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  1. I'm STILL getting the 504 timeout error trying to get a home. Just now it happened after I had chosen the home type. This has been all weekend for me, but I'm sure the Lab will take care of this tomorrow.
  2. Problems persist. Got a log twice and didn't get it - spinning and a This page isn't working HTTP ERROR 504. This happened while my home was being delivered as well as when refreshing the land page.
  3. I am getting a Linden Homes Sold Out! notice on the land page. I've never seen this before since ordinarily you are given an option to buy the older homes. Has anybody heard if they are taking those away yet? Wouldn't be a bad time to do so given region shortage.
  4. - MANY (oh so very many) small decor items have up to or more than ten 1024 textures on them -- this in one food tray for example.- EEEK! Is this funny or frightening? You would think such an item would be banned by the texture squad!
  5. OK, now it makes sense. But, I make sure all my trains are phantom so I don't have to worry about this stuff. Isn't that a better solution than this business about waiting at lights, going in the same direction, etc? ADDED: I just read @Squeaky Mole's post on rp that I missed earlier. That had never occurred to me. Now it makes more sense. Thank you.
  6. No trains have ever gotten stuck. They have just passed through each other, so I still don't get it.
  7. I am not clear why it matters so much if there is a collision. I have had trains pass through me in Belli if one of us was going faster than the other. At least this was true a few months ago. And if two trains on the same track are going in opposite directions, don't they just pass through each other?
  8. I'm sorry you didn't like it enough, but thank you for completing what I set out to do. 😘
  9. We will be releasing a nice square houseboat parcel at 7:30 pm SL. It's on a sandbar and at the end of a row. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jocasta/249/142/22 Ooops! Sorry! Released early by mistake. Distracted
  10. That helps so much Nika. I'm going to replace a bunch of sand textures that approximated sand in trad and vic regions. Doing so will help diminish lag. Dear Lindens, Please make the Belli textures available - and publicize this!
  11. I get that notecard - there is so much content! Thankfully the fb link is near the top. I've often wondered why they don't use Seraphim. Perhaps because there is another Access on Seraphim under Repeating Events? Seraphim's Access is a monthly and seems to have nothing to do with the weekly Happy Weekend Access. Wish they would all find a way to show up in one place; too often I don't pay attention to the slew of notices. 🙄
  12. I always want to hear what Nando has to say. And it sounds so sexy in Portuguese! "My first house in Bellisseria was acquired in the beginning of July of 2019 in Castrate Lively, a house of boats what I adored and where my current taste was born because of sailing in Bellisseria. I never lived in Traditional, because even in the RL my house is far from being traditional; when the vitorianos left I resolved to try an alternative count, since it did not want to lose the house-boat, and after some clicks I got a lovely location with the sea in the back yard of the house and almost in the sam
  13. For those who missed it, I believe it was Abnor who answered that. They won't put the panel out because only about a quarter of residents use security, and it adds unnecessary lag to leave the unused panel in the house by default.
  14. It was a while ago. I don't recall whether or not there was a message.
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