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  1. That's the only explanation that makes sense for why my comments about the use of a 0 seconds orb earned a reply about scripting. lol
  2. I was talking about the 0 seconds orb that Coby encountered while flying.
  3. Why would you assume that the owner did not use the orb's menu to choose the warning time? I have never once had to mod a script to pick the settings I wanted for an orb. (Just for funs, I just looked at an Alyssa orb. First of all, it's full perm. Secondly, there is indeed a menu that allows you to pick a warning time.)
  4. Not sure what you are trying to get across here, but again, I stand by my opinion that a 0 seconds warning orb is rude.
  5. This! This is starting to remind me of little kids at Christmas, when no matter how many nice gifts they get, they rip the paper off them all then cry "Is that all???"
  6. I have put LOADS of my own money into SL since 2010, and feel no need to install a 0 seconds orb that flings innocent travelers all the way home. I stand by my opinion that that behavior is rude.
  7. That's another reason for me to stay put in the house I currently have. My sister Kitty lives next door. I might get bored elsewhere without her standing on the front porch holding the door bell button down with her finger!
  8. I'm happy with what I have, but will keep an eye on developments since we've been told other styles will roll out in the future. I'm not in any rush to change but you never know!
  9. I pressed the refresh button for maybe two minutes today before snagging the houseboat. YMMV, though.
  10. Instead of complaining, people might want to consider devoting that time to refreshing the "get your Linden home" page. I saw a houseboat on there this morning. Alas, it is no longer there.
  11. SO RUDE. I hope their naked pixel bottom is really worth that kind of overly aggressive "security", but somehow I doubt it.
  12. I remember seeing that sign at the Home and Garden event, because I laughed at the car crashed into the "drive carefully" sign. That's such a "mole" kind of joke.
  13. On the contrary, there has been loads of complaining in the forums. Often in threads where housing availability is not even the topic.
  14. We had a lot of fun taking off from the landing strip tonight in our helicopter and then flying around most of the continent. I'm very happy with all the new features we are getting almost daily. Busy moles!
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