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  1. Mykonos is my guess, based on the new blue logo. Greek homesx
  2. New homes are taken so quickly that email notices aren't timely enough to use as notifications. You can subscribe to the official SL blog, and get notifications in your email of a new theme release that way.
  3. Does 700 include the new ones they are building or... no?
  4. LL sent you a warning; you ignored it for two days. Just lock down your groups and you'll be fine.
  5. They encourage ALTS for a reason. Who wouldn’t love to hold their house and still get to roll without repercussions for free? Everyone would constantly be doing this and hoping to trade up, but they can’t because the homes are out of circulation always for 24 hours.
  6. It's not what I "think" it's just a fact. The dock has been there since Christmas.
  7. ARs dont work. I've been ARing a dock since Christmas.
  8. I suddenly want a houseboat again.
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