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  1. You are not alone. They remind me of Wednesday Addams.
  2. Motoko Moonwall, one of the most active builders of the Abyss Observatory in Sansara. A brilliant creator, and the first and only ball-jointed doll friend I ever had. I miss their humor and energy. You can visit their memorial and read their last words in English near the cafe in the sim. I consider the observatory as one of the greatest treasures of the Old Continent.
  3. Strolling with a very dear friend in the Outer Garden only a few hours before it closed on May 31st. The place is so magical even an unedited photo looks straight out of a dream, but now it feels bittersweet. I loved spending time here since it opened in 2015. So many memories, most of the time by myself, but many were shared with friends too, most of whom are no longer in SL. One of my biggest regrets was that I did not like to take snapshots back then...
  4. Hate to be the bearer of sad and terribly late news (I took a break from SL social media) but I just wanted to inform everyone that The Outer Garden, one of the dreamiest and most whimsical landscape regions on the grid, closed on May 31. The owner had to close the region due to exposure to COVID and other RL troubles. Cherish each moment you have in-world and take as many photographs as you can in SecondLife, someday that is all we will have of people and places in this wonderland...
  5. I was looking for a nice catchy Bollywood mashup remix for our modern belly dance workout routine this weekend so I found this and I cannot get it out of my head:
  6. When I read the title I thought it was going to be about literal body glow and full bright (gasp) avatar components. Then I learned the meaning of “glow up,” silly me. Hey there, welcome to the forum! You may post your glow-up here:
  7. I would like to invite you all to @Yukiko Yeshto’s mainland tour today at 9:00 a.m. SLT The locations are all within my neighborhood and I am quite proud of my beloved homeland. There will be so much beautiful scenery to explore and fun activities to do that you might have to come back another time for more. The lovely folks at Moorcroft are even preparing a little roleplay to welcome tourists. Hope to meet you all there! p.s. If you have your own aircraft, you can land at the new Cannes Airport and I can come pick you up so we can explore together^^
  8. First time I went there Becca ran towards me it creeped me out I hurried back to my car lol
  9. “Oops sorry outdated landmark!” says the apparition that manifested itself in the middle of your bathroom while you sit in the toilet, totally bewildered. Scary!
  10. Yay! It would be impossible to miss the tour this time, we just live around the block from the new Cannes airport lol Welcome to my homeland haha! So excited for Saturday!^^
  11. This was what I thought too, or maybe it was the other way around and somebody made an error in the romanization? Only Jack Linden will know. It is very interesting to uncover the story behind the continent and region names.
  12. People will be married and divorced and remarried every week, or every other day. Only $10 for the marriage and $25 for the divorce.
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