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  1. This wasn't a person who would be banned. Must be a self-delete. :( Phooey. Thanks everyone.
  2. I found a notecard with the friend's name. When I looked that person up - THEY DID NOT EXIST! I guess that's a Linden ban. (And I wonder for what?) ☹️
  3. I hope you're not asking for ransom Bree. *Teehee*
  4. Yes, we were friends. That is what is so strange. There is NO calling card and I have never deleted a calling card. And it happened just about a week ago. Makes NO sense.
  5. Moira, not in Calling Cards. That's what I've been calling the Contact list. But Fiona, if I've been unfriended, the calling card remains.
  6. Fionalein, Contact List malfunction! Oh interesting! Callum, No. I'm saying they are NOT in my contact list. NOT on friends list and I don't remember the last name to look it up. I was under the impression that deleted avatars remained in Contact List. I have a bunch of friends who are gone, and I believe wiped profiles, but are still in my List.
  7. This makes NO sense. A friend is missing for about a week. Nowhere to be found. Yes, I know I could have been unfriended, but the contacts list stays intact. What the heck is going on???
  8. Lots of denial, opposition, and rationalization going on! Like I said earlier, log in on a low setting. You will find that SLINK and EBODY are visible; most others are not. Just goes to show that some designers know how to design. If we can get past ourselves, we may get the offenders to continue making beautiful things in a way that increases everybody's performance. And, for the record, SL has historically touted itself as playable by even low end users. I will not be posting to this thread anymore. I don't want to fight or argue. I have pointed out my observations and and ask you to put aside your biases and consider what I've said. Have a great day!
  9. Love, Not trolling. I've been here since 2005. Never trolled. But I am concerned about lag. Look at some of the threads talking about exactly this. Just one, as an eample:. Read the whole "This is why we can't have nice things" thread. We, as residents, need to be concerned. We need to become educated. Not everyone has high end computers or video cards. SL was always intended for everyone, even those with low end computers. They can barely come here anymore except in low. This contributes greatly to the declining user base. If we care about this game, we need to identify the bloat. If we care, the designers who bloat will begin to address the issue. It comes down to educating users so the designers can do a better job. Lag and mesh bloat are a huge problem in SL. Residents get crazy. They want SL to impose avatar limits; others say it is their right to be bloated, etc. I'm not advocating any of that. But there are standards that professional creators have to meet to keep content to minimum lag.We don't bother. And we keep buying the stuff that bloats us up. Maybe it is time we began to demand that the designers build better. We can deny, rationalize, all we want. But, if we, the residents, put the pressure on them, we can literally change the world.
  10. So you can see what meshes are visible in low, the ones who won't lag you. Then you can switch back. Try it. It's a very interesting experiment.
  11. Yes, let's keep hanging the topic. Starting new thread.
  12. Try going in on low. Most will be jelly. Ask people who you can see what they are wearing. Very interesting...
  13. So, I start again, more cleanly this time: In line with the myriad of recent discussion on how bloated SL has become, I would like to identify which heads and which bodies are well-made. I know little about mesh and Bento, but I can tell that two bodies that that load quickly are SLINK and EBODY.  I will go further. Maitreya and Belleza, the two most popular meshes, load very slowly.
  14. I have no problem modding things. Just commented on how ugly they look when you first put them on. This thread is about lag. So, what low lag heads and bodies have people discovered?
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