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  1. As far as I know, all of the regions, except for those above are released and available. You might be running through abandons for OW or OP, but many of the OL homes are in the queue and have not been taken yet. Just look at the taken date... June = never taken.
  2. Until they release new sims, all you will get now is previously released on pier.
  3. LL likes our feedback. We don't have to accept the things as they are... things can always change. If getting the same home over and over is frustrating, we can tell them. They can look at it and challenge themselves to code better or say "oh well".
  4. The rainbow is a Linden rainbow. Ask them to reverse the code. It's particles.
  5. More themes means that with 5, I can’t even try all of the homes types in a day. Just putting it out in the universe that residents want more tries. This year they didn’t even have a premium membership sale unlike other companies, readily giving customers just a little more perks, discounts etc, to keep their business and thank them for loyalty
  6. Yes that part sucks. 5 is really too restrictive. If they can give us 5 when we had fewer homes, why not 10 or 20 now? We’re on the cloud and there are 6 themes!! Few people are shuffling. Most settle. So let the shufflers shuffle!
  7. Assume it’s all out and you can’t “target” anything. Just roll and see what you get. If you stumble upon a new release, Roll it a lot if you love it or don’t roll it if you want to pass! This is really not any different from the traditional release in 2019. also, if you complain they will drop 1 region at a time and that was agonizing. So do you want a whole bunch out or 1 every other day, taken in 10 seconds? Can’t please everyone.
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