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  1. Thank you everyone who replied to my post and given help on this!!:) I haven't had the chance to do this yet but will be in the next couple of weeks. I feel more confident about it now:)
  2. I'm planning on selling some land I have to a family member who is then going to let me continue to use it as I am currently (rez objects etc.). I have a lot of objects set out, and we want to be able complete the land sale without the objects being auto-returned to me (will be a pain to set them out again). Is there a way to do this? We are both in a group that could be set under the About Land>Options tab for Build, Object Entry, Run Scripts, so that I'll be able to do these things. If I set the land 'Auto Return other Resident's objects' to Off, will it remain off once I have sold it, so that then they can quickly set the group in the Options tab as above? Or would that not work? Any help would be appreciated:)
  3. I imagine that this would be possible at some time in the future of humanity, and I think there could potentially be a lot of pluses to existing in a virtual environment instead of in our bodies in the 'real' world. And I think future generations will be more open to the idea than now (for a variety of reasons). No need for food as we know it. Probably could go to synthesised nutrition to keep the brain alive. So no farming of the land or killing of animals needed. The planet could be left to grow naturally (i.e. no farming, deforestation, no pollution of rivers etc.) since there would be either no or very few people actively living in it as we are now. And we would be less likely as a whole to be affected by the natural world since the world's population could fit in a relatively small area (computer space) compared to now (could even be underground) A virtual environment would give us potentially large numbers of possible worlds to live in. We could have everything from fantasy, sci-fi, to historic or modern worlds or lands in which to exist. Thus more opportunities for different experiences if people wanted them. You could live as a Viking, a princess, Victorian, maybe even non-human form if you wanted to. Maybe even choose to live part of your life as one thing then another as something else. More potential for equal standards of living and opportunities. We would have the opportunity to set up the world(s) so that everyone has a home etc., clothing etc. We wouldn't need to have the reliance on income or have wealth disparities since it's much cheaper to give everyone a home , car, land, etc. in a virtual world than in real life. No one would need to lack anything . No feeling cold, hungry, disease, illness etc. (unless intentionally part of that environment that people choose to be in). People could of course still have 'jobs' as many may still want that. But others could spend their time explore things they are interested in or their passions in life more easily as money wouldn't need to be a barrier any more. So more potential for satisfying or rewarding lives. You could even have worlds or lands where those who want to exist in say more aggressive or negative environments could chose to do so, and thus not affect those who don't. E.g realms for criminals, war or battle realms etc. And the opposite too, realms of peace and harmony. There are so many potential positives compared to living in a body in this world I could go on and on. That's not to say I've thought through every detail lol! I'm sure there are aspects I've not touched on here, or even thought of yet, but I think if done correctly a virtual environment could solve many of our current problems in the world because of the reduction of limitations we have now. I think it's a really interesting topic!!
  4. 1024 sq. m parcel for sale on a hillside in Ultron, very near to a roadway. Would be ideal for splitting into, or using as, two 512m sq. parcels. Current asking price for 1024m is L$3500. I'm open to offers:) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ultron/56/236/94
  5. I have a lovely 1024 parcel for sale. It's in a nice area. The neighbours are good, I've had this plot for a few years and had no problems there. I'm only selling to reduce my monthly fee. Pop over and take a look!:) Current price is L$5,000 but I'm open to offers. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fears%20Trebled/236/254/67
  6. I strongly disagree with the OP opinion. Who gives a **** how someone else decorates their home (unless it breaks covenant or ToS )? Why is it anyone else's business what someone does with their own home? Each person should go about their own business decorating their own home exactly how they like it, and not worry about how the next person is decorating theirs. If they wish to copy, or get inspiration so what? How is that hurting anyone? Let them, if that makes their SL life happier then great!:) It shows their admiration of someone else's style so much they want to have it around them. And also maybe some people just don't have the flair for interior decorating that others do, so getting inspiration or copying is their way to achieve something beautiful for themselves. It's not like we are taking about copyright infringement.
  7. Thank you Prudence and all involved for generously making this venue for all. This kind of community spirit in SL is awesome:)!
  8. ...and go play in a winter region:) Studies done have shown that immersion can help with real life discomfort or pain, so it's actually a great suggestion if you've got heat that's starting to get just a little too much !:) https://www.rdmag.com/article/2017/08/virtual-snowworld-helps-burn-victims-cope-extreme-pain
  9. I haven't read every single post in this thread, but would it not be possible for the owner to create some commercial spaces to help with income?I understand it's not-for-profit, but what if the decision was made to become for profit instead? That way there could be some spaces for shops (with perhaps strict covenants that only certain types of items could be sold that are in keeping with the feel of HL) to be rented, and apartments too (again strict covenant that they are maintained to keep with the theme of HL). If there is the fan base that's suggested here would there not be enough support to help generate some of income this way to keep it open? I don't know enough about the status of HL, non-profit etc., and I maybe asking a silly question based on ignorance of the matter. Was just a thought:) I think it's unfortunate when lovely builds have to close, and there have been many over the years. Places like these are what I think contribute to SL being a great place to visit and be. But the reality of the financial aspects can make that hard to maintain. I'd personally love to have a region and make a beautiful place, but the costs make it out of the question. Perhaps however, with LL saying they are moving more towards lower land costs etc. that this may become less the case in the future.
  10. The whole ID thing doesn't come into effect until 1st August. So cash your funds out before then if you want, and you won't have to provide ID.
  11. I kinda think that it would not be a bad idea to release a copy of the continent once it's completed and all regions have been released. It would certainly go a long way to provide new homes for those waiting. Even though it would be a copy, and LL are trying to make everything more unique, I don't think people would mind. It would provide more homes quickly and so keep residents happy, perhaps giving LL a little breathing space. I don't know how feasible copying the region would be. Maybe they can't do it. If they can I would really hope they do. I mean it might not need to be even the whole continent, maybe half would do. It's possible that the traditional homes and houseboats may be the most popular themes rather than any fantasy or cultural styles they introduce (like Elderglen and the Japanese style which I can't remember the name of), so they'll still be in demand going forward. In which case the copy would help meet the demand. Or LL may just introduce some other totally awesome theme that blows the rest out of the water and becomes the favourite:)
  12. I've been exploring what I call the Bellisseria Canals in the new regions (unreleased ones) and some of the cute hangout spots. It's looking really nice down there:) I do hope that one or two boat rez zones could be added along the waterways (just as they are doing with vehicle rez zones now too), as it's fun to visit these areas but if you haven't got a wearable boat there's no easy way to get on these little waterways.The community area on SSPE154 would be a great spot!
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