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  1. Thanks!:) I've no clue what the next theme is (my guess is some kind of fantasy or country style). Nice to know exactly when the reveal is coming. Exploring it will keep me occupied regarding new homes over the weekend whilst waiting for the Stilt release (next week we hope!) lol.
  2. Thanks. I was remembering the log region at the last ACS Expo I think - I remember a crowd of us gathered on the edge of a region looking out into the vast sea beyond waiting for the land to rise up from the see lol.
  3. In the past the reveal region has not been made visible until reveal time, so I wouldn't expect to see it on the map any time until then as people could cam in and look at it.
  4. That's my guess too. Perhaps they'll reveal the following theme at the Expo on Friday and then release both themes next week.
  5. Haha yes, a fellow vagabond here roaming the Stilt preview and log home countryside mostly (in between shopping lol).
  6. Thanks Frigga for the heads up about the freebies:)
  7. Just thought I'd add that What's Next have a Black Friday 50% off storewide sale on (it's not on the Seraphim list). I've already picked up a couple of pieces:)
  8. Thank you for this!! I just got it and rezzed it and it comes with the table, stars and presents. (Except that the rez box stays in front of the tree:( )
  9. Yeah, you have to actively go into the group chat to see it - it doesn't seem to automatically display anymore. I think on the day of release, they should put up a "IT'S TODAY!" message to replace "SOON" lol.
  10. Too busy skateboarding huh? 😁
  11. We haven't had Patch's traditional 'moving house' pic yet - I wonder if that's coming also:)
  12. πŸ˜„Patch is teasing us... The image links direct to his Flickr page.
  13. Walking the dusty paths of Bellisseria.... If there is a Stilt home release today my bags are packed - I'm ready!!😁
  14. They may well be European Moles, so it wouldn't be strange as it's working hours over here:)
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