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  1. The "big surprise" Patch talked about can't be different colored walls, can it? I mean, we can all see it in the demos. Could it be to rez mirrored versions of the houses?!
  2. Ugh. 😳 I hope you can let it go. Really, what a thing to say....
  3. I don't want to let any of my Trads go, really. I have spent so much time on them, and made every one special. It is totally a luxury problem. It is very important for me, to see the regions before they are released. If they really have the standard of the showcase we see now in the Expo. But yes, if they have so many flowers and details, I must have a Victorian. Not only do the more rooms and porch take away the need of add-ons, but if the front gardens have so many flowers, there will be no need to plant my own flowers... more Li to decorate with. There will be no sea views, boo-hoo! Well, there are a few places with sea view, so I shall not say it's impossible.
  4. They still leave room for gardening, and some of them also have room for a garage. It is easy to see in @Pussycat Catnap's pictures, because she has on the "show property lines".
  5. So you don't think people will abandon boats? I am sure there will be abandoned Trad homes soon, as word about the Victorians spread.
  6. So I must take down the Christmas decor on my Trads and just sit and wait for a release... 😒 It will be Trads free for many people now. Maybe boats too. The good about these new homes, is no need to buy add-ons and waste Li. Or porches. Plus the flowers are very nice. We will see the real regions too, before the release? Not just this showcase?
  7. The Hardy has over 20 windows! Oh, we really need low Li cortains now. I doubt I will take the Hardy. I don't like sparsely furnished rooms. Each room must have furniture, flowers, decor, curtain, lamps, rugs....
  8. And all the flowers. Are they really going to use so many flowers in the new regions? It looks like they added so many more. Roses, too.
  9. The Hardy is so big inside, I can not imagine what the need should be for more rooms. I notice different colored walls too. It means more to decorate with, since it is no need for add-ons. Conservatories, maybe.
  10. Yes, I would love modern too, but damn and blast. This is like Continental, just bigger and better. I can not believe the room sizes!
  11. If BoM was a big thing, and your skin was made to fit the head, you would be ready and dressed in a minute. Then your beard, hairbase and tattoo would be on a tattoo layer, you could just click them in your inventory and choose "add". Sadly BoM is going slow, and the best (male) skin makers all use appliers. Something that makes BoM useless.
  12. I think it looks like a very short time frame before Christmas. But now they are so experienced, that's why I say it's odds of 50/50 . Has anyone thought of the possibility of a release before the Christmas Expo closes? Is totally out of the question?
  13. This thread works, with a bit comittment and persistence! Congratulations!
  14. It was a long time with the campers, yes. I didn't keep a diary of when we heard and saw the Pickle Isle with the boats. That was released already May 15th.
  15. It is buried in the long SSP thread. But if I remember right, it was previews in early March and release April 15th? So 5 weeks? The official announcement about the release was just a few hours before, if I remember correct. In theory, they can be released before Christmas. The first, and biggest release, was just before Easter. Easter vacation had started in my country. I was not up in the RL cabin because of back pain, the cabin can not be reached by car. So I snagged a house for me, and a boat for my alt on the release day. I think I have to prepare for both first release before Christmas or first release in January, a 50/50 bet. We don't know if they will have a slow release of regions every day, or a few bigger releases of multiple regions. So many questions....
  16. But you assume it is Ahole reviews? What is an Ahole review? Is it pointing out that the neck fit is not so good, and asking them to improve it before they will buy the body a suggestion of improvement? Or that the body show creaks? I have heard that Marketplace review needs to be factually wrong, off-topic, or clearly flamatory for it to warrant removal.
  17. I wonder if 1000s of negative reviews could be an exxaggeration from your side. If it really was that many, something about first TMP, then Legacy, must really has provoked people. Everybody who bought it inworld and wanted to defend the brand could take a demo from the MP and write about how well it worked for them. You should think it was some balance in the reviews. I didn't know a merchant could unlist reviews that stayed on topic and in a polite tone? Perhaps that was the issue. Too many well written reviews that voiced legitimate concerns. They could not flag them to LL and have them removed.
  18. I think they will go fast enough. Not many follow the forum or read the official blog. I hope LL will give us some notice on when they start releasing the new theme. I hope for peace and no stress for Christmas and New Year. I am 99% certain I will try for the new style. But I don't look forward to the hype and tension.
  19. It was Coca & Wolf. I have some of their add-ons before mesh avatars. Layer for bloody tears. They had very mucular bodies. It is still a store named Coca & Wolf, but their skins look too pretty. The demo illustaration show some abs. Maybe it is just in my head, but I imagine the OP want She-Hulk, not pretty woman who won fitness queen title. This should fit for She-Hulk: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MD-Dream-Girl-Full-Flex-Mesh-BodyDEMO/16283265 This is less She-Hulk and more Warrior: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/dev-Fitness-Nana-Bento-Mesh-Body/11282429 The ad for the last one is actually very natural compared to the edited shapes of it I've seen. Try a demo for the extreme height booster. According to the reviews, it works for other mesh avatars than Aesthetic. It has a demo, so why not try. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Aesthetic-Extreme-Height-Boosters/15747215?page=2
  20. I saw some of them, but thought they were small decor. I can check them again. Here is the nice truck I have. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/OBD-MY-OLD-RED-TRUCK-TREE-FARM/13357182
  21. I will follow the forum, so I know when it happens. Only 3 days until we can see the new style. 😎
  22. It's not wrong to have a need and care to that need, is it? I was growing up poor. I started working full time just before I was 18, so I don't have education and a job that pays so much. Oh, it is not like I have a bad life. But I can play with stuff in Second Life that goes beyond what my money in RL allows. As a child, I used to daydream about a nice house, my own room, a fine stereo, a mother who was well liked in the community, and she had put up a cork board on the kitchen wall with postcards and cute stuff pinned to it. This is taken directly from one of the few times I was to another kids home. I never forgot the corkboard and the pain of jealousy. It was a ordinary home, nothing special, and yet another world for me. I had never sat down by a table with a complete dinner set and a couple tealight candles in ceramic holders. I am happiest in SL when I create a version of a perfect home again and again. I am not attracted to space stations and mermaid homes. I would love to be in one and live there for a week, maybe.
  23. I don't think the new theme will be released so fast. The Christmas Expo will show us it. But the new regions for the new theme isn't even named. So I am sitting tight on the house I will abandon when that time comes. I can't afford to have more premium alts. If I register an alt now and he or she gets a fantastic new house, I will feel pressured to continue paying for that alt, to keep the new house.
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