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  1. Everyone's been posting in the Victorian theme thread, a number of pics there too. I have some in my blog also. I think the regions will look lovely when released, simply based on what they've done so far on Bellisseria. I'll be happy for all those patiently still waiting to nab a home, at least they'll stand a good chance if they do a massive release. Yes, colour changing walls..seems like LL have been listening to people's requests, and I think there's more to come in the way of customisations since Patch hinted that the homes can do lots of things... There's a rumour there may be a release before Christmas (other thread somewhere I think), so hopefully it's not too long for everyone to wait:) The homes are not for me, but I think they are lovely, and although they are very similar to the trads I think they are better, and I love the landscaping. I'm looking forward to exploring the regions when released.
  2. If I was after one of these homes this would really make me happy. I loved the spacious feel inside this one. But part of the reason I'm not sure I'd be happy in one is exactly because there are so many rooms - I wouldn't know what to do with them all lol. And I probably wouldn't even 'use' most of them. I think the roominess of the Hardy but as a single story like the Doyle would be nice. But I'm sure these will make lots of people happy:)
  3. Yes I realise that. But I still think they will be popular, given how popular the trads are...and they are 20 or so to a region too.
  4. I think these will be really popular. Good job if they are doing one massive relase, I think they'll be all snapped up so fast! I'm not taking one though...quite happy with my houseboat, Victorian style not really my thing, but I think they have been beautifully done with the landscaping and all.
  5. Here's a shot of some of the landscaping. Lots of flowers and trees around:
  6. The area looks really lovely. They do seem similar to the trads inside but there are fewer doors so they feel far more spacious inside,which I think is great, and some of the windows are a bit bigger. They have a back porch. Patch says they can do some great stuff - not sure what he means, he's keeping that to himself till they are released I think, but I'm guessing maybe you can change them a bit (remove or add something?) more than just the decor colour.
  7. I think it looks lovely and will certainly be paying a visit:) Thanks very much for making this:)
  8. Out exploring today, came across this great hairpin bend.... thought I'd be safer on my bike than with a car (my driving skills in SL are pretty poor lol). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE356/57/233/40
  9. There's a new Swaginator hunt on across Bellisseria:) - https://secondlife.com/destination/winter-swaginator-hunt I'm not very good at hunts, so finger's crossed I'll be able to complete it...
  10. I found some nice lights and bits and pieces at this Christmas market, all very reasonable prices fairly low LI if anyone is looking for stuff: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark Spirit/128/186/35
  11. I use these, and they look really nice (better than in the MP image). Only 1 LI and really cheap! They resize well too, I have them on different window sizes. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KOYUKI-White-Drapes-1prim-Sculpted-prim-drapes/16671794
  12. Lol. It's interesting looking at the 3 developments so far on the map - grid layout for the new theme, traditional don't look much like grid planning by comparison, and campsites look very much more 'organic' in layout. I'm already thinking about what's next!:)
  13. Yes, you can, it has to be a certain height above though - can't remember exactly, 2000m or something I think.
  14. Yes, considering the constant demand for the new homes it would make sense for them to try and get the homes finished ASAP, so if that means a bit of cloning I don't blame them. My guess is that the intention was to develop the regions as they have been doing this year, but people are more eager to get a home than was maybe anticipated, so to satisfy that they've modified their plan. Would be the sensible thing to do I think. I don't think anyone is really going to care that much if a few regions look the same or similar if it means they can get a home soon... I'm wondering if they'll do one massive release of that whole section in the south in one or two days. That would be great for a large number of those without a new home as it'll mean they stand a good chance of getting one instead of having to try 2 or 3 times a week refreshing and hoping. Since it looks like it's virtually finished I can't see why they wouldn't unless there some logistical reason we're not aware of. I'm putting my bets on a January release (preview at Expo in December, then Christmas break, then release after New Year). It might even mean there will be a few spare homes for a bit! Depends of course on how many Premium members there are currently actively waiting for a home (or aware of new homes...there's bound to be some who don't visit the forums or haven't logged in for a while who don't even know about them yet).
  15. If anyone stops by one of the cute cabins that are dotted around, go upstairs and have a look at the bookshelf: I love the titles lol: "Build like a Mole", "Rolling Restarts", "Little Red Ginger Mole" and other bestsellers..:) Not sure if these are in all the cabins, but definately here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE326/18/50/40
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