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  1. Got a boat here too, dropped it back in the pool already. I get something often... Siros 5 days ago, River Run 3 days ago, Sebek today.
  2. This is the part of the terrace with all the prims in the posts and in the railing part joined, and the mesh cleaned up. I also made a nice top on the posts.
  3. When we link them inworld, they are kind of soft linked. If I didn't do anything in Blender, they would upload as separate parts when uploaded as Model. The LI count will not be lowered so much. I think it will be the same as building with Convex Hull. This is a part of the Winchester terrace railing, linked in SL and exported as Collada. They are still separate prims, see a "dot" in each prim. And in wireframe, you see that prims are an abundance of triangles. The root prim is outlined in the yellow color.
  4. Yep, that's what I did with the walls. Built them with prims, saved as Collada, open in Blender, link all. I also took them in Edit and cleaned up, so it wasn't so many triangles. But for indoor stuff - there really is no need to worry about things that will be seen close. But for things outside that are viewed from a distance, that should be cleaned up a bit so it can be uploaded to SL without beeing a mess of triangles.
  5. Not that it really matter, but I had the map up, and saw green dots fill up the regions one by one, not random. I was in the hunt for the perfect spot, and abandoned all the 5 boats I got, within minutes. It could have been one of those. I only wanted a boat there if I could get one on the edge, not in the middle of the Pickle.
  6. You can try all the testers here for 0 linden. They work for classic avatars. Then you can try a blush, they are not free. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/55328?utf8=✓&search[layout]=gallery&search[category_id]=&search[sort]=price_asc&search[per_page]=96&search[keywords]=&search[price_low]=&search[price_high]=&search[land_impact_low]=&search[land_impact_high]=&search[copy_permission]=0&search[modify_permission]=0&search[transfer_permission]=0 You can also use all the free demos here that includes a classic layer. They are labeled "Works for classic and mesh avatars" and you use the tattoo layer. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1011
  7. Maybe. I am going to have a larger table. I thought so. But how do you like the idea about only a one side kitchen?
  8. How about a double window, sink center under the windows, fridge on one side, oven on the other? Not a corner, just a long straight kitchen. Something else in the nook under the stairs. An armchair and a small table, maybe a shelf?
  9. Is it allowed to post what the prize is, if not where it is? So I know what it is and can forget about it. I suck at hunts like this. The only hunts I can do, is where it's posted answers in a hunter group or something like that.
  10. I'm looking forward to the camper release. I hope LL will announce it a few days before, so I can lay and wait for the abandoned houses and boats for ppl who want to try trailer life. It is exiting to see if I can get a house on sand. Because I am not going to try for a camper. I am almost certain of it. I can't see why I should change my mind.
  11. Yes, the space there to the left is an alternative place for the fridge. Ot continue the cupboards to the corner. Or place a coffee station there. Under the stairs, I can tint the block, let them go all the way up . They are white by default, but they can be tinted or textured as I want. This (Domineaux) kitchen has a freestanding oven that I don't love. Maybe I can do something with a cupboard, so I can slide in the Roost oven there. The appliances are from Roost. I made the windows short, to make sure they should not go under the countertop. I overdone it. They are too high up for me too. But I will be sure of the layout before I take the build back to Blender and start to change it.
  12. TY for the reply. The benefit of making this add-on, is that I can change the windows for the layout. So, I think I will change the windows. And move the fridge. One annoying thing with me, is that I can't ignore that the fridge is hinged on the right side, so placing it to the left of the sink would drive me nuts in RL. But it will look much more balanced. Originally, I had a door out where the ovens are. I took it away because it would be confusing - where to walk in? I already have the Winchester entrance on this side. Even if it would be charming to have a door there, it would also mean to double the entry furniture, coat hangers or something inside the door.
  13. Asking for options: Should I do something with the windows? I think they could be longer, so they almost touch the countertop. Should I add space between them? Does it look ok with all the appliances under the stairs? Ovens or fridge moved to the other wall?
  14. I have a pool ladder with animations that is no modify, and a much prettier pool ladder without. The worst about the no mod, is that it's set to full bright. The eye is always drawn to full bright items. If I take a copy of the script and the animation and put it in the pretty ladder, the rotation is off, so I walked up on the ladder backside. I make a prim, put the animation and script in it, and then place the prim so the walk up of the pool is correct. Then I link the pretty ladder to it, but so that the new prim is the root prim. I can now use the pretty ladder and walk up correct. And also, when the new prim is set to conwex hull and phantom, it did not increase the LI for the ladder. The ladder is very low LI. (From What Next Seaclose deck) The pool ladder is now a natural part of the enviroment, not standing out in every image. I also found out that I should place a new rug where the pool animations place my avatar on the deck. I can not have furniture on this spot, but a rug works well. The deck does not look so empty now.
  15. It is not enought information. There are hundreds, if not thousands of avatars. "Off the peg" is not a clear enough description. A general issue is that people use "wear" instead of "add". Add adds things, wear replaces whatever is on the same attachment point. A dress and a body can have the same attachment point. Always add. Avatars can be meshed in one piece, so the dress and the body is not two separate objects. It is no help for that.
  16. "Only in fatpack" "Fatpack-only" 😥 😡 🤯 When I want 1 pattern, and it's only in the fatpack.
  17. I never thought I could make anything at all, but now the Linden homes forces me to build, lol. I can't find an add-on I like? Well, build it! It's really cool, isn't it? Making a builder of me, and rekindling your love for building. I am not feeling comfortable with selling (yet), so it is all for my own pleasure. I am almost where I can sell, but then I find another detail that's not good enough. In my own home, I always have curtains and furniture, that can cover mishaps.
  18. Yes, I really appreciate the low LI things they have. But I am not very passionate about it. They are no mod, but changes color and texture in a menu. There are no size adjustments, and it is very, very large furniture. The price for copy is enormous. I have their bathroom, that looks sort of ok, and a sofa indoor/outdoor set, where I lost the sofa and only has the chairs. I consider buying the corner sofa. That one looks better than the rest, I think. It is very generous of them to give away all the lamps and ceiling fans! Almost every one can be bought for 0 linden. And also their boxed freebies on the marketplace.
  19. I plan to use the large room downstairs in the original Winchester for the new bathroom. I am going to split it in two with a wall and door, and use one of the parts a bathroom, and the one where I go into the add-on as a laundry room. The other room downstairs, with two smaller and one large window, will be library/office. The add-on will be an open kitchen/living room and the bedroom on top. I am not sure how much I can decorate before the LI run out. I am focusing on interior now, not the garden. I will have some flowers and decor around the entrance, but not huge flowerbeds as I used to have in my other Bellisseria homes.
  20. I am sloppy in Blender, the elegant metal brackets that hold the glass would drive me insane. It is very beautiful work, but not versatile. The one I used instead, the metal/white wood stair and railing is 7 LI when linked, so yay. I need instant gratification, so I am often tossing a thing away and proceed with another option, if it can give me fast results.
  21. Thank you, I wish I could use the glass railing, but it has no parts for stairs or corners.
  22. The garden is in good progress. The super tall Linden hedges was making it a claustrofobic and closed space. Now, I open up and is so happy with it. The pool became this size, because I ripped off animations from a Maya's house and found it easier to work with the same size, no editing of poses neded.
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