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  1. If you derender and add to the asset blacklist, they should stay derendered until you remove them. However, if the item you derendered is being deployed by a temp rezzer, then it will keep reappearing. One way to speed up derendering is to go into edit mode, select one of the items, then drag your cursor to "lasso" a bunch of stuff that you can then derender all at once. It usually takes a few tries to get all the little bits and pieces, but definitely is faster than going one item at a time.
  2. Unless your rental parcels are ownership-transfer so that they are "owned" by tenants (who can then set the land to their own groups), as Rowan said, then I am not aware of any way to restrict rezzing as you request. However, the Casper rental boxes include prim counters, so it's not hard to know 1) when someone goes over the limit, and 2) who has rezzed how many LI on the parcel. Have you joined the Caspertech User Support group? That might be the best place to get more detailed advice.
  3. I found it useful when trying to help someone in a group chat, to make sure that they are still IN the group chat. People tend to leave without warning sometimes, whether on purpose or thanks to SL weirdness. I'm not excited about this change and don't know what the point is, but I haven't read the thread about it so maybe I should do that sometime. lol
  4. I love the Bandit 170! It's just the right size for me, and it looks cute parked next to a stilt home (when I still had a stilt home, that is!).
  5. How odd, because I can see the member list in some large groups I am in. For instance, I'm looking right now at the Bay City Alliance group, which has over 500 members. I can see the names of 39 members who are online right now. I am not a moderator. I think that what you are referring to is the sidebar that is on the left side of group chat boxes, which is a different thing. That is true, that when you are in a group chat, you can't see who else is in the chat. But you can still see the regular group member list as always, unless the owner turns the feature off.
  6. Wild shot here, but is the land set to allow members of a certain group, and if so, is it possible this person is a group member? You mentioned it is a rental, so I was just wondering if your land is set to the rental group and, even though the landlord says he doesn't know her, she might still have managed to join the group. I don't know but it seems possible that allowing group "without restriction" as I think it's worded in the land box might override the NPIOF restriction.
  7. It's been discussed in another thread, which I assume you have seen. Not on topic for THIS thread, though. If you need a link, let me know. ETA: Suggesting that people go to the source of the problem and "ask for help" sounds a lot like "The Godfather". Just sayin'!
  8. I guess I can't complain, I might have cammed over and snatched a parcel from someone at one point or another... 😇
  9. Same here! I would have thought that what we see is controlled by the viewer and settings of whoever took and posted the photo.
  10. How funny, because I do NOT see siding lines through the umbrella itself in the first version. It's all just a matter of taste anyway; I happen to like higher transparency so I'd have gone with the second one. But it's not my house. 😛
  11. The second photo has a higher transparency level on the texture. See how you can see the line on the siding through it?
  12. Surely someday we will land on each other in one of those yellow parcels! I guess then we'd have to arm wrestle to see who gets to purchase it...
  13. Definitely not, and I keep buying more, whether or not I have a place to put them, because "I might need this someday!" 😂 Exploring the yellow squares on the map is my favorite thing to do in SL, aside from actually buying and decorating land (and, ultimately, moving on because I'm a tumbleweed.) I keep a notecard with landmarks of (almost) all of the places I've lived, so I can go back and haunt visit the area again if I want to.
  14. Yes, I do have more than one! I love to own land, and my inventory is full of houses and furniture. I have homes on Mainland (including Bay City), Bellisseria, and I own a private region. I also have a couple of small rentals in pretty communities. I'm always map hopping to see what's out there! Other people buy shoes and hair, I buy and decorate LAND. lol (But I don't buy from people who shamelessly pimp their stuff in discussion threads... just saying. )
  15. It was hard to give up as it was the one my main account owned and I did love it. But I feel lots better now that I know you are the one who has it now.
  16. I believe you got the trad I finally gave up. Congrats, it's amazing! (ETA: I used the Adams model with an add-on from BH&G. And I put a fence in front. lol)
  17. That's really odd. I would contact Live Chat and ask them to come have a look.
  18. This cute little parcel is on a unique cobblestone road built by Vanity Mole in 2009. The road features fireflies, slightly sparkly trees, and there is a fountain at one end. Pods travel the road regularly, so it's easy to hop on for a ride. If you are a fan of LDPW work and unique roads, you'll love this one! 496 sq m, L$1,000 firm. Located in the Toothsum region of Corsica. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Toothsum/232/247/29
  19. I've been doing the same thing over the past couple of months, and have found some stellar Mainland parcels, including a couple that I've had my eye on for literally YEARS. My interest in LH has faded now that I've been reminded how much I enjoy having total freedom to do as I wish with my parcel, and that's really the point of starter homes like these. In addition, I finally, after 11 years in SL, purchased a private region earlier this week. As a result, I let my Vic and my favorite LH (a trad) go today. So, I don't have a dog in this "new release" hunt despite what some might think. I
  20. I'm not sure I want to find that, @Rufferta! 😂
  21. Are you pointing fingers at me in particular? I bailed out of that person's "game" last year, so leave my name out of your accusations, please. ETA: But that experience did give me loads of insight as to other peoples' motives, just sayin'.
  22. Or maybe some of the defenders of the practice get prime locations handed to them on a regular basis, and they don't want that gravy train to stop. I guess we will just never know! 🤷‍♀️
  23. "All or nothing" is a logical fallacy. There are options in the middle between the two extremes of (for example) "using alts to play is always bad" and "using alts to play is always good". Thus, the topic of this thread.
  24. You read it here first, folks! 🤣😭
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