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  1. SOON. (The trademark is implied because I don't know how to type one...)
  2. I'm puzzled why you can't just abandon and retry until you get a location you like, like everyone else does. I've had Linden homes off and on for the past 9 years, and never found this to be an issue.
  3. Meanwhile, I run out of prims in my (double prim) Bay City home. lol
  4. Nice post, Daniel! Those of us stuck at work thank you for the detailed peek.
  5. Yay, I knew it! Too small for me, but they are cute!
  6. Guaca Mole has always been my fave moley name.
  7. Would love to but the work day has just started in the USA.
  8. Until I was enlightened, I always just thought "Well, that's an interesting way to spell the name Abner". lol
  9. And yet you felt compelled to post a comment... I won't even point out the irony of someone trolling in a forum thread telling others to "Get a RL".
  10. I don't know if I ever would have figured it out on my own, but I cheated... another mole pointed it out to me years ago. lol
  11. I don't know anything about those horses, but there is a unicorn version of the Teegle horse you might want to check out.
  12. I'm still holding firm on my thought that the new theme will be camping/caravan type homes. Alas, I will be at work tomorrow so can't have a peek till tomorrow night!
  13. Bellisseria Drama Llama would be most appropriate.
  14. I don't know whether to eat popcorn or issue a group "bless your heart" at this point. People need to calm down. This is not cancer, folks, it's pixel houses!
  15. You are the one who said the words, so the implied insults are all yours.
  16. That is seriously insulting toward the Moles. Pathetic.
  17. *starts new group "Bellisseria Mimes"*
  18. Anytime someone comes into any forum and says they can't be bothered to read the existing threads so they will just start more threads.... that's never going to end well.
  19. And maybe everyone else doesn't feel like reading the same question a million times.
  20. Sorry, I'm at a RL job doing RL work and simply do not have time (or the inclination) to read a map for you. More to the point, if you would spend your time in a positive manner, looking for nice parcels and/or trying to catch a new Linden home of your own, and less time complaining here when NONE of us can do anything about your issues, you might actually get what you want. Case in point, the post just a few above this one, where a person who actually TRIED to get a home, got one! Funny how that works.
  21. LOL no I am not giving you the SLURL of my parcels. Like I said, you want to feel you are being mistreated, so there's nothing any of us can say to persuade you otherwise. Just like the other people who have posted complaints over and over and over and.... Bottom line is pay the subscription fee or cancel. Those are the choices. Endless complaining accomplishes nothing. ETA: A better use of one's time might be to use the refresh key on the new homes page, since every day people are posting in here that they were able to get a new home.
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