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  1. I'm letting go of my houseboat at 8pm because I found my waterfront vic spot. Prime location, no one in front, on one side sandy beach with sun loungers. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Getthe Point/107/168/22
  2. I can understand your dilemma, its a beautiful spot!
  3. I picked up this abandon in Prunella. I had been hoping for a waterfront Vic or Trad, but I'm not too sure now that I have it. Maybe its because the waterfront section looks incomplete? It lacks rocks or decor to make it look more natural? Seems like less attention to detail was paid here than in some other areas I have seen. So now I'm musing over holding onto it as it is my first waterfront vic, or do I go back to the GoH....
  4. Of course, I love visitors Feel free to come by anytime: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Getthe Point/107/168/22
  5. Yep I have an alt that is daily seeking that elusive green Victorian with water views 😄 Maybe one day it will happen....
  6. So its the K&S Garden Hot Tub (you can get it from Anthem) modded and then I added pool water, mesh sides and a base. Very much a diy job and lucky you can't see the underwater part as its a mess down there lol
  7. I scored this lovely abandoned houseboat a week or so ago and have been having a fun time decorating it. It has gorgeous sunset views and there are no neighbors either side, just some behind me which suits me just fine. I don't think I will be able to give it up even for the new beach homes... Also, starter homes? You will have to evict me to make me leave. 🤣
  8. I just picked up this one, its gorgeous with the nearby rowboat seating nook, but after mulling it over I still love my seaside one more so will be throwing it back soon:
  9. Belli will appear on the dropdown list as an option as you mentioned and yes you can claim it through that page if you are at work, or on a mobile and then go view it later. You just won't be able to abandon it without visiting. When you do see it appear just be super quick, they go in a matter of seconds usually but don't worry every day I see quite a few. I just have the page open on my browser and randomly hit F5 while working from home 🤣
  10. I just picked up this gorgeously situated houseboat, right to the side of a little sandy sunbaking area with uninterrupted views of the sunset. THANK YOU!
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