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Having Fun in Bellisseria

Soull Starlight

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6 hours ago, Rabid Cheetah said:

Green Grilled Pickles?!?!?!?

Those are veggie hot dogs, a worm-free product from Mole Kitchens™, created for discerning Bellisserians who appreciate the health benefits of meatless outdoor dining..... "Mom!  These are the YUMMIEST!"  😍

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10 minutes ago, Nando Yip said:


Come and see Copacabana, an exhibition of great Brazilian artists and take the opportunity to relax a little in the jacuzzi.

take the taxi:secondlife://GOOD%20TIDINGS/210/87/23


That Jacuzzi looks soooooooooooo inviting!  Dress code?  Optional??  🤣

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