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  1. Just being alive and well with all my loved ones, and for being able to gracefully (sometimes comically) roll with the punches this pandemic has put us through.
  2. Tralala Diner if you are into a grittier, more decrepit and post-apocalyptic Kowloon rooftop slums meets Shinjuku Piss Alley vibes. One of the most painstakingly and audio-visually provocative builds I have ever been to. If you listen closely you can hear the sound of shamisen playing amidst downpour and ominous ambient noises very reminiscent of bustling Chinatown or Hong Kong while incessant biohazard warnings conjure an impending sense of doom ...
  3. East meets West in Little World + Voodoo Land ( Off Topic: The latter is also home of Vegas Tattoo, one of the best tattoo stores on SL in my humble opinion )
  4. My husband and I may just have found the best vehicle for touring Bellisseria! If you see us driving around you are more than welcome to hop aboard ... that is, if you do not mind sitting with THEM: We actually picked up an extra “passenger” on Millbank; it was sooo lovely to meet you Rachel Stardust — sorry if your head did not rez on our viewers but that only made it look cooler LOL I love Millbank, I wish it stays all year round.
  5. Off topic but I sneaked into your unoccupied rentals including the Lakeview District homes and I am impressed by your interior design! Do you by any chance take projects outside your sim? 😉
  6. OK so I take back what I said about Maitreya being my body forever ...
  7. I also miss Sweetaholic and +grasp+ for their kimonos and urban Japanese-inspired clothing when it was still a niche kind of look. They were the “Neo Japan” 10 years ago. I think their marketplace store is still open.
  8. Eshi Otawara Back in 2010 when I dabbled in the SL fetish scene and role-played “domme” (snickers) I wanted to deviate from the run-of-the-mill leather-clad dominatrix look and be as majestic and outlandishly glamorous as I could be so I wore her gowns almost every day. Eshi was one of my idols from SL, truly phenomenal and an artist like no other. Her fashion inspired me to take an extreme avant-garde route. I was saddened when I regained my account earlier this year after an 8-year-hiatus to discover that her shop no longer exists ...
  9. OMFG congratulations to the next owners! The location is such a dream! I could have abandoned my home for this if only I did not start furnishing and landscaping it.
  10. @usagiharaThat looks so lovely, thank you for sharing! I tried to do something similar. Here is my attempt, still a diamond in the rough: I wanted to make the room smaller because I am an extremely petite avatar and the vast space was kinda exacerbating my agoraphobic tendencies. I divided the room disproportionately which was perfect because I intend to use the narrower half as a bathroom and the limited space leaves me with only enough room for a small tub, sink, and toilet. That also discourages me from going over-the-top with unnecessary prims.
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