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  1. LL answered my ticket today, and i recovered all the set. Problem resolved You can close the topic. Thanks to LL
  2. Alright i will try to contact the support, hoping they solve it. Thanks for your reply !
  3. Hello, I came to you guys because i cannot resorve this problem for quite a time. I have link-set of an 'old' skybox build with furnitures ect.. who maybe take around 2.000 / 3.000 land impact. So, i go to a full sim sandbox for rezzing it and take the objects (no mod/no copy/ no trans), but simply nothing happen. i drag the link into the floor, it disapear from inventory for some seconds, then, re-shown in inventory.. I've already try to lower viewer quality ect.. but nothing Maybe someone got a idea or a solution ? Thanks !
  4. Edit: My apologies, since i've made it for the forum, and seen some links, i was thinking it was good..
  5. Your HB is lovely ! such a amazing decorations
  6. Well, seem to be the same on the Bellisseria waters.. Can't pass more than 10 sim before crashing and logout (no connection issue on my side). And with a sailboat who take less than 40 prim..
  7. Added some side mesh awnings i've made, the cloth render quite nicely with the big awning (last picture), and the look & size of the wooden pillars match well the houseboat. With the dock, it give some nice space around the house, you can see the original houseboat un-modified on the right
  8. Just get a new premium membership yesterday, and finded a houseboat 2h after :] A lot of luck ! It's a good thing because like this i can create some addon for houseboats. (Anyone know where we can promote Bellisseria Addons ?)
  9. The problem with this is that before i texture a vehicle, or an animal, I have to buy it, in order to have UVs, and to be able to directly visualize the rendering. The horse market may be large, but they are very expensive, at least for me. I'm also starting to create and texture my own mesh But i didn't wanted to change 😛 I only wanted for advice to put forward and to the quality of my products. In any case, I think that by creating advantages of objects in addition to the textures should diversify me to make me more visible. and keep learning for modeling too ._.
  10. Wow, already, congratulations and thank you for this debriefing! It is very complete, gives a lot of information and valuable advice! Like you said, the customer that I aim is reduced because they must already have bought the vehicle or the object, or plan to do it, and have all the tools in hand to create their own textures. This reflects the real life where graphic designers / illustrators are unemployed because companies prefer the solution often cheaper: create their own visuals. I am well aware of this problem, it is for this reason that I start to create my own mesh. I like the
  11. No worries You're right yes.. So the better is to work products again first, and maybe re-arange a big part of my shop to make the products easily visible, and purchasable. Oh, another question for the mesh and/or texture creator: when you texture a objet you've made, do you put your setting in lowest for suit most of audience ? I always worked materials with my items, but i see than a "lot" of peoples never use graphics options, so what is the better things to do for you ?
  12. I don't sell vehicles but vehicles paintings.
  13. No it's very nice from you to help! thanks Till now, i haven't got any person who ask me to view directly the boat, or else. So i think the product pictures render well.. But i will think of it.. Having directly some vehicles rezzed can be more attractive
  14. My shop does not have a dock, and has no place (in size) to have a boat I actually rent at a frequented place (hollywood sim), so i don't know if renting water parcel for exposing boats and others will be a good thing..
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