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  1. I can’t unsee old church now that you mention it .. and now all I can think about is cemeteries attached to old churches
  2. Nordic Cottage Regions = Vikings
  3. All the time just means that it happens often enough. I don’t have the statistics, only Linden Lab can tell you how many support tickets they get from residents. found you a tutorial
  4. Your inventory is the worst place for backup. It goes missing all the time. A quick scan of the forum and you’ll see that businesses and residents have lost thousands of items through no fault of their own. They’re not idiots that just didn’t clear cache or whatever, this is a real loss that the Lab does not have a fix for.
  5. No. Second life is notorious for losing huge chunks of residents inventory and they say it is irrecoverable. Your best bet is to rez a prim in-world, and drag copied of your boxed items into that prim. Linden Lab only backs up regions, so if those back-up prims ever go missing, they can roll back the region. Trust me on this. A linden will confirm that your inventory is NOT backed up by any servers. Buy stuff at your own risk. Edit to say that you can also redeliver some purchases but you’re also at the mercy of those merchants having a redelivery system and second life losing it all again.
  6. My apologies for making this on the wrong forum! I thought this was the General. I’m on mobile it’s hard to tell.
  7. Ariskea products tend to have missing texture issues. I avoid them mostly.
  8. You can thank your neighbors for the drop in FPS.
  9. I have no words for this
  10. Patch is a trickster, but the hint is really good. The quote is from this Disney ride at Epcot. I've been there, it's a viking ship and some viking legend. But if it's just Epcot in general, it could be China, Japan, Mexico, or any of the other countries represented there.
  11. Based on Patch's clue... it will either be viking ships or norwegian cottages.
  12. Here you go. This is tremendously helpful. You’ll probably get a stilt today.
  13. I was at work all day and they went. I would like to appeal to linden lab to treat working peasants better too lol! Please do an evening roll out.
  14. Agree. The first batch of homes had more natural coastlines (trad/boats). The worst of it has to be the squarish islands of stilts.
  15. Thanks for the visuals! I have never seen orange clouds before, just blobs when people aren’t rezzed. I admit I don’t venture off my platform much lol
  16. They're other residents. You might need a better computer, or bump your settings up higher!
  17. So beautiful! Cannot believe this is a chalet.
  18. The Tromp could mean Linden Land, because who can afford the prims on a linden homes budget LOL
  19. I get a different ad every time I refresh
  20. I don't know what screen I am on, but it is right after I log in to secondlife.com: edit to say I'm on the dashboard page.
  21. Just logged into my alts account, which has since lapsed in Premium Membership, and this is what I see now. A brand new ad! a Victorian! WOW! (mystery house?)
  22. it's for a "garage" the 2nd is a driveway
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