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  1. I spotted this one too whilst flying around yesterday and thought it looked really nice. Hadn't seen that front wall design before. So yeah, definitely agree.
  2. I think we need official rez zones from LL, with markers, just like you have along some of the routes on the mainland : There are clearly marked zones for boats, so why not for land too? It would be great for non-house owners to be able to explore and travel around with a vehicle. It's great that the list was put together, but the problem I find with it with it is that isn't clear exactly where the rez zone is when you tp there - no markings or anything, so a few times I've been stumbling around rezzing and getting the no rez message:( They are not official zones, and as they are in SSPE areas will only temporarily work - once the houses are built only the resident on that part would be able to rez, just like elsewhere (or not if it's a road). So we really need some permanent official ones. @Patch Linden pretty please!:):) If I'm mistaken on any of that please let me know:)
  3. I think that sounds like a nice idea! Maybe it would be a good time to show off any new themes too (if they haven't been implemented yet...)
  4. I really would have loved a houseboat backed against some sand, but can't be too choosy! So I added my own little beach front instead (sand looks a bit whiter in the photo than it really is) , together with a cute beach hut (I was lucky enough to get that on special offer just as I was searching for one!), tug boat, and a dolphin too... Oh and what makes it even nicer I think is if you have some environment sounds - I have beach sounds (waves etc.) - very relaxing.
  5. It's fun to watch the progress, how it's done. I've been exploring the regions that are already in use. Walking around the roads and all the little cute hangout spots I think LL and the Moles have done a wonderful job with the landscaping. When you have your setting up (shadows on etc.) it really is very beautiful. I mean there's nothing else like it in terms of virtual worlds available out there (that I'm aware of). I think they've done something really great and look forward to seeing what comes next!
  6. I think the OPs suggestion is a very nice one (and the original Mole's suggestion), and I see where she's coming from, i.e. in the interest of fostering community. I applaud that.👍 I would certainly not agree that to do otherwise, as suggested by others (not the OP), is selfish. If someone has multiple premium accounts they are entitled to multiple linden homes - they have paid for them, it's part of the package that LL gives to each premium member. Why should they be denied that when they have paid for it? Do I wish there wasn't the current 'shortage' - yes , definitely, the sense of missing out and 'unfairness' is a real one for some members who can't get one yet and I understand why they feel like that. But the shortage (temporary) is not premium members fault, that's LL's fault. No-one should be made to feel selfish by not giving up a LL home. If we were talking about food and water in RL, well I might have a different opinion. But we are not talking about survival, we are talking about a virtual home! And every one is entitled to do with their home as they please, it's no one else's business (unless it's breaking the covenant or something which makes neighbour's lives a misery). There have been lots of comments about empty homes, criticism of members not using them etc. I personally find it hard to understand how anyone can make that judgement since they have absolutely no idea why that home is empty! They could be empty for any of the following reasons: not had the time yet due to RL commitments and responsibilities (not everyone is in SL everyday) waiting for a friend to help decorate using a skybox for now taking time to think about how they want to decorate it others I probably haven't thought of And even if it's none of the above, so what? They have paid to have that land and home and they can leave it or enjoy how they wish. It's not up to them to provide plots for other residents, that's LL's job. If they want to help with that, that's great. To give one up is in my view an extremely generous thing to do, and hats off to anyone that has done that!👍 I don't see anything wrong with the suggestion, it's a great one and I think good to throw it out there for people to consider. If I had multiple homes I would give one up (unfortunately I don't). But for those that haven't....that's perfectly fine too!! No one should try and make you feel bad about that. No LL homes gatekeeping here please!😊 Just my opinion:)
  7. I wonder if it could be temporary for the SL16B events?
  8. Hellooo neighbour! I thought I recognised those houseboats, I live right behind you:) I didn't have any house parties and I'm usually quite quiet, so it wasn't me that made the previous owners move...honest....:)
  9. Resistance Speculation is futile lol😁 It will certainly be interesting to see which of the theories turned out to be true:)
  10. Thanks everyone. For some reason when I was thinking about it today my brain didn't associate tip jars with 'profit' lol - brain fart....
  11. From posts elswhere by @Patch Linden it's been confirmed that Linden homes are not to be used for commercial purposes (other than display, not redirecting or selling etc.). But I just had a thought - would residents be allowed to have tip jars? Let's say you make your home open to the public as a hangout or entertainment place, like a cafe, gallery, garden or open space or such like and are definately not selling items or advertising commercially etc., would having a tip jar be allowed?
  12. I spotted some moles out on the water over there (blue dots on mini map) , across from where the new houseboats are (SSPE107) and saw some land being created. It's disappeared couple of times though, and then come back again. So I reckon some work commencing there soon too, which would line up with what you can see on the SSP map of the same regions..although it won't show on the world map yet.
  13. Yeah , noticed these a while back on the map too. They're puzzling 'cos if you look at the size of them relative to the houseboats and traditional houses they look about half the size in width and possible a bit shorter in length too. To get new homes which are smaller than those we currently have would seem to go backwards a bit. Unless you hold with the theory of them being trailers I guess. The spacing is also odd, suggesting there isn't much square metereage on the plot. That would also be going backwards and wouldn't make residents happy. So I'm wondering if they perhaps aren't homes but something else (maybe houses are in the trees as lots of trees shown in the SL16 set up, ) or maybe even the homes are underground and were're just seeing a small part that sticking overground (entrance parts). More speculation for the moles to chuckle about😀
  14. One of the things I'm not fond of with any of the new styles is the lack of windows compared to the Meadowbrook homes - I love tall windows and lots of views:) I couldn't find any faux windows on the MP that I liked so I ended up making a couple of my own: In the shot below it's the one on the right - I put a blind over it to make it a bit more nicer. Of course, the perspective is not correct when looked at from different positions in the room (2nd pic), but with the blind it's not so bad. Makes me happy anyway:). I added a window too in the top wall of my boat (Wallower, I added the wall) so I've got a nice little sea view when I walk past rather than just the view of the side of the houseboat behind...
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