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  1. Take my turn for me please!
  2. That's the Molemart in Leafminer http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leafminer/201/139/35. 😁 BTW, there is a redelivery terminal there for any Linden stuff you may have gotten and misplaced.
  3. I used to hate them. Until I rented a mainland parcel and saw one travelling behind my home and hopped on. Now I'm a regular and intend on exploring continent by continent.
  4. It will likely be a while before Belli gets additional styles per theme, though as they stand now, a resident is able to choose from among 4 styles per theme, and can swap among them out anytime, over and over. I don't think Belli is going anywhere anytime soon. I also think it was smart that Patch and the team chose to make the homes/plantings/infrastructure "primmy", so to speak. These entry-level homes (haha, I'm here over 15 years and own several) remain stable and viewable from a distance without collapsing, even on thin and light laptops - which I love since they weigh 2 pounds - o
  5. I couldn't find that set, but did see a conch shell planter in the entry. It is beautiful. Not that I understand what are good stats for items yet, but over 50K triangles for a little deco piece seems kind of laggy.
  6. That's great Lloyd, thank you! It's funny because I spent years living in an old LH but never took a look around.
  7. You will definitely need a tour to see Campbell Coast. I tp'd to a yellow lot on the map that was for sale. Apparently it had already been taken. I left quickly since the new owners had set up an orb. Trying to escape before being tp'd, I flew through many properties. While looking for somewhere to land, I accumulated numerous orb warnings when one of the orbs finally caught up to me. I was tp'd to someplace. Guess what? That lot tp'd me home! LOL!
  8. Yes it is! And, they even give out flight feathers. Lol!
  9. They are able to replace homes. They have plans to add versions of existing homes with open floor plans. The idea of new styles has also been mentioned if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Thank you for posting this one @Ingrid Ingersoll! It is the ONLY one I recognized. And that is because after many years I am reacquainting myself with mainland and recently moved to a parcel on Caldera Lake. I feel a little less dumb. Lol!
  11. That would be an AMAZING spot for a single OL stilt!
  12. Seraphim, of course! (knocks head) The only place I didn't look lol! Thank you Marisa.
  13. I cannot find Colabor88 anywhere. Would someone please post a link?
  14. Releasing an end unit On Pier Stilt by a void at 5:30 SL on Shore Enough. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shore Enough/220/224/23
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