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  1. Activity due I predict, (not going to use the S word often associated with this prediction!)
  2. In my last post I constrained to keep the proportion and sized them at 800px width
  3. Thanks - I personally construe tip jars as commercial as you are receiving money from others on your land I just did not see any mention of donations or tips specifically in the covenant as is.
  4. I just saw a tip jar placed out when flying around Bellisseria - accepting lindens - it was a Halloween themed house. It all seems innocent enough to the decorator I am sure but to my mind the placing out of a tip jar, (donations), is commercial activity - can someone clarify?
  5. Thank you! (whispers) I am in the middle of designing some all in one camper gardens and camper interiors for the MP ...
  6. I am going to push a nice abandon back into the queue of Fantasy - I got it as it was being released purely by chance right place right time - it is a fabulous location but I am dropping the alt who tried for homes in this theme...it is going in at half past this hour around ten mins or so http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covendale/41/169/35
  7. Going to let this stilt OW out in a few mins - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pirate Perch/20/140/0
  8. I had no idea that the garden area at Apple Fall still existed within the new store setup and only just realised that I had somehow blocked the ability to visit the outlet a few weeks ago. It has been a good few years that I've missed - I think I picked up everything in that outlet! Also I went crazy on the Trompe caravans, incredibly well made but I basically cut them up and put the furnishings inside my linden campers....
  9. Thank you so much - wow stickers are always appreciated! I often land in regions for sale and wish I could afford one just to see what I could do with it - I have learnt mainly from other neighbours in different estates and following other designers and decorators. My blog / Flickr has details of the other non linden parcel where I am practising terraforming and landscaping and can explore seasonal changes the closest I will get to a region for some time!
  10. Been experimenting with no nearby water campers - this time at a cosy little nook in Carumba...current progress...
  11. In RL I use a one piece recurve and have traditional targets only and I like to keep it the same in SL - there is a great range I use in Rosehaven called Velde's Rustic Archery range and I use a basic scripted target in my garden, (AccuTarget by DVE). I use an ED Skymaster bow and quiver in the Winter design. An amazing bow!
  12. Decorating Exploring & Photography Archery - (would love an official range set up somewhere) Riding the Rails Sailing Edit : for me passports and collecting stamps etc are a bit too much like RL a bit regulated so although I appreciate all the effort going into that area I don't tend to take part in it
  13. Welcoming in the early September mornings...
  14. Shadowfax! I got my references mixed up at first I was all expecting to be pulling horses out of the mud here and then I remembered that Shadowfax wasn’t Atreyu’s horse
  15. This front garden! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tamash/165/221/22
  16. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xitalu/112/200/29 THIS back yard!
  17. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Farspire/45/121/23 I love this for the facing the big pond, the fantasy island with boat rez outside.
  18. Maybe the clues lie here...? I can see stilts, lighthouses, surfing waves, a sort of storm over some sharks and is that Saturn or a UFO?!!! Also what is that face behind the cloud? I found these on a boat bar in the stilt region apologies if late to the party I have not explored the regions much until recently...
  19. Congratulations on all the creative works @PrudenceAnton it is all encompassing keeping SL communities and blogs - your enthusiasm will be missed!
  20. This might be a good time to mention that no matter which windlight you use you may also find toggling with the exposure useful as many photos taken within SL come out dark and opening things up a tiny bit with an exposure tool can help
  21. I think a few people are rooting for futuristic - space or skyhomes - this would make a good 512 but I see what you mean about the super tall thing. Perhaps those treehomes will appear after all!
  22. I think Modern style next as it seems the most wanted. And then I look for one more 512 theme but I don't know how hopeful I should be about that!
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