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  1. There will always be complaints, even if Patch personally delivers homes on silver platters with a pony on the side. However, I think we are going to see even more complaints now (if that's possible) with this new method.
  2. "This thread" is the one you just started. If you watch Patch's thread, on the other hand, you will get updates.
  3. I have not received mine yet! Let's do an online petition too! SO UNFAIR.
  4. Obviously, we need a new thread about it! 😂
  5. Because some people want 512 sq m parcels. Not everyone has 1024 free, due to other use of some of their land allowance (example: having a shop on Mainland).
  6. Well, shoot, what will people be able to complain about now? ETA: Patch's update is posted!
  7. The really weird part was that I got another house right away, far away on the other side of Bellisseria. While I was looking it over. that same woman showed up in the street right outside my new house. I suppose she was playing catch and release, too, but it felt odd at the time. (Hmm, maybe it really *was* @Beth Macbain...)
  8. Same! With the very first home I got, I arrived and someone who had already abandoned was still hanging around there. She did not leave! So then I abandoned it too because I didn't want a home that came with a creepy woman in the yard. lol
  9. Since LL's office hours just now started for the day, that may explain the delay.
  10. Correct. No terraforming, no subdividing, etc.
  11. Oh you are planning ahead! Friday was officially the first day of summer (in the USA, at least). lol
  12. Yeah and I bought a couple.... I was only supposed to be there for free things! *shakes fist*
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