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  1. Oh, I didn't know that. I have seen a couple of appalling Vics with each panel a different day-glo color. Maybe I should AR next time I see them, because they look awful compared to the rest of the neighborhood.
  2. I can! Decorating these homes is a breeze compared to old pre-mesh days, back before prim allowances were increased. If I could fully decorate a 1024 sq m parcel with 234 prim allowance using prim furniture that was 30 prims per piece, I can (and do) definitely have a great time using mesh 1-2 LI pieces with 351LI to play with.
  3. I think there are some who do want to nitpick about how "real" some of the home themes are. I can only judge by what's said in this thread, but that's the feeling I get. I agree that what's said in here doesn't represent "most SL residents".
  4. This is SL, we don't HAVE to be just like RL here. "Your world, your imagination!" I think the new theme is great and if the Moles took some liberties with RL, well....why not?
  5. This list begs to differ http://www.housenameheritage.com/hnh_wsc_german.asp
  6. I think it's good to have them separate, because there were different color schemes to the flower boxes if I recall correctly (I've left the region so can't check that right now).
  7. I love them! The tulips are so cheery, and the window boxes so pretty! I'm glad to hear there are more models to come, because three of the four on display are two-story, and I like smaller homes better. I do like the one-story Reizend, and I guess @Abnor Moledoes as well as he's parked his car there. 😂
  8. I like Tudor style, so am very pleased. These are great! I'm not too sure about all the naked people I see, though (I just landed at the expo). 😂
  9. Just put back a houseboat near the Fairgrounds: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Penitent Beach/193/11/27
  10. Daniel's info a few posts up on this page probably has what you are looking for.
  11. Just put back this Vic facing water. Still in Maintenance! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Goosemere/110/157/27
  12. Thanks for this reminder. I had to replace my computer a few days ago, and I've been blaming this new one for the slow rezzing I'm experiencing. I'd forgotten about the uplift issues!
  13. Yes, it's just now been released and some homes have been claimed, but there are still some available.
  14. Have you tried the Doyle model? I think it's the most "Trad" feeling of the Vic houses. I have a Vic very close to yours, and am using the Doyle because I like Trads best, too.
  15. You are correct about the LAQ trees, which have always been my favorite (till I bought Roiro). They are decorated really nicely, and they do have gifts underneath the tree. All for a total of 3 LI!
  16. Good to know! I won't bother getting them; I never have that much spare LI. 😂
  17. Secondlife.com It's where you can log in with your SL log in information to access your Dashboard, which includes a lot of account things. It's also where you go to claim a Linden Home if you have a Premium account.
  18. Patch actually hinted at this back in June:
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