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  1. Truth! Everyone used to love Rex the cat, but now.... not so much. And that is the fault of no one but his typist.
  2. It's always amusing to see someone try to cover up blatant trolling by bragging about how very "controversial" they are. *yawn*
  3. Well, @Scylla Rhiadra, this started out as a good, thoughtful thread about BLM, and I read some good posts that were directly on topic and on point. It seems it's gone off the rails now, but I appreciate what you tried to do here. I'll look forward to the next one.
  4. She's not wrong though. And while you are reporting, be sure to report the person who is continually going off topic with nonsense about churches.
  5. And the thing that really sucks (among all the sucky things about it) is that if there had been no video, the cops would have gotten away with it.
  6. I'm gonna request that the mods change this to the ALL CHURCHES MATTER thread. FFS.
  7. Meanwhile, Trump hopes George Floyd is happy about the economy. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-george-floyd-press-conference-today-job-numbers-a9551426.html?fbclid=IwAR0hFvy4RtloA4jVOB-8JxWlaosZ8X1YcAORo8SE5VRuK5oBn18CAE8DMNI
  8. Because some people seem permanently incapable of staying on topic and not derailing threads.
  9. I'm starting to think I'm the one who needs some pills to make sense of some of these posts.
  10. He also claimed he spoke French as often as he spoke English. Seriously, how many places in the U.S. do that? /me squints toward Canada
  11. Yes, I think I've made it pretty clear in this thread that I understand all that.
  12. Nowhere in my post did I say any such thing. I didn't even MENTION cops.
  13. I think it's OK to say "hey, us too" if the group you are speaking of actually is being ignored/marginalized/left out etc. It's not really the same as the "all lives matter" folks, who seem to inevitably be members of the majority, privileged group, saying what they say. If that makes sense (it does to me, but it's late and I'm tired). My mom died of breast cancer and I totally agree that colon cancer awareness is just as important as breast cancer awareness. As for the graphic you shared, there are way too many people that just plain don't want to see/admit that black lives need attention in the first place. They don't want to see/admit that white privilege is a thing. They don't want that privilege snatched away (even while insisting it doesn't exist), so they make it into an either/or situation where they can be dismissive and pretend there is no crisis at all.
  14. Hop back to page 10 of this thread, and you'll see that @Gryphon Ronas is the one who built that design using a Pixel Mode pool.
  15. I'm about to put this one in Klokje back. It's next to a bridge, with the rear facing the river, so the Overlook works well here.
  16. If you are the owner of the land, you can change these settings in the Land box. Right click on the parcel itself and choose About Land.
  17. I've noticed quite a bit of clean up in one thread today, for what it's worth.
  18. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/29/heres-why-we-dont-see-protests-when-police-unjustly-kill-white-people/?utm_campaign=0471ba5820-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_06_04_01_39&utm_medium=email&utm_source=The Bulwark Newsletter
  19. Thank you for sharing this with us. THIS is truth and it needs to be acknowledged.
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