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  1. I have a strange feeling I've been there before...
  2. Look closely at the slats behind the umbrella. In the first picture, they don't show; In the second picture, they do.
  3. Plus at this point I don't even remember precisely where it was. I was just wandering, and only took a pic, not a landmark, before heading home.
  4. It didn't appear to be method #1, so might be method #2. Either way, I'm not reporting it, as technically it's not out of theme. Nor is it blocking passage on the road. Nor do I live nearby, nor do I use a viewer that lacks derendering capability. Nor am I on the Linden Labs payroll and managing parcels is part of my job. I'm just fascinated by how this is being done.
  5. More graffiti. I'm not bothered by it. But I'm baffled at how they're pulling this off. It's a fun puzzle to try to solve.
  6. To own land on the Mainland, you'd need to go Premium. One of the perks of Premium is a free Linden Home, which would be located in Bellisseria. Even if you never go Premium, never even rent a parcel let alone own one, anywhere, you can still use one of the many rez zones the Lindens have set up in Bellisseria. Welcome back to Second Life! 🙂
  7. I do own several different parcels, because I like the variety. I like land that is unique in some way, such as a spot by the Great Wall, another by that Linden road that goes into an underwater tube when it encounters a lake, and a spot on part of one of the highest mountains in the game. I've also got snow land that overlooks a valley road and river, a tiny plot near one of my favorite LDPW spots, and some land adjacent to the Cirue-du-Whateveritscalled on Corsica, including one of those ancient videophones across the street. I used to rent a place in Bay City, but couldn't figure out wha
  8. Great boat rez area for sailing around a Linden oil rig and one of the tallest mountains in Second Life.
  9. Found it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mujoul/19/4/76 The land across the street is for sale, cheap. I thought about buying it, but then I know it would always feel like the neighbors are watching me.
  10. Find an area with lots of abandoned land. Then buy some and turn it into a farm.
  11. This sounds like something to contact LL about.
  12. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt lol I forget where it is, other than that it's on a GTFO route. It's a tribute to the creator of ban lines lol
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