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  1. Support your favorite moles by boycotting the cloned regions. That’s less work for them. A lot of them will lose jobs if this trend continues.
  2. Rezzers can cause lag, due to script usage. I appreciate residents trying to give out vehicles but it can be super laggy if all the neighbors have rezzers out.
  3. ^ This so much. Some of the residents seem to enjoy the vague teasing and games, but I am like you, I work during LL hours and would appreciate a “heads up”. My prediction is that they will release the Vics after New Year, after the current premium sale ends. It would be a pleasant surprise if I am wrong! The Christmas teasing doesn’t mean a whole lot, since people keep decor up well past New Years.
  4. I agree! It could confuse new residents but even I always typo Bellisseria so people want a shorter abbreviation, Bell, Belli, Bellis..
  5. The real question is.. how many users have 0 Bellisseria homes and how many just want one of each type LOL!! I think the multiple homes per person drives up demand...
  6. Victorians aren’t out yet. If you see some sort of delivered message, that means you have a house.
  7. Thank you for another great list! It would be nice if they told us what sims will go, so people can sit out if they don’t like sand or some locations.
  8. It’s not too late. They could clone the continent then remove all user contents. Done.
  9. If they were going to clone, why not do the entirety of Bellisseria, far away from Bellisseria 1? Like they have done with the old homes. I wouldn’t notice it as much if it were at the other end of the grid. These tiny hb clusters popping up everywhere looks like an after thought.
  10. I’m a snob enough to not want to live in a clone stamped area. I liked that each region in Bellisseria was unique enough where you could guess which region a home is on, based on the surroundings. I would love a houseboat connected to land, near homes and community areas. It is a bit overwhelming around the HB pickle area because if all looks the same.
  11. Wow! Some prime waterfront land just got blocked by houseboats now.. same for the HBs, their perfect water view ruined by houses being so close by. How low of a draw distance does LL want us to use in SL? When I have it set at 72m, most of my neighbors roofs disappears.
  12. Great view! Looks just like a seaside village.. wish I were home!
  13. Last time, I’m not even sure the winner(s) knew what they were bidding on, so LL got creative.
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