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  1. Wow! Kudos to Linden Labs, who IMO have outdone themselves this year. Don't miss it. Don't miss the time capsules. Don't miss the gifts, the events... Thank you!
  2. I am in the minority, but I am an Altamura Bento addict. I own two of them and pair them with my own shapes and with a variety of makeup options. Altamura was my first mesh body. I got it because the head was attached and I didn't want to fuss with matching skins. I was a late adapter from the classic bod, and wanted simplicity. Later, I tried Lara on an alt with a few different heads to see what the fuss was about. I did like Catwa heads, but was not overly impressed with the Lara body. In the end, I moved the alts to Altmura. A side benefit, these bodies it seems to me are less laggy. No, I am not being paid or compensated for this post. 😘
  3. Heck, I date from 2005, former Island owner/content creator. Hardly a new avatar. The camera does so much adjustment and that's it. Those new home only work when I am a cat. And even then, I find them claustrophobic!
  4. I've tried repositioning the camera. No matter what I do, I don't like the feeling of being closed in. But thanks for your reply.
  5. The new homes and neighborhoods are beautiful, but I totally agree about lack of roominess. My current (old) Linden house has 2 huge rooms, very high ceilings, and no doors between spaces. It is easy to get around. As much as I love the new community, I find the traditional homes way too cramped and claustrophobic inside - and my camera constantly gets in my way. This drives me crazy. The houseboats, while more open, are stuffed too close together. I would love to see an updated version of the contemporary homes. Heck, for that I would go super premium in a flash! (Hint, hint!)
  6. Hmmm.... I wonder if an existing old Linden home owner will need to abandon their home before they can see if a new option is available.... My kitties would hate to go back into inventory while they wait! Anybody know how that works?🐱
  7. This wasn't a person who would be banned. Must be a self-delete. :( Phooey. Thanks everyone.
  8. I found a notecard with the friend's name. When I looked that person up - THEY DID NOT EXIST! I guess that's a Linden ban. (And I wonder for what?) ☹️
  9. I hope you're not asking for ransom Bree. *Teehee*
  10. Yes, we were friends. That is what is so strange. There is NO calling card and I have never deleted a calling card. And it happened just about a week ago. Makes NO sense.
  11. Moira, not in Calling Cards. That's what I've been calling the Contact list. But Fiona, if I've been unfriended, the calling card remains.
  12. Fionalein, Contact List malfunction! Oh interesting! Callum, No. I'm saying they are NOT in my contact list. NOT on friends list and I don't remember the last name to look it up. I was under the impression that deleted avatars remained in Contact List. I have a bunch of friends who are gone, and I believe wiped profiles, but are still in my List.
  13. This makes NO sense. A friend is missing for about a week. Nowhere to be found. Yes, I know I could have been unfriended, but the contacts list stays intact. What the heck is going on???
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