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  1. File a support ticket, if you can no longer access the email associated with the avatar they will ask you security questions to confirm that you are the account holder and they can reset your password that way. Did this for 2 of my older accounts, got them back in less than 24 hours.
  2. My husband and I go on SL together to travel virtually now that we are coping with RL travel restrictions so we have been to a lot of lovely and not-so-common date places and I want to recommend so many but here is one off the back of my head right now: The Rainforest Reserve Fifteen (yes, FIFTEEN!!!) regions of the rainforest and some of the most beautiful in Second Life. You need at least half day for this. So much exploring to do and there is an abundance of exciting recreational NON ADULT opportunities in the area that you can share with your special someone, or just your friends.
  3. Maybe the fairies were having wild and reckless sex on the OP’s keyboard and now they are having post-coital cigarettes on top of CAPSLOCK?
  4. Two of my favorite old songs in one! I get so ecstatic every time DJs play something like this mashup:
  5. I hate those bridges too! Attempted several times to “FLY OVER” to the other side, but fail! 😕
  6. Some excellent recommendations here, thank you! I am East Asian but I also have an avatar for other ethnicities (one representative for each country in Miss Universe lol) and some stores I discovered through this thread (Analog Dog, No Match) have been incredibly helpful for my African, Pacific Islander, and Hapa beauty queens. It is not an image I specialize in so this was awesome. Diversity FTW! EDITED to include my contributions: One of my favorite creators, wattanatagun of BOATAOM (deserves more recognition IMO), specializes in high quality non-Caucasian skins, especially South Asian f
  7. Never cared for it. Voice is disabled, but I sometimes enjoy hearing the DJ talk and engage with listeners when I am listening to their stream at events. Bad part is when some stranger was trying to talk to me via voice and then later I get a barrage of irate IMs saying I am rude and I think I am all that for ignoring them. Pleeeaaassseee!
  8. First 1500 days: play dress up, copy-paste emotes while pole dancing in front of that nekkid guy with the whispering Xcite cawk to raise funds for shopping addiction, go shopping, then repeat the cycle 3000 days later: resist weekend sales, play Game of Homes, waste that L$300 stipend on an item that looks identical to many things in my inventory, impulsively buy furniture that are oh-so-pretty but also oh-so-primmy and will not use for more than 1 day, derez said items and abandon home, then repeat the cycle
  9. Wish more creators would bring back FLEXI HAIR! I miss having hair that moves and swishes as I sway my hips in my 2010 AO strut. Speaking of outdated AOs, I am not peeved about that one standing animation where I look like I am trying to bend over and reach my toes or pick up chewing gum from underneath my heels. Vista called it Sensual Woman for a reason!
  10. Sorry to contribute nothing new, but everything you said is 100% spot-on! Ditto! Private estates make me feel like an earthbound spirit who is imprisoned in an inaccessible dimension like the deceased couple in Beetlejuice; beautifully landscaped but desolate, no world to explore beyond illusory sim surrounds. I love mainland because I love being a part of the vast world that drew me to SL in the first place. The interconnectedness, the diversity, a world that is only limited by your imagination (or graphics card XP) and being a witness to other residents’ inner worlds made manifest through
  11. So are you people ready to lose all your lindens (and composure) this weekend?! This 2BR KraftWork house is only 75L; good for a small family like mine. Not particularly looking for a home now but who knows, we might move into some countryside estate soon: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KraftWork/246/149/21 60L pool set from Your Dreams; very pretty but the LI is somewhat discouraging: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cleantha/210/135/23 ( not something I would pay for full price, so I bought it immediately lol )
  12. What your man sees during missionary ... https://img.ifunny.co/videos/5467639d6881b3662d9a6385bc6f6c359aeb832107d9c4b0d0cf5b8ebcb5817f_1.mp4
  13. LA CROISETTE has expanded! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shamrock/130/193/92 Apartments in the original complex are all taken, expect one (Apt 3) as of writing. 4 new lofts available; unfurnished (may be furnished upon request); comes with 2 bedrooms 2 bath/closet, very spacious, balcony with a spectacular view of the sea. Each unit comes with parking and access to the dock so you can sail navigable waters. There is also a car rezzer nearby so you can enjoy driving around Sansara. Available with 350 prims L$1200 per week Each unit is equipped with CasperSafe
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