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  1. I don't have any good guesses as to what the next theme could be. But I'm thinking that maybe it could be something quite different to what we've seen that will have variations of that for the following themes. For example if we look at the Trads, Vics - they are really quite similar in terms of the bare bones of the homes themselves and in the basic landscaping. So the strategy could have been 'reuse' (I use the term 'reuse' in a loose kind of way - obviously trads and vics aren't identical but they are pretty much the same in terms of the physical structure, you could even say the log homes to a degree too, so perhaps base parts of the houses such as walls, doors etc. were made then reused in each style) which would make sense if you don't want to take even longer to roll a project out by having each theme wildly different and designing the component parts of the homes from scratch each time (by comparison think how different each of the 4 home themes were from each other for the first gen homes). Similarly the landscaping of the campers and log homes is alike, so again 'reuse' to a degree. So perhaps the next theme will be something new and very different to what has been rolled out, part of which will be able to be 'reused' as a different style (landscaping and/or homes) for the following themes. Either that or we will see the next few themes being similar in terms of what's gone before in landscaping or build to trads/vics/log homes, with maybe one or two variations of homes like we had with campers and houseboats thrown in there too. Or I could be spouting nonsense lol. It's as far as my imagination is able to go at the moment since I can't possible know what they have in store next. I do hope we are teased with some clues soon!!
  2. There was a home demo at the ACS event recently that was very a similar style to this...I kept visiting it thinking I wish I could get it lol. But was too big for my land and I think it was out of my budget too:( But it was so nice. This...on a waterfront...that would be great.
  3. "When did you last see a Bellisserian home available?"....a few hours ago...I was exploring a region where all the homes were owned by 'Governor Linden'..hmm I thought..unclaimed homes? Surely not...must be waiting release...seems a bit unusual... But no....there's a ton of homes available now!:) ('now' being the operative word lol)... yay, that explains it! We knew it would be a big release but I thought it might roll out a little slower because of it. It's nice to see so many available for everyone. Hope everyone's enjoying their new home(s):)
  4. Had a good wander round...the landscaping is beautiful!!
  5. I think they all look great, the Moles have done a wonderful job, but so far I like the houseboats best, because of the open plan interiors which for me give a more spacious feel, even though they may not be as technically big as the houses, and on the square plots (I'm not fond of the long plots, feels like too many houseboats crammed together). My favourite style is the Wallower. I like the large open top deck (the largest of the four), and there are a decent amount of windows at a good height on the lower deck (though I'd like even more lol), so it feels nice and airy, with good light. The Windlass by comparison feels dark inside, and I'm not fond of the small higher placed windows. I love the long windows on the 3 sides of the Evening Star but really dislike the other end inside with that curved back, the area has no windows so feels dark there so I haven't used that style(I tried, I know you can put lights, but I'd prefer windows). So if I could put those long windows on the Wallower that would be even better! The Barnacle is okay, but I'd like a bigger upper deck rather than the little room. So the Wallower ticks most of the boxes for me, and I've been very happy with that style. I can't really comment on the other themes because they don't really suit me. The landscaping is great, but the homes feel too cramped. I like the inside to feel more open and roomy, rather than be divided into smaller rooms like the houses are, and the campers feel too small. I still think that the Lindens have done a great job though.
  6. I would agree that perhaps a different grid at least would be better, or at least some more 'contained' environment so that the 'wild' and 'crazy' of SL doesn't perhaps tarnish any first impression or impinge on a 'business' environment. So no teleporting to hubs!
  7. I think it's an interesting discussion. I would note that just because something seems not to have caught on now, doesn't mean it won't in the future (there are numerous such cases in history). I personally do believe that one day virtual worlds will become more acceptable and even perhaps the norm. Perhaps not in a way we can currently envision (even to the extent we hook our brains up to it for complete immersion - that is not outside the realms of possibility...). However, I think that it might take 2 or more generations though to move towards that, I don't see it happening in my lifetime. But the children growing up now, who are way more accepting of tech, and for example being in virtual worlds in terms of games,... well I imagine their children will be even more so. Who knows where technology will be in 50, 80, even 100 years. I don't think we can imagine it. So I say it's possible. Perhaps virtual world living is just currently ahead of it's time. People may look back in history and hail all the Second Lifers who supported and championed SL as one of the first 'primitive' (from their point of view) virtual worlds in the 'early days', they may see residents as forward thinking for their time lol! You never know;) Your name may go down in history one day😄
  8. Wow, great add-on. Hats of to you for going head to head with Blender lol. Nice work!
  9. Brett Linden just addressed this topic in this week's Lab Gab... https://www.connect.secondlife.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSr9cJcNJXc&list=PLC31ohsOopvcEe0gx7W65ajzPMpsvf8Ep&index=2&t=0s am I psychic or what hehe😁
  10. Yeah so I'm sure everyone is starting to get fed up of hearing about Covid-19 by now. But I like to consider the positives in situations, and I think there is a positive here for SL. We all know how great SL is, or we wouldn't be inworld, but it's getting the message out there just how versatile it is, all the different things you can use it for (as discussed in another thread on the forum about marketing). With the number of workplaces now resorting to work from home policies, it could be a good opportunity for SL to market to companies. I read in the past that some companies did use SL for conferencing and online communication, as an alternative to traditional online conferencing software which are text or voice only, but I don't know how much this is done now - my guess is not very much. SL can provide a setting which feels more 'natural' i.e. like people are together in a meeting because of the visual aspect - seeing avatars together in an office or whatever environment the company requires does have an impact on how people feel and react (and my computing communications course books I have from years back are in the loft...so haven't got any quotes/resources right now... ). So wouldn't now be a good time to promote this more heavily? Not in terms of the coronovirus, of course. That wouldn't be right. Just in terms of a useful tool for distance working communications. The current situation has increased the need for work from home, and this may very well cause companies long term to revise their traditional beliefs of people having to come into an office. So coupled with the fact that remote working has slowly becoming more available over the years (depending on the industry of course), I really feel it would be a great time for Second Life to look at marketing to this sector more. There are some challenges, of course. For example, I don't think that sending staff from companies to current help islands and places as they are may help (judging by some comments about griefing I have seen over time - correct me if I'm wrong). So perhaps a dedicated Island could be set up specifically for companies for this purpose, geared more towards the general needs that this type of SL involvement may require. I admit, I haven't thought through all the nitty gritty of this 100% lol. I'm not in marketing, nor work for SL, nor know absolutely everything there is to know about SL so I may be overloooking something. Or maybe there are awesome face-to-face software that SL just couldn't compete with that companies are more likely to get onboard with now and in the future. But I do know that there have been/are companies and organisations that do use SL, for example for simulation and learning scenarios. And others have used it for talks and events. So why not promote that it can be used day to day for meetings, communicating with colleagues etc. I don't mean just a quick 'Hi do you have that file ready', more when people need to get together to discuss something, brainstorm, have a meeting or whatever. Or they could just say 'Hi do you have that file ready' ... (who am I to dictate how they use it lol) And I'm biased too lol - I know having a meeting online in SL in a job would make me so much happier than just text/voice conferencing!:) Thoughts?
  11. There's been a lot to love about the new homes and regions so far, and I was thinking about what I liked best. My top two are: 1. Having a choice of styles of home to switch between if I want (rather than just one in the old homes - I hope in the future LL will add more houseboat styles, I think they said something about maybe adding more styles to homes in the future, in the Lab gab interview, but it could be wishful thinking on my part lol, I'll have to go back and check...) 2. More space i.e. 1024 land instead of 512. So I was wondering what other's would say their top two fav things are so far; being able to change wall and floor colours/region landscaping/size of homes/ styles of homes/community/something else?
  12. I live in Sagarc, it's a good region. It is however very quite in terms of other avatars being around, so might not suit some. I've had my houseboat there since last year,the only new LL home I've had since I'm too chicken to try for any other plot lol. There are only a handful of plots that I would be happy to move to because I have a square one with a great view. But...I really would love another square plot with a relatively open view, but with sand or grass terrain at the back - my current home backs onto other houseboats, and there's no land around at all:( With the current demand for homes I think it'd be too risky to try for something 'perfect' that might not even be available. However... Patch said in the Lab Gab interview that they are still looking to add more trads and houseboats in the future! (I was so pleased to hear that!) So going forward, with more new themes and homes to chose from, which may prompt some to abandon their houseboats for those, coupled with potentially more houseboats being released, that might free up some of the plots I might like to try. Unless of course there's a theme that I love better than my current home:) (I'm hoping by the time all the new homes have been released there will be surplus, so that there is always homes from every theme to pick, not sold out and limited like now, having to refresh all day or be on the look out for people saying they are abandoning. ) Yes, decisions, decisions:)
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