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  1. Nika, I can't wait to rez them! Thanks much for your work and generosity. By the way, we are neighbors a few homes over. That's one beautiful lake we live next to. I hope our dear buddies The Moles don't terraform any hills on the SSPE region between our homes and the gorgeous lake. Maybe you can script those fire flies to otherwise persuade any mole who intends to block that view. 😜
  2. I see about a dozen moles on SL17B just now.
  3. Perhaps we don't need a free avi to become Super Premium. What if a Premium avi could just upgrade?
  4. First of all you can't retire Nika. That just won't do. Second, ditto to everything you said. I'm in Aconti with a shallow strip of land bordering what I call Little Bird Lake. We need to extract promises from the Moles.
  5. I use a rezzer, Rez Faux. It won't work with no copy/no mod objects, but otherwise does a very good job of making a move to the same style home very easy.
  6. @Loretta String I was under the impression that lands already placed were no longer subject to terraform. So this is possibly bad news for me as well. @Tamara Adored, why are you concerned that they may terribleform your area too?
  7. I love the way they look just as they are.
  8. Heck, let's not forget the ice cold lemonade glass Patch was holding in some of those shots. THAT is summer.
  9. The releases are also no longer as USA time centered as you may think. It became evident to me with the huge log home release that they were on some sort of round the clock auto process.
  10. I hope tomorrow, for Memorial Day, SL releases a few of the new regions they've completed!
  11. I was an old LH resident for many years. When I heard about the new homes, I was determined not to move. Ever. My region was mostly empty and there were very few residents around. Not at all laggy. My 512 had enough prims. Most of those homes don't lend themselves to much decorating, and it was a comfortable base in which to open boxes, get dressed, even build. Word had it that the regions were packed and laggy and that it was a big social community, neither of which piqued my interest. It was only after I stumbled upon the beautiful Victorian preview homes that led me to visit Belli. And the rest is history. 😍
  12. Looks to me like there may be a train station or rez zone on that region. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1171/197/167/62 And look at this! The most amazing spot for a home! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1171/71/194/56
  13. SSP thread or not, can anybody recommend a good small wearable boat?
  14. What am I missing, besides moles. I used to see them working everywhere, but not in the past few weeks. Have they gone underground?
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