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  1. Aha, indeed, because that is exactly what I discovered. I had gotten clever (or so I thought) earlier today and swapped out just part of the add-on without rezzing the entire thing again, so I had a little orphan script looking for an anchor. I pulled it all up and rezzed a fresh new add-on, and all is well now.
  2. I just now had a chance to log back on and inspect it very closely, and I was wrong about the source. It only looked like it was part of the control panel, but actually is part of an add on I have in the house boat. Sorry about that! Thanks for the quick replies!
  3. If I cam in real close, it seems to be connected to two small white cubes inside the panel, although I suppose they could be inside the wall itself.
  4. Well, this is new, and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever seen it. The control panel in my alt's houseboat has a little red floating text message that says "Rez2 Unpaired". My alt rezzed a new copy of the houseboat, but the text is still there. The control panel seems to be working just fine, though! @Quartz Mole and @Dyna Mole, have you run across this before, maybe? (Why do I always find stuff after Live Chat closes for the day? lol)
  5. Speaking of gas, we mustn't forget the giant Magellan statue and the "pull my finger" thing.... was that a hint? HOW DEEP DOES THIS SCHEME GO??
  6. Wait, is this the same type of weapon we previously saw buried at the Fairgrounds? Where else has @Abnor Mole laid these deadly traps??
  7. Thanks, Lil, that is a very good explanation of what I was trying to say.
  8. None of the models face that way, so what you suggest isn't even possible. However, I wouldn't do it if it was, because I want the boats my partner and I have to be parked out front, which requires water, not a sand bar. I'm very pleased with my houseboat model and its location. I'm not a "keep trying for something better" type.
  9. Something else I had noticed about the lighthouse before; its light goes on and off. I assume it's timed with the SL day cycle? (This is the side of my houseboat, with Banksy art. )
  10. Huh, some people do get defensive I guess. Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts without taking my question personally!
  11. Yep, everyone has a right to play catch and release. And by the same token, everyone has a right to not use their home at all, no matter how much someone else might covet it.
  12. I've been so busy decorating alt's houseboat (changed it to Evening Star with @Blush Bravin's add on), that I never noticed till just now that I can see the lighthouse peeking through the upper window.
  13. Am not sure who you are addressing this to, but in case it wasn't crystal clear, I was not complaining about anything. I was attempting to spark a conversation.
  14. To tag along on @Beth Macbain's ponderings, I have been wondering how many of the repeat catch n' releasers try to make a location work before deciding it is not good enough? I wonder this from my own perspective, as I gave back only one house, on April 15. I got it the night of the initial release, and I immediately gave it up because some woman was standing in the yard and didn't seem inclined to leave. lol I got a sandy beach house when I let that first house go, and I did not want sandy beach! But then my sister Kitty got the house next door, so I decided to give it a fair try. I put down some nice grassy patches that go very well with sand, bought some Joshua trees, and commenced decorating. Four months later, I still have that house, and my alt has the first houseboat she got (also not in the location I wanted). I have taken the time to actually live in and decorate them both, and now I love them and wouldn't give them up for a parcel that hit all the various checkmarks of smack dab in front of a light house, on the water, no neighbors for miles, loads of landscaping, etc. wish list. I enjoy touring the newer regions and seeing how they just keep getting more detailed, but I don't feel the need to try for one, even in Point of Whatever. So I do wonder if taking the time to come to love a place and think of it as "home" makes the place perfect after all.
  15. I was referring to the fact that they were currently in world at the time I posted. I could see them in the groups, just as @Beth Macbain pointed out. They do indeed work on weekends.
  16. What @Claireschen Hesten said is correct; I have the white version. It comes with two versions: filled and empty. I have only added a plant to the "filled" version, and I also made a base for it to sit on because it wasn't quite tall enough to fill up the space. I decided that looked better than stretching it (but it is mod, so that's an option).
  17. Ooh you look like a dandelion, Maddy! (Which reminds me of that dandelion field you rezzed at the Forum Cartel hangout.)
  18. In this case, the OP indicated she was AFK for 5 minutes. I don't think the life or death emergency excuse applies for her actions. I do think we didn't get the whole story, though. It would be interesting to hear it from the land owner's POV.
  19. I'm really enjoying this Adams house. Here's a couple shots of the bedroom:
  20. Now I have "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Mole I go!" stuck in my head. Thanks, @Dyna Mole!
  21. I'd just like to point out that these Moles are working on a weekend. There are many extra hours being put in to get homes out as quickly as possible, and I appreciate them for giving so much of their time to it while I'm kicked back here eating chips and playing on the forums!
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