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  1. The problem with this is that before i texture a vehicle, or an animal, I have to buy it, in order to have UVs, and to be able to directly visualize the rendering. The horse market may be large, but they are very expensive, at least for me. I'm also starting to create and texture my own mesh But i didn't wanted to change 😛 I only wanted for advice to put forward and to the quality of my products. In any case, I think that by creating advantages of objects in addition to the textures should diversify me to make me more visible. and keep learning for modeling too ._.
  2. Wow, already, congratulations and thank you for this debriefing! It is very complete, gives a lot of information and valuable advice! Like you said, the customer that I aim is reduced because they must already have bought the vehicle or the object, or plan to do it, and have all the tools in hand to create their own textures. This reflects the real life where graphic designers / illustrators are unemployed because companies prefer the solution often cheaper: create their own visuals. I am well aware of this problem, it is for this reason that I start to create my own mesh. I like the sea side, but I do not specialize in this area. I have already thought of creating my own boat, but it is a project far too ambitious for my level. (and I do not speak scripting ..) At the level of proposing a texture changer, it depends on the system. The one that consists of a script to place in the object, and having to click on the object to automatically change textures, displeases me a lot. I always hated having one or more objects whose texture changes when we click on it, especially by mistake. Why not with an extended click, but I do not know and do not have this kind of scripts .. For the vehicles textures changer, i need to improve my little knowledge of scripting for making this And for the graphics, yes it's finally what I do. Try to have the right rendering in low and high quality. Thanks again !
  3. No worries You're right yes.. So the better is to work products again first, and maybe re-arange a big part of my shop to make the products easily visible, and purchasable. Oh, another question for the mesh and/or texture creator: when you texture a objet you've made, do you put your setting in lowest for suit most of audience ? I always worked materials with my items, but i see than a "lot" of peoples never use graphics options, so what is the better things to do for you ?
  4. I don't sell vehicles but vehicles paintings.
  5. No it's very nice from you to help! thanks Till now, i haven't got any person who ask me to view directly the boat, or else. So i think the product pictures render well.. But i will think of it.. Having directly some vehicles rezzed can be more attractive
  6. My shop does not have a dock, and has no place (in size) to have a boat I actually rent at a frequented place (hollywood sim), so i don't know if renting water parcel for exposing boats and others will be a good thing..
  7. I just don't buy when it's like this, but yes a demo will always be a plus. BUT, the problem is that to visualize the InWorld textures, it would be necessary to display the vehicles directly and I would never have room or LI. In addition, directly displaying textures for sales increases the risk of them being stolen..
  8. A lot of advices I already spended time to check a lot of shops ect. Some things are good to take, but when I see how some vendors lie and grossly joke about the quality of their products, as being the best ever, that we will never see such beautiful, and all other shops come out of the sh*t has next to this product .. While 3/4 of their products are models downloaded for free on the net, I'm not a shark who will lie and sell father and mother to win a few visitors. (maybe it's the problem .. uh). What makes me buy from other sellers is the quality of their products, a reasonable price, and a certain professionalism if possible (listening to its customers), True I understand that the articles can seem very messy to you, but it is possible in this case to click on the categories to filter the search and to display only the textures, or the mesh ect .. Same for my InWorld shop, the textures for boats, surfboards ect .. are sorted by categories. My shop is not specialized in boats or other, just in the creation of textures and mesh. It does not interest me to focus on a theme only (Even if we notice that I have a preference for boats) .. I want to texture all kinds of objects, as well as to create all kinds of mesh . I see a lot of shops do the same, and it does not seem that they have difficulty in making themselves known
  9. Does having multiple categories of objects, as well as textures, really pose a problem? I started by creating textures, because that's part of my passion (optional also my studies), and I started to create mesh recently. How should I do, because I will not create a second shop to separate my products, right? Or maybe it's the visuals that change themes too often? (Sorry for the double)
  10. Thanks for your reply ! First, yes i haven't post my store lik here just because it's not the good place to promote, but you can find it here. I completely agree, and I do not intend to stop for this reason, I am motivated, and it makes me happy to see my ideas build and take shape! I'm not about to stop, I just want to know how to increase my visibility. Thanks you for your advices, i have a shop InWorld, but still didn't mention/put it in the mp. I am aware that it does not help, but it will be settled shortly.. It's not as much about making money as it is about recognizing the work done, making money should work when all else working too, but I guess it's the same for everyone .. Also, you recommand me to make item never created before, but, by not taking into account the 3/4 very common products like donuts, I do not feel like doing the same things .. On the contrary, I avoid to the maximum to inspire me of objects of other creators and makes mine according to what I imagine. but it's still a personal opinion. for the promotions, i post regularly on Flickr during new releases, but I do not really use other means such as groups or advertisement..
  11. Thanks for the link, yep i've already read it, but unfortunately there is no concrete answer to a solution, or even just information from LL about what it is today. so, the new question is how a salesman who creates his own products can promote his shop next to thousands of re-sales shops when everything is mixed ..
  12. Hello everyone ! First, thanks for according attention on my topic I have a small shop for creating and selling textures and mesh lately. I regularly consult my statistics and regularly release new products. The problem is that the level of attendance and purchases has never changed .. It's been over a year that I keep it up to date, and I have only managed to sell twenty items, out free. I was expecting attendance to have trouble coming, but at this point .. So I was wondering where this problem could come from? Is attendance at the market so low? Where then does it come from my products? I am currently trying to put my shop forward promo in the sliders of the marketplace categories, but no success either on this side. Also, I notice that a lot of gachas continue to go on sale in bad categories. I imagine that LL react, given the time it takes and the limited mindset of some sellers, is there a way to help move these items, for example by reporting the item for sale as wrong category ? thanks you !
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