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  1. The whole ID thing doesn't come into effect until 1st August. So cash your funds out before then if you want, and you won't have to provide ID.
  2. I kinda think that it would not be a bad idea to release a copy of the continent once it's completed and all regions have been released. It would certainly go a long way to provide new homes for those waiting. Even though it would be a copy, and LL are trying to make everything more unique, I don't think people would mind. It would provide more homes quickly and so keep residents happy, perhaps giving LL a little breathing space. I don't know how feasible copying the region would be. Maybe they can't do it. If they can I would really hope they do. I mean it might not need to be even the whole continent, maybe half would do. It's possible that the traditional homes and houseboats may be the most popular themes rather than any fantasy or cultural styles they introduce (like Elderglen and the Japanese style which I can't remember the name of), so they'll still be in demand going forward. In which case the copy would help meet the demand. Or LL may just introduce some other totally awesome theme that blows the rest out of the water and becomes the favourite:)
  3. I've been exploring what I call the Bellisseria Canals in the new regions (unreleased ones) and some of the cute hangout spots. It's looking really nice down there:) I do hope that one or two boat rez zones could be added along the waterways (just as they are doing with vehicle rez zones now too), as it's fun to visit these areas but if you haven't got a wearable boat there's no easy way to get on these little waterways.The community area on SSPE154 would be a great spot!
  4. You only derender what you don't want in your view, not the whole region or something. If I don't want to see a neighbours objects from my back area view then how is that against community feeling? The new neighborhoods are not going to please everyone. Some may want this view or that, or don't like walls around their home, or the hedges, or whatever...the list could go on. LL can't build a 'perfect' spot for everyone. So if you can tweak it a bit to your liking by just derendering then why not if it makes the resident happier? And only the person derendering doesn't see the object anymore. It changes nothing for other people in SL, they'll still see it. So again, how does that affect community feeling? And this goes into the conversation about people being able to do what they want (withing ToS) when they are inworld with their home and their premium perks. If I don't want to look at the houseboat next door, that's up to me, and if it makes my personal experience in SL better, then isn't that a good thing? I'm not wrecking a community by derendering the houseboat... And although they can contribute to a sense of community environment, community feeling is about more than objects...it's about people...
  5. An alternative way to Derender, kindly intorduced to me by a resident inworld (Moon that's you if you see this ), is as follows: World menu >Area Search. Go to the Options tab and only check Owner. Then Go to the Find tab and hit Search (don't enter anything in the fields). Then go to the List tab and you'll see owners name's listed so select that person's name and click Blacklist. I haven't tested this thoroughly myself, just putting out there in case anyone prefers an alternative method. So don't shoot me if I've got something wrong here:)
  6. This is for everyone that might not be quite happy about the location of their home in terms of view, and don't know about the derender features in the Firestorm viewer which can really make an improvement to it(you need the Firestorm viewer, but if you haven't got it in my opinion it's well worth using as it has other great features too, and is no more difficult to install or use than the LL viewer). I would first start by saying that a very quick and dirty alternative tip is just set your draw distance to the lowest in your preferences. If you don't want to do that this other tip might work better for you. Id' also like to thank RaeLeeH, Kitten Kaos for the suggestion and help this thread https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/439904-vacant-homeshouseboats/?tab=comments#comment-1937326 and panterapolnocy in this thread https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/439983-firestorm-derender-blacklist-question/ So my personal example: my houseboat is in a pretty nice location, I can't complain for sure. But the way the houseboats are oriented I'm not that fond of using most of the styles because the outside lower balcony and windows would look straight onto the back of the neighbouring houseboat - not the greatest view...Plus I'd rather not have the neighbour's objects in the back water area in view. And on the other side there is a houseboat opposite and it would be nicer not to have that there. Maybe I wouldn't need my trees on that side to make the view more pleasant and reduce my object count. So here are the shots before: And here are the views after I derendered the lot: Makes me so happy:) (No offence to my neighbours!) Gives me nicer possibilities with the other houseboat styles too, and the views are improved. To derender a whole bunch of stuff follow RaeLeeH's instructions (I hope she doesn't mind me copying it here): For a single object simple right click and choose More>More>Derender. When you get to the Derender option you can choose 'Blacklist' or 'Temporary'. Temporary lasts until you log out. Blacklist lasts as long as you want. However this does not work across PCs, so if you use another one you'll have to Derender again. To remove something from the Blacklist go to the World menu 'Asset Blacklist' and that opens a list of all items you have blacklisted. You can them remove items, and they will reappear. This works for Linden owned items so if you have some walls or bushes (or other houses!) near your traditional house you don't want to see, just derender them! I've used Firestorm for a while and only recent learnt about this feature, so I'm guessing there are others who may not know about it too. Have fun!
  7. That's a really interesting suggestion. So the homes are released to the Moles and the Moles then stagger home releases via abandonment throughout the day. That might make those who are not able to get online at SL morning times, when the releases seem to happen, happier. One problem I could see with that is that people would go round checking unreleased (but finished looking) regions checking to see if houses are owned by Moles yet, and then stalking them, or hassling them inworld, to see when they are in the region so as to guess when a home would be released. Not that it might help them get one any quicker, but someone is bound to do it... I think at this point in the process whatever LL decide to do to tweak it there will still be numbers of residents won't be able to snag a home become of the scarcity. Doesn't matter what time of day homes are released there will be numerous people online refreshing to get a home, so many will miss out whatever at the moment. The only way this whole thing will settle down is when there are enough homes built... Personally I appreciate the thinking out of the box though!:) It may be something LL may be willing to consider and is well worth suggesting.
  8. Thanks so much!:) Just tried it out and it does indeed work. Awesome! Such a great solution for making the environment a bit more as you like it:)
  9. Ok, so I'm confused as to why my last question seems to have been deleted. It was a simple question, politely written. I've not seen an answer yet. So I'll ask similarly: Question: If a user no longer wants to be able to process credit, or is leaving SL, how do they get their ID verification data removed from LL's databases? Is there a specific procedure? Also, what is the minimum amount of time ID scans are stored- is it as long as the account exists or is the account marked as verified and then the scan deleted? As someone who may wish to process credit in the future these are questions relevant to data security, and LL should be able to openly provide that information.
  10. Oh I do see it, totally missed it before lol. I just tested it out and yes it works great.Thanks so much!!
  11. I haven't actually blacklisted anything, I just wanted to know for reference in case I do:) I couldn't see 'Asset Blacklist' under the World menu - might only show if I have blacklisted stuff?
  12. If you select 'blacklist' under Derender instead of 'temporary' is there anyway to render the items again.Let's say you make a mistake and select Blacklist, or later change your mind?
  13. Is there a way to select over an area to derender all that's in the selected area. For example I can derender a houseboat but if that houseboat is furnshed the furnishings are left. If I could select around the houseboat so that all within that is selected and then derender the lot in one go.
  14. Inactivity fee only applies as follows So if you are not keeping a USD balance you do not need to worry about an inactivity fee. If you do have USD balance then I think just logging into your account on the Second Life website should suffice to prevent the fee. I believe you can buy lindens just as before. It's only when you want to cash out (i.e. convert to USD and get it transferred to Paypal) that you need all the ID verification stuff. So again, unless you are planning on doing that nothing will change for you. More info in the official thread:
  15. I know, I was just saying that I don't think LL will go for a 5th rez option, because people have the option to buy mainland at 1024 without any tier where they can have skyboxes or whatever else they want, rather than clutering up the LL neighbourhoods - they already said they want to keep those in theme. There are plenty of folk who do actually prefer to buy mainland, precisely because they have more flexibility.
  16. My guess is that LL would just say that's why you have the option of 1024 free tier, i.e. to buy land on the mainland so you can have a skybox or whatever else you want on it.
  17. That's a really interesting idea! It could rezz some landscape as you say but it would need to be set so that owners couldn't rezz junk on it somehow. That might make it a bit more complicated to implement since they'd still need to be able to rezz items on the land, just in the sky.
  18. EDIT - removed comment as I realised I was talking about something a bit different not what usaghiara was referring to:)
  19. There are releases about 3 times a week M,W,F (on average) but go super fast, so don't be surprised if you have to wait a while to get one. There are numerous threads around discussing the refresh route (and see the official linden home post). But more homes are being built and more themes in the future. Just might take a while before everyone gets theirs.
  20. Oooo that's a good idea! You could even derender all the houseboats around you to have a perfect sea view!:)
  21. As has been pointed out in other threads you can't assume that if a home appears empty it's because the owner doesn't really want it or has no plans to use it. What's 'vacant' to you may be someone waiting till they've got free time in RL to come play in it, or waiting to save Lindens to buy furniture, or has a skybox in use for a while, or many other options...Let's not assume what other residents are or are not doing with their homes. And to be honest they've paid their premium so they are entitled to it and can do as they wish (within Covenant and ToS). It's not a resident's fault that there is such big demand and little supply (yet) for the new homes. How could you even possibly enforce rules about what you should do with your home and whenf in the way the OP describes...? If we start going down that road SL will not be an enjoyable place to have a 'second life'.
  22. Seem is quite important here. It may seem like they are ready, does not mean they are. I don't think one can speculate whether or not a region is ready to go based on what you see inworld since we don't work for LL and thus don't know their precise procedure and requirements. And just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't doing what the need to do.
  23. For the current circumstances, I think it is better to release them as they go along rather in one big batch, because of the demand. Let's take an example - let's say LL are now planning to release 1000 homes somewhere and it would take them 4 months to build the homes, , and the homes are in high demand because everyone has seen how nice the ones already released are. In this example scenario say LL are going to release them only once all 1000 are made. Then those people waiting for one have to wait 4 months to get one and feel frustrated. If instead, LL decide instead to release 50 a week as they are built, then 50 frustrated people are satisfied they got they home sooner than 4 months. The following week another 50 homes are released so now we have 100 satisfied people and so on. Which is the better scenario? I think the latter. If the demand was not so high, maybe it would not matter so much. My numbers are just random examples but I'm sure you can see how it's relevant to what's happening. LL have over 38,000 homes to replace, so considering the fact they have started releasing them it seems the best way to proceed (also considering all the other facts we know e.g. they have said a reservation or list system is not possible). One could argue that they should have just built all the homes and released them at the same time in a year or so, or whenever ( maybe with hindsight that might have been better, considering the unhappy feelings generated by people not being able to get a new home now because of the limited supply). But that's not where we are now.
  24. Oh now I know what that sound is! A friend of mine has a house in Elderglen and that sound is so damn annoying! We thought it was coming from one of the neighbour's parcels. So it's something put out by Linden's? How can you get rid of them (is there a name to look for to mute or something?)
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