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  1. We expect to see him as an avatar in world then!😁 Or Lab Gab?....
  2. Awwww...no more speculating then:( 😁
  3. Further to my previous post, I just read this on the Waterfield group site (where you can read the statement animat posted earlier): "Our mission is to add value in the areas of financial services and financial technology." https://www.waterfield.com/private-equity/ So speculation about the main interest being in Tilia might well be correct (if the investment group is Waterfield, not some other group)
  4. @animats post on page 2 of this thread ("Waterfield acquisition philosophy, as addressed to companies wanting to be bought out: ") seems to align with what you say in category 2, rather than category 1. Accquisitions are certainly not my field of knowledge, but of course the investors want to see growth in income. So going forward, my speculations are: - they see the financial potential of SL due to the recent Covid situation which has grown for LL i.e. promoting SL to facilite online meetings and spaces for businesses. They will want to capitalise on this and drive it forward and perhaps expand into, or find other areas for similar growth. - they aim to make SL more commercial to increase income - what that will mean for users I don't know. Price restructuring for existing premium/land etc. maybe Or finding other ways to monetise SL. Or introducing some new aspect we don't know about yet that could bring in a wider user base and make money. I don't forsee the 'closure' of SL. I think it will probably tick along as it does now, but with added or sister offerings in some form or other. Maybe new subsidiaries companies to develop or push stuff for businesses or other markets. Who knows:)
  5. Ooohh, super sleuthing! :) I can confirm the region numbers appear when you click on the map in a browser, but nothing shows inworld. There are a bunch of such regions around 1030. I don't know enough about how the map system works to work out if these are actual regions in place or not. Is there a way LL can hide regions from inworld map view? If not, then they don't make much sense. If so, that's sneakily clever of them!:) I do miss the earlier days of being able to see land being added and built on for the homes on the map and trying to guess what was going on.
  6. That's funny - I was just thinking about doing a poll this morning., you beat me to it:) I'm surprised to see Stilt only at 13% I thought they'd come higher up. Of course, the number who read the forums and participate are probably only a fraction of the overall Premium user base, so those numbers might not accurately reflect what the real favourites are in the the full Premium home owner population. Interesting, nevertheless:)
  7. Perhaps, but I think what Daniel might have been suggesting that it could be the next theme that we don't know about yet - we know about the stilt homes - Patch suggested that two themes may be released when it happens at the end of the year, so this could possibly that theme (they have more than one theme in the works). I don't think it looks that much like the Demo (no signs of sand), but I could be wrong, because maps can be misleading sometimes.
  8. Sshhhhh! Don't say that they might hide it again :) Looks to me like a lot of water dotted with green land. If that's what it is, and there's another water theme coming that will be great! But SL maps always look different than they actually are to me:)
  9. From what Patch has said, it looks like they are planning to add more traditionals and houseboats later, with the plan being to have stilt homes and houseboat areas near each other, so more should be coming (not soon though lol):)
  10. You might be pleased to know Patch Linden said in the Meet the Moles interview: Youtube about 33:00 in. EDIT: and later he suggests (in general) they'll be paying homage to some of the old linden home styles.
  11. In meet the Lindens Patch said (edited quote): Youtube approx 19:45 Plus, Patch said it's likely there will be another theme release around the same time too. So whether that means approx 2-3,000 of each or double the above numbers is not clear (the latter I hope!). It's not likely to be until the AWS move has been completed which from what has been said so far is not likely to be until the end of the year.
  12. These are cute. I would imagine the numbers will stay if that's what is at the demo (based on the requests for numbers - they don't have to reference anything, just look like they do). i noticed the lack of controllers too - maybe they hid them so people can't see what's inside (people did post findings on the forum before).
  13. I agree! I've got to wondering what the landscape configuration will be like for this theme. For example will it be similar to how the 1024 house boats have been done in the pickle area : so you'll get some boardwalk attached homes, and some entirely over water, and some on the land. Or the sand areas could be bigger for the stilt homes so that are more like islands so that a number can be placed inland. Or maybe we'll see something a bit like this, a kind of cross between the two? The demo area: Or there could be a regular continent size, with the majority of stilt homes being inland and the rest along the surrounding coastline (again, similar to what we see for the houseboats in some regions), so one big sandy continent. Patch mentioned the aim of keeping the houseboats and stilt home themes near each other so may the first couple of ideas. Or maybe something very different. Who knows:) I'm just musing over whether there will be more inland homes than over water ones...I really hope not! Got to snag a water one!:) And it'll keep me busy whilst waiting months for the release....lol
  14. I don't think that's necessarily true. I don't like the traditionals but I love the Stilt homes (that's not to say I don't think the Moles did a terrific job, particularly with the landscaping, just not my personal preference). The traditionals didn't appeal to me because they felt too cramped inside, too many small rooms. But the stilt homes have much of what I like - long windows (depending on style), and open plan feel. I think even the outside looks nicer. I agree, they do have an aspect of 'more of the same' because there are stylistic similarities (wood siding, sloped roofs and other bits). Going by what was released before that did have me wondering if there would not be any radically different homes coming up, and I guess the stilt homes aren't in that sense. But I love the feel of the theme. But Patch did say that the first generation themes have not been forgotton - so maybe there's be something very different amongst the next 4/5 themes that give a similar theme to the old elderglen etc.
  15. My wild guess is that the ones fully over water will go like hotcakes! I wonder if the fully over water ones will just be placed off the coastlines, or if this will be done inland too, in regions where they'll create water areas for the home. If it's coast line only, then there will be less of them to go round:(
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