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  1. I'll get the tissues..... I hope the Lindens will let us spy on them building again for the next theme/continent and not hide the SSP map.It's great fun to watch the development and the guessing game of what could be coming next:) I reckon we should start a new SSP thread for any new continent that appears.
  2. I've found the best ones for me are a wearable bicycle, wearable rowboat, and wearable cut plane. So basically anything wearable:) I do have non wearable items too, but having to be near a rez zone kinda makes that anoying sometimes when out and about and deciding I'd like to use a vehicle at the spur of the moment and continue exploring where I am. Check the marketplace there are quite a few items on there, some of them free (may not look so great as others but do the job).
  3. I really like this:) I think this would be really lovely (if the roof was a little higher though to give a more spacious feeling inside, and maybe bigger windows on the side). My ideal would be to have it open plan inside or maybe just divided into a couple of rooms. Great idea, thanks for sharing!
  4. A few regions have been released now, so shouldn't be long to wait for those still trying...
  5. Apparantely they have a web server overload at the moment, they are looking into it (inworld chat from Patch Linden)
  6. The missing regions have been filled in now between Bellisseria north and south... Can't wait till all the regions are live so we can go explore!!
  7. Woo, happy Christmas to all searching for a home! It's gonna make lots of people very happy this week!:)
  8. It may not be a real region copy, but I think it is a pretty accurate example of what to expect. The final camper areas look just like the example at the preview earlier this year, so I expect the Victorians areas will look like the Expo too. I don't think LL will add features that they are not going to implement finally, and think we will see the landscaping with all the flowers implemented. If you look at the plots at the Expo, the parcel area for the house starts where the path to the house finishes, and the flowers are outside that line also, so pretty much as we see currently with the Traditionals where the property line begins where the path to the house ends. So I think they will look just as good as the Expo and you should continue to be as excited as you really feel:)
  9. Nothing like a simple pic to stir up rumour and speculation... yeah I'll bite lol Here are my fantastical speculations... There's no imminent release - Patch just likes to wind us up and watch the rumours fly (mwahahahah!) The release date is the number of snow blocks, so 21st? (quieter mwahahahaha) The release date isn't hinted but it is just before Christmas The new house controllers have a seasonal option - you can add snow to your home in winter if you want, roofs etc., (that would be awesome) instead of through adding from the content packs. (Patch hinted at the Expo the homes could do some cool stuff which sounded to me like more than just simply something like changing wall colours, but that we'd have to wait and see when released, so it's probably not colouring the walls as we saw that at the Expo). (In all seriousness I always thought the release would be after Christmas and new year so they have time to finish their testing and people are back from holidays etc. We'll know soon enough...)
  10. I don't think everyone wants a water view because they want to go boating. I'm sure there must be many like myself who like it for the view, location etc, feel of it. I love my houseboat because it has a fantastic view and the water gives me a sense of relaxation and peacefulness, and I have fun being in my home there. That's it really. I'm not into sailing/boating in SL, or in RL as a pass time. Having experienced now a water location through being in Bellisseria, if I ever moved in the future I would most likely want another home next to water. That's not to say I haven't been out in a boat, I have, because it was fun and not something I'd done before. But I'm not really that interested in going on open water, or sailing as an experience in itself. So far for me it's just been about exploring new regions and it's been lovely to do that on the Bellisseria canals.
  11. There is one little advantage to having cloned regions - I've often read posts of people wishing to be in a certain region or if they can a particular home spot because they love the location there, but they may not have been able to to get it. Having cloned areas, i.e. providing more than one of a location, opens up the hope an possibility they can:) Could be nice for some.
  12. I agree. I don't think most will mind some cloning if it means they get a house faster and can be done with the refreshing game. It will probably look less cloned when you actually travel round than it does from above - houses will be different styles according to what owners like, plus their own bit of landscaping they add like trees etc. And also there are probably members who won't want to explore the entire continent and so may never come across the clone of their region. In the face of demand (and potential to lose those who got Premium because of the new homes and now can't get one) I think it's the right move. I think the places are still gonna look awesome as they have to date, so it's a minor compromise in my opinion.
  13. Yes, it seems to keep on growing. I think it's cute but also a bit of an oddity in the overall theme. Maybe more to do with snow and ice is coming...? (I don't really believe that lol)
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