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  1. Oh that got me thinking, and I'm not sure who did what now, either. I'm pretty sure my main account started first and had the first traditional, and an alt had (and still has) a houseboat, and another alt had a camper. But I think the main account and camper alt switched it up a few times along the way, and now that alt owns a traditional, and my main account owns a camper. The one alt and I have swapped tier back and forth so many times, we are both dizzy!
  2. I've always been a nomad in SL, so it's no surprise I have changed homes a few times in Bellisseria. I got a traditional the first night they were released, and promptly abandoned it, so no, I am not still in the very *first* spot. I think I went through maybe a half dozen traditional parcels before I landed on the lovely one I have now. My alt got a houseboat a couple of weeks after they were first released, and I do still have that. I like it because it's on the end of a row, so I have plenty of open water, and there is a lighthouse nearby. I changed camper locations one time, and landed in the mountains, so am staying put there, too. I'm not even watching releases anymore as I am satisfied with what I have.
  3. You can pick up Premium gifts at any of the usual Premium gift kiosks. https://secondlife.com/destinations/premium/gifts ETA: There are additional kiosk locations, but I am not in world at the moment so can't check my landmarks.
  4. I was just able to get back in.
  5. Same here. I tried restarting my router but that made no difference. It seems to be on SL's end.
  6. Yes, for the past little bit. And right before that happened, I had a delivery fail on an item I purchased in an in world store.
  7. The Lake House If you are a friendly DJ who enjoys performing in a relaxed residential hangout, we'd like to talk with you. The Lake House at Templeton Cove is currently looking for additional DJs to fill spots Mon - Thurs. 100% tips, and you will need to have your own stream. If you have a host you like to work with, we'd like to hear from them as well! Contact Sylvia Tamalyn for more info. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lake%20House/74/203/26
  8. I've run across several Moles who have not created bears. I don't think I've encountered a Linden who didn't have one.... well, the first time I ran into Strawberry after she was hired, she did not yet have one, but she does now. Some Lindens have had more than one bear.
  9. I have had this one on my wish list for some time because friends give it the same rave reviews that you give for the older car from the same maker. This one happens to be mesh. It's so cute, too! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Manjis-TYPE-1-v-101-Box/12258109
  10. Not all Lindens live in California. Patch, for one, is in the Eastern time zone.
  11. The only time I wear underwear is when I'm wearing it as "lingerie", which is not the use you are talking about. If I have on outer clothing, then nope, I don't bother with undies. If I get the urge to hide my bits, I just use the appropriate alpha on my Lara HUD. Mostly I don't care if someone sees my pixels; I've certainly shown them on Flickr enough in the past.
  12. Thanks, Elena! I added you to mine so that you can check mine out if there ever is anything there worth looking at. lol
  13. *looks at your "joke" again* Judging by all the laugh emojis I do not see, I suspect that somebody lacks the ability to tell a joke that is actually funny.
  14. If you have to explain that it's a joke, it probably wasn't all that funny.
  15. I think @kiramanell was using the term "trompe l'oeil" with its RL definition. It's an art technique.
  16. I was admiring your yard last night! I am terrible at landscaping, so like to see what others do. Yours looks lovely, and I love the animals! 😻
  17. If you're going to advertise on SL's forums, moderated and read by Lindens, that you have no intention of following their rules.... let's see how THAT works. 🙄
  18. No one actually knows except for the Lindens and Moles. It's fun to speculate, but really that's all any of us are doing here.
  19. Scroll up a bit, and you will see it says Canyon Ball Run was released.
  20. Westvale looks ready to go, and look at this sample of the pretty landscaping!
  21. Your house looks great, Layla! And I think you got a nice parcel, too. Our whole little block is a good one. (I really will furnish mine at some point, I've been playing with making a little sidewalk and putting up interior wall covers, etc. first.)
  22. They do, and as I recall, they control textures, lighting, and doors. Possibly a few other things depending on which model home one has. (It's been a long time since I saw one of the older homes.)
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