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  1. I get yelled at every time I say this, but I hate seeing people make themselves sick over what I call "pixel houses". I hope you start feeling better about it soon, one way or the other.
  2. Just tagging @Quartz Mole in on this since I think he's been working on this issue.
  3. That's exactly what I have done the few times I've abandoned houses. I like to wait until late night for me (say, 7 PM SLT) so that those who are at work, etc., during regular release times have a chance to get something considered "desirable". I recently gave up a beach home and then a home in Blackwater Shoals, and though I did not wait around to see who got them, I do hope the new owners enjoy what was probably a surprise catch for them.
  4. THIS ^^ It's like the many forum discussions about peeking in windows. Some people think that behavior is intrusive, nosy, and does not respect the privacy of others. I feel the same way when someone posts in here the name of the new owner of a parcel. Did the new owner consent to having their business blasted like that? Somehow I doubt it. How about I fill a house with BDSM stuff and teddy bears, leave the windows wide open, and then say "Well, I don't mind it so it must be OK"? I think we have already seen that debated to death here in the forums, so the question is rhetorical.
  5. Same! I think it's creepy. When I recently abandoned, I got my behind out of there ASAP so as not to bother the new owner.
  6. I will not name names, but if people want to raise their hands, that’s fine with me.
  7. I really don't think I've seen it, but I also don't go to the land page often. I was in the game for this most recent release only because after six months of having the beach house, I threw it back into the mix so someone else could have it. I imagine if I was refreshing the page regularly, I'd eventually see the error, too. But after a few days of playing with it last week, I'm done (again) since I did get a new house. It will be interesting to see if others report some pattern to when the error page appears!
  8. Whitney Linden has been involved with the work to correct the issues in Toad Hollow, so maybe that was her that you saw.
  9. I don't think I've ever seen a page that said "unknown error", just the one about how the parcel is no longer available (something like that). I wonder if it has something to do with using auto refresh?
  10. You seem to assume I was talking about you. I was not, but if you want to take offense, I can't stop you.
  11. There has definitely been some very dramatic posts in this thread, and just as much drama in in world group chat. And just as you dislike people who label things "drama", I dislike the ones who are being dramatic.
  12. Exactly! Every region has something nice to offer. It's good to keep an open mind and take a look around before pooh poohing any of them. Gentle Grove and Hammond Park have not yet been released, and they are both lovely, too. (In fact, I had my eye on Hammond Park, not Rocky Heights! But I'm happy to get what I get.)
  13. I really hope the Lindens keep on releasing whatever they want, whenever they want. They clearly can't please everyone, and some people seem to just love to complain, so they should do whatever makes the job easiest for themselves. I easily caught a house in Rocky Heights during that release, with zero stalking or drama (and no auto refresh), so it just goes to show that it's as much luck of the draw as anything else. It makes more sense to just chill and have some fun with it, and not give yourself an aneurysm if your "dream" parcel doesn't land in your lap. SL is supposed to be fun and if it's not, maybe it's time for a little break.
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