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  1. Spotted these regions on the map (there's another one above them) , I wonder if they are anything to do with the homes (LH...Linden Homes...?). I'm not sure if these are new or if they've been there for a long time...has anyone seen them before? They're being used/'developed 'cos there was a green dot this morning:) EDIT: Never mind, found out they are to do with the first gen homes:(
  2. 1. I don't think their goal is a community mentality. I think it's to provide a home as a perk of Premium Membership. What happens socially is left up to us. 2. I think they've created plenty of spaces all over Belli where you can hang out with others if you wish - Pickle shacks, swimming pools, park areas etc. 3. It would be a very cute addition to the neighbourhoods, but I wouldn't personally be more involved than visiting. 4. I personally don't feel there is a 'them and us' mentality and I'm curious as to the reasons someone might feel that way. 5. They do already have Town Hall meetings, but not monthly. There are inworld meetings with them for specific topics (can't remember what now but I've seen it advertised). 6. There was a Bellisseria newspaper online (on hiatus now) and somewhere else I think that had lots of links to Belli places. If people want a website someone needs to take the time and maintain it (for free, because it won't be LL run). Inworld there are many Belliesseria groups, the most active I've seen are are Bellisseria Events, Bellisseria Community, Bellisseria Citizens which provide up to date happenings, social chat etc.
  3. I think I think LL have done a great job in providing really nice hang out areas which I'm sure they would want us to use. Residents asked for Bellisseria Fairgrounds to be open to users for holding events, which they did. If places are deserted I don't think all the blame can be laid at LL's feet. It's up to residents to create events and get togethers. We have seen this happening for example at the Pickle shacks where there have been a number of improptu parties. I think one has to remember also there are different reasons why areas may be deserted - not everyone logs into SL all the time, or is on a the same time as you might be, and many other reasons I'm sure. My personal opinion is that LL probably feel they are providing the 'world' and it's up to us how we use it. I think the new Bellisseria continent has led to a renewed sense of community for some, that may be because it's new and shiny still. But some residents are trying to maintain that community , through having Bellisseria Events groups etc. It's really up to the residents to help that thrive....I'm not saying that perhaps there isn't more LL could do, but I don't think there is that much more, and should they even? The premium Linden home regions are not meant to be like the mainland where you can rezz and build whatever you want. They are designed to remain as a certain theme. There is always the option to purchase mainland instead of having a Linden Home if you really need something very different. I do think there could be just a little more flexibility in some ways in the linden home areas, but I understand the reasoning for the convenant they have. In addition, they seem to always have been considered by LL as 'starter homes' - a perk for premium members which they will probably grow out of, and seek more flexibility by buying their own land eventually (although I think the great new homes on Beliisseria may well reduce the possibility for many in doing that now, because the areas are so lovely). There are so many lovely spots to hang out on Bellisseria, I'm not sure what type of places you are thinking of (clubs/bars?). There are the swimming pool areas, pickle shacks, lots of little parks etc. I think if LL were to restrict residents from leaving Belli to socialise elsewhere there would be an uproar. People need the freedom to go explore and mingle where they want, and that is in my opinion the delight of SL - being able to go to other builds, events, places etc. and meet new people if you want to. Belli isn't designed to be the only place to be for meeting people, I very much doubt LL are trying to achieve that. Just like in RL you wouldn't want to be stripped of the ability to go to other places in the world... I think I understand what you are trying to say, that there should be more in place to help community thrive, but at the end of the day I do believe it's up to the residents to create that community, and as mentioned already you have to examine when and why people come into SL. Perhaps there could be more tools or something, ( I don't know what), to help that...maybe... Perhaps someone else will come up with some ideas:) I do think that over time areas will seem deserted like they did in the first gen home regions, because the novelty of the new homes will wear off. It's already happening, if you look on the map...but the bottom line is if residents really don't want that then it's up to them to create more events and happenings to create more 'community' (don't look at me I don't have any ideas...:) ) Just my initial thoughts:) I'll answer the questions in another post.
  4. You could have derendered the boulders (if you have Firestorm viewer)
  5. I understand anyone's reticence to try for another home whilst there is a supply and demand issue, if you don't want to be without a home (and don't want a first gen home). But I also think that one has to be realistic about getting 'the perfect' plot. It might not even exist. I think a good strategy is to look around at new locations and see if you think you really would be happy with any of them. When I was hoping to get a new home I actually explored the houseboat areas looking to see what I thought would make me happy, so that when I did manage to get one I'd know straight away whether to release it and try again quickly, rather than spend time seeing if I like it, then drop it and have missed out on other houseboats. I soon found that there were only about 5 or 6 locations that I really liked. One or two of those would have been my 'perfect'. I realised I only wanted a square plot preferably with a decent view not overlooking too many boats, for example on a corner or near the end of a row. I was actually fortunate to get something very much like this. It's not ''perfect' as I would really like to have some sand or grass at the back rather than other boats, but it's near as and I made it even better for myself by derendering a couple of neighbouring houseboats to make the view even more to my liking. So sometimes there are ways to make something better for yourself if it's not quite right. The chance of those couple of 'perfect' locationsbeing made free are pretty slim I think, so I'm quite happy to stay where I am. I feel lucky to have landed the houseboat location I did, so I wouldn't want to risk losing that, especially with the current demand for homes - it's not as if we have a great range of free homes to choose from, and as I know there are very very few locations that would suit me better, I think it would be silly for me to abandon it. If they make a surplus of houseboats in the future may I'd consider it (but I doubt that will happen). Apart from those thoughts, just the knowing how in demand the homes are, which makes them so hard to get hold off would put me off trying for something else. And I really hated the refresh lotto:( I don't want to do that again. Of course this might all change depending on what future themes are introduced - maybe homes in the future will offer something that means more to me than my houseboat currently does. I do hope that LL make a few more homes than is needed so that it is easier to get one, and not feel like you are having to compete with so many others for just one spot.
  6. It's fun to watch the testing regions...like watching a mystery unfolding...some interesting new things on SSP83X - I was wondering what those 'battleship' shapes were and realised they are most likely paths around a grassy bit in the middle since you can see in the screenshot how a path runs from a 'house' and links up to them. The houses (if they are houses) look quite big too, filling the plot more than the traditional homes. It will be interesting to see if this turns out to be anything in the end since anything we see on the map is subject to change...
  7. Even though all the surrounding regions have been built and homes released to Premium members, Millbank is still empty (except for the camels, goat, and track, and a couple of trees...). So what's the purpose of this piece of empty region? Does anyone know? The region marker is even still there. I would assume that perhaps the Moles will build something there later maybe? I'm very curious:) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millbank/113/110/23
  8. I would be pretty happy with a Meadowbrook in a Bellisserian Landscape, even if it was just a little bit smaller to have a tiny garden, because of the spacious feel inside and big windows. I like seeing what people are doing with theirs in this thread:)
  9. My initial thought about the update to the dev SSPX areas which now reveal the pink markings is that the layout seems rather uniform, and what we've seen to date shows the homes not being laid out in a very uniform manner in order to make regions look more individual - therefore I'm wondering if perhaps this could be for commercial areas Patch hinted at in Meet the Lindens. Of course, depending on the theme a more uniform layout might make sense for some homes...curiouser and curiouser....
  10. I've just noticed some more of the blueish gray squares that were originally seen southwest of the continent have appeared top northwest corner, east of the land corresponding to the new pickle homes area (below the green square) and over the area corresponding to what is Pinrane Waves on Bellisseria. They may have been there before but I don't remember seeing them. I wonder what these represent? The beginnings of some water development perhaps (that may be moved to other locations in the end)?
  11. @Daniel Voyager Patch mentions over 38000 in this interview: https://thebellisserian.wixsite.com/editionone @Chic Aeon makes some good points I think. There were some voices in the forum saying they would not renew the premium because of the increased cost. Of course, we know that it is usually a minority that participates in the forum, so whether this will prove to be true for many more members we just don't know. But I think it could be a factor in premium uptake going forward, so I think there probably will need to be more incentives.
  12. Just spotted this on the SL map. Terrain certainly looks a little different. If the next theme has something to do with trains as Patch hinted at Meet the Lindens, then it would make sense to perhaps continue the land below so the railway tracks from the camper regions can continue down into it.
  13. I would quite like this, but somehow I don't see them building these.
  14. Simple solution (if you use Firestorm viewer)...derender it all. Voila...no more unsightly view.
  15. Oh I've been saying the same thing too!:) I really hope some of the future themes have these. It's one of the reasons I haven't wanted to get a traditional house.
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