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  1. EDIT: You know, what? You win, Ziggy. Here's another person you've driven away from the forums. Proud of yourself?
  2. I would suggest trying a different viewer to see if the problems persist there.
  3. I have not experienced any of this. Have you had it happen on more than one parcel?
  4. Usually, you can also use region tracker to watch for avatars suddenly appearing in a region. The thing with this bunch, though, is that they tend to leave a few "family members" camped out 24/7 in desirable unreleased regions, or at least that's what it looked like to me just before Thatch Lea was released.
  5. Just saw trad, Vic, camper, and log home on the LP at the same time. What to choose, what to choose... lol
  6. From the first one, and then from the second, and so on. It's a rolling count.
  7. Your face does have a very youthful appearance, so I'm assuming that's what they were referring to. Like Rolig said, just move (I'm sorry, I really want to say mooooove because I like puns) along to a more welcoming place.
  8. Those are the type that will sneak up on you again in a couple of days. *looks at Emerson Lake and Point Sampson*
  9. I'd help you out and click it, but I'm in time out till later tonight thanks to spending my tries repeatedly catching one in Rocky Heights. lol
  10. Congrats! I don't currently have a Vic, but I've had some in the past, and always wound up using the Doyle model since it's the smallest. I find the larger ones to be hard to furnish, though the staircases in them are so pretty. My second fave is the Shelley, since it seems smaller than the Verne and Hardy. With smaller homes, I can add a lot of little clutter details, which is what I like best about decorating. One thing you might try is just wandering through some of the Vic regions and seeing how people have decorated the various home models, to give you an idea what they can look like when furnished. There are also plenty of photos in the photo threads here too, of course.
  11. It looks to me like she knows that, and is asking which model we each prefer to help her decide on which to use on her own parcel.
  12. How is this relevant to the topic of the future of SL?
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