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When did you last see a Bellessarian home available?

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Just to clear this up:   Last week, I said "Not this week, or next week".   That now refers to the week of 22 March through 28 March.  I also said "thousands" as in over 4000. I don't know, may

I've died and gone to Bellessaria Heaven. My new place is better than I could have imagined. Roads on 3 sides, with an edge of protected land so it gives the illusion my yard is huge. A river mou

I got a home ! 

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1 hour ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

Is this a region I need to check out??

(What am I saying, I don't even like Vics! 😂 )

The region is great, but not your style I think hehe. A river/ sea view and I would have kept it, those flowers were just amazing

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I am letting this cabin go in 5 minutes. It is a nice spot, with water view, but a bit elevated to me, and too many homes around (I know, I am a really social person...). The front area is very nice, with a tree,  rocks, bushes and flowers

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Healthy Grove/143/28/56


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9 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

Do you have a slurl for it, Elena?

I have just updated the post Nika. Sorry, I thought I had included it!


Edit: and there it goes. Just a note: the former owner is still around, I think she left the avi there and it has been in front of the home for hours...

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On 6/24/2020 at 3:44 PM, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

I just caught another trad, and I must say this abandoned car spinning out in the intersection adds a unique touch to the neighborhood!



Where is this?  And why hasn't the car been returned via auto-return?  This is pretty cool.  As we used to say back in The Sims Online, "It's not a bug, it's a feature." 🙂

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5 hours ago, Ophelia Dayafter said:

I just picked up this gorgeously situated houseboat, right to the side of a little sandy sunbaking area with uninterrupted views of the sunset. THANK YOU!


Congratulations!! THAT is one of the VERY few the houseboats that could top the one I have in Sandflee.

... and the reason that I am on a sort of relaxed hunt for houseboats ... just in case!

and to keep my alt occupied till the Stilthomes are available. ;)



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Just get a new premium membership yesterday, and finded a houseboat 2h after :]  A lot of luck !

It's a good thing because like this i can create some addon for houseboats.

(Anyone know where we can promote Bellisseria Addons ?)

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