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  1. 1. Houseboats, right on the water! And the open space translates well into contemporary design, my favorite. 2. Traditionals, the Winchester because of the layout and the upstairs balcony. My alts are on the lookout for one right on the water. 3. Victorians because the landscaping is stunning. I'm not crazy about the home interiors. I find the Doyle to be the least claustrophobic and an alt has one right on water in an amazingly gorgeous low lag sim, so it stays. I am hopeful a more open concept Vic will become available down the road. At some point Patch said something about providing more home style variety. Hope that's not a false memory! 4. The Log Homes, these will be my #1 when available. They are open and airy and in the forest with lakes. Yummy! Ps: Dear Moles, you have done an amazing job. Thank you for all these amazing builds!
  2. What add on? I looked at Nando's MP and didn't see anything I thought could be it.
  3. I've suspected they left those green areas to cut through. Cannot wait!
  4. The alts and I have already gotten several homes/home choices today. And I'm staring at a Vic right now on a land page. Today is a great day!
  5. Patch it is 3 am! You need some sleep! Wishing you and the gang stay safe out there in our crazy RL world.
  6. First, I want to thank @Patch Linden and the moles for this wonderful place. I like the way communication works now. I like the informal Linden/mole drop ins, the chats, the clues, the guessing games. I even like the frustration of pulling my hair out when I miss a release (95% of the time) or can't figure out Patch's clues (100% of the time).
  7. I did exactly that. Wish I had thought to take a photo! 😄
  8. Maybe you Maybe you guys need to reconsider your bait.
  9. @Abnor Mole Question: Given the Belli water bug, why not substitute prim lakes in the affected regions? The lakes on the continent are beautiufully done, and most of us seem to be in love with water!
  10. I get it that there is a bug with water features on high land. But I don't understand why a few prim ponds, so to speak, can't be inserted.
  11. Still in maintenance. BTW Elora, I LOVE your Thunderhead (sp?) home. I drove by it the other day in my pink Caddy and had to stop to look at the two homes in your "cul de sac."
  12. I'm betting the reveal won't happen until next weekend or festival end.
  13. Nika, I was thinking more along the lines of Patch personally swapping out the seasons with his link sets.
  14. Heck, it just hit me... What if the new log cabins regions have SEASONS!
  15. Someone from the other thread reporting in. Here's another Flickr picture from the LH album where the house looks very similar to the photo Patch posted of his large deck on the other thread.
  16. Here is another picture from Patch's Flickr LH portfolio which looks very much like the pix he just posted. No snow but it's Fall given the pumpkins.
  17. Clues all over the place. Hmmm... What about this picture in Patch's Flickr; in the Linden Homes album of all places. Almost all the pictures are recognizable Belli. But this photo shows a home style that I don't recognize. And if you zoom in, the background is a snowy mountain. ???
  18. Does anyone have a landmark for a rez zone near a track?
  19. Highmarket. I think every house here back to water.
  20. I will never abandon my beautiful abandon! ( Even though I prefer modern open concept.) Caught last month.
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