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  1. Gooseberry Estates have regular events and tons of homes to choose from in the rezzer on the parcels. There are things like movie nights, yard sales and playdates for families Each home has water views. Not an advert just an honest recommendation from having given it a whirl recently. .
  2. Houseboat in Pearlcoast is done - a small coffee house open to all featuring a couple of free gifts, (touch to accept), and a slideshow of RL photography that I am adding to bit by bit. It is the same format and slideshow I used at the Cabinet of Curiosities but with different images and gift items. More photos here: https://chloeinwonderland.com/2021/06/18/chloes-coffee-house-boat-bellisseria-houseboat-linden-home-decor/ And visit here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearlcoast/78/183/22 (I previously started this at a boat in Deno at the top of Bellisseria but then so
  3. I love the Elven look of the whole place but I don't think I could stay there too long, (like they say, don't tarry too long and don't eat the food!) - I bet I get at least one for decorating though...they do appeal to my addiction and vanity enough!
  4. Thanks - I think that simple panels that can be resized to fit a space are the most versatile decorating thing
  5. I am using pink flowers in my coffee house, (it's a WIP but here is a little look)... I am never sure about pink to start with...
  6. Can't say I've kept many homes longer than a month or two but the two favourites are the first boat I caught in Seal Point release, (my first public abandon and also this was my first public abandon photo!), and the home I got just after that boat in Light of Aurelia release which I abandoned on a weekend in August 2019 I think it was and there were a lot of avatars on the parcel. I think it is still with the person who caught it.
  7. You do not need tons of money and an alt army to pass a home between accounts. One alt, maybe two. I pass abandons between my main and alt account a lot, quietly, privately for the most part unless my information is passed onto other GOH players without my consent as I have found has happened. If you only have an alt account for a month it is not that much of an expensive leap to make. And if you use that rule of two which surely everyone knows about by now and choose a quiet time then unless you do want to hoard many places you can get yourself a spot you deem suitable in a short space of tim
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woodchuck/140/180/52 - caught this yesterday will be letting go now...
  9. I let that out I think it is a prime spot!
  10. Inspired by the vehicle decorating I decided to start custom decor inside things I drive, sail and fly around Bellisseria - this is a WIP - more photos here: https://chloeinwonderland.com/2021/06/04/having-fun-in-bellisseria-victorian-regions-custom-vehicle-design-decor/
  11. This is what I think - kind of like a yurt ...
  12. I love that you have dolls houses I have the same kind of doll house collection wall in my non linden home
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