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  1. Thanks! But the more I look at it, the unhappier I am. First thing I will do, is to take down the heavy roman shades, find something more airy or keep the windows bare with only a hanging plant. The end wall should really have a bigger window.... Off to the MP to search windows again.
  2. Yes, but some of us think they are tailored for the old LH users that are using 512 m homes. They can't use the 1024 m homes if they have a store on 512 m mainland, or donate 512 m to a roleplay group to help cover tier. With the new trailers, you can still do both.
  3. I don't know if it is relevant, or if the official viewer has this option, I use the (Firestorm) map this way: I open it and click once where I want to go. When I minimize the map, I have a red beacon showing where I clicked. That's my Waze or GPS. I have to choose roads in every crossing, and it's often detours... but that's unavoidable since there is no highways. It would be cool with a "West Coastal Highway" but I think that's too late. A different color on the roads.... I am not sold on that. How to solve it in all intersections? I am more in favor of painted arrows on the tarmac that marks the fastest way north - south, east - west. Or a different colored line next to the white ones we already have. It would not be 100% real world traffic markings, but to make the suburban streets into proper highways would be difficult now.
  4. Yes, the house (or boat) takes more than a few seconds to disappear. So when you get the message "Sold out" and return to the page, the same house or boat is stil there. 😞 Like mocking.
  5. I have Blush's Wrap Around Porch for Continental, but I wanted to try and fit a room in it, big enough for a kitchen. Edited to add: Lower right picture show a wall to the right. That is going to be a laundryroom or a shed. So far it's just 1 textured prim. I must see if I have prims enough for door and windows, plus furniture for it. I found out that the walls were too dark, but that is easy to change. I could fit in a really big kitchen. I will take some better pictures later. I don't feel that the kitchen is finished,. I found windows that's close to LH windows, but I want to rip out the ones by the table and replace them with some windows that go almost to the floor. If I find some that's not too different.
  6. This is probably going to sound wrong, so should I say it? Western culture has come a long way from where it was. You still find cultures with FGM, forced marriage, child marriage, marital rape can not exist because a wife is the man's property, a girl is the fathers property, a girl's virginity is the whole family's honor and must be guarded, a man can divorce a woman but not the other way around, in case of divorce the man get custody of the children... I am cheering Western culture from my corner, I shall not say why, because I don't think it matter. I do as I do and think as I think for a reason. That is personal. I am triggered every time i see "Western" singled out, because in the West, brave women fought for women's rights, and also their male allies. There were men of means and influence who worked for the suffrage cause. This is going to be a single post. If I have offended you or others, I can not explain it better, not can I use English so perfect as you. So it is best that I don't say more.
  7. I just planted this. Large L-shaped flowerbed, ivy and then I had to find some furniture for the porch. I am afraid this ends with an empty house, or a house with a single beanbag. The LI is running out fast. The huge wrap porch is so decorative, and it is tempting to finish everything outside. Has anyone found a grass texture that's similar to Bellisseria grass? This is a another LL grass texture I used, but it is not right! I tried other textures that I had bought, but they aren't better. Most are worse.
  8. So I am curious, because I don't stream music or listen to music or voice. Is it possible to cam in, click on a radio or tv and derender it, and then? Derender kill sound? Your neighbor has 3 friends over and they shout and scream. You mute them all, and don't hear them anymore? The only thing you can't do something with is streaming on the parcel via something... I don't know it in detail, but it is set under land. That isn't possible to silence?
  9. I think you need to have Auto-refresh on your tower. And using a mouse is faster that rubbing your finger over a mouse pad or screen. I miss maybe 6 of 7. Or more. (I just test how well it works, and abandon them) Unless I will move to another location. It is like this: I have a home. The alt hunt for exiting locations. Unless the alt get something really good, it's abandoned. If the great spot comes up, I abandon my home and use what the alt got. The home is in the alts name, but I use it as mine.
  10. All is sold out, so what you get now, is if someone abandon a home. I think I read somewhere, that it is a bit over 3000 houses and boats in total. Maybe 3300. Those who abandon may have decided that premium is too expensive, they are tired of the location, think it's to few LI to decorate with. They will buy or rent somewhere with more privacy, solitude, more LI. Or they split with their partner and will not have bad memories. Whatever reason. I have an alt monitor the home page, and it's abandoned homes every day. They go in 5 seconds, because it's lots of people using auto-refresh and wait for Bellisseria to show up.
  11. All new homes and boats is sold out. The page will show you the old ones, Meadowbrook and others. I monitor it via an alt. It is at least 5 houses and/or boats every day that's abandoned.
  12. You can not rent it out or trade it. But there is nothing that says a friend can't stay in another ones house. The land can be set to a group. All group members can rez there. The houses stay LL property and they don't count against your LI. Even the hedges, fences and trees/bushes/decor/plants outside your land does not count against your LI. There is no aftermarket. They work just the same way as old Linden Homes. But there is some differences in the covenant. Banlines is not allowed. Security systems is allowed and LL gives out a free security system with the home. The security can't be 0 seconds, but 15 or 20, don't remember. You are allowed skyboxes here, but not under 2000m. Lots of information here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:New_Linden_Homes_2019 All new homes and boats is sold out. Follow this thread to see when new ones is released:
  13. Maybe you are right, but I am still convinced that there are people who have joined premium and forgot about it. When the money is withdrawn from their account, it is too late. Maybe they don't notice that. What is 72 USD? A pair of jeans, a pair of sunglasses? And you say that wealthy people would care about that? I know people who are not rich, but they have a nice income. Buying a pair of jeans and not using them, is not a problem for them.
  14. Yeah, that. Sometimes I think people forget that LL is running a business. I made 6 premium accounts when they increased free tier to 1024. Never been premium before. Good marketing, that too. I think that, and new homes, is good marketing. Someone know what they are doing, after stagnating on 512 m for so many years.
  15. The landscape is really beautiful. The trailers, is nothing for me. I want more LI, not less. I think LL is kind to make 512 offers for those who want to donate tier to group, as some pointed out. They can have both a new LH and donate. And the landscape will be perfect to walk, ride or bike through for all. So I am not disappointed over the release of 512 homes at all. I don't want one of the trailers, so I can relax with what I have (for now).
  16. I had an Abner in my class a long time ago. I thought Abnor was Abner spelled different. Many biblical names vary in different languages. (Sylvia beat me to it)
  17. The one who created it must love his/her job. Garden Mole? Good for us!
  18. I partly disagree with this. There are limits, but they could use a house with roughly the same footprint as one house and the height of another. Just as an example. There is not a point in making super big houses, as long as we have only 351 LI. And all the additions people make and sell for the houses. I never read a review that there is some greenery poking through. I think a one story house with a larger footprint that Adams and Alderley, with bigger rooms, would be popular. They would fit in too. I had around my Winchester: 2 big pergolas, carport, porch over the entrance, and even a greenhouse. The Continental I have now, has a huge wrap around porch on all 4 sides. A new house could have bigger footprint, if it's one story. I bet on it. The trees are smart made, they don't have lower branches. And the protected land around every parcel makes just the tip of the branches cross over the border. Not that I think they will put more types of houses in the current theme... but they could.
  19. I had a lot of fun making a small rooftop garden on the Evening Star. This will also work as outdoor dining. I don't think I will have dinner table and chairs inside. 4 pictures is overkill for a small space. But I enjoyed this decorating, and I wish I could show every plant. I hope you see the garden gnome? Edit: I had the lowest possible draw distance, so the other boats should not fill up the background.
  20. You should know that the last batch of 700 houseboats went in 28 minutes, and the site had several hickups because of the traffic. The new release will go that fast, or faster. But there are people abandoning houses and boats every day. They are picked up in 5 seconds, so unless you have Auto-refresh running in a window, and the "plus" version that alerts you for the word "Bellisseria" - you wil probably not get one.
  21. I am not sure what I think about it, to be honest. I like that they did it like that, but think it's a bit out of the theme. But it's not a problem for me. It is a location where it's not so noticeable. Maybe the moles will make a town center. But now they all work on resident homes.
  22. Yes, this is true. In my new place, it is only the Evening Star that works. But it does not hold any sentimental value for me, this spot. So I decorate Evening Star, and go hunting again. One can be lucky and find a 32 x 32 that work well, but they are rare. I have seen a few, maybe 1 of 10 boats is 32 x 32 and 1 of them again has an ideal spot without being built in between others. Listen to me, lol. Spoiled much? It took 2 months and now I want not only a boat, but a fantastic spot...
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