominant woman and STILL think I'd be interested in submitting to them, and for free. The ego trips are incredible. That said, every so often someone WILL read the profile, be a gentleman, and a friendship will ensue. I also don't mind when new players IM me -- they're new and trying to figure the game out, and perhaps they DID read my profile and saw the part about my commitment to help new players. So I'll try to build community with them and let the IM thing slide. But under normal circumstanced, I can't stand it. I miss the days when folks used to have multi-user conversations in local chat, as well as games that pre-date SL where that was the standard way of communicating.
  5. Beautiful area, been exploring around there, wondering what continent this is considered.
  6. That's just me, though. I'm easily distr
  7. To clarify, you don't get to buy a whole bunch of 1024's. Tier isn't based on the size of the parcel you buy, but on the total amount of land you own. A premium member (which you'll need to be regardless of how much land you own, even if it's a Linden Home) can subtract 1024 from their total land usage to determine their tier. Own 1024 or less land, and there's no tier. You can also boost your tier allowance by 10% if it's group land. Be very careful allocating land to groups or even when just buying for yourself. It's easy to miscalculate things and wind up popping into a higher tier. They do let you know, but if you don't read it carefully and just click the yeah I wanna buy it buy it buy it button lol...well, speaking from first experience, oh crap I owe Linden an extra wad of cash this month. That said, there's nothing like the excitement of owning your first piece of land. Enjoy!
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sharman/224/237/21 Keep it like it is, raise the terrain to make a hill, or get creative with the edit terrain tool and make cliffs and a river. We had fun with this place, you will too. Diagonal from a rez zone. Asking Li$12,500 (3.1/m2).
  9. Ah, waiting for clothes to rez. Always fun when some prude with a slow draw time starts yelling at fully clothed people for being nude on their computer lol
  10. There was. I owned it. I'd started out trying to make a giant robot avatar for the lolz, but I couldn't get the attachments correct. Instead of abandoning the project, I turned it into art, with these giant rotating robots as a commentary on social media and virtual worlds (because these faceless robots have their "faces" turn towards each other so briefly; They appear together, but are actually in isolation). But where the heck to put such giant art? Sure, I had land, and prims, but giant robots you can see from a region away didn't quit fit the theme of any of my places lol So I put a bid in on some Linden Land, won the auction, and realized I had a ton of prims available after putting the robots down. I decided I wasn't just going to have this one display, or even just a museum of my own art: I'd let folks build and display their own art. Heck, since I liked hanging out at newbie places to welcome new players to the game, I'd always wanted to offer free housing to new folks if I ever had the spare land. Now I did. I set up a group, had some help from a few friends, and listed the place in Search for $30L/week (See the About Land - Options tab in most viewers). Not a lot of folks stopped by, but the few that did either wanted to use the sandbox area, or squat in a special area I 'd set up for that. Eventually I found a bigger and better parcel to expand the museum as I developed more art, plus a few things from my friends. The sandboxers never cleaned up after themselves, and would just unpack sex stuff and then leave the boxes behind. That got to be annoying to clean up. The squaters were very inexperienced to SL, and I realized my letting them squat there was adding to that. I'd wanted the place to be a temp place for folks to have a place to live in before they find a rental or go premium. It was never meant to be permanent housing. They were there for over a year, and rarely left the parcel. So they never learned not to accept random objects from people they don't know. Over a dozen years in the game and I'd never been griefed -- until now. Those squaters opened something that replicated itself all over the place, playing obnoxious music, then IM'd me frantically for help. I told them OK, I'm moving the museum anyhow, want this old parcel to be a homeless shelter/newbie welcome center, I'm gonna just clear the parcel and then start building a shelter. Don't build in the shelter, put your homes back in the sky like before. I never finished that build. The squaters, new squaters, people unpacking garbage...ugh! So many folks had littered the place in just half a day between my logins that I would have had to clear all their stuff out of my building and start over. I called it quits, told them it's been a great time hosting them, but I just can't keep doing this. I reset the land to not allow builds for everyone. People still came by and yelled at me, like it was their land, so for the first time in a dozen years I had to put up ban lines. My new museum parcel doesn't have build-everyone. You've got to be in my Featured Artist group to have an exhibit. I did, however, still subdivide the parcel so that one area COULD be build-everyone. As before, no one bothered to display their art, but no one seemed to be using the sandbox either because it was only 1024 m2. The ground floor, by a beach, I designated as a spot for folks to put up memorials to loved ones, as I'd heard of folks helping others heal from loss by setting up SL graveyards and such. Silly me, to try to do something nice like that. Somebody hogged the whole area, setting up their own beach house, with a locked door (HA! It's my land and I have it set to tp anywhere and my viewer set to tp on double-click!) trying to keep even me the owner out. Plus, they had sex stuff, and this particular region happens to be General. Yeah, return objects lol No more letting folks build on my land. Two and a half years of letting folks use my land, very few bothered to say thanks. Still, if I've got land I'm not using, and getting rid of it still won't pop me to the next lower tier, I might set up that shelter. But I'd wanna run it right, and there are others like The Shelter and NCI already filling that need. Well, in the mean time, I do have a place next to the Linden Waterways that is a crucial corner to turn around that I've turned into a publicly-accessible boat rez zone. But I've got a decent return time, so no squater or trash-leaver issues.
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