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  1. You can often see multiple green dots up in the SSP regions (I'm convinced they are working on the new theme😁). But I am a bit puzzled as to why so many different theme areas seem unfinished i.e. unreleased or unfinished coastlines. I'm not complaining, just curious about it. There are a fair number of them in the log, stilt and chalet areas. (I'm not including the Fantasy regions as they appear to be queued for release as needed). I do think it was good to get the themes released as soon as possible though even if not fully finished, as more choice is preferable.
  2. Thanks!:) I like the fact that it has some activity animations, so I might give it a try:)
  3. Is it Mod? Can the umbrella be unlinked from the table?
  4. Saw these crystals in the 35L Sunday list - lovely for Fantasy homes (there is actually quite a lot of stuff at Simply Shelby that would fit in the Fantasy theme):
  5. Yeah, that's one thing that stands out me about this theme, so many of the homes have what I consider to be 'desireable locations' moreso than I think any other theme so far. If I wanted a house there I think I could be satisfied really easily:)
  6. Yes, they have. It'll be in a post somewhere or an interview, but I do remember them saying that the intention was to totally get rid of the old homes when they have enough of the new homes to move people over (this has been mentioned by a number of users in a variety of posts back as early as 2019, not just by me). The old regions will be gone. They didn't lay out a clear plan as to exactly how that would be done, but did suggest that everyone would be notified in the old homes somehow. Now whether or not that has changed I don't know. I doubt it though.
  7. In all my years in SL I've never been to Horizons, so thought I'd take a quick look. It's kinda cute. I think some of the Linden built sci-fi homes could work nicely for homes (updated versions of course) like this one for example...it's on a 1024 plot and because it's above ground gives a bit of room for a garden or other outdoor decor . The inside doesn't actually feel as cramped as I thought it wouild, you could get quite a bit of furniture in it or even divide up the space. But I think it would be nicer with bigger windows, ceiling to floor length or something like, or just more windows all around.
  8. Awww, I missed it:( I love wearable vehicles.
  9. These cars are so cute, can I ask where they are from please?
  10. Thanks for the info Prokofy. The original goal for LL was to replace 38,000 old homes. I've linked to an old short interview with Patch Linden which is still interesting to read, and where he quotes this number. Each of the new regions has at a maximum 24/25 homes (a Mole did confirm this in one of the old threads), so using a figure of 20 does give a good guess of how many new homes there are considering some regions have less than the max due to coastlines, park areas, canals etc. If we are including the empty water regions such as those around Bellisseria Fairgrounds then it could be less I guess. So at approximately 32,000 it seems like their are getting close to the original estimated number needed, but because of the (I think unexpected) popularity they are going to need quite a lot more, plus some spare for growth, in order to be able to shut the old home areas. The log release was nearly 5,000 (see the Homes Update sticky post), so if we use that as a rough guide to further releases (since I don't know the numbers of homes released for other themes, some of which were added to later), then we could expect to see about 10,000 more homes over the next two theme releases, giving a total of approximately 42,000 homes. I'm sure LL have revised their original target number by now considering the popularity and will probably provide more than that, so these are just guesses going on past data which may be erroneous now. Just speculating for fun:) https://thebellisserian.wixsite.com/editionone
  11. I personally think the Fantasy theme is a good one to have. I don't want one myself but I do understand the appeal. We need fantasy as well as realistic in Second Life:) Of course we haven't have the final two themes yet, so they may provide some themes that will help cater to an even wider range of tastes than all the ones released so far. I think it's great that they are making the themes with open plan options as it gives flexibility for those who do like the open plan style of Meadowbrook, and will make them more appealling in that respect.
  12. I think maybe yes, but in terms of specific themes no - No houseboats or Stilts on Piers there. They need to make more:) It's definately at the point where no-one needs to be homeless any more. It's possible that as more people get to know about Bellisseria (not everyone does), and when residents finally have to leave the old homes, that it could get to being nearly sold out. It would be good if they build more than is the actual demand to allow room for future resident growth (which I'm sure they would). I wonder how many homes have been built now, I lost track ages ago:)
  13. I doubt very much they are leaving it like this. They've said that their process of building is to create and finish the regions building outwards i.e. add the coastline last (it wasn't originally how they did it but they changed the process). This was mentioned either in some Meet the Linden interview or in the Building Belliseria slides (not sure which version there have been two lots shown).
  14. My guess is that they will add more houseboats to the north of the Stilts (as they have done below there). They would have to move quite a lot of regions if building north of the stilts, but there are only a handful south they'd have to move, so I'd put money on the remaining two themes being south of the stilts and east of log land, or south east'sih of the Chalets.
  15. This is why I got more organised with inventory:) Now as soon as I purchase something it gets moved to the correct folder category I set up so I can find things. Takes a bit of time, and I still have so much more to do!
  16. When the home first came out I thought it would be a nice idea to have space or futuristic, but I'm not so sure they would go with that now. Seems a bit too niche in some ways, I'm not sure how many Premium holders would really want that. They need to make homes that will have a more broad appeal one way or other, and I'm not so sure futuristic or space/sci-fi does. I can't imagine what the landscaping would be like...
  17. I think it would be nice for users to have another 512 option, to meet the needs of those users who aren't too bothered about having a larger parcel and who want to be able to get some mainland too. A more standard kind of home might be good, rather than a more niche style like campers. Maybe something taller rather than wide so as not to fill the whole plot with the home, and open plan so it doesn't feel cramped inside. However I doubt that's what's coming. Not the prettiest of designs but kinda shows what I mean:
  18. I think if they do a Asian theme they will probably design it to be flexible in style for users, i.e. not too specific, in the same way they approached Fantasy so that users could use the homes and decorate them to meet a variety of fantasy themes. It's interesting to wonder about how the next theme will fit on the map also - will it be a stand alone continent like the Fantasy regions, or be a transitions as we see with the other land homes - perhaps from the stilt, log or chalet home areas since that's where the largest spaces on the map are now.
  19. Is it too early to start this thread lol? Well someone has to😁. So what do you think LL and the Moles have planned for us next? There are speculations about an Asian theme and maybe an updated version of a Meadbrook. There are only 2 themes left I believe to complete. My vote is that there is most likely to be something Asian influenced since Patch has suggested they will pay homage to the old themes. But also, I think it will need to be a style that can be found in America, since they seem have taken their inspiration from home styles that can be found there, even if the style originated outside the US. Take the Chalets for example, we learned through chat and the forum (somewhere) that they visited some place in Georgia (?) which had a german themed town. And if you look at the other builds they are all styles that can be found in the US.
  20. Thanks for the reminder about Trompe Loeil, they have some interesting modern looking builds that illustrated how a modern homes could work on water:) Like this one for example: It's called a beach cottage, but doesn't look cottagy to me:) The Lindens and Moles have ruined me! I used to be a land lubber, and now I just gotta have water!πŸ˜πŸ˜† I'm pretty sure LL have already settled on whatever the next two themes are. Wish I was a fly on the LL offices wall:) (So as not to derail this thread too much i'm gonna start a new one regarding the next themes.)
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