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  1. Hi Eddy, Greg : ) Would you please tell me where you got the 3rd eye? Thank you!
  2. Wore myself out over the weekend at the SL17b lands!
  3. I have been in the same home since the beginning of the releases. I checked out the others - just in case, lol - but, I've found being on the water is what matters to me. Nowwww with the stilt houses coming out, I'm thinking I may be tempted to bring back an alt and check them out. It would be especially lovely to be able to "catch one" half in and half out of the water and have some land to work with. I've also watched the "Game of Homes" with curiosity and no little amusement, never imagining I might one day join in! Lol Oh, and BTW, thanks to everyone who taught how to link objects. M
  4. I spend a lot of time right here at home enjoying the ocean breezes and beautiful weather!
  5. Checking out the SL birthday fun over the weekend wearing my, at the moment, favorite comfy clothes. They kindly supplied a nice picnic spot where I shared my lunch with some ducks. So many interesting places, but I especially liked the underwater explorer, and was curious about the runes.
  6. Mystery of the Fairgrounds Ferry - Did the Captain abandon ship? Where are the passengers? Is the swimming pool salvageable?
  7. So I came home from shopping yesterday and what did I find? A BOAT in my swimming pool!!!!!! ROFL
  8. Wow, ambitious! These turned out really nice. I can only imagine the coordination to pull this off! It feels like it takes me forever to just set up one shot. Lol
  9. I finally got computer working again! Yay! And I've been catching up on all that I've missed. How nice there are so many new faces! I went back to my previous look, I don't like not being able to smile inworld. So this is how I look today. So nowwwww, I need to make a new profile pic. Lol
  10. Monterey dreaming . . . settling into my new home. Busy, Busy!
  11. I so agree Vanoralynna! Every personal vision is inspiring, each in it's own way. My own is based on fond memories of the year I got to live by the ocean in Monterey, CA. In a parallel universe I am there still . . . and now in SL too! Lol Thank you, everybody involved in it at Linden Lab! Inside, I only added one wall to break up the downstairs space a bit and lowered the doorways. I don't care for a lot of rooms and navigating walls/doorways. Lol The front room is the living room. Behind that are various pieces to make the area look nice. Upstairs, I left it wide o
  12. Hmmm - did I miss the bunny hop? Be away for a few days & come back to busy, busy! 😉 I had to go find an outfit - will have to do the same for the superhero/villain but have limited budget so sometimes will just enjoy all your wonderful snapshots! 😊 (and use the clothes I have for this thread)
  13. Doing better with the shadows, but can't seem to get my skin color the way I want it. Hmmm, maybe time for a new skin? Lol I've had this one so long, I don't remember when I got it!
  14. Hmmm .… Now what does that button do? Lol, just experiencing my first smartphone in rl!
  15. This turned out really nice Alyona! It looks like you just surfaced after diving in.
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