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  1. You’re right. If it’s “Bellisseria” it will mirror real homes. Maybe a hacienda type with open courtyards
  2. My guess is the next theme will be a space colony
  3. Sounds like a classic case of a picky beggar. I would ignore them forever.
  4. I agree. People tend to forget that Bellisseria land is still "common" land, none of us truly own it and we're all just renters. I don't use any orbs either. It seems anti-community to use orbs.
  5. So pretty! You are a sweetheart for posting the picture!
  6. this is amazing! you are a deco super star
  7. would be best if they said a time or committed to their promised release schedule of MWF
  8. If people did check midnight, they would know that their curtains are full bright and their neighbors are judging them.
  9. I do agree with you that the shortage is caused by people with multiple accounts, but what can you do? People want what they want. Many just want one of each theme type!
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