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  1. I think maybe part of it is that with the chalet releases it's created (finally) a situation where there are enough homes to meet the demand for a LH, whereas with previous releases there were still lots of people waiting for a home. So perhaps they seem like they are not being snapped up so quickly because the demand is being met, rather than there being a scramble for a house as with other theme releases. Also maybe they aren't as popular so people aren't abandoning the home they have already have to get one. It stills seems to me that the Stilts and houseboats are the most popular as l
  2. Thank you to Gabrielle Riel and Lucifer Atheria and anyone else involved in creating this. I was glad I could catch it on it's last day, it's beautifully done! Wonderful little buildings to explore, the woodland too, and some toe-tapping medieval tunes to enjoy aswell:) I would have loved to get a passport stamp but for some reason it didn't dispense when touched. Nevermind, I have a snapshot for posterity:)
  3. Funny you should say that I was just thinking about this. They've said that but I don't think they can realistically stick to that idea anymore. The popularity of the new homes because both the homes and the environments have been so nicely done has meant many people, I think it's safe to say, will consider keeping their LH for a long time, rather than leaving and going off to get mainland any time soon (they might of course get mainland in addition to the LH). I'm sure there are many who do not consider their LH a starter home at all. Then again, maybe in a few years time when they are o
  4. I wasn't thinking about the fees - that's not my job:) I don't work for LL. That would be up to LL. The thought would be that the parcels would be on regions separate from but near to Bellisseria of course, since Bellisseria is already built..you couldn't do it on existing land. I'm just throwing the idea out there - it would be up to LL to work out the details if it was at all possible.
  5. I was reading some of the comments about multiple home owners, and thinking about how many residents have their ideal of what they would like to have in a Linden Home - some want open water views, some want a house by a lake etc. etc. but there never seem to be enough prime spots. I had an idea - perhaps in the future LL could offer a custom style set up for an additional charge. Bear with me before you shout well that's what mainland is for...well, mainland can be really ugly even if you have your own plot the views can be terrible. Part of the appeal of the new homes is the awesome landscapi
  6. At the end of the day each premium account is money to LL lab to help continue Second Life. So whether that is the same person with 10 accounts or 10 people with one account each, I doubt LL think they view them differently. And the system is that each premium account is allowed to have a Linden Home. So technically having multiple homes does not go against the rules. So I think, anyone can wish all they want that the system is different in order to prevent one person nabbing multiple houses in a region, but why would LL change the basic system? A premium account is a premium account, do
  7. Yes, the one at the last event was great, and I enjoyed this one too. I hope Abnor will put up another one after the final few themes have been released:)
  8. Abnor woz 'ere! (Abnor Mole's boat in the new stilt regions, SSPE1761)
  9. And one more for completion, to show all the Bellisseria lands as they stand now. It's fun to imagine how the themes will spread out in the future...I would guess that a couple of themes might go below the stilt and chalet regions, unless they plan to extend those themes there instead. Is it just my eyesight, or does it seem that there are more log homes than any other type, judging by land mass...? I'm still hoping for more Stilts on Piers with open views(there are not enough in my opinion and judging by demand) in case I want to move in the future lol. But they haven't finished building
  10. I was able to get some better shots of the new lands via the map. Yay!! It's so nice to be able to see all the new areas including the chalet region on which you can now see the big river that runs right through it... On the stilt pic, that empty space in the top right, there are no regions there yet, it's not a map glitch.
  11. Yes, I can see some of the new islands now, whereas I couldn't just a couple of weeks ago. It's still patchy, but it's an improvement!:)
  12. No - if it was you wouldn't be able to TP there. Nothing to do with LL.
  13. Yes, I thought that might be the case. I do hope they make more Pier Stilts going forward as those do seem very popular. There are not many in the new SSPE areas being built up around the Stilt areas:( There are a handful , but not much compared to the apparent demand...although of course we don't know their future plans...
  14. Interesting how no Stilt OW or Stilt Piers are showing..I wonder if they are currently the most popular...?
  15. There's also what I think is a bit of a surreal basement area... The note next to the LDPW vehicle is really funny
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