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  1. That's cute, where's that?
  2. Because Chloe's multiple premium membership costs money, duh???? Saying it costs money is not an insult in any way. Most would rather win the Dream Home Award LOL.
  3. It wasn't a sour comment. Most people here hop around until they land dream home, then they stop. Please don't take my comment personally! I only quoted you because I wanted to comment on your comment. Don't be so defensive, it not a good look.
  4. No, I'm just saying Hopping around isn't a great award, it costs money too.
  5. Not a great award to win. That just means you haven't found your dream home.
  6. The difference is the Victorian island is for life, for as long as the resident is a premium member. The traditional island is temporary due to expire soon..
  7. Would you have paid $2200 usd? That’s what the Victorian island went for, maybe higher
  8. Glad I’m not the only one that sees the rocks never rezzing all at once! And I have a decent computer.. would drive me crazy living near rock walls
  9. You don’t need virtual land to live in the real world. You’ll be okay.
  10. I wish a Linden would clarify this! How do we prove we ever owned a home, and didn’t click on the abandon button?
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